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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Darshee,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
35tjShira and NamidaAdult (f)2,04472430
NanaNaneth and AnevrAdult (m)4,0553415
pvWBWirinei and BarrethliAdult (f)3,2357618
iSQJFShavrith and LirethAdult (m)2,6055883
NGRHeAethiren and KerranAdult (m)6,4741,3843
n3gbM(n3gbM)Adult (f)3,9616775
EJ1t3(EJ1t3)Hatchling (F)1,4436304
vEMiO(vEMiO)Hatchling (f, F)2,2737173
1k8gf(1k8gf)Hatchling (m, F)3,7855111
L24uz(L24uz)Adult (f)2,9226228
PylWy(PylWy)Adult (f)5,0171,1127
qTntf(qTntf)Adult (m)3,4235453
UNu5c(UNu5c)Adult (f)4,9479677
yF8aE(yF8aE)Adult (m)2,8216793
qmESn(qmESn)Adult (f)4,1208991
pNeRw(pNeRw)Adult (m)4,2899143
J8yRV(J8yRV)Adult (m)4,6146661
VYyGP(VYyGP)Adult (f)4,7967040
MfVFD(MfVFD)Adult (f)4,6187060
nTzqD(nTzqD)Adult (m)4,6726992
WdnCE(WdnCE)Adult (m)4,6826951
AmG6s(AmG6s)Adult (m)4,4179443
6JXMX(6JXMX)Adult (m)4,5499091
eVreN(eVreN)Adult (m)4,1299621
WbDZB(WbDZB)Adult (m)4,5339305
UlQz6(UlQz6)Adult (f)4,4319234
NLvq8(NLvq8)Adult (f)4,3459397
zfT9U(zfT9U)Adult (f)4,4709491
EuKYb(EuKYb)Adult (m)4,5899331
GfRUa(GfRUa)Adult (m)2,9836700
wudIh(wudIh)Adult (m)3,0787190
C6P9w(C6P9w)Adult (m)2,8396770
u1OcCirre White Blood MoonAdult (m)3,1801,02137
TfRTCirre RavAdult (m)2,9953093
CVMTtCirre RithAdult (m)3,0504903
hd704Cirre ArudilAdult (m)2,9424444
iEsAQ(iEsAQ)Adult (m)1,9546252
mn64J(mn64J)Adult (m)1,8647215
EhMhm(EhMhm)Adult (m)2,0306972
KK8iE(KK8iE)Adult (m)2,8404980
gc3DCirre YiarHatchling (m, F)2,3533524
S8I3Cirre LavithHatchling (F)1,0101255
tn4Hu(tn4Hu)Adult (f)3,7725091
kb7J4(kb7J4)Adult (f)4,2025730
h6wJ6(h6wJ6)Adult (f)4,1825561
ykaHg(ykaHg)Adult (m)3,4315122
IaU9B(IaU9B)Adult (f)2,7795376
sZxNR(sZxNR)Adult (m)2,8744861
XAJwi(XAJwi)Adult (m)2,9875453
ow1MA(ow1MA)Adult (f)4,0686621
ieUdx(ieUdx)Adult (f)4,5019350
70yym(70yym)Adult (f)4,0488643
SNbEH(SNbEH)Adult (f)4,2768632
w4rcl(w4rcl)Adult (m)4,1948883
dIwUl(dIwUl)Adult (m)4,1348711
4hfw0(4hfw0)Adult (m)3,4048055
uTWmQ(uTWmQ)Adult (m)3,2245900
3M5ci(3M5ci)Adult (f)3,8325140
yHkuu(yHkuu)Adult (f)6,5311,0281
zuBps(zuBps)Adult (f)4,8386490
Afjs2(Afjs2)Hatchling (f, F)2,4969098
PIxjy(PIxjy)Adult (f)3,1615812
lyk6A(lyk6A)Adult (f)4,1156000
Bke4g(Bke4g)Adult (f)4,0876242
YQxQr(YQxQr)Adult (m)4,1076091
tZMOM(tZMOM)Adult (f)4,0175191
PVkYk(PVkYk)Adult (m)3,3065261
5U0ng(5U0ng)Adult (m)3,0425011
bNnvw(bNnvw)Adult (f)5,1508770
tx4AY(tx4AY)Adult (f)4,8766340
XVOdP(XVOdP)Adult (m)6,6221,4295
nzbDe(nzbDe)Hatchling (F)4,2755193
ssBHU(ssBHU)Adult (m)2,8666841
hHqO2(hHqO2)Adult (f)3,8754832
EzMM8(EzMM8)Adult (f)3,9045070
bU1gm(bU1gm)Adult (f)3,6364930
lQcI0(lQcI0)Adult (f)3,8685002
DQdyd(DQdyd)Adult (f)3,6864952
PRr09(PRr09)Adult (f)3,7146553
tUCF8(tUCF8)Adult (f)3,1845571
emwSb(emwSb)Adult (m)3,1685261
Rt3Ph(Rt3Ph)Adult (m)3,3445621
6nFpA(6nFpA)Adult (f)4,2339132
31yk0(31yk0)Adult (m)4,4527508
QaBUn(QaBUn)Adult (f)4,8916844
o4v2Y(o4v2Y)Adult (f)4,6377281
qGa3P(qGa3P)Adult (f)6,4749873
h1jWz(h1jWz)Adult (m)6,1449893
Kdriv(Kdriv)Adult (m)9,2791,3591
i5gVb(i5gVb)Adult (f)4,2159467
Tu6ze(Tu6ze)Hatchling (f, F)2,6526062
6h7Ax(6h7Ax)Adult (f)4,3801,0151
s4EBx(s4EBx)Adult (m)4,3501,0222
LbsD7(LbsD7)Adult (m)4,1456892
YEvng(YEvng)Adult (m)2,2805510
XgCgQ(XgCgQ)Adult (f)2,4715923
L2k5y(L2k5y)Adult (m)4,7778570
RS1vQ(RS1vQ)Adult (f)4,3459691
HljAj(HljAj)Adult (f)4,6889021
xQZ9v(xQZ9v)Adult (m)4,7108800
1QI6S(1QI6S)Adult (m)4,4317652
4UIvS(4UIvS)Adult (f)4,4087440
HleIS(HleIS)Adult (m)3,9807581
o78CM(o78CM)Hatchling (F)2,7423871
QvJEQ(QvJEQ)Adult (m)2,4655541
qOPaD(qOPaD)Adult (f)3,0975192
URUx0(URUx0)Adult (f)2,7095800
mT0ip(mT0ip)Adult (f)2,8425711
eYcFh(eYcFh)Adult (f)3,7055441
cQoJA(cQoJA)Adult (m)3,9126101
vcAS1(vcAS1)Adult (f)5,0596371
nVEiAratkaAdult (f)2,9901,20456
6qv5cAratithAdult (m)3,4634402
7oZ3cAratisAdult (f)2,6753891
5NNkFTraeliornAdult (m)2,4683724
aKZOF(aKZOF)Adult (m)2,4994982
08mXf(08mXf)Adult (m)3,4568924
DCVDI(DCVDI)Adult (m)3,4339023
0qLI7(0qLI7)Adult (m)2,1146692
aEA61(aEA61)Adult (m)7,1561,2412
D10yh(D10yh)Adult (f)6,4431,1960
vUXGV(vUXGV)Adult (m)4,5446662
YB22AratieHatchling (f, F)1,3303727
gXRTX(gXRTX)Hatchling (F)1,3394213
itv4R(itv4R)Adult (m)4,8026502
6ZKNY(6ZKNY)Adult (f)4,8706471
bukxc(bukxc)Adult (f)3,4776741
Jhhog(Jhhog)Adult (f)5,8741,0324
Kw2Vb(Kw2Vb)Adult (m)5,9908013
Gr6KTsukigomori 8th genAdult (m)1,27848010
EshgChie Ri'aelAdult (f)2,01082641
4Yh1Aya Ri'aelAdult (f)1,51751210
unSLKuroki 5th genAdult (m)4,31136415
WOsdKyo 3rd genAdult (f)3,3931,13537
5JWVChiyeko Ri'aelAdult (f)1,6123238
BYAvMai Ri'aelAdult (f)1,10845332
hdh0Koiso Ri'aelAdult (f)1,69382112
qtnaTamafune Ri'aelAdult (f)1,6998319
7ToVTamaki Ri'aelAdult (f)1,80837411
pXjDKyathe 7th genAdult (m)1,8113589
8Cn7Rin Ri'aelAdult (f)1,8133507
81hjOkakura 4th Black SilverAdult (m)3,00928217
fBD0Matsudaira Ri'aelAdult (m)6,1231,04519
Ua68Etsuko Ri'aelAdult (f)5,33293421
JOSGChikuma 5th genAdult (f)5,0981,19519
i1SuMna Ri'aelAdult (f)4,71234911
7sUEHoriuchi 5th genAdult (m)2,87437211
gYesIchiro 5th genAdult (m)2,85936910
dFBWKazuhiro 4th genAdult (m)5,2123657
7oiPOrinosuke 4th genAdult (m)4,2293367
jZIcOmitsu 4th genAdult (f)3,7713005
QmUWNoriko 2nd Black SweetingAdult (f)3,8032915
XG76Sumi 2nd Black MagiAdult (f)3,78551414
WvqRKarasuba 2nd gen PBAdult (f)6,06951621
rJ7tYuki 7th genAdult (f)6,14660415
q5f6Atasuke 4th gen Black GoldAdult (m)2,3174354
avZ2Kakuei 3rd Black GoldAdult (m)2,5124276
hgPeTaizo 3rd gen Black GoldAdult (m)3,4184795
uthTAei'nee 3rd genAdult (f)1,8473535
U9WtYiathire 3rd Black GoldAdult (f)2,8055285
rMoeSakamae 5th genAdult (f)3,0544493
qbDuYumi 7th genAdult (f)3,9383928
PmFaUkyo 5th genAdult (m)3,4084705
jW1bYoshitaka 5th genAdult (m)3,87446216
3fHSYakumo 5th genAdult (m)3,8874289
RLhISata 5th genAdult (f)3,5734555
tYomNatsume Ri'aelAdult (m)2,6877486
os0PHideki Ri'aelAdult (m)2,8263104
S8BcTeryuo 4th genAdult (f)3,0974086
j7B4Irye 5th genAdult (m)2,9634679
ZdLrMegumi 3rd Black SweetingAdult (f)3,09437112
9clKKiyo 5th genAdult (f)3,4983715
5HPQMorita 6th genAdult (m)5,2091,3187
ZndlNumajiri Ri'aelAdult (m)4,2241,0889
iv7TOchiyo Ri'aelAdult (f)3,1993345
99XDTakano Ri'aelAdult (m)3,2084224
fa6oHisae Ri'aelAdult (f)2,8073956
3R5dIse Ri'aelAdult (f)3,85467615
hvu9Haritsuke 2nd gen PBAdult (m)4,06942315
7iD9Ginko 5th genAdult (f)3,83471515
DfncSakue 5th gen Black SilverAdult (f)4,40536815
TFldArvath 3rd genAdult (f)1,94363911
e7bMChiba 4th genAdult (f)2,8775734
6MjOKetsurui 2nd Black IceAdult (f)4,32081014
m00nMitsui Ri'aelAdult (m)2,8092777
LksuKarube Ri'aelAdult (f)2,95729213
qibFMitsukuri Ri'aelAdult (f)3,2133808
1mmmOhira 5th genAdult (m)4,0126815
t9UNTerada Ri'aelAdult (f)5,04250911
iqlDHiroko no EtoAdult (m)4,2005027
p7mvOtsu Ri'aelAdult (f)3,2242399
1Ap0AraushneeAdult (f)3,7165737
J2CKSleeping NecromancerAdult (m)4,16150410
b4s5Maeda 5th genAdult (f)4,4435097
3lRLSakata 6th genAdult (f)3,28752310
sP6iTsujimura Ri'aelAdult (f)3,0754789
XZK1Arakida 5th genAdult (m)4,1245079
4HsgKoki 5th genAdult (m)4,15154612
ll3fHajime 2nd gen Black SilverAdult (m)3,81660515
rWhQJigoku Ri'aelAdult (m)6,5171,67912
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