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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “DarkphantomsClaw,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
w7eZ2SpSCB- Dar and LiyAdult (m)3,6598823
faDqV(faDqV)Adult (f)5,4908563
10lBW(10lBW)Adult (f)6,4989794
67FHN(67FHN)Adult (m)3,7355201
5hfpl(5hfpl)Adult (f)5,7575681
12gnt(12gnt)Adult (m)4,9016840
l4Gyk(l4Gyk)Adult (f)4,4677161
AUHu5(AUHu5)Adult (f)4,4206970
sOhdk(sOhdk)Adult (f)4,6466711
puB8x(puB8x)Adult (f)5,7175741
7f0fl(7f0fl)Adult (f)5,7245723
k5YXQ(k5YXQ)Adult (m)5,7825730
axPRr(axPRr)Adult (m)4,8786691
wJybZ(wJybZ)Adult (f)5,8795701
2UbTf(2UbTf)Adult (f)5,7605711
fHBEp(fHBEp)Adult (f)6,4295530
WFgPs(WFgPs)Adult (m)6,3815570
yvWmt(yvWmt)Adult (f)5,1688004
RNuAq(RNuAq)Adult (f)4,9158070
yK2vR(yK2vR)Adult (m)4,8657580
p5iil(p5iil)Adult (m)5,9981,0292
uaETE(uaETE)Adult (f)5,8241,0131
mdete(mdete)Adult (m)5,9231,0312
xgq7z(xgq7z)Adult (m)5,8961,0382
L9eZK(L9eZK)Adult (m)5,9511,0311
ezyqC(ezyqC)Adult (f)6,3281,0571
6ipWR(6ipWR)Adult (m)4,4928350
ZL4W2(ZL4W2)Adult (m)4,5328400
ZEf8q(ZEf8q)Adult (m)4,4658570
RaBzB(RaBzB)Adult (f)4,2708330
UwPd1(UwPd1)Adult (f)4,3678221
PyVA8(PyVA8)Adult (f)4,0728390
LT1PJ(LT1PJ)Adult (f)4,3878290
aUZU1(aUZU1)Adult (m)4,5276591
6swNG(6swNG)Adult (m)4,3096442
OwVzF(OwVzF)Adult (f)4,8399102
s2TSu(s2TSu)Adult (f)4,7989041
OROjq(OROjq)Adult (m)4,9599103
W0f6a(W0f6a)Adult (m)4,7279012
wPK10(wPK10)Adult (m)4,8808992
yd3ZV(yd3ZV)Adult (m)4,6048912
DG4Lc(DG4Lc)Adult (f)4,6389223
0yTM7(0yTM7)Adult (f)1,7644443
T9I2o(T9I2o)Adult (m)5,3438402
WImNj(WImNj)Adult (f)4,9488041
iO6Ua(iO6Ua)Adult (f)5,1678280
yzWAy(yzWAy)Adult (f)4,9648170
JDF9M(JDF9M)Adult (f)5,3618241
bmlgy(bmlgy)Adult (m)5,3068172
PiILs(PiILs)Adult (m)5,0398162
3q3vc(3q3vc)Adult (m)4,2858551
toJuH(toJuH)Adult (f)5,3458111
NfhZh(NfhZh)Adult (f)5,2788400
DgSO9(DgSO9)Adult (f)5,0348120
5BHLj(5BHLj)Adult (f)4,9078201
RNPun(RNPun)Adult (m)5,0378181
UOR4O(UOR4O)Adult (f)5,1638141
qCjbM(qCjbM)Adult (m)4,3885832
hUoHP(hUoHP)Adult (m)4,3455611
02BCF(02BCF)Adult (m)4,6445642
vSEyM(vSEyM)Adult (m)4,1275642
8Pabb(8Pabb)Adult (f)4,3975461
Hn40p(Hn40p)Adult (f)8,2217564
9uzWp(9uzWp)Adult (m)4,4035581
7LTje(7LTje)Adult (f)6,2408130
KSjNM(KSjNM)Adult (m)6,3328140
waWCa(waWCa)Adult (f)5,9278120
MNgJh(MNgJh)Adult (f)6,1488230
sv7aQ(sv7aQ)Adult (m)6,1398001
7A0uF(7A0uF)Adult (f)6,2408280
N9VXn(N9VXn)Adult (f)5,3745830
kQqdW(kQqdW)Adult (f)5,1465790
tKg77(tKg77)Adult (m)5,2395881
LJ1hL(LJ1hL)Adult (m)5,1485860
Tma8t(Tma8t)Adult (m)5,1835800
pSsmT(pSsmT)Adult (m)5,1985793
OzdKS(OzdKS)Adult (f)5,5189373
CBTpJ(CBTpJ)Adult (f)3,1877692
fsZMu(fsZMu)Adult (f)4,3519201
H25G0(H25G0)Adult (m)3,2038241
gIUgT(gIUgT)Adult (f)3,0988160
iZF2J(iZF2J)Adult (f)3,9118231
3Hfdo(3Hfdo)Adult (m)3,1297711
43ykP(43ykP)Adult (f)3,2557571
VLNEiSpS- Nei and Neia CBAdult (f)3,3681,2005
QmQ65SpS- Shi and Sil cbAdult (f)6,8356991
q9U11(q9U11)Hatchling (F)1,4462501
jqPie(jqPie)Hatchling (F)1,5162440
i75V3(i75V3)Hatchling (F)1,2332191
Z3nitTransformers Prime Ultra MagnusHatchling (F)3,4337587
9GbloCaveborns of the GROVEHatchling (F)1,6002692
Xp7LCShadows Fade IntoHatchling (F)1,5812543
0FbTj(0FbTj)Hatchling (F)9791932
A20MDDPC Two-FaceAdult (m)3,2539301
owyjh(owyjh)Adult (m)5,2031,2311
3GKOY(3GKOY)Adult (f)5,5837881
03YIPlindwurmCBF1Adult (f)4,2731,0394
USAhUDPC2 Opalescent MoonAdult (m)3,8906764
FGNhhDPC2 Snake SlipwayAdult (f)4,2161,2025
en6mC(en6mC)Hatchling (F)1,6392032
1I3He(1I3He)Adult (m)4,9285730
EGV2MSPECTRAL BrighteyesAdult (m)2,5007882
isqXV(isqXV)Adult (f)5,2879230
IrNWqSpS - NightscreechAdult (f)2,7408947
0DlY7SPECTRAL Anna and ElsaAdult (f)2,8039272
B8lKXDPC Krios and HyperionAdult (f)2,8737531
kFVIODPC Olive and VineAdult (f)3,0731,0761
PyquGDPC2 Emerald SeekerAdult (f)2,8597493
8DDH3(8DDH3)Adult (f)6,1646431
hN5OUBrightwing of the Stars dPAdult (m)4,8661,0725
ZWuArSpS - Story of the Dawn cbAdult (f)3,1454311
j0kANDPC You've Got To Be JokingAdult (m)4,0893823
3gfJ7SpS - I'm Not Your Dragon cbAdult (f)4,4574875
hdDkiYour Eyes Burn Red dPAdult (m)3,1928005
QUSLtDPC Red StareAdult (f)2,4716041
lr3f5DPC Revenge of the FallenAdult (m)3,7009634
21iPASpS - Redeyes cbAdult (f)3,3767356
cvAMgDPC Draperran RakaneAdult (m)3,5419811
fiD0ASpS - Hoarder of the Treasure cbAdult (f)4,3694372
dY8pVNocturnal Stars dPAdult (m)2,6908196
NvW1XSpS Nocturnal Brightness cbAdult (f)2,6698013
L0cM9DPC White MoonAdult (m)2,0245241
3mT8OSpS - White Charm cbAdult (f)2,3635293
iLblsPale Moon dPAdult (m)3,7405952
viqhnDPC Barn OwlAdult (f)3,0885430
7XkFDSpSCB- Hiss in the DarkAdult (m)6,1906430
1Ax1aSpS - Shriek in the Night cbAdult (f)1,9784445
oiIJMAlba Phantom Eesriodu iAdult (m)5,4758894
1HfoeEnemy dPAdult (m)3,5203894
xTn6CMask of Fear dPAdult (f)6,7717491
kUTziDPC Issper TherozAdult (m)4,0071,0182
1MJAnSpS - Safflower Seeds cbAdult (f)3,5296282
fyZmtDPC Pale WarriorAdult (m)1,6374903
j5HeqSpS - Albino Raven cbAdult (f)5,0064343
furpsDPC FurpsAdult (m)2,4505901
WO7uvSpS - Cave Fish cbAdult (f)4,7454187
uSbcGDPC Pale ScreechAdult (m)1,7397323
KwSZoDPC SnowdancerAdult (f)2,4855742
65XTGSpS- Moonlit ShadowsAdult (m)1,6238035
V0sDwDPC Vos AlbinaAdult (f)2,6045621
f6U4hSpS - Wide-Mouth Roar cbAdult (m)2,3969063
BCiFyDPC WhitedancerAdult (f)2,6546713
HVDZTSpS - Pale White Ghost cbAdult (m)4,7321,2942
3B3Q1DPC Pale White ThingsAdult (f)2,4625752
lyW6bSpS - Roarshriek cbAdult (m)5,7586733
7cacfSpS - Wailing Banshee cbAdult (f)3,7427254
03r3VDPC LurkingAdult (m)5,0914254
oGfvnSpS - Angry Cries cbAdult (f)5,4486541
0CjS2(0CjS2)Adult (m)6,7847550
OhCLFPale Metal dP 3Adult (f)5,8277391
jXeq0(jXeq0)Adult (f)6,7085741
OBGVRSPS Spectral Forest Fire iiiAdult (f)6,6467411
Ungq0(Ungq0)Adult (m)4,1517501
sglbq(sglbq)Adult (m)6,3507310
rFTQmSpS - Translucence cbAdult (f)2,0165950
cxTQk(cxTQk)Adult (f)4,2121,1001
9X0KW(9X0KW)Adult (f)5,2049031
r5Xc6dP Haunting ScreamsAdult (f)5,5957203
m7LAS(m7LAS)Adult (f)6,4647421
Ldq4WSpS Freaked Out 2pbAdult (m)5,8107423
vi8iKSpS - Goldren Shriek iiAdult (f)4,9058022
DfKZNSpS - Such a Joka 2gAdult (m)3,6738521
W03c5SpS - Silverine Shriek 2gAdult (f)3,7578872
Wl2JO(Wl2JO)Adult (f)2,0936162
crkCBSpS - Eerie Silver 2gAdult (m)2,3947050
T50IYSpS - Golden Bite g2Adult (f)2,7635912
T2HFASpectral Silvered Winter 2ndAdult (f)3,02698915
eJGmWSpectral Pale Moon Blanca 2ndAdult (f)2,6657221
0ntMhDC's Ontario Snow 'IIAdult (f)3,3454923
Q0pU3DC's Red Eyed Raven 'IIAdult (f)4,0454284
Ig4PhDPC2 Too Much SunburnAdult (m)2,3457861
tAqa7DPC2 My ElectricAdult (m)3,8704563
UmL4uDPC2 Rose GuardianAdult (m)2,5697292
3ZLkrDPC2 Avon GoldAdult (m)2,4107292
4G6HhSpectral Albino Ember Fire 3rdAdult (f)2,6558492
78D52DPC2 Pale BalloonusAdult (m)3,6831,1991
Rj7dGDPC2 Pale WyrmAdult (m)2,4447184
0D6ysDPC3 Lurking WyrmAdult (m)4,3351,2493
YtOFEDPC2 White BalloonusAdult (m)2,4357241
uokYsDPC4 Floating RoarAdult (m)4,1961,1892
y2BVBSpectral Pale Berries 3rdAdult (f)2,9848684
yBxyrDPC3 Ambryn MetalliAdult (f)2,2846544
KpmaeSpS- Of Starlight and Dusk 3rdAdult (m)5,6811,4902
6RhqUDPC3 Alba KINAdult (m)1,9326533
C0DoPDPC3 Moonlight AlibnofAdult (m)3,0739372
pD3sQDPC4 Albino LoveAdult (f)2,4316535
ErI2cGinger Ale Crimson -Dark4Adult (f)2,4195035
in0BTDPC5 Albino Bronze KINAdult (f)2,7255212
C280NDPC4 Pale PicturesAdult (m)3,5558314
1rJdDDPC7 Pale Moon KINAdult (f)3,8963733
EQmGQDC's Wedged In A Raven 'IIAdult (f)2,9741,0272
I2dKSBianca DiAngelo II SoulAdult (f)2,8337374
MVYtMDC's Albino Spider 'IIAdult (m)3,3724401
lJNjPCold Fear -Dark IIAdult (m)4,0981,0752
XPs8jSpectral Creature -Dark IIAdult (m)3,5841,0623
uT5xG(uT5xG)Adult (m)4,4391,0831
xQmji(xQmji)Adult (f)5,0149821
pTRCl(pTRCl)Adult (f)6,2337200
mt3Wn(mt3Wn)Adult (m)5,7096111
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