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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Darastrix,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
fhhHJ(fhhHJ)Adult (m)2,1767471
PMwhQ(PMwhQ)Adult (f)2,2435401
L7jy5(L7jy5)Adult (m)2,1627360
N2HtJ(N2HtJ)Adult (f)2,1117050
ruv9Y(ruv9Y)Adult (f)2,1017230
ZFDfi(ZFDfi)Adult (m)2,1917230
M4fli(M4fli)Adult (m)2,2457120
bcMmd(bcMmd)Adult (m)2,1927090
k8BQJ(k8BQJ)Adult (m)2,6517071
hju3b(hju3b)Adult (m)2,7407141
QTnKZ(QTnKZ)Adult (m)2,6627000
oJ600(oJ600)Adult (m)2,4697280
79FkO(79FkO)Adult (m)2,5917051
QzkO5(QzkO5)Adult (f)2,5426721
dugo8(dugo8)Adult (f)2,7916871
Nfmoz(Nfmoz)Adult (f)2,3325531
Kbsd(Kbsd)Egg (F)
brVAeSeer of Time   -CBAdult (f)2,4297022
8GPs0Freaky Flux Capacitor   -PB-3GAdult (f)2,3205920
KmsXFLucky Penk Future   -11GAdult (f)2,67061911
OE1D9Seer's Mead   -3GAdult (m)2,7406301
PL57fTessa   -CBAdult (f)2,8826432
YkcFKGale   -CBAdult (f)3,3246733
ebBkPAer   -CBAdult (m)2,9907420
72K3GCyclone   -CBHatchling (m, F)2,5856631
SilRMaidh Faer    -CBAdult (f)2,1332914
TK1NNiphred   -CBAdult (m)2,0562833
jR5CWPure Transparency   -CBHatchling (f, F)1,8576650
UScZNiphae   -PB-2GAdult (f)2,9597525
N2qhFearful Heart   -5GAdult (m)2,2057392
ZMI8DZimid   -2GHatchling (m, F)1,8897092
I8F5qVellum   -CBAdult (f)2,3906721
loI41Io   -PB-2GAdult (f)2,2788260
u2l9APale Prism MacDubh   -3GAdult (m)2,3647060
QAHTpCyrus   -6GAdult (m)3,9128302
sgrDtFaded Bronze Thuwed   -14GAdult (f)2,3128381
kF4zfKaffaz Dorkface   -IB-24GAdult (f)2,7057222
oDrIElven Amber   -IB-13GHatchling (m, F)1,6346252
K9z2cModignes   -CBAdult (f)3,9508820
MjKXySmaragdos   -CBAdult (m)3,0887062
RUca2Blue Pimpernel   -CBAdult (f)3,4607973
Gra9pScarlet Pimpernel -CBAdult (m)2,9675643
WvUjqGamenian   -CBAdult (f)3,5237904
r03XvSolaria   -CBAdult (f)4,5796231
bjX9CDesert Campfire   -CBAdult (m)3,1377092
FMZHXDesert Cocoon   -CBAdult (f)4,7886540
evib8Evil Bait   -CBAdult (f)2,4925321
0sCVFAquatic Shepherd   -CBAdult (m)2,3425281
WSWprWhispering Waves   -CBHatchling (m, F)2,7386833
IMvvPlum Blossom   -CBAdult (f)1,9931,26936
YVsh2Pink Iron Bull   -CBAdult (m)2,0225333
SZuISugared Rose Petals   -CBHatchling (f, F)6,4576156
A2EHDragon Froot   -2GAdult (f)1,087348183
Xwk1Blossom Penrose   -6GHatchling (f, F)1,46097611
MdV1Sugarplum Faerie   -CBAdult (f)1,3467383
cLbZGCherry   -CBHatchling (f, F)2,2456471
g99DFaerie Floss   -IB-8GAdult (f)9666789
H8NDiGhost   -CBAdult (f)1,7627303
LSrtaChar   -CBAdult (m)2,8897350
Su95gAll That Remains   -CBHatchling (f, F)2,9025972
O50AQScattered   -CBAdult (f)3,0917751
SX6oIWeeping Rose   -2GAdult (f)4,8848334
Ew9emAsai   -CBAdult (f)2,6836941
WFXheEis   -CBAdult (m)2,9196221
1tzMUGigas   -CBHatchling (f, F)2,3647011
QCjBqJaqab   -CBAdult (f)2,5597042
peBIrBirpe   -CBAdult (m)3,0087084
qY58dGolomyanka   -CBAdult (m)2,9347032
vvrOAdleith   -CBAdult (f)1,9101,0574
8DPyBorn Gwelu   -CBAdult (m)1,2236982
khpSTuig   -CBHatchling (f, F)1,2047232
3n9hABhelone   -CBHatchling (m, F)2,9427110
2GjrBelle Gwelu   -2GAdult (f)2,3317925
jG7kWelaid   -2GAdult (m)1,1425403
ApoUBDarquel   -M-4GHatchling (m, F)2,2557560
e0aeFloating Starflower   -8GAdult (f)1,1896614
tArrMister Hye   -10GAdult (m)1,3635800
nEdEHelium Float   -IB-17GHatchling (m, F)2,0696284
2w9LRShimmer and Shine   -CBAdult (f)4,2167783
AqjK0Gloss and Glimmer   -CBAdult (m)3,2396301
9pUOBGild and Gleam   -CBHatchling (m, F)2,5336314
F0uXGGlitter and Gleam   -CBAdult (f)2,9657813
AlpWDynn lhuig   -CBAdult (f)2,1061,0357
ak6PObsidian Pimpernel   -CBAdult (m)2,3741,37226
24jr9Pure Darkness   -PB-2GAdult (f)1,9868071
fA2shWithered Pimpernel   -PB-2GAdult (m)3,9527926
1AnpTDark Flower   -PB-2GHatchling (f, F)3,5989585
Mh6zAShadow Bloom   -PB-2GHatchling (m, F)1,6727931
ciqsZFallen Angel   -3GAdult (f)3,3357773
l2LMLeaf Dark   -3GAdult (m)2,9138234
PenpObsidian Protector   -11GHatchling (f, F)1,6291,06711
SdBsDDark Pride   -3GHatchling (m, F)3,6256433
jxKCFVutha   -CBAdult (m)2,3438771
uixNXCornelia Caristanius   -PB-2GAdult (f)2,4096551
4zfkiObsidian Shadows   -PB-2GAdult (m)1,6597021
DOjADark Shade   -2GAdult (f)4,6621,81122
gjlEKGrim Doctor   -3GAdult (m)2,8396376
lSCA3Noble Shade   -3GHatchling (m, F)1,7997873
ilFnOSjach   -CBAdult (m)2,0358060
f4IEeDark Fae  -PB-3GAdult (f)2,0867111
UngkbPercy's Shadow   -PB-2GAdult (m)2,0326760
ShyKOShyko   -4GAdult (f)2,6028440
ehRBKShaded Leaves   -3GAdult (m)3,6018043
VWflvBlackened Bronze   -12GHatchling (m, F)1,9656563
kkmlOUmbral Darling   -CBAdult (m)2,7029971
JS2g8Eona   -2GAdult (f)2,5077610
Fa0GXPemberly   -3GAdult (m)3,3307945
4yJ7AAyjitah   -CBAdult (m)2,5276491
9YRAQFish Stick Goddess   -2GAdult (f)2,4667525
7gUNsDorkface Rubel   -IB-21GAdult (m)2,1607760
lqqLVSigurd Krriya Dorkface   -IB-20GHatchling (f, F)1,7227743
o4JtGunineck   -IB-13GHatchling (m, F)2,2325447
BMTIhBlackened Pimpernel   -PB-2GAdult (m)2,5956565
UAa3LBlack Sun   -2GAdult (f)2,8518226
I4mZDark Cavalier   -14GAdult (m)2,25694111
LaNWAvazik   -12GHatchling (f, F)5,3425549
k79fATarnished Thuwed   -11GAdult (m)2,2008933
LidoKeretet   -IB-10GAdult (f)2,6184017
s2J6Death of Hades   -IB-13GAdult (m)1,67129716
gSXZfEreujyuna Oil Slick   -IB-17GHatchling (f, F)1,6257033
9MA49Ceylon   -CBAdult (f)1,7818591
hAtgSAssam   -CBAdult (m)1,8096320
CIRyGNilgiri   -PB-2GAdult (f)2,6845390
aFnTWTossam   -2GAdult (f)4,5745751
orH7qBayling   -2GAdult (m)4,5665850
AjQdZDian Hong   -CBAdult (f)2,0468730
AHiLuDarjeeling   -CBAdult (m)1,6968410
gSbKmObsidian Teacup   -3GAdult (m)2,4708540
E4pZ8Tibeti   -CBAdult (m)2,7958721
9hdIBNight Opal   -4GAdult (m)2,5366471
4WXvyMelanopterus   -CBAdult (f)1,6988720
7vp38Saltwater Requiem   -CBAdult (m)2,5641,0830
CwRSLTear-Stained Requiem   -PB-2GAdult (m)1,7556251
exvXURequin   -CBAdult (f)1,6758510
F4MWjDipped in Ink   -CBAdult (m)2,0596770
V2tHHPale Darkness   -CBAdult (f)2,6236843
yVeFuLightShade   -3GAdult (m)3,1956624
eH0WlToxic Spear   -CBAdult (f)3,0177633
jiahgRed Moon Rising   -CBAdult (m)2,1706881
Oa60hBleeding Clouds   -CBAdult (f)1,2296271
2qUvcSpearhead   -CBAdult (m)2,0286294
zlDfWBad Moon Rising   -CBAdult (f)1,6575782
AMJLoAmj'lo   -CBAdult (m)3,5999033
iw36nRiddles Writ in Blood   -CBAdult (f)2,3758450
uccdoKal Torak   -CBAdult (m)2,4278860
wEdfQGold of Murgo   -CBHatchling (f, F)2,3727971
3UslNCruel Prince   -CBHatchling (m, F)3,2995813
kd6BbRovana-Simeon Starfall  -PB-2GAdult (f)2,1207370
rt3LtBlood Sacrifice   -CBAdult (f)2,8039380
TZ3CUBlood Money   -CBAdult (m)2,1535792
nJjghRed-Stained Dagger   -CBAdult (f)2,6371,0621
dAcw5Prince of Blood   -CBAdult (m)4,0691,02211
c7pYjApostate   -CBAdult (f)2,7426553
oUf3OBlooded Chessboard   -CBAdult (m)2,4275502
nhaRDMountain Rain   -CBAdult (f)4,3717467
LOeBDBinda   -CBAdult (m)4,2467392
HkAKRain Music   -2GAdult (f)1,2084606
i50sWhispering Seas   -2GAdult (m)1,4734489
Rm5XWings of the Sea   -10GHatchling (f, F)1,1363856
NNs2Molten Whisper   -3GHatchling (m, F)1,9867232
kfbqFSeaspray   -3GAdult (f)2,4149211
pi2LNTranquility   -3GAdult (m)2,2447822
QvRCrQuiet Whispers   -3GAdult (f)2,3868830
FbHEARain at Sea   -3GAdult (m)2,5487841
TCV0TTranquil Thunder   -4GAdult (f)3,2558312
AslKlDatz   -5GAdult (m)2,3958051
UVPJ4Valentine Sea   -4GAdult (f)2,6128821
hOSbjDoom of Atlantis   -6GAdult (m)4,2498980
gs95mCalm Seas   -5GAdult (f)2,3847661
G7RWJForgotten Road   -11GAdult (m)2,9058692
odv08Forget-Me-Not   -10GAdult (f)2,3577891
H3dpXSealah Deux   -11GAdult (f)2,5768851
1eh4GAgainst the Tide of Fire and IceAdult (m)3,9409458
tF3rkChestan Hegel   -IB-21GAdult (m)2,5108381
561SpIathel   -PB-2GAdult (m)4,7337576
MOlnRAstram   -PB-2GAdult (f)4,9107608
fHpH1Brined in Sin  -PB-2GAdult (f)4,5477488
uuD9pElectra   -CBAdult (f)2,1345110
5awqmBolzen   -CBAdult (m)2,5215622
yDVgnTonare   -CBAdult (m)2,3575681
hLMdWFrosta   -CBAdult (f)1,7057613
CjnXaBoreas   -CBAdult (m)3,2566654
XQNkUTundra   -CBHatchling (m, F)2,4976521
8zB9LFrozen Spectre   -2GAdult (m)2,3564881
1JZDPoison Darter   -CBAdult (m)1,3767704
vK3nAuratum   -CBAdult (f)1,2877046
mAnIDendrobat   -CBHatchling (m, F)1,4177434
ZUnUePoison Ribbon   -2GAdult (m)2,4858433
J5A0Moltogo   -13GAdult (f)1,8397112
RONJ5Strawberry Bright   -2GHatchling (f, F)2,0117280
2aC8Red'lov   -5GHatchling (m, F)1,0825714
j51PRomri   -6GAdult (m)1,9187794
tsB9TSulphur Springs   -CBAdult (f)3,1079357
KUZLUBrynstan   -CBAdult (m)2,6419060
iF1ZYChunk of Sulphur   -CBHatchling (m, F)3,0379410
OVXe2Evius of Kyriakos   -2GAdult (m)4,1828052
b5Op2Brinnen   -CBAdult (f)2,6639911
yDfQLCitrinit   -CBAdult (f)3,8948012
a6CDoI'm on the Brute Squad  -CBAdult (f)2,0257141
PO2TjYou Are the Brute Squad  -CBAdult (m)2,2677711
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