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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “DalekEevee,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
SiHMz(SiHMz)Hatchling (f)5,9016092
BsgFG(BsgFG)Hatchling (f)5,5846124
Amo0m(Amo0m)Hatchling (f)5,8239603
4ygvYHisuian ZoroarkHatchling (m)5,0939713
r9dEO(r9dEO)Dead Egg000
Ch3Se(Ch3Se)Dead Egg000
RgCky(RgCky)Dead Egg000
OwnNl(OwnNl)Hatchling (f)4,9089543
aMIBt(aMIBt)Adult (f)4,3671,09115
TCiXUGlowing AeonAdult (m)3,4947936
BS5rr(BS5rr)Adult (f)3,0847057
36zmrEon AgesAdult (m)3,5327722
VlitjLeaf AeonAdult (f)3,1247213
6OpvrI Call My Horse MayoAdult (m)3,6127182
SNcyOGrimmsnarlAdult (f)3,8377752
BPFVsBattle of the MoodsAdult (m)3,6087394
zQb9QDalek TickAdult (m)3,7377824
gqlr1Red Blue MarkingsAdult (f)3,1006922
Nkv7oParallel AeonAdult (m)3,4087556
A3JfwDark Blue MarkingsAdult (f)3,4926344
UkpQiShiny Tapu FiniAdult (m)3,4526292
mDeNLShiny Tapu KokoAdult (f)3,5266233
YzY9CShiny Tapu LeleAdult (f)2,7315834
HDeFAShiny Tapu BuluAdult (f)2,8456012
zz7ccZ'ZevenAdult (f)9,0891,36211
OiJv7Dat One Code ThoAdult (f)3,3307253
QRom9PC QRom9Adult (f)2,4865523
fhTjADead by  DaylightAdult (m)2,5365651
HHKXeStop Sign Lives MatterAdult (m)3,0776393
AsEwnAsWen a DressAdult (m)2,9516353
IeQ89Stop Sign Awareness DayAdult (m)2,9616124
bQS4II'm a Stop SignAdult (m)2,7635835
Hvkt8Please Stop at the Stop SignAdult (f)2,6625634
b1QhSChip's Challenge 2Adult (m)3,1746175
yfKT0SpeedRunnersAdult (f)2,1386847
XjN6xThe Talos PrincipalAdult (f)1,8856894
D3JsTSpider LoveAdult (f)2,3135733
M5JLeRiptide TocksAdult (m)2,9525413
EICH8Sabertooth Tiger  DinozordAdult (m)3,6887371
E7g7hMr Aeon FreakyAdult (m)3,1886384
JGTzy(JGTzy)Adult (m)3,5767191
1Y707Ivory DragonsAdult (m)7,9321,2685
GwjooI'm Only Good For PrecogsAdult (m)4,88274511
PTjyV(PTjyV)Adult (f)5,7211,0081
flOWH(flOWH)Adult (f)5,5899984
uvbBQ(uvbBQ)Adult (m)6,5511,0397
iTOck(iTOck)Adult (m)5,11188417
B2wHkHufat Mud ThuwedAdult (m)3,69582518
fsX1F(fsX1F)Adult (m)4,6459093
tvsZsOh No- A Time LoopAdult (m)6,3791,1853
SiSrU(SiSrU)Adult (f)6,1878114
MoDly(MoDly)Adult (f)5,2819302
V2GAy(V2GAy)Adult (f)6,80893811
QFQVv(QFQVv)Adult (m)7,8251,2252
RyfUZ(RyfUZ)Adult (m)6,0849685
9cMOW(9cMOW)Adult (m)8,4701,0287
wEusQTimeless BBQAdult (m)7,5671,0775
wOrHV(wOrHV)Adult (m)7,8181,1395
GYrD4BrawlhallaHatchling (m, F)2,7735532
H0tv1Hot TVHatchling (F)1,0394164
5pTqRPokemon DirectAdult (m)3,75196620
deEp4(deEp4)Adult (m)3,8221,0553
ELBoy(ELBoy)Adult (f)3,8741,0384
5PAnK(5PAnK)Adult (f)4,2439452
hxbnXWhen They Need to VentAdult (f)5,5529301
jocKY(jocKY)Adult (f)5,88986711
x8RuBCorviknights of the Round TableAdult (m)4,8069992
OMG1CnoelletnIAdult (f)3,5701,0375
sOezpajninerGAdult (f)7,4221,0494
DevaX(DevaX)Adult (f)4,5331,0021
slUmS(slUmS)Adult (m)6,2368622
4BuUm(4BuUm)Adult (f)4,1519092
wOU1D(wOU1D)Adult (m)5,8358752
hnEtS(hnEtS)Adult (m)3,5698304
clogYAmacingAdult (f)6,4638555
aN2fAS i l i c o b r aAdult (m)5,1648972
ACESD(ACESD)Adult (m)6,6158925
2w1mA(2w1mA)Adult (m)4,9216754
don1TDoneat the DonutAdult (f)5,0759961
acXpwPolteageist Defense FormeAdult (m)5,1958215
yxLQPS a n d a c o n d aAdult (m)4,2547464
PegUISilk Almond MilkAdult (f)4,3348753
CESes(CESes)Adult (f)4,7268752
IyY2JThe Area 51 RaidAdult (m)5,3218422
YWreX(YWreX)Adult (m)5,1898344
PkUyO(PkUyO)Adult (m)4,5378733
pOLeu(pOLeu)Adult (m)4,4788821
FFFaNMagnificent Maximillion MagicianAdult (m)4,3398831
qLwmXGigantamax FlygonAdult (m)4,1958672
UliKi(UliKi)Adult (f)4,1537502
KoT0qAcross the FloorAdult (m)4,8569041
bYUxA(bYUxA)Adult (f)4,9057702
4UaJxWhat a Colorful DisasterAdult (f)4,8718986
GErNA(GErNA)Adult (m)4,1638742
1D0NT(1D0NT)Adult (f)6,6899042
0i31B(0i31B)Adult (f)6,3658873
VMrnE(VMrnE)Adult (f)4,8978986
jmjWsShiny SobbleHatchling (m, F)4,4856393
4BmNQThese Are Now Dumb TacksHatchling (F)3,7816291
7kludAethet WyvernAdult (m)5,7099682
EX1X3(EX1X3)Adult (m)5,2381,0462
NuHuh(NuHuh)Adult (f)6,2289124
cdinO(cdinO)Adult (m)5,2121,0133
qwOoD(qwOoD)Adult (f)5,8581,2234
L0ailSpace Crystal DragonAdult (f)6,3061,1823
4WAvE(4WAvE)Adult (f)4,8001,0763
Spord(Spord)Adult (m)5,3817683
AdaEE(AdaEE)Adult (f)4,5337471
PRaTz(PRaTz)Adult (m)5,9991,1277
zO2yOExprainAdult (m)9,9101,28310
O3JbHappy Little AlbinoAdult (f)1,9157079
Od8L1Dalek ScraggyAdult (m)2,1334505
llblMHappy Little DoveAdult (f)2,2886902
kg1TsHappy Little CurvesAdult (f)3,3578202
jMOHmKecleon the TraderAdult (m)4,4546792
ShIny(ShIny)Adult (m)6,5861,00510
bvnmxHard Code forAdult (m)5,0701,2826
NuUms(NuUms)Adult (m)6,1159582
I9RED(I9RED)Adult (m)5,4548472
jUSTU(jUSTU)Adult (m)4,4041,0191
dUNEO(dUNEO)Adult (m)3,1027031
ACtsM(ACtsM)Adult (f)2,4997081
PramJ(PramJ)Adult (f)1,8827096
TIT0h(TIT0h)Adult (m)4,7087823
T0cKG(T0cKG)Adult (m)5,7257451
2LifT(2LifT)Adult (m)5,5918903
y0OLk(y0OLk)Adult (f)5,9379783
snipl(snipl)Adult (f)5,9928926
Q6XJAShiny EeveeAdult (m)6,8711,0843
F3sGiWith Your Hands o n your hipsHatchling (F)1,8495105
UXuQQ2g from M S TinselHatchling (m, F)2,3016634
9qKgR2g from M B ShimmerHatchling (f, F)2,0906195
wEary(wEary)Hatchling (f, F)5,0877795
CwA7m(CwA7m)Adult (m)4,4821,0033
jtOY2(jtOY2)Adult (m)6,1879393
q3330(q3330)Adult (f)6,0399183
BeI1SCounterfeit BellsAdult (m)4,7778644
podZO(podZO)Adult (f)6,3381,1182
10B01(10B01)Adult (m)7,3909093
wM90a(wM90a)Adult (m)2,7666025
81xaw(81xaw)Adult (f)3,5794132
NrlC7(NrlC7)Adult (m)8,8671,1657
45150(45150)Adult (m)6,9681,1249
8jJCp(8jJCp)Hatchling (m, F)8,5709053
3SnuG(3SnuG)Adult (m)6,2389095
DNGw9Orbital GearAdult (f)4,1571,0608
GsY5NRocket LeagueAdult (m)3,5117784
pHc1NMondas CybermanAdult (m)6,3208045
3wGODSteam-ValveAdult (f)6,1778785
IoUv7Font PeekAdult (f)7,6381,0865
MmFLo(MmFLo)Adult (m)7,6188515
vNRUB(vNRUB)Adult (m)6,5947782
Rrozo(Rrozo)Adult (m)6,5469831
cUrln(cUrln)Adult (f)5,4131,0083
6JDZw(6JDZw)Adult (m)4,1174276
TITg5(TITg5)Adult (f)5,7289833
TitIJ(TitIJ)Adult (f)4,9231,0082
MesHzMidtij Sudkehmuhaj ThuwedAdult (m)4,2855084
iONq5Now I've Been Wiping With LeavesHatchling (F)2,0436102
l9muT(l9muT)Hatchling (m, F)3,3369342
nkOyOGalarian PonytaAdult (m)4,5058309
iMUTt(iMUTt)Adult (f)5,6678746
FUWed(FUWed)Adult (f)5,0551,2247
BAsHF(BAsHF)Adult (f)9,0131,4396
Uv9L3Claudette MorelAdult (f)2,7015780
mPvVYHappy Little SnoutAdult (m)3,3167322
9FxosAce ViscontiAdult (m)2,9594843
8LdDjTiffany RobertsonAdult (f)3,1857435
iAxfwGeld OrnAdult (m)3,3906224
LK5x5Andrew SmithsonAdult (m)3,4145942
GN0oW(GN0oW)Adult (f)4,8166583
4R9fyJake ParkAdult (m)4,1896455
nCLFfNea KarlssonAdult (f)3,7916474
PR3YkBenedict BakerAdult (m)4,0797641
tOrKMDwight FairfieldAdult (m)4,8927822
3gnWILaurie Strode SurvivorAdult (f)4,6719315
sl3nXDeath Road to CanadaAdult (f)2,8137195
jDuNMReserved Name HereAdult (m)3,5136783
yDa1EParaffin dragonAdult (f)8,8771,0293
brrr9(brrr9)Adult (m)9,2121,0182
rmd0oSunny While SnowingAdult (f)9,4501,1234
MobFMThe Official Gangsta RadioAdult (f)8,3499244
rMSEt(rMSEt)Adult (m)7,5371,2272
TabdC(TabdC)Adult (m)5,7837501
dwlek(dwlek)Adult (f)5,4798757
mNekO(mNekO)Adult (m)5,2509941
hCZiJCrested AmphitereAdult (m)3,2974254
Lanko(Lanko)Adult (m)6,6308655
bEnXH(bEnXH)Adult (f)5,0011,0854
fap7q(fap7q)Adult (m)4,1999802
Morco(Morco)Adult (f)4,1641,0932
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