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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “DaCrunchyNoodles,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
dKQglAdobe WingsAdult (m)7,2031,3164
ZA1muAdobe HornsAdult (f)6,8421,2513
2nHHnDaughter of Frozen TimeAdult (f)2,7156863
23bcASon of Frozen TimeAdult (m)4,1318764
JQ0lkClouded Crimson SkiesAdult (m)2,9196891
9la1k(9la1k)Adult (f)3,1116663
tRWHsScales of the StarsAdult (m)4,0719464
CzrfKRoyal DesignAdult (f)4,8681,0696
S2yUZAlbino  MoonAdult (m)4,4076682
hzQlfSon of Sparkly Ribbon DancerAdult (m)3,7478692
jLFKI(jLFKI)Adult (m)3,4136921
Onh1qSparkly Sugar GliderAdult (f)3,1657132
yiZLIWhisp TailAdult (m)4,2736473
g6yIf(g6yIf)Adult (f)2,7626952
YEVEqRich Aria QueenAdult (m)3,2247272
vE63I(vE63I)Adult (f)3,2136531
PZMXj(PZMXj)Adult (m)4,4409680
MDqPAThere Will Be That TimeAdult (f)3,2627273
WTQyGOne Large Helium BalloonAdult (f)4,1579492
VbIuMChunk of Burning CoalAdult (f)5,3379376
1RVmSGreen Fire EyesAdult (f)3,1817421
gWM5aOoh Tasty BonesAdult (m)4,1081,0654
MfdQLPearly TeethAdult (m)2,8707312
c3pGV(c3pGV)Adult (f)3,4676830
i7urg(i7urg)Adult (f)2,9447240
VH45QRed  MoonAdult (m)5,2531,0128
LLFmGBlack Ring TailAdult (f)3,0617482
FupFPPineapple FluffAdult (m)3,3987582
uHyD8(uHyD8)Adult (f)3,2077012
rBZPAGolden TraceAdult (m)2,9737775
NSdV8Furious ClawsAdult (f)5,40798712
xqwhsDesperate HiderAdult (m)2,6427651
YTPKHBlue TracksAdult (m)3,7781,0769
tDjAk(tDjAk)Adult (m)3,2356302
nLDa2(nLDa2)Adult (f)4,2869160
gRS9TThe Gathering of StarsAdult (m)3,6037103
RRzkGDark Halloween NightAdult (f)3,6831,0391
9oZyPScales of PearlsAdult (f)4,9179183
37fz2The Future Holds Great ThingsAdult (m)3,4517530
ROd5I(ROd5I)Adult (f)2,9616960
yaluHTiny Baby SwissHatchling (F)2,5973626
3lU9OWind StreamerAdult (f)6,2527322
a1jCA(a1jCA)Adult (f)3,0937390
Ak9VgLight Copper StreamAdult (m)3,2357273
cbzZV(cbzZV)Adult (m)3,6147162
WInTqRed Jungle FlowerAdult (m)4,3891,1093
cQJWHTangled Jungle VineAdult (m)3,87694613
1FdNrFalling Ashes of DawnAdult (f)4,6391,0032
nLd91(nLd91)Adult (f)4,8821,06218
ZWHiw(ZWHiw)Adult (m)4,5099500
vFlIrThe Sea Serpent of the SeaAdult (m)4,1156803
hhOL6Wow I So SpookyAdult (f)2,5408762
PgpwHMoon UnitesAdult (m)3,6837171
i7Foq(i7Foq)Adult (f)3,0687290
W5wAg(W5wAg)Adult (m)4,0298960
sk031(sk031)Adult (f)4,5591,0181
rDlVsT    o       a         dAdult (m)2,7487152
tzU2J(tzU2J)Adult (m)4,1098732
WQf3p(WQf3p)Adult (m)3,2917183
HC1nB(HC1nB)Adult (f)3,3337380
QiXhM(QiXhM)Adult (f)2,5946750
I0YcLAzure WormAdult (m)2,7926263
9Mh8AColbat WormAdult (f)3,1655861
Ox2PqLapis WormAdult (m)2,8755392
fjWCKSapphire WormAdult (f)3,0715552
V27hk(V27hk)Adult (m)3,3561,0326
ZVxG3(ZVxG3)Adult (f)3,3027771
Ig2LYEyes of SapphiresAdult (m)4,7329687
yLXRxClaws of TwilightAdult (f)4,4521,0965
8T18fSharp ThicketsAdult (m)3,7717943
XChHwEmbers of RubiesAdult (f)4,9879621
IkcPtTail FlipperAdult (f)5,36598810
YAATb(YAATb)Adult (m)3,5507140
afgIZWinter FeetAdult (m)6,0401,03511
Bsymj(Bsymj)Adult (m)3,4297151
soeil(soeil)Adult (m)3,3117202
EBQOA(EBQOA)Adult (f)4,2739401
dztoGPrime WindAdult (f)7,8111,2954
XjHFZNick of DawnAdult (m)4,0749112
ZS7jNA Diamond TigerAdult (f)3,0487581
rO2uXPaporoni Hot PocketAdult (f)6,3377292
jrwN5Tiny Shimmer of DawnHatchling (F)1,5254455
eBZBXCome Take A Look At My BackAdult (f)2,5248771
8VZh3The Magic Beauty of FireAdult (f)4,6451,0773
V4Zt7M y  N a m e  Is  B a r tAdult (m)3,5026983
Jlqeoc a n d y  f l o s sAdult (m)4,0358591
xvIZtThe  Star ChildAdult (m)9,2381,4216
ayom2(ayom2)Adult (m)3,1087441
RQfrB(RQfrB)Adult (m)2,0697211
8Aud3(8Aud3)Adult (m)3,3786770
VGrwqFire's AshesAdult (m)5,2689896
jG3Lt(jG3Lt)Adult (m)3,5097582
TxDdD(TxDdD)Adult (m)3,0877362
HcQdK(HcQdK)Adult (f)3,2466860
g9kLr(g9kLr)Adult (m)3,5837221
qoFMX(qoFMX)Adult (f)3,5997430
DWuri(DWuri)Adult (m)3,1957272
dmsf4(dmsf4)Adult (f)2,6806840
8a293Swirling  WindsAdult (f)4,2599445
jV0YkWowzers I Got Drone on ChristmasAdult (m)2,9218191
SgyWD(SgyWD)Adult (m)3,1809682
BOCbeTiny Christmas MiracleHatchling (F)1,5052153
ECQpYChristmas Crown of JewelsAdult (m)4,6381,1455
yRpA0Young'n of HershelAdult (m)2,7536793
1r42k(1r42k)Hatchling (F)1,5682612
PEOpv(PEOpv)Hatchling (F)1,6282902
1sB3fMagical Golden FlightAdult (f)2,9008652
Q08ly(Q08ly)Adult (f)2,3247801
4cy9xSanta's  HUGE HelperAdult (f)3,7099783
tnwmB(tnwmB)Adult (f)2,8987302
NaU8m(NaU8m)Adult (f)3,4958447
09Ch3Tiny Decorative BowHatchling (F)1,2905052
4zD6CDon't Worry Guys Santa is RealAdult (m)3,7911,0364
4rVR5(4rVR5)Adult (m)2,2237422
sAwBT(sAwBT)Hatchling (F)1,7544181
8w1EdWatermelon Christmas CousinAdult (m)6,1551,4472
aOfiN(aOfiN)Adult (m)3,0856922
MpalZTiny Festive WatermelonHatchling (F)1,6943772
w3P5lRainbow UnderwingsAdult (f)3,8101,0013
ULU2QTiny Blue SnowflakeHatchling (F)1,4332262
csJpjNon- Rainbow UnderwingsAdult (f)2,9648223
CMKAtMy Neighbor's Name is WalleeAdult (f)3,5321,0312
qB37IFestive DuckAdult (f)3,8331,0961
OZoi3(OZoi3)Adult (m)3,4426442
qCVJxTiny Garnished MistletoeHatchling (F)2,3554085
ZoblVIt Was Nice To Get All Anger OutAdult (m)2,6718532
fHW51Tiny Calm DragonHatchling (F)1,2572372
gOwnYGotcha Back BudAdult (m)2,6838671
ihAw0(ihAw0)Hatchling (F)1,3492392
BFtcxLong Christmas WormAdult (f)3,8299934
FxKiz(FxKiz)Adult (f)3,1519271
Dmpmg(Dmpmg)Adult (f)3,0929201
JdepHSweet Honey SparkleAdult (f)3,3846861
NQYEbViolet TrotAdult (m)4,9499242
32KchThe Sweet Rose FlowerAdult (m)6,3657063
shmAaGiver of MercyAdult (m)6,6607402
KB49sSavory Honey DewAdult (f)4,4009263
rTn6MSpike ScaleAdult (m)2,4046165
S6k3a(S6k3a)Adult (f)3,4397832
mEZm3(mEZm3)Adult (m)3,2167132
kcOMxSpitting Fire For A Day's LivingAdult (m)3,0497441
RmqBgCrawling  ShadowsAdult (m)3,4767901
8qAgcGlowering SkyAdult (m)6,1941,1863
lNTnBSundew MaskAdult (m)4,8827413
alteb(alteb)Adult (m)4,6349661
rpm9qReaching FartherAdult (m)3,6698372
HbpiYYellow Feather BackAdult (m)9,8521,0322
TrtdA(TrtdA)Adult (m)4,1919181
oNjs2C  o  o  k  i  eAdult (m)2,7887612
RLC0O(RLC0O)Adult (f)4,5181,0061
WNqb6The Cloud DaydreamAdult (m)2,8737090
JGnoR(JGnoR)Adult (f)3,1357260
8iKlG(8iKlG)Adult (m)1,9767361
ePCYKSapphire  EclipseAdult (f)2,9897224
12jHz(12jHz)Adult (f)5,5078396
31EJqPeridot EclipseAdult (m)5,2031,0909
JIy2OGarnet EclipseAdult (f)4,4179573
DPwtsShining Ruby EclipseAdult (f)3,1137072
fN1hdRaspberry EclipseAdult (f)3,1597712
ugOsX(ugOsX)Adult (f)5,5051,0064
KO1xV(KO1xV)Adult (m)5,0258684
xYe2f(xYe2f)Adult (m)4,2077924
HrsaaHoney Sugar DropAdult (m)3,4207003
DEWO9Dewo 9Adult (f)2,8346914
bturNEvergreen SaplingAdult (m)2,9817502
Sp1d5The Magic FireAdult (f)2,9548164
R9TzDSpikes Along My BackAdult (m)2,9288224
z5rHYWyrm of JusticeAdult (f)2,9948413
IGJD1Magenta GemsAdult (f)2,8237577
rY5d1Popper TailAdult (f)5,0281,0602
s21tTPopper Tail IIAdult (f)6,9401,1844
AsD9zLost BattlesAdult (m)3,6979194
UPzV2Feather FeetAdult (f)3,9248354
ePrkEFeathers of FlightAdult (f)3,9187062
Ch8TOTough Forest PlatesAdult (f)4,6189782
hPYefThe Sparkling FortuneAdult (m)4,6391,2625
gJkWhSweet Butterfly EyesAdult (m)4,7211,0184
RPdtR(RPdtR)Adult (f)4,3209121
574VzDancing PearlsAdult (f)6,7171,1897
YNva9Rare PearlsAdult (f)5,4051,2255
OLve4Swimming TroutAdult (f)4,6451,3058
idH6fLucky  SoulAdult (f)4,3011,0195
PgguTEverything That Glitters Is GoldAdult (m)4,8149467
YIRknHerb HealerAdult (f)4,7979953
Qx29oSteady Summer BreezeAdult (m)5,7281,1199
JlyibLiv'n The Pumpkin Life BabyAdult (f)2,7509372
QjIQfThe Violence of PurpleAdult (m)3,4237181
ACcuP(ACcuP)Adult (f)3,8826661
s6jLxStrike JawsAdult (m)6,5811,04412
HyQ3n(HyQ3n)Adult (m)1,9997521
FJk91(FJk91)Adult (m)3,3286941
uGffcWondering MindAdult (f)7,1611,2408
MjuAZShining Red CometAdult (f)2,8427712
g62QM(g62QM)Adult (f)2,0475632
lP5m6Blazing Comet EyeAdult (m)3,3816633
IS7bIIndigo StreamAdult (f)5,4451,0016
pA1OuUltraViolet SoundAdult (f)3,9577032
zEWMbDeadly Laser PointerAdult (f)4,6769153
3p17l(3p17l)Adult (f)2,0017440
8ymKrMay I Have Your Spaghetti SauceAdult (f)5,3011,1492
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