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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “DISOBEY,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
W1cHSCodename RW Dino CBAdult3,6297355
VPK2zCodename Running ManAdult (m)3,0416001
JjVloCodename What do you mean CBAdult (m)2,5785773
rf01WCodename Imaginary Dragon CBAdult (f)2,4025761
I82urCodename LokiAdult (f)2,7035783
PjtmrCodename OdinAdult (f)3,7455582
7VQlzCodename LockHart MonsterAdult (f)2,0806282
f9knpCodename You Needed MeAdult (m)3,9185554
fAPw1Codename Chromx CBAdult (f)3,6786034
3GA0QCodename do u believe in CBAdult (m)2,1605403
Zmt5UCodename FAMM'INAdult (m)2,9215571
q3zpeCodename Why is you lyinAdult (f)4,1965752
BJcZ7Codename Killer Frost CBAdult (m)5,2741,1353
slewlCodename Guardian of Heaven CBAdult (f)3,1905641
6j9WsCodename Moa - Metal CBAdult (m)3,2326162
0eDNGCodename Tears and Rainbows CBAdult (m)3,3236311
2W2tuCodename Undo these chains CBAdult (f)2,2375460
1pLyeCodename Brownie Ice CBAdult (f)3,1945733
a95wjCodename AJ95 CBAdult (f)3,6967281
psMPgCodename Frumious Blue CBAdult (m)2,3435331
2AdOcCodename Legend Bleu Blue CBAdult (f)3,5955281
OiUiqCodename VampireAdult (f)2,4464914
WBXhsCodename VAMP KINGAdult (m)3,1826022
aXIyfCodename VAMP PRINCEAdult (m)2,7525543
xTnrxCodename V-Day2k18 CBAdult (m)2,8126055
hMPoYCodename Valentine's Day 2k18 CBAdult (m)2,2135432
2sGYrCodename Asuna CBAdult (f)2,5975401
UlB1FCodename Rayne CBAdult (f)2,5835841
BTurbCodename Rosey CBAdult (m)2,8665510
6GSfTCodename True Religion CBAdult (m)2,7055590
jvHCxCodename FreakyAdult (f)2,8685661
SehvxCodename Someone SneakyAdult (f)2,7495490
wIhgRCodename Shine Bright Like YatoAdult (m)3,4935063
z9LJZCodename What My Username AgainAdult (f)2,8195641
pA14gCodename DeeznutslulzAdult (f)2,6105461
d4AHVCodename Upthere CBAdult (f)3,2157452
2beinCodename Grape Lima CBAdult (m)2,8786261
HfR3YCodename kuzu no honkai cbAdult (f)3,5745941
Q9RQBCodename Thunder and LightingAdult (f)1,6824323
0om9tCodename Zoom CBAdult (f)3,2015472
DeIMcCodename Frozen in TimeHatchling (F)2,1873482
T2CpjCodename Living in True Tales CBAdult (m)4,7196250
fGQT4Codename First in time CBAdult (m)4,0165931
5c3bFCodename First in line CBAdult (f)4,5866460
jG513Codename Frost in time CBAdult (f)4,1015930
852Y3Codename SHC CBAdult (m)4,7978020
cbyBJCodename Cloud Sensei CBAdult (m)4,4148532
kDeC6Codename Pur3 L3m0n CBAdult (m)3,9268820
WgyJTCodename Lima CBAdult (f)3,4027851
d708TCodename Slyv CBAdult (f)3,8826661
9MlaQCodename I know you CBAdult (m)3,1325531
ijFyWCodename I Am Wide Awake CBAdult (f)3,7414781
dBna5Codename I Am Not Sleepless CBAdult (f)3,3285970
3FFLyCodename I Am Sleepless CBAdult (m)2,6485633
pXYcmCodeame Registeel CBAdult (m)3,3386710
YoNfZCodename Yousei teikoku CBAdult (m)3,4095741
ErVZoCodename Evo CBAdult (f)3,2767820
FruBuCodename Lets roll CBAdult (m)3,2195301
2B8YrCodename YUP'IN CBAdult (m)2,8205460
KFUTxCodename Giggle Boo CBAdult (m)3,2386621
mLIafCodename It's a RebirthAdult (f)3,0446071
IenBSCodename Son I Change Colors CBAdult (m)3,6806222
3MWV8Codename Kyo Loves Tohru CBAdult (f)3,3686380
csI8PCodename Emerald In SaoAdult (m)3,0367611
CvsImCodename Ruby in SaoAdult (m)1,6395533
Ym4sACodename Y0u-Me5a CBAdult (f)3,6948201
hhKKHCodename In Sao CBAdult (m)3,6998101
esE6WCodename Maroon CBAdult (m)3,4299566
Gk99WCodename Ruby CBAdult (f)2,6227454
e5xAcCodename EZ45 CBAdult (m)3,2296810
AaDnMCodename Adam and JulietteAdult (m)2,9875411
CIwA0Codename Angel loves CordeliaAdult (m)3,8275462
Il8czCodename Cordelia loves SpikeAdult (f)3,4036392
ihXDQCodename too late to apologizeAdult (f)3,6216141
sX8mZ(sX8mZ)Adult (m)3,3397182
q5ue2(q5ue2)Adult (f)5,6307921
z1jb2Codename Veesionary CBAdult (f)2,7945662
tg4zxCodename Jack FrostAdult (m)3,0115502
nDUM1Codename Frankie Deary CBAdult (m)2,9116990
gvxt0Codename Bolivia CBAdult (m)2,7586745
uY7WxCodename Tobias CBAdult (m)6,9851,1052
Rke8gCodename Silver Dust CBAdult (m)4,1247381
Oghf5Codename Eververse CBAdult (m)5,6159082
jevoOCodename Somebody to Love CBAdult (m)2,8436960
VYYvFCodename Nobody loves Me CBAdult (m)3,1086571
coRuZCodename Just Be CBAdult (m)3,3167895
E9TQkCodename Love Will Come Again CBAdult (m)3,1778095
hSYSKCodename Moonlight Kami-samaAdult (m)2,9445441
BMqTACodename Moonlight Ouji-sama CBAdult (m)3,9976761
wP1lRCodename Moonlight Ojou-sama CBAdult (f)3,2266061
zWjiBCodename Z CBAdult (f)2,3425852
crxmD(crxmD)Adult (m)2,6526941
3BqZcCodename Hey Ronald CBAdult (m)1,3724321
vpilDCodename Red Dragon CBAdult (f)3,2345571
4nBuhCodename TheDevilsSpoils CBAdult (f)3,7115672
OFD15Codename Hot Tamales CBAdult (f)2,9795054
WR6trCodename RubyAdult (m)3,0145413
KRvU0(KRvU0)Adult (f)5,0207200
utmoJCodename Midnight Blue CBAdult (f)2,6466911
xYSlU(xYSlU)Adult (m)2,5707131
U7R71(U7R71)Adult (f)2,6197140
HKNHI(HKNHI)Adult (m)3,0837191
UiVck(UiVck)Adult (f)2,9517260
f0AAz(f0AAz)Adult (f)2,9207191
VMc3gCodename petty ladies CBAdult (m)3,7566982
crvIQCodename KiwiPaNDACloud CBAdult (m)2,6575641
wNqYw(wNqYw)Adult (m)4,2787931
ROKK5(ROKK5)Adult (m)4,3447951
j5BK6(j5BK6)Adult (m)5,0807800
MZGd2(MZGd2)Adult (m)4,1457811
ZKxL4(ZKxL4)Adult (m)3,7366771
TdOH3(TdOH3)Adult (m)3,1197070
51CLB(51CLB)Adult (m)4,5017041
b3epKCodename BTS CBAdult (f)2,3005390
KJzgN(KJzgN)Adult (f)3,1206840
57JmI(57JmI)Adult (m)4,4548000
cQ3P1(cQ3P1)Adult (f)3,2897051
y5Rj4(y5Rj4)Adult (m)5,8258260
As6R8(As6R8)Adult (m)3,8147292
KOMzfCodename I am a tiny dragon cbAdult (m)3,3837701
pCE3qCodename San Maria CBAdult (f)2,5945311
41oJVCodename San Marie CBAdult (f)3,0686201
NdFEhCodename i used to know CBAdult (f)3,8085732
hIT3YCodename Confused TalonAdult (m)6,1437683
CwTMoCodename Confused JrAdult (m)6,9886897
or2viCodename Dieu De La SunshineAdult (f)6,4629647
lI3sqCodename Lil 3SQAdult (m)5,6778613
R9jA0Codename OMG LoLAdult (m)5,2301,0134
m9J16Codename OMG I'ma Silver Gold MAdult (f)8,3758433
2oFo1Codename Stay With Ron WavesAdult (m)5,6218422
BpaK4Codename Stay Gold PonyboyAdult (f)5,1721,0792
VyYo6Codename We love the Waves FamAdult (f)6,3567442
WTIVgCodename Gold PrizeAdult (f)5,3285033
EPW5OCodename Ron WavesAdult (f)7,4449482
naJXECodename A Red and Bronze MixAdult (m)7,3461,0712
4uaefCodename Red BronzyAdult (f)7,2989765
1oPXzCodename Goomy Impact FamAdult (f)6,3057164
RaaqBCodename Dorkface Silver DragonAdult (f)6,8309291
XjS2ICodename Goomy Stripe JrAdult (f)6,0799693
CTloxCodename Dorkface AngelAdult (m)7,1549226
upPy7Codename Goldie MagiAdult (f)6,8721,0098
bZOT4Codename Paper Dragon CBAdult3,5245217
FdnCg(FdnCg)Adult (m)1,8293720
bYKy4Codename I smell chicken CBAdult (f)2,1785350
tcLq2Codename Desert Am I CBAdult (f)3,9118120
Jx1usCodename Dessert Love CBAdult (m)4,5237371
DUhLlCodename Alphine Zone CBAdult (f)3,1907543
Fk8hxCodename Kurosaki X Tomo CBAdult (f)3,6855791
GIaalCodename Angel x Spike CBAdult (f)4,1955573
AfwtYCodename Lake Kindred CBAdult (f)4,8355412
tT1S3Codename Gaya CBAdult (m)4,0178211
7lDPzCodename Lil Bo Peeper CBAdult (m)2,7325590
NyFVjCodename God of the Galaxy CBAdult (m)4,0406932
8RCvpCodename Galaxy CBAdult (m)3,6676471
9HeeTCodename Little Galaxy CBHatchling (m, F)2,9095852
M5PAYCodename Xander x Spike CBAdult (f)3,5895771
juRhPCodename Buffy x Dawn CBAdult (m)4,2095352
3HvSECodename RawrRawr CBAdult (f)3,3206060
d1riJCodename Little Levin CBHatchling (m, F)4,2895152
3En6xCodename Lovely Levin CBHatchling (F)2,2194682
OB2WVCodename Lazy Levin CBHatchling (m, F)3,4795631
UW84mCodename Blue LoveAdult (m)2,5857391
CWezhCodename Blue Kamen CBAdult (f)3,2175671
C25xaCodename Adult Levin CBAdult (m)3,8786192
A30XsCodename MoonShine CBAdult (m)4,0655572
aPjPdCodename Blacklist CBAdult (f)4,8618592
jcPvmCodename Tesla Model S CBAdult (m)3,0395480
UQD3mCodename Tesla Model X CBAdult (f)2,7105501
GsaxxCodename Mint Ming CBAdult (f)3,9418112
cNzQc(cNzQc)Adult (m)5,8108472
7ajWK(7ajWK)Adult (f)2,6657151
cszLv(cszLv)Adult (f)2,5806881
vhXgzCodename A Fire ln The Sky CBAdult (m)3,6356762
ZfGHYCodename A Fire In The Sky CBAdult (m)3,1506273
6BhSi(6BhSi)Adult (m)3,8576451
nssKZCodename OG Creamiscle CBAdult (m)3,6645561
loPRGCodename Buffy CBAdult (f)4,3065293
zsX75Codename Orange Creme CBAdult (m)3,0375773
ECcRKCodename Creme CBAdult (f)3,7046071
dO39SCodename Prism Purple CBAdult (m)3,0925351
V2FAaCodename PURPLE rainAdult (f)3,9534994
t0U3gCodename FRUITY PEBBLE LBAdult (f)3,3206340
6nQr1Codename FRUITY PEBBLE FOAMSAdult (m)3,7186670
VCBIaCodename Metallyc ChromxAdult (f)3,4836032
9ZbblCodename You Fell In LoveAdult (m)4,0095862
4QD4ZCodename Shiny DiamondAdult (m)3,0296283
ouW3ZCodename fruit basket another CBAdult (f)3,3906360
QES3xCodename Royal Queen CBAdult (f)5,4806623
XsGozCodename Royal King CBAdult (m)3,4056682
nc2gxCodename Guardian of the GalaxyAdult (m)6,6048584
QPlj5Codename I got them blues CBAdult (f)3,6757411
uSENcCodename I got them reds CBAdult (m)3,7477720
NmEGq(NmEGq)Adult (f)4,2866561
u5BRB(u5BRB)Adult (f)4,9448010
ucawK(ucawK)Adult (m)4,1147651
Qo123(Qo123)Adult (f)2,7156821
b3hoFCodename I am just a treeEgg (F)
2WcB2(2WcB2)Adult (m)4,5257872
ftHy4(ftHy4)Adult (f)2,7317130
UHNRJCodename Sunseed PrincessAdult (f)2,1114972
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