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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “CynicalSymphony,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
CU1f(CU1f)Hatchling (m, F)5,0921,11217
fBDV(fBDV)Adult (f)3,2261,0774
Y2aV(Y2aV)Adult (m)4,7631,24820
m2K5(m2K5)Adult (m)4,8681,2508
dl1L(dl1L)Adult (f)2,11035311
39rBG(39rBG)Adult (f)5,4461,1194
DtIIe(DtIIe)Adult (f)4,1821,2011
TOd2(TOd2)Adult (m)4,7671,22218
6p16(6p16)Adult (f)1,7734811
ZLmvK(ZLmvK)Adult (f)3,8041,3620
7rV14(7rV14)Adult (f)1,7456582
H0rB(H0rB)Adult (f)1,88327710
vXfzp(vXfzp)Adult (f)3,7341,3272
MIj9(MIj9)Adult (f)5,4357525
rUYr(rUYr)Adult (f)4,8511,0976
pacB4(pacB4)Adult (m)3,6951,0383
JG8L(JG8L)Adult (m)5,0261,1475
hLdm(hLdm)Adult (m)2,6407416
SANt(SANt)Adult (f)5,6711,31810
ioM9(ioM9)Adult (f)2,8238392
dEDP(dEDP)Adult (m)6,8178143
rhgc(rhgc)Adult (m)4,8671,1587
ABBQ(ABBQ)Adult (f)6,0201,25910
MvWN(MvWN)Adult (m)5,5761,2159
Lm43f(Lm43f)Adult (f)6,1131,6040
xuWDj(xuWDj)Adult (m)2,8691,1463
KsQB(KsQB)Adult (m)4,8241,27319
7QGFE(7QGFE)Adult (f)6,0331,6330
cqqf(cqqf)Adult (m)5,2741,0854
5rH4f(5rH4f)Adult (m)5,9321,1310
MRfd(MRfd)Adult (f)8,2811,59010
43kQ(43kQ)Adult (m)8,7961,61910
8VZVb(8VZVb)Adult (f)4,7921,2173
n9jqZ(n9jqZ)Adult (m)5,9951,6671
brlX(brlX)Hatchling (m, F)3,0634666
MjvF9(MjvF9)Adult (f)5,4091,1093
JwHJu(JwHJu)Adult (m)5,3071,1273
2NQVX(2NQVX)Adult (f)5,3531,1223
TB1sz(TB1sz)Adult (f)2,3859431
APuNE(APuNE)Adult (m)4,6111,4265
BWRGg(BWRGg)Adult (m)4,6141,4313
S6uFB(S6uFB)Adult (m)4,5911,4331
J3oqx(J3oqx)Adult (f)5,3449703
VWE4(VWE4)Adult (m)2,16143814
QH1Ep(QH1Ep)Adult (f)4,2101,3077
EPNBg(EPNBg)Adult (m)4,7811,2181
6IKfR(6IKfR)Adult (f)3,9971,1982
5efx2(5efx2)Adult (m)4,0061,2110
HitgI(HitgI)Adult (f)4,3291,32011
42PjL(42PjL)Adult (f)5,8601,1238
MS09(MS09)Hatchling (m, F)5,2731,14614
aYOWk(aYOWk)Adult (m)3,6391,0652
9R8O(9R8O)Adult (m)4,5621,0748
Tiiu(Tiiu)Adult (f)4,11274038
MqdT(MqdT)Hatchling (m, F)4,0479196
oDsp(oDsp)Adult (m)2,3855402
OJZA(OJZA)Adult (f)2,57140410
mLOCI(mLOCI)Adult (f)3,9271,0231
SAEV(SAEV)Adult (m)5,1701,13710
2d8f(2d8f)Adult (m)4,9697427
o0Dk(o0Dk)Adult (m)9,0621,68813
fDoRy(fDoRy)Adult (m)5,9381,1062
09D2(09D2)Adult (f)5,6651,1702
fZX9(fZX9)Adult (f)5,11181913
kzu7ECarolth the SlowAdult (m)4,2171,0392
e1XKlJielith the GentleAdult (f)5,2601,2824
JTjU7Syrilth the QuietAdult (f)2,3409421
1cGKRthyin the Strong MindedAdult (f)4,8701,1042
HEQbQuinarth the Gifted OneAdult (m)5,1171,20010
XgFGTielenth the Jealous OneAdult (m)5,7391,3179
3UJbMiirsoth the BraveAdult (m)2,6377842
uKMSC(uKMSC)Adult (f)4,9711,1932
SHRJH(SHRJH)Adult (m)3,1441,0672
crh1Forest StriderAdult (m)4,7171,24520
cbB6Bassilth Lord of the GreenAdult (f)5,6031,4148
V5agRinnenth the CalmAdult (m)2,7898491
VnIcVenia the CarefulAdult (f)6,4517807
jgaoKaleth the TranquilAdult (f)5,2471,1577
sXrnFPerenth Protector of the SkyAdult (m)3,5241,0222
x87AwVollenth Gentle MindAdult (f)4,9671,2510
EUQ4Sylven the Dark OneAdult (f)4,3261,0346
FlWIBrunia the QuickHatchling (F)1,7441513
oZplShorolth the Rabbit SlayerAdult (m)4,3069984
JFTjTiolth Eater of SheepAdult (f)3,6988938
R08qMesanth the BraveAdult (f)6,11082811
pFkESivathi the BlackAdult (m)1,79254514
SjOmValstrath the NocturnalAdult (m)3,3738017
eeQIStiria the WhiteHatchling (f, F)1,7883526
YvtNTavurth the InsaneAdult (m)2,2828495
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