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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2023 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Cylt,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
NR26Artemis-AthenaAdult (f)2,1358343
FdZeApril's FooledAdult (m)2,3317634
W0IlqQuasar Pulsar ThuwedAdult (m)3,7741,2002
0TiGGemini's TwinHatchling (F)1,6336064
VEj9qHisspark GreywingAdult (f)2,7211,0072
NxFf2Slythe SteelspineAdult (m)2,7159661
zDbvASlitherscale GreylingAdult (m)2,1378201
hasycGrey Slither Two MindsAdult (f)2,5609001
ocrFVSwampmurk of TwosAdult (f)2,6451,0252
BYNcWMossflyer TwinsAdult (m)2,5611,0281
Mlm0KDuo PoisontongueAdult (f)2,6359841
bi8YT(bi8YT)Adult (m)1,9016332
4B8XI(4B8XI)Adult (m)1,8966512
m2POt(m2POt)Adult (m)2,2695821
08jKf(08jKf)Adult (f)3,2447201
jrW9Q(jrW9Q)Adult (f)2,8868591
ZBgHM(ZBgHM)Adult (f)3,9478502
g7iuO(g7iuO)Adult (m)3,4558602
XHgNPink Eyes the PaleAdult (f)2,3948863
PPqiBaby Pink EyeHatchling (f, F)1,0354044
iAwzw(iAwzw)Adult (m)2,8586391
XFTL7(XFTL7)Adult (f)2,0906144
fprGU(fprGU)Adult (f)2,1436963
1mRo1I'mRoiAdult (m)3,7081,1062
ylijp(ylijp)Adult (m)3,6861,0941
E8fqf(E8fqf)Adult (m)3,8841,1312
6pjpX(6pjpX)Adult (f)3,7781,0931
dmdQe(dmdQe)Adult (m)3,6951,1062
Wnw8W(Wnw8W)Adult (m)4,0581,1141
M22yF(M22yF)Adult (m)4,1411,0742
U0YcO(U0YcO)Adult (f)2,2926791
6dRmT(6dRmT)Adult (f)2,3856031
49KRZ(49KRZ)Adult (m)1,9375661
hnAXV(hnAXV)Adult (f)2,5916211
MpyIo(MpyIo)Adult (f)1,9175771
Zyal4(Zyal4)Adult (m)1,8945571
rP3bN(rP3bN)Adult (m)1,8655801
AfFcw(AfFcw)Adult (f)2,0855851
4GNAD(4GNAD)Adult (m)1,7635712
wAIZV(wAIZV)Adult (f)1,9946492
70cTZ(70cTZ)Adult (m)2,0757111
iDJpt(iDJpt)Adult (f)2,1257552
ZT7ED(ZT7ED)Adult (m)3,0748982
qVzAd(qVzAd)Adult (f)2,2896151
nZG3o(nZG3o)Adult (m)2,5495543
HFzL9(HFzL9)Adult (m)2,6895665
0cktd(0cktd)Adult (f)2,4958274
HFaml(HFaml)Adult (m)2,4108272
zQ7Yr(zQ7Yr)Adult (m)3,0858462
lU4B5(lU4B5)Adult (f)1,6157212
5Fbsa(5Fbsa)Adult (m)1,6157131
2TXaH(2TXaH)Adult (f)2,0386501
UMENj(UMENj)Adult (m)1,6466121
8htUW(8htUW)Adult (f)2,0466482
zNfu7(zNfu7)Adult (m)1,6185792
cKs3d(cKs3d)Adult (m)1,9036424
pFZxZ(pFZxZ)Adult (m)2,0586753
mdbvy(mdbvy)Adult (m)1,8275731
NbFQN(NbFQN)Adult (m)1,9366234
u1Z2n(u1Z2n)Adult (m)2,0636083
ZNMRW(ZNMRW)Adult (m)2,0266041
Obb75(Obb75)Adult (m)1,9896182
3xsR6(3xsR6)Adult (f)1,8785772
jRXSe(jRXSe)Adult (m)2,2436392
rMD7b(rMD7b)Adult (m)1,6065651
8u6ep(8u6ep)Adult (m)2,0346121
G7gRa(G7gRa)Adult (m)2,0636211
Fg9LU(Fg9LU)Adult (m)2,8366141
bPHbr(bPHbr)Adult (f)2,2436112
xWd3j(xWd3j)Adult (m)2,0935581
sC9TB(sC9TB)Adult (m)8,3888062
ONqZU(ONqZU)Adult (m)2,5365241
GVhHu(GVhHu)Adult (m)3,4768271
4NamL(4NamL)Adult (f)1,4966351
8zjEV(8zjEV)Adult (m)1,9436552
AfDlf(AfDlf)Adult (f)1,4415992
1ztRw(1ztRw)Adult (f)1,3466303
yLcCH(yLcCH)Adult (m)3,5549144
4oeMj(4oeMj)Adult (m)3,5119150
mDAbs(mDAbs)Adult (f)2,4476661
l7S02(l7S02)Adult (m)2,2196721
H4QeO(H4QeO)Adult (m)2,2446451
XZKGJ(XZKGJ)Adult (m)3,2926493
CP4t9(CP4t9)Adult (m)2,8837432
8E5nm(8E5nm)Adult (m)3,1037351
LvfEQ(LvfEQ)Adult (m)3,0877351
8GSZn(8GSZn)Adult (f)3,0027421
VIq8PooftAdult (f)1,6117965
M27EBaby PufflesHatchling (m, F)1,0954471
82lvw(82lvw)Adult (m)2,4037081
6apNR(6apNR)Adult (m)2,3847052
qcB0s(qcB0s)Adult (m)2,4477063
DGZ3m(DGZ3m)Adult (f)2,6777022
42yWM(42yWM)Adult (m)2,8477041
zEcsF(zEcsF)Adult (f)2,9297031
buirt(buirt)Adult (m)2,9137052
3YOEDarkwing the CavebornAdult (m)3,0267545
IMmQJWarcrest the Black CBAdult (f)3,7961,0564
F0FQDNightstalker Blackwing CBAdult (f)2,3258431
IaZ9SBlack Rose Cave SecondAdult (m)3,5341,2611
LGMVDBlackwing the Mighty CBAdult (m)2,2699272
dshS9The Gentle Black CBAdult (f)1,6157101
ZI74bTigereye Sharpclaw CBAdult (f)3,0071,0021
0J7fFFierce Cry the CBAdult (m)2,6799761
rD88NDark Scales the CBAdult (m)2,6251,0201
eHmIJPredator the CBAdult (m)2,8631,1012
0Cue6Blackflight's Warclan CBAdult (f)2,4671,0311
CiPhdDark Stalker's Night CBAdult (f)2,8531,0622
hsdUiDarkening Night CBAdult (f)2,2179613
dPJF6Ink's Night CBAdult (f)2,0599531
LmiMiDarkscale the CBAdult (m)2,4409423
gsYs1Nightmare the CBAdult (m)2,3899094
K0lsZBlack Widow the CBAdult (f)2,4488921
8J6ZWWarrior Princess PBAdult (f)2,4819231
Z3SEKSummer Night CBAdult (m)2,7859653
sAR96Sars the Bleak PBAdult (f)3,1701,0113
5WQXOBlackbane CBAdult (m)2,4429104
9tKetNight's Strength CBAdult (m)3,1741,0011
5lAR7Deadly Calm CBAdult (f)2,4659592
unLEjInkblot the CBAdult (f)2,5181,0032
n2d7dBlack Gold SafAdult (m)2,1459232
eMlL8Black Silver SafAdult (m)2,1748972
gYZXvBubonic WarriorAdult (m)2,0648886
7dbfPJust Before Dawn CBAdult (m)2,1398851
9PnH6Black CheckersAdult (f)2,1358801
08ipLittle DarklesHatchling (m, F)1,2554383
eiYmLittle BlackieHatchling (F)2,0966324
oU0YXShadow Wing PBAdult (f)2,5379871
1LP5ONight Lace PBAdult (f)2,2439071
mmRGbRippling Black Shadow PBAdult (m)2,1178232
oNVIGNightstalker's Black ShadowHatchling (F)1,8676842
jjJreBlackwing's MightHatchling (m, F)2,2838621
7A0gDarkness RualHatchling (f, F)2,18573015
4peoTEchinacea's BalmAdult (f)2,3951,0531
PokP0Lobelia's CharmAdult (f)2,5341,0642
raUveFennel's SpiceAdult (m)2,5431,0471
FeTaeMyrrh's MysteryAdult (m)3,5091,1244
yodPwGull's FlightAdult (m)2,1536901
FgBEHGull's PinionAdult (f)2,0797212
r9fgI(r9fgI)Adult (m)2,9998122
LgnmxSpackleback of the Bloodied MoonAdult (f)2,1407621
YSL5vVenomtip of the Bloodied MoonAdult (m)2,1417881
kJIAGBarbtail of the Bloodied MoonAdult (m)2,1157831
2TtkwPach of the Bloodied MoonAdult (f)1,6046861
51ixCNeurotox of the Bloodied MoonAdult (m)1,8336851
H3zjECrimson Spine Blood MoonAdult (f)1,9626661
ztEAbTigerstripe of the Bloodied MoonAdult (f)2,0856911
QLcUhSlaghide of the Bloodied MoonAdult (m)3,1491,0282
NEhOBDire-charm GildcrestAdult (f)2,5431,1911
nOB0ABlood-scale GildcrestAdult (m)2,6341,1412
ZUdNYYin-yang GildcrestAdult (f)2,5531,1651
sEKuZBlood-Moon GildcrestAdult (m)4,1641,0781
HwDHPTic-tac GildcrestAdult (f)2,1416761
sMmx0Shadow-Sun GildcrestAdult (f)2,1867211
nu0bIBlood-Tide GildcrestAdult (f)2,6599091
8LBLcTwin's-Charm GildcrestAdult (f)3,2671,0323
4WmF2Shadow-Wing GildcrestAdult (f)2,6349701
tlqx9Lady Blue DartlingAdult (f)2,0578631
ZyqemBlue TigerstripeAdult (m)2,0738541
J1AmxLady BluebelleAdult (f)2,3818662
XZ7AUBlueridge BluemaneAdult (m)2,4799181
ROyTwLadystripe of the BlueAdult (f)1,8435621
szdi6Bluestripe BleauAdult (m)2,8449571
uTdDC(uTdDC)Adult (f)1,9967252
H0PLJ(H0PLJ)Adult (f)1,7317081
7BIXC(7BIXC)Adult (f)1,7807071
LaHD6(LaHD6)Adult (f)2,2107011
eDvnFinney of the SeaAdult (m)5,3381,41719
aZU0Finneys FancyAdult (f)2,5309788
2efIHFinney's Dorkface of the SeaAdult (f)2,1747243
oO7HCDolphin Wing of the SeaAdult (m)2,1317012
VF7tBaby FinneyHatchling (f, F)1,3256112
8rXGBaby MobeyHatchling (F)1,8186301
ae6SZOcean's SerpentAdult (m)3,0418474
gCrsPBlusang's BlueAdult (f)2,3059403
oP5MjSealleAdult (f)2,4909531
XQAO6Seawinder's ClawAdult (f)2,4879571
L4hIfSea's Sinuous SongAdult (f)2,5709731
mqi1gSea's SerendipityAdult (m)2,6821,0251
piHkASeaslitherAdult (m)2,8319801
8sU9kOcean's RoarAdult (m)2,4799683
H8EvpOcean's BellowsAdult (m)2,4839632
c8V3gSeasong's WaveAdult (f)2,5778964
5iiEsSpeckled LindwyrmAdult (m)2,0878902
EPAYKProwl's BlusangAdult (f)2,1527291
GT9RaSea's Aching RevengeAdult (m)2,9931,0301
PW6mLSea's Lost CryAdult (f)3,2031,0981
bOmehSeas SadnessAdult (m)3,1786175
nIWvq(nIWvq)Adult (f)2,2655771
ys40q(ys40q)Adult (f)2,1675561
80cS0(80cS0)Adult (f)2,7945701
yuDze(yuDze)Adult (f)2,3995561
bHX37(bHX37)Adult (f)2,3205241
vZhtR(vZhtR)Adult (m)2,8035402
6hsUDappylAdult (m)3,0361,1163
lH9OMarrow's Bright DaughterAdult (f)2,2799013
dV7qBoldenHatchling (m, F)3,3631,0773
T8n31NoximusAdult (f)2,6211,0083
FnqA7SulfisAdult (m)2,7129831
ObxrqOnxyia's GraceAdult (f)1,9369081
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