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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “CycloneSeaWing,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
3cDRCLeetle Do You KnowEgg (F)
HQMpPRawr Rawr I'm a DinosawrAdult (m)9,6661,4347
o91wqrooooaaarAdult (f)6,2289862
c8CzlOceanic SnekAdult (m)5,7191,3042
zycTxDimensions DistortingAdult (m)11,4011,5724
TQi0BFallen FateAdult (m)5,5739795
QH9BpFallen TranquilityAdult (m)8,6081,4307
PP6iWTimeless TranquilityAdult (f)2,8216994
aZbilFateful TranquilityAdult (f)7,7481,3936
4fkhmSeraaphiinaAdult (f)13,1491,2066
isNffFirelight BlazeAdult (f)5,5411,0681
EqYyyFirelight WonderAdult (f)6,9941,2013
NHVIJEternity's RevelationAdult (f)5,6181,0843
aEYGMW e  M u s t  S p r e a dAdult (m)7,6391,3943
pm4L3I'm gonna wrap you up real niceAdult (m)4,5031,0833
SLtd7Temperor ArcanaAdult (m)8,8241,3595
L7EMxHooke's ProblemsAdult (m)8,6651,3818
Bcd78Temperor DukeAdult (m)7,5791,3727
F4agEFazed Flower PrinceAdult (m)8,3261,2823
pzGrkPink Flower PrinceAdult (m)9,3191,2791
ekXHeSo Things are different tonightAdult (m)7,7021,3397
P0imBSunridge HorizonAdult (m)4,0539231
pUADcEverburning CoalsAdult (f)5,7561,0741
vOoO5(vOoO5)Adult (m)5,4331,0404
MIcFHN e v e r  D e a dAdult (f)6,4621,0957
sckcjA l w a y s  A h e a dAdult (f)2,2855192
9UAvuA reverie endeavorAdult (f)2,99369410
a1J1KQuick - Hide - The - BodyHatchling (F)1,8461244
FCbN8(FCbN8)Adult (m)2,3696760
UCvv2(UCvv2)Adult (m)2,2767171
HO0tt(HO0tt)Adult (m)5,6191,1473
i0BAX(i0BAX)Adult (f)3,6637800
u05TyC a t c h i n g   F i r eAdult (m)7,3171,2232
x6vwTHoIIow ChristmasAdult (f)2,7687853
DPEDsResolute FlareAdult (f)2,4876400
B0L6sUnblinkingAdult (m)3,5097262
MFR2CUndeviatingAdult (m)6,3511,2144
lNibwResoIveAdult (f)5,2559893
7SoamStoicalAdult (f)4,8089372
KbWIQ(KbWIQ)Adult (m)5,8451,0774
FBsex(FBsex)Adult (f)3,8546604
yd7cHNefarious NotionAdult (f)2,4818792
Of4YZEnigmatic ExistenceAdult (f)4,1991,11013
pezdi(pezdi)Adult (f)3,8649033
krt2XCrestfallen MemoryAdult (m)4,6831,3145
4ao72Tyrannical ControlAdult (m)6,3631,5852
H1HNHDistorted Illusion of SilverAdult (m)2,8657024
0RYHSDeranged DelusionistAdult (m)3,3748455
dJsqGCrisp Autumn GoldAdult (m)7,6681,7742
SUhsO(SUhsO)Adult (m)6,2091,1932
tLOUU(tLOUU)Adult (f)3,3297801
G8XrGMelody of the SkysilkAdult (f)3,5877833
UZgVGSilkdanceAdult (m)3,5187753
vj9CESilkweaveAdult (f)3,7397962
NRFpXSong of the SilkAdult (f)4,0909262
L1rHGAldebrandAdult (f)9,9671,6765
3RnPgI - Lava - YouAdult (f)8,6951,6395
DcnGjRock is My Favorite ColorAdult (f)7,1481,4433
ee6NSBronzest DesiresAdult (f)8,1231,1076
N7EFiWho promises endless apologiesAdult (f)7,5021,2736
qUAWRa siren soundsAdult (m)4,6811,0203
FPNm7Magic Teleporting ThingAdult (m)5,3879122
gH6kSThe Magic Teleporting ThingAdult (m)6,2641,1544
IUreFAlluring ArcanistAdult (m)4,4311,1852
gC5qjAstral HostilityAdult (m)3,7099043
RVPW4Murmurs of the LostAdult (f)4,4971,2692
bk5aTCoconut Crab RaveAdult (f)3,4468992
ogyaMInto Your SinAdult (f)4,0468892
5iRwdDreaming of Christmas AlightAdult (f)4,5011,1531
6wIuFGrave of the MoonAdult (f)2,2967243
fur1f(fur1f)Adult (f)2,0956852
AB2afBlissful WildfireAdult (f)2,2466891
0nLuiEthereal BeaconAdult (m)3,5108663
oHAeMSoothing Little Light of MineAdult (m)5,3871,0933
XD777(XD777)Adult (f)5,8711,1472
YM1yc(YM1yc)Adult (f)2,6376683
VEYDsCaptivating SorcererAdult (f)3,9861,0202
PL9KDThat's a funny stick y'gotAdult (f)12,9271,6803
toYG0(toYG0)Adult (f)3,6348531
8rWRWBurning RiptideAdult (m)6,3211,6183
3vOneMarshmallow ReverieAdult (m)5,0391,3333
B8jcKEternaI RestAdult (m)2,1787232
6wvL1Chiming WindsAdult (m)2,7936381
J9OHQWondrous LusterAdult (m)2,7386371
K2Q2jOf paradiseAdult (m)9,6202,0327
El7mo(El7mo)Adult (m)8,3461,6126
TD9cfHear it RightAdult (m)9,1631,4443
44JIYHelia BrillianceAdult (m)8,4531,2568
svFfvPyr0maniacAdult (f)6,7021,6052
HwQqaMegalomanoAdult (m)2,8887542
tHRSIUnquenchable FlamesAdult (m)6,2901,2112
gGDafAlone at the edgeAdult (f)7,4301,2081
opbwJof a universe humming a tuneAdult (f)7,4961,2111
MawX5AvertedAdult (m)3,9858902
hLbjGThe PhilosophyAdult (m)3,0517862
maRF1Fiercest NightAdult (m)4,0093894
XfAl2Nurturing RadianceAdult (m)9,7971,5564
QEGDW(QEGDW)Adult (m)9,3761,9172
VIfeYFloral Essence of LifeAdult (f)6,1101,1167
rFsv6Blessed LuminescenceAdult (f)8,5731,7976
9r9N0Exquisite EleganceAdult (f)2,1597022
eS0D4Essence of the SnowAdult (m)7,7021,2083
Qyb0nEssence of the WinterAdult (m)7,4271,1633
41ViF(41ViF)Adult (m)3,1268453
awzrm(awzrm)Adult (m)2,6617871
LWMuQ(LWMuQ)Adult (m)2,5457632
UvLAB(UvLAB)Adult (m)2,6437951
rGwPoeetNOAdult (m)5,1471,0533
hlGYH(hlGYH)Adult (m)7,3391,3903
8h4TqAlgebra HomeworkAdult9,5301,40811
cFiST(cFiST)Adult (m)9,4651,7125
Sg8SkEmpyrean TweedAdult (f)6,4191,2484
hlFzxDistantlyAdult (f)4,4411,0961
EjeJu(EjeJu)Adult (m)6,4801,0624
oWf85Golden ArborvitaeAdult (m)8,4811,3754
XhWWMGolden HawthornAdult (m)8,1681,3188
g181zM i s t a k e s  Were  M a d eAdult (f)7,6421,7298
FaK8lGolden AspensAdult (f)6,8371,12313
hZtWyGolden EvergladeAdult (f)8,6211,5464
H88GmGolden AcaciaAdult (f)7,7551,36710
soGev(soGev)Adult (f)3,1596111
jNKZjD e b t s  Were  P a i dAdult (f)8,4691,5174
RQBAhThe Mist's ShimmerAdult (f)9,0571,4128
9hMkOShallow SoulsAdult (m)6,8181,2599
dIA8vH0ley M0leyAdult10,3911,8079
ykc6qM0ley H0leyAdult8,6271,5883
AjspfDon't Throw Out my LegosAdult (f)6,1488742
XmCDb(XmCDb)Adult (m)4,9028433
oK6heBejeweled SparkAdult (f)5,9671,2214
UhLyKJungle SnekAdult (f)9,9011,6794
TbpXo(TbpXo)Adult (f)4,5347071
IsiaX(IsiaX)Adult (m)3,5409053
feKET(feKET)Adult (f)4,1728453
ButWP(ButWP)Adult (m)7,9871,2042
tlPzv(tlPzv)Adult (m)3,0268452
MmTjz(MmTjz)Adult (f)3,1678743
r4ttsRainbow AffairsAdult (f)5,9261,0932
wI4DGGreenest DesiresAdult (m)5,6269194
88IcrEmancipation ConstellationAdult (m)6,3861,1073
unSum(unSum)Adult (m)2,6036421
ScKoo(ScKoo)Adult (m)6,2139913
TkS2jLittle Princess of IceAdult (f)4,0697071
VSUUC(VSUUC)Adult (m)3,2657281
EL7VL(EL7VL)Adult (m)5,1306320
fvEXx(fvEXx)Adult (f)3,6038883
netgw(netgw)Adult (f)7,3931,2773
ucVTwScent of FortuneAdult (f)4,2349383
EWeb8(EWeb8)Adult (f)3,1147261
NzAKQNymph of the RiverAdult (m)6,4431,2742
kLZcLwe're dyingAdult (m)6,6551,2433
Nvh7y(Nvh7y)Adult (m)5,2731,0833
e2RX8BirdplaneAdult (m)13,7271,2711
zV7oZTemporal SnekAdult (m)6,1821,1974
eBdmFGrassland WonderAdult (f)5,9411,2712
x3UgNCaelestis - The HealerAdult (m)10,8211,9399
TbegaAlto-CumulusAdult (f)14,4621,5185
fGUuY(fGUuY)Adult (f)5,8201,1644
IAenMConflicting RadianceAdult (f)3,7557761
rwOWiA Blue Moon GuardianAdult (m)6,5941,2753
RgNQoDestined DefenderAdult (m)8,0731,1294
aQrJJMisfit's DefenderAdult (m)4,5779912
OWzMWSoldier Sweet As DreamsAdult (m)4,8468364
T4sW3Daytime WhimAdult (m)6,8101,3901
DDUUE(DDUUE)Adult (m)5,8309951
ykvDxWinterwatcher - Winter GuardianAdult (f)8,0701,0885
badWn(badWn)Adult (m)6,9751,2426
ayoheI'll Define ExistenceAdult (m)5,3751,0634
2aSaaGalestrungAdult (f)6,2371,0313
lgUOoGaleheartedAdult (f)5,7801,2075
7DlEE(7DlEE)Adult (f)7,9791,2683
vpCBW(vpCBW)Adult (f)2,6376622
g0gmu(g0gmu)Adult (f)3,1767381
EaRoF(EaRoF)Adult (m)3,8036913
chIPD(chIPD)Adult (m)5,4871,0174
0wans(0wans)Adult (m)2,7336592
hhfth(hhfth)Adult (m)2,9907073
MUASh(MUASh)Adult (m)3,4916385
yO03jManifesting DreamsAdult (f)2,6886962
2PUUz(2PUUz)Adult (f)2,8446822
GEMy5(GEMy5)Adult (f)3,5716293
XGlek(XGlek)Adult (f)3,7076231
iq64hUnbridled LightningAdult (f)8,4101,6293
ss4Q2Rampant ThunderAdult (m)2,2467062
WF5gqWings of Azure GraceAdult (m)5,7781,0932
QZ9Dm(QZ9Dm)Adult (m)2,7026681
JBmIvBelieve Me DarlingAdult (f)7,3641,3366
xbCytFrostwing EversnowAdult (f)6,9451,4095
ohCVVMoonsong ClusterAdult (f)6,0109482
iPmFRRegality ThuwedAdult (f)4,7339292
URhae(URhae)Adult (m)5,5011,0952
kYIuZFigmentaAdult (f)2,5706451
og9lFNobya Ng KaragatanAdult (f)5,4991,2745
789flCoastal MurmursAdult (f)3,1499581
b1luTLustful BluesAdult (f)3,4716501
BinAm(BinAm)Adult (f)4,0279122
mMuUnMoonridge HorizonAdult (f)5,7921,0893
z8rlv(z8rlv)Adult (f)3,4416661
mIO2sAdetokunbo - The WaterbearerAdult (m)8,1081,1243
Q1hOuLumilipad Na AhasAdult (m)7,6911,68812
RrZoC0cean ManAdult (m)7,6351,4493
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