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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Bronze Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
  • Beat the Heat Summer
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Cxbest,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
16Le(16Le)Adult (f)5,37390320
280K(280K)Adult (m)5,5334583
2biF(2biF)Adult (f)1,4877643
3AdO(3AdO)Adult (f)6,9938285
3Ssu(3Ssu)Adult (m)3,4896832
5dQF(5dQF)Adult (m)6,2315766
6QtP(6QtP)Adult (f)4,86387812
7vDc(7vDc)Adult (m)3,5076952
8NO1(8NO1)Adult (m)6,9106057
9a93(9a93)Adult (m)6,1751,0885
ACCq(ACCq)Adult (m)4,6874869
Bdlk(Bdlk)Adult (m)6,4391,08915
Bs8g(Bs8g)Adult (f)4,8256124
D2j4(D2j4)Adult (f)4,6275221
DVYs(DVYs)Adult (m)5,5384561
E1K2(E1K2)Adult (f)5,9928505
G4oJ(G4oJ)Adult (f)7,08298915
GiPM(GiPM)Adult (f)5,9981,1697
GjNF(GjNF)Adult (m)4,9981,0484
GuGe(GuGe)Adult (m)7,51294716
HmeY(HmeY)Adult (f)6,3441,1158
Hs3o(Hs3o)Adult (f)8,6091,49513
Jh0g(Jh0g)Adult (f)2,6707775
KZ2o(KZ2o)Adult (f)3,7389595
LYvb(LYvb)Adult (m)4,2836252
O4VB(O4VB)Adult (m)7,8531,1583
ORHS(ORHS)Adult (f)4,6509579
OZCJ(OZCJ)Adult (m)4,4804979
Ob8d(Ob8d)Adult (m)6,7525025
Pi2a(Pi2a)Adult (m)6,1635869
QsPd(QsPd)Adult (m)4,59583412
Qvtp(Qvtp)Adult (m)7,1399275
THSK(THSK)Adult (m)5,0411,50720
TouN(TouN)Adult (m)5,8851,0537
V976(V976)Adult (m)7,5371,1825
VANM(VANM)Adult (m)5,6831,0021
WaBM(WaBM)Adult (m)7,2038155
YV4c(YV4c)Adult (m)4,7159753
YZnJ(YZnJ)Adult (f)4,2167301
bEi4(bEi4)Adult (m)2,2246284
bsR3(bsR3)Adult (m)5,8568166
dNdP(dNdP)Adult (f)4,8439019
dQoQ(dQoQ)Adult (f)4,6749675
djLA(djLA)Adult (f)4,0789066
eEiP(eEiP)Adult (m)4,9979359
eT31(eT31)Adult (m)5,7331,0095
esSL(esSL)Adult (m)4,6008985
fVpV(fVpV)Adult (f)5,2518271
h9qt(h9qt)Adult (m)4,3154546
i8DL(i8DL)Adult (f)7,2929237
ilIr(ilIr)Adult (m)3,7749878
jhiG(jhiG)Adult (f)4,4184805
kUJg(kUJg)Adult (f)6,1425717
mJt3(mJt3)Adult (f)4,9541,03811
mVh6(mVh6)Adult (f)10,2321,47118
mt46(mt46)Adult (m)6,0397218
n4rp(n4rp)Adult (m)7,4041,04922
ns6c(ns6c)Adult (m)4,1727129
o7NS(o7NS)Adult (m)3,9949389
oNs6(oNs6)Adult (m)3,8279007
pcWd(pcWd)Adult (f)4,6235243
rVd4(rVd4)Adult (m)3,48742010
raBa(raBa)Adult (f)5,2774261
sKe2(sKe2)Adult (f)3,1196862
vsHe(vsHe)Adult (m)8,8991,16022
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