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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Cuffts,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
KUWX1(KUWX1)Adult (m)5,5821,0353
9d347(9d347)Adult (f)6,3091,2802
3L5E9(3L5E9)Adult (f)6,3401,2862
0YWie(0YWie)Adult (f)5,3179374
R5bN(R5bN)Adult (m)1,52644411
6YaT(6YaT)Adult (f)4,5503036
Ftoc(Ftoc)Adult (m)4,44429710
mJra(mJra)Adult (m)3,77025413
llH7(llH7)Adult (f)3,8112555
MXS5(MXS5)Adult (m)3,16744210
bk5M(bk5M)Adult (f)4,29749911
4ADs(4ADs)Adult (m)3,4612472
PClh(PClh)Adult (m)3,3912511
Mrba(Mrba)Adult (f)4,1262777
MiDq(MiDq)Adult (f)4,9003286
HqI0(HqI0)Adult (m)1,1404967
XRTL(XRTL)Adult (f)1,6411,02711
4X6I(4X6I)Adult (m)1,8913873
pgKz(pgKz)Adult (f)1,7837189
TX0F(TX0F)Adult (f)1,51057220
74gg(74gg)Adult (m)9327545
pZSl(pZSl)Adult (f)1,2404634
7HBo(7HBo)Adult (m)7966042
NS8g(NS8g)Adult (m)1,7551,0686
EYPF(EYPF)Adult (f)2,285660108
qEn4(qEn4)Adult (f)2,441699135
P34n(P34n)Adult (m)1,4348448
Y0nO(Y0nO)Adult (m)2,6364236
bLQX(bLQX)Adult (m)5874982
XMDy(XMDy)Adult (m)2,8901,22211
YdWP(YdWP)Adult (m)1,88639911
8Xe3(8Xe3)Adult (f)1,2579555
6OAN(6OAN)Adult (f)1,2619586
eMRH(eMRH)Adult (m)2,332712126
TWL4(TWL4)Adult (f)1,9111,04417
Wr4D(Wr4D)Adult (f)1,61545086
Msex(Msex)Adult (m)1,8181,0676
km1c(km1c)Adult (m)1,8901,3306
YADC(YADC)Adult (f)2,9851,33315
WFHg(WFHg)Adult (m)1,8124861
AJhs(AJhs)Adult (f)5,4794843
emUn(emUn)Adult (f)1,13491310
PQ84(PQ84)Adult (f)1,18244217
grii(grii)Adult (f)1,32744117
sqKB(sqKB)Adult (f)1,7574014
Wrnj(Wrnj)Adult (m)3,7771,31217
uoGF(uoGF)Adult (m)7756261
kUNN(kUNN)Adult (m)83531623
cIH9(cIH9)Adult (m)2,0345132
mTXm(mTXm)Adult (f)3,0171,68317
kdZU(kdZU)Adult (f)1,8414821
YfFq(YfFq)Adult (m)2,49046811
Wuh0(Wuh0)Adult (f)1,46946313
hQW8(hQW8)Adult (f)1,8954962
9GIK(9GIK)Adult (m)2,1064916
ES1E(ES1E)Adult (f)1,41879911
mnVT(mnVT)Adult (m)2,282725123
WWrA(WWrA)Adult (f)1,3944389
5h6c(5h6c)Adult (f)2,65595532
ims8(ims8)Adult (f)2,303703136
bhJh(bhJh)Adult (f)1,23639318
6IWv(6IWv)Adult (f)2,6173979
FG2q(FG2q)Adult (m)2,334704123
l0mt(l0mt)Adult (m)1,46048012
bFaU(bFaU)Hatchling (f, F)54116047
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