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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Crowfeather678,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
OaswK(OaswK)Hatchling (m)3,2056512
5RivZ(5RivZ)Hatchling (f)3,1486790
zcrplAD  2G Aeon 01Adult (m)4,1888883
nSRnMAD 4G Aeon 02Adult (m)3,9738781
hnj2IAD 3G Mcdonalbd frenchfrie 03Adult (m)4,9109083
MR2Eq(MR2Eq)Adult (f)5,1279993
Sej9J(Sej9J)Adult (f)3,2257632
yke4P(yke4P)Adult (m)3,6067851
DrykN(DrykN)Hatchling (m, F)3,7368144
VpIrn(VpIrn)Hatchling (m, F)3,5718013
AcuGyCB Aeria 01Adult (f)2,5946820
BN8MnCB Aeria 02Adult (f)4,2749660
QPkATCB Aeria 3Adult (f)4,7231,03412
ivOVb(ivOVb)Adult (m)3,4957872
4Ahv6(4Ahv6)Adult (m)4,8409762
JTxQ8(JTxQ8)Adult (f)4,4859263
bE6J0(bE6J0)Adult (f)3,3438011
WcVNl(WcVNl)Adult (m)3,8888353
95zLK(95zLK)Adult (f)3,9878613
IiGzm(IiGzm)Hatchling (m, F)4,0208142
C1b6SCB Aether 01Adult (m)3,0658061
BSSdvCB Aether 02Adult (m)4,3629651
txDxBAD 3G Aether 03Adult (m)4,4027721
DI8YzCB Aether 04Adult (f)4,3008471
uFFQuPB 2G Aether 05Adult (m)4,8529601
TcfBNCB Aether 06Adult (m)5,9101,0472
f41d3AD 4G  Aether 07Adult (f)4,4879221
VI4zlCB Aether 08Adult (f)5,0189334
eCopi(eCopi)Adult (m)3,9328252
Qsxua(Qsxua)Hatchling (f, F)3,7608241
DFOIK(DFOIK)Hatchling (F)2,8506731
Gz1kaUnsalted frenchfrieAdult (m)6,0131,0844
N67wWC B Albino 01Adult (m)4,9699030
1LiHf(1LiHf)Adult (m)3,6828092
1amsa(1amsa)Adult (m)4,3919130
AxpCd(AxpCd)Adult (f)4,4819461
LpppM(LpppM)Adult (m)4,3968532
Ozhi8(Ozhi8)Adult (f)5,0168662
N5cUa(N5cUa)Hatchling (m, F)3,5188082
yez0J(yez0J)Hatchling (F)1,3353740
Rh19eAD 2G Blue-Alcedine 01Adult (m)4,1569912
v39i9(v39i9)Adult (f)4,1128441
lo5V3(lo5V3)Adult (f)4,6969812
L09Hu(L09Hu)Adult (m)4,9019421
13GLe(13GLe)Hatchling (m, F)3,8597893
63kRg(63kRg)Hatchling (F)1,9035142
V0TzJCB Brown-Alcedine 01Adult (m)5,8811,1802
3xllBCB Brown-Alcedine 02Adult (m)4,6759903
26xxq(26xxq)Adult (m)4,7769712
IW9EM(IW9EM)Adult (m)5,7671,1003
jh0zF(jh0zF)Adult (f)4,7278853
Ut1IW(Ut1IW)Adult (m)4,5578571
05I8d(05I8d)Adult (m)4,8149552
hbHAF(hbHAF)Adult (m)4,2388661
bASRg(bASRg)Hatchling (m, F)2,9306552
WEBvm(WEBvm)Hatchling (F)1,6793803
cOr3WAD 2G Almerald 01Adult (f)3,7777181
2Cp1NBR CB Almerald 02Adult (f)10,7911,6268
55Z5F(55Z5F)Adult (f)4,0008491
1DqMS(1DqMS)Adult (f)4,7969711
nqpcN(nqpcN)Adult (m)4,6409041
H1tw5(H1tw5)Adult (m)3,2727761
lFyuR(lFyuR)Adult (f)4,5911,0125
vbBSs(vbBSs)Adult (f)4,5331,1421
0pmTXCB Anagal lis 01Adult (m)4,9011,0010
BGMmgCB Anagal lis 02Adult (m)4,6949281
DL6uoCB Quarry Rocks 03Adult (m)3,3777060
5l9xSCB Anagal lis 04Adult (m)4,0887951
DzR2DCB Anagal lis 05Adult (f)6,2891,2191
S7woM(S7woM)Adult (m)4,8049780
lZNrT(lZNrT)Adult (m)5,0128703
xpox3(xpox3)Hatchling (f, F)3,5528322
GdfC6BR CB Antarean 01Adult (f)4,5049214
ZyRw6MSY 7G Antarean 02Adult (m)4,3138683
AAPvU(AAPvU)Adult (f)4,6459081
FjGN2CB  Aqualis 01Adult (m)2,5877171
KVcup(KVcup)Adult (m)5,6811,0761
IueMgCB  Aqualis 02Adult (m)4,7891,0082
JuSPm(JuSPm)Adult (f)4,6111,0882
1yMT8(1yMT8)Adult (m)4,0788131
ornho(ornho)Adult (m)4,6959071
vinfy(vinfy)Adult (m)4,2348821
Y5r5wAD 2G Aranoas 01Adult (m)3,7897845
MchM5CB Aranoas 02Adult (m)5,4191,1582
DSfRBCB Aranoas 03Adult (f)4,8051,0943
fRKAb(fRKAb)Adult (m)3,1607381
F72Z1(F72Z1)Adult (f)4,3509541
R6QrKJourn HallowsAdult (m)3,6551,1411
BNdGCMepasm HallowsAdult (m)3,2891,0292
Oit6G(Oit6G)Adult (f)3,7591,0942
LS53b(LS53b)Adult (f)4,1671,2601
LQJt8(LQJt8)Adult (f)3,9627902
AIzlZ(AIzlZ)Adult (m)3,8077861
V6OQiC B Aria 01Adult (f)4,7609402
RlhwBC B Aria 02Adult (f)4,9471,0641
hfT3fC B Aria 03Adult (f)3,7848952
1BlXS(1BlXS)Hatchling (F)1,3283912
0XtVXQuetzagAdult (f)3,4158041
5ydYO(5ydYO)Adult (f)4,4541,1351
9DWE5(9DWE5)Adult (f)3,6929692
v1IIU(v1IIU)Hatchling (F)1,3013421
1vSNvCB Ash 01Adult (m)5,3751,0030
H9MTGCB Ash 02Adult (f)5,1618573
4TWwG2G Ash 03Adult (f)5,0101,0323
0K8iQCB Orin 01Adult (f)4,1549233
I3bmD2G Astaarus 02Adult (f)5,3541,1122
BJig7C B Astaarus 03Adult (m)5,1121,0725
9b7HtC B Astaarus 04Adult (f)4,7221,0531
NMzsd(NMzsd)Adult (m)3,1548260
hUAbl(hUAbl)Adult (f)3,6839150
9Kakb(9Kakb)Adult (m)3,4038522
3U9rD(3U9rD)Adult (m)2,7967720
fcp2d(fcp2d)Adult (f)3,2917931
MhOYj(MhOYj)Adult (f)3,7167470
0HVvC(0HVvC)Adult (m)4,8569984
q4bni(q4bni)Adult (f)4,6339671
2hK6L(2hK6L)Adult (f)5,2479901
LXl0R(LXl0R)Adult (m)4,1169752
ahPEn(ahPEn)Hatchling (m, F)3,0117791
czxUK(czxUK)Adult (m)3,4968621
HuJWc(HuJWc)Adult (m)3,9719431
fxKdz(fxKdz)Adult (f)4,4899882
CSVnp(CSVnp)Adult (m)4,5329580
UqIRP(UqIRP)Adult (f)3,4998220
2rxuY(2rxuY)Adult (m)3,3487971
3guA6(3guA6)Adult (f)4,1398230
zaa0I(zaa0I)Adult (f)4,3099610
1Ifmw(1Ifmw)Adult (f)3,5787570
FIUXr(FIUXr)Hatchling (f, F)3,6848471
4TouG(4TouG)Hatchling (m, F)3,9747781
9838J(9838J)Hatchling (F)2,5036571
bOIMDCB Glacewing 01Adult (f)5,1749631
05tjVCB Glacewing 02Adult (f)6,0909771
FlBPxCB Glacewing 03Adult (f)4,9259661
HlXSf(HlXSf)Adult (f)4,1778701
5qCk22G Green-Baikala 01Adult (f)5,1621,0113
9hyGu(9hyGu)Adult (m)4,1881,0511
3M403(3M403)Adult (f)3,7528001
rqmh5(rqmh5)Adult (m)4,0268640
5BBb6(5BBb6)Adult (f)4,4529550
BuCbj(BuCbj)Adult (m)3,9778370
GCE6C(GCE6C)Adult (m)3,2687971
4dKvW(4dKvW)Adult (m)3,9028813
zdtlhC B Baikala 01Adult (m)4,8829860
EXYy8(EXYy8)Adult (f)4,0508081
1Rdrp(1Rdrp)Adult (f)3,9608600
gP1FZ(gP1FZ)Adult (f)3,3029062
Ps8rR(Ps8rR)Adult (m)3,1987821
iZZ2L(iZZ2L)Adult (m)3,5638892
11YuD(11YuD)Adult (f)3,8937951
2GRxtC B Bauta 01Adult (m)5,7149930
PVUsHC B Bauta 02Adult (m)4,6291,0181
LAUNT(LAUNT)Adult (f)5,0951,0323
hExla(hExla)Adult (m)4,5801,0161
d9y5u(d9y5u)Adult (f)3,2699191
vXqrs(vXqrs)Adult (f)4,3879792
i2Kgz(i2Kgz)Adult (f)4,8529471
U1kGY(U1kGY)Adult (f)5,8681,0530
vokPSCB Teimarr 01Adult (m)4,3848963
lYRXaCB Teimarr 02Adult (f)3,4898392
I7IrECB Teimarr 03Adult (f)4,2279901
MAUjg(MAUjg)Hatchling (f, F)4,0037202
lsMgSC B Black 01Adult (m)4,4241,0320
grJUG(grJUG)Adult (m)6,0871,2211
CRKuM(CRKuM)Adult (m)3,5618152
Q7Vsm(Q7Vsm)Adult (m)3,75196216
cWayP(cWayP)Adult (m)3,61796013
9rp3s(9rp3s)Adult (m)8,3621,2153
SiLTK(SiLTK)Adult (m)5,5601,0595
rqAoy(rqAoy)Adult (f)6,9939494
98oO0(98oO0)Adult (f)3,7268421
B3ImB(B3ImB)Adult (m)4,8218439
X2MiJ(X2MiJ)Adult (m)3,1546943
B2yeKByerkues HallowsAdult (f)3,6241,0083
kext9Kecexd HallowsAdult (f)3,0889293
NuPQVNuroe HallowsAdult (m)3,2048314
26gFgFightnine HallowsAdult (m)3,4297802
5fjK7Fikive HallowsHatchling (f, F)3,1439448
mSGy2(mSGy2)Hatchling (F)1,3181933
nfk1gCB Tea 01Adult (f)5,4121,1170
ppsHhCB Tea 02Adult (f)3,8198180
rB3S4(rB3S4)Adult (f)4,7359240
p8YlbAD 2G Truffle 01Adult (f)3,3066511
JUTdm(JUTdm)Adult (f)4,1469321
ycaq5(ycaq5)Adult (m)3,9388971
JgHhC(JgHhC)Adult (f)4,6409963
PFywN(PFywN)Adult (f)4,7769662
4OwiKCB Okrak 01Adult (m)5,6069941
4WA6DCB Blacktip 02Adult (m)5,2239430
oCXozCB Blacktip 03Adult (m)5,8241,2106
ix9dD(ix9dD)Adult (m)4,8419181
A9L13(A9L13)Adult (f)4,1238160
5gImJBR CB Blancblack 01Adult (f)4,8841,1481
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