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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Crocki,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
0jJSQ(0jJSQ)Adult (m)2,2906401
Janp(Janp)Adult (m)1,7176966
GkBh(GkBh)Adult (f)1,81473914
0G4Q(0G4Q)Adult (f)1,4645848
FTJD(FTJD)Adult (f)4,0691,35012
H3QA(H3QA)Adult (f)4,87442029
pOuk(pOuk)Adult (f)1,72141615
L4eF(L4eF)Adult (m)4,3611,23914
3CiS(3CiS)Adult (f)5,4091,50820
eXfk(eXfk)Adult (m)7,0221,30813
CD7Z(CD7Z)Adult (m)6,2751,20513
JqN8(JqN8)Adult (f)6,2641,18623
dXSW(dXSW)Adult (f)3,5441,0977
gNbZ(gNbZ)Adult (m)3,1759138
2sF6(2sF6)Adult (m)3,78982215
TM8s(TM8s)Adult (m)1,5986316
Js9T(Js9T)Adult (m)3,35293451
FHbk(FHbk)Adult (f)4,6081,1379
jJXr(jJXr)Adult (f)2,1587638
rWcN(rWcN)Adult (f)3,51051310
lYke(lYke)Adult (f)3,5214988
DtnQ(DtnQ)Adult (m)1,8818087
QNfS(QNfS)Adult (f)5,0201,3348
fvnW(fvnW)Adult (f)1,6415398
lURq(lURq)Adult (f)2,20636919
eDr0(eDr0)Adult (m)2,73424831
XiOl(XiOl)Adult (f)3,3099056
GQjW(GQjW)Adult (m)3,54330910
D15h(D15h)Adult (f)2,27438822
RkZa(RkZa)Adult (m)3,30092347
K6jW(K6jW)Adult (f)2,33738719
Dn7V(Dn7V)Adult (f)1,8525806
d96p(d96p)Adult (f)1,9376037
itNK(itNK)Hatchling (m, F)3,67479911
sRF4(sRF4)Adult (m)5,42765716
8Zal(8Zal)Adult (f)3,10087140
MiGk(MiGk)Adult (f)2,5385817
os80(os80)Adult (f)2,3689386
gSfU(gSfU)Adult (m)2,8749488
SQiS(SQiS)Adult (f)7,4627149
Mk8q(Mk8q)Adult (m)2,3609287
ugT1(ugT1)Adult (f)8,9461,20011
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