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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “CrAzY-LaDy,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
0XT2(0XT2)Adult (m)9416793
OXZ4(OXZ4)Adult (f)4,2506878
nbxb(nbxb)Adult (f)1,0148314
hVWF(hVWF)Adult (f)6975133
1Q45(1Q45)Adult (f)8566401
0Ygs(0Ygs)Adult (m)7045323
9a6H(9a6H)Adult (m)9076950
AWil(AWil)Adult (m)9056920
A9dr(A9dr)Adult (m)1,6811,1321
AynV(AynV)Adult (m)7716093
2t80(2t80)Adult (f)1,0876920
WJ3E(WJ3E)Adult (f)6,5088646
vgzj(vgzj)Adult (f)1,9016517
KIhc(KIhc)Adult (m)1,1125404
E4dQ(E4dQ)Adult (m)2,6161,53113
RYvg(RYvg)Adult (f)63140422
hvlZ(hvlZ)Adult (f)4903953
k1jB(k1jB)Adult (f)2,7361,5819
PV4u(PV4u)Adult (m)7495271
slUK(slUK)Adult (m)1,1567482
9xen(9xen)Adult (f)8986890
9edI(9edI)Adult (f)1,6631,1231
2W8X(2W8X)Adult (f)1,0826920
9dCC(9dCC)Adult (f)9016920
AXCc(AXCc)Adult (m)1,7071,1511
0k1y(0k1y)Adult (m)1,1438182
i5vd(i5vd)Adult (f)1,0826932
iUp3(iUp3)Adult (f)6,6549096
L7Oz(L7Oz)Adult (m)5,1758715
7acM(7acM)Adult (m)2,39862111
0qol(0qol)Adult (m)2,3286076
CoXJ(CoXJ)Adult (f)2,0253554
r918(r918)Adult (m)1,6179115
bfq3(bfq3)Adult (f)1,0247372
FdVh(FdVh)Adult (f)6384814
US3w(US3w)Adult (f)9206941
hYFl(hYFl)Adult (m)1,1308071
7dFr(7dFr)Adult (m)9166898
1YWm(1YWm)Adult (m)1,4288047
Vcc0(Vcc0)Adult (f)2,6061,5207
evsg(evsg)Adult (m)8476541
iXox(iXox)Adult (m)1,0806900
8tUm(8tUm)Adult (m)6,4908676
xboa(xboa)Adult (f)1,1105394
jpvp(jpvp)Adult (f)1,3127964
1u7B(1u7B)Adult (m)1,6741,1323
nADu(nADu)Adult (f)4,8256124
wnip(wnip)Adult (m)2,5971,5188
sfCw(sfCw)Adult (f)1,1487443
eMD3(eMD3)Adult (m)4,8546155
26yQ(26yQ)Adult (f)4,4169956
cSDe(cSDe)Adult (m)64142826
9oGh(9oGh)Adult (f)63639534
5PoN(5PoN)Adult (m)62340643
igEI(igEI)Adult (f)7595412
t70D(t70D)Adult (m)5594341
cPrw(cPrw)Adult (f)7055332
wGXl(wGXl)Adult (f)4,2316857
7gZP(7gZP)Adult (f)1,1289213
sxiL(sxiL)Adult (m)53840029
4guL(4guL)Adult (m)79342928
HPRn(HPRn)Adult (f)55239628
XV8J(XV8J)Adult (f)58041837
1hP8(1hP8)Adult (m)4,2526839
UXOV(UXOV)Adult (f)1,1557483
U987(U987)Adult (m)1,24168610
DSgD(DSgD)Adult (m)9948191
6JEo(6JEo)Adult (f)1,0948960
3dFF(3dFF)Adult (m)7735751
dkJ3(dkJ3)Adult (m)6104601
orAn(orAn)Adult (f)9016800
KoLM(KoLM)Adult (f)1,0816901
fGPV(fGPV)Adult (m)87731718
8jIJ(8jIJ)Adult (f)6,5488697
hsy3(hsy3)Adult (m)2,5615304
TSoL(TSoL)Adult (f)4,4169957
M1Zy(M1Zy)Adult (f)2,3176027
SOzy(SOzy)Adult (f)1,2576545
0I9X(0I9X)Adult (m)1,4298042
cYP4(cYP4)Adult (m)1,2269983
5CB6(5CB6)Adult (f)1,1577473
NEPI(NEPI)Adult (m)1,48097036
43em(43em)Adult (m)9046930
VUq3(VUq3)Adult (f)6665032
ij1l(ij1l)Adult (f)65443036
bGq2(bGq2)Adult (m)64042428
vqSP(vqSP)Adult (m)68245016
7FTj(7FTj)Adult (m)59939033
K3YJ(K3YJ)Adult (f)6995163
2GHh(2GHh)Adult (f)1,1097902
xuNt(xuNt)Adult (m)4,8216182
h7MF(h7MF)Adult (f)2,3236016
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