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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Corsec,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
8Lox(8Lox)Adult (m)4,2481,58639
XhUN(XhUN)Adult (m)3,1801,2259
1Mlj(1Mlj)Adult (f)2,1615012
Wcup(Wcup)Adult (f)1,8279555
YxTW(YxTW)Adult (f)2,08189142
Iv7O(Iv7O)Adult (f)1,85948020
uCII(uCII)Adult (f)2,3719938
kFQG(kFQG)Adult (f)1,8999757
SAFn(SAFn)Adult (m)1,4154843
Hm8g(Hm8g)Adult (m)2,2454729
JT6r(JT6r)Adult (m)1,7796754
GRmf(GRmf)Adult (f)2,5456365
F6V4(F6V4)Adult (f)3,4351,2958
2O6S(2O6S)Adult (f)9785766
vH4J(vH4J)Adult (m)1,1296322
0U7T(0U7T)Adult (f)1,6067808
KHnH(KHnH)Adult (f)2,6141,07730
k5SE(k5SE)Adult (f)2,4728789
sIvE(sIvE)Adult (f)1,4681,0352
MuxT(MuxT)Adult (f)3,4801,3574
zfR1(zfR1)Adult (f)1,1317144
2Elp(2Elp)Adult (f)1,68488130
T8Sv(T8Sv)Adult (f)2,09190744
4k1P(4k1P)Adult (f)1,83696034
cnzG(cnzG)Adult (f)1,70888430
BdS5(BdS5)Adult (f)1,1346392
XYEL(XYEL)Adult (m)2,08490049
liAy(liAy)Adult (f)2,3419868
gNq1(gNq1)Adult (m)2,10490348
GcIZ(GcIZ)Adult (m)2,1379775
1oVy(1oVy)Adult (m)2,1179948
RXDL(RXDL)Adult (m)1,1516412
C7Zl(C7Zl)Adult (f)1,80744813
MtgA(MtgA)Adult (m)1,4059922
a1LB(a1LB)Adult (f)2,08889439
OKRR(OKRR)Adult (m)1,6648684
W999(W999)Adult (m)1,7816766
AS2X(AS2X)Adult (m)2,9025935
AS2d(AS2d)Adult (m)1,8044543
1F9I(1F9I)Adult (f)1,4007147
GD9M(GD9M)Adult (f)1,1644822
z2B7(z2B7)Adult (f)2,3374903
DQgS(DQgS)Adult (m)2,3324883
mfAP(mfAP)Adult (f)2,1511,0782
Mf0T(Mf0T)Adult (f)1,4158534
qcMn(qcMn)Adult (m)1,69888533
TIc9(TIc9)Adult (m)2,5406295
xLap(xLap)Adult (f)2,2581,2587
OBgI(OBgI)Adult (f)2,2461,06512
AoED(AoED)Adult (f)1,4426414
c8mI(c8mI)Adult (m)1,2748671
5XlQ(5XlQ)Adult (m)1,3409512
sDrB(sDrB)Adult (f)1,4529501
pGv6(pGv6)Adult (m)1,5509353
XEt6(XEt6)Adult (f)1,4149964
qdvP(qdvP)Adult (f)1,2767042
VGBh(VGBh)Adult (f)1,0334722
WE25(WE25)Adult (m)1,5265022
zZb6(zZb6)Adult (f)9955833
IRii(IRii)Adult (f)1,0266792
5s8j(5s8j)Adult (m)2,2341,0549
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