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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Coronaviridae,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
LDntXGonna Bring My ChickenAdult (f)2,0677122
sndjK(sndjK)Adult (f)4,6927846
5KtBS(5KtBS)Adult (m)4,6757636
MmDZf(MmDZf)Adult (f)4,7477994
VJNIW(VJNIW)Adult (m)4,4227595
Bl1ln(Bl1ln)Adult (f)5,8108392
LijSS(LijSS)Adult (f)3,5308621
ooCIk(ooCIk)Adult (m)3,7558551
8xYH4(8xYH4)Adult (m)3,7318804
SC1Sb(SC1Sb)Adult (m)3,5117130
ujGr2(ujGr2)Adult (m)2,7836961
jQPCk(jQPCk)Adult (m)2,7837121
CpcLh(CpcLh)Adult (f)2,7146921
qFgqi(qFgqi)Adult (m)2,8466841
cMKjWautocannibalism doomsday clockAdult (m)2,7726940
2Oqqy(2Oqqy)Adult (f)3,2737490
1Bkfs(1Bkfs)Adult (m)3,1957730
vNVRr(vNVRr)Adult (f)1,3614255
4GkX9(4GkX9)Adult (f)1,3204102
yEFaI(yEFaI)Adult (f)3,2546510
qIZEm(qIZEm)Adult (f)3,2506480
Nit6Y(Nit6Y)Adult (f)3,2476540
zL5uC(zL5uC)Adult (f)3,4236501
zNW3p(zNW3p)Adult (f)3,2306370
474Sp(474Sp)Adult (f)3,5236790
g3VGR(g3VGR)Adult (f)3,2186470
fCrGX(fCrGX)Adult (m)3,0067982
O1FqJ(O1FqJ)Adult (m)2,8727661
uyqVZ(uyqVZ)Adult (m)5,0771,0812
mB9R9(mB9R9)Adult (m)5,2241,1022
eY5wB(eY5wB)Adult (m)5,9501,1861
XkR34(XkR34)Adult (m)5,6211,0930
QkCXM(QkCXM)Adult (f)5,2131,0740
luB6i(luB6i)Adult (m)2,7836372
3d2HA Tree for All SeasonsEgg (F)
ouNIaThe Dragon Beyond the WorldAdult (f)6,6759896
vRduhThe Boundless MotherAdult (f)4,7411,08551
OgEbNShadow Over SunAdult (m)7,07688113
Dvpk4Cee's KhorneAdult (m)4,5538435
QQivzCee's Webway WychAdult (f)4,2837775
cBUfvCee's God-Emperor of MankindAdult (m)4,9131,0425
x2NOTCee's Anathema to ChaosAdult (f)5,5689029
zO9oACee's Lord of ChangeAdult (f)4,6529207
C9beK(C9beK)Adult (f)5,0541,1070
S37WK(S37WK)Adult (f)5,0231,0820
iNepCee's Terenas MenethilAdult (m)2,8087862
8u5uPEvagria the FaithfulAdult (m)3,8968291
dkHjACee's Cabbage WhiteAdult (m)2,8948651
HrphTCee's Judging YouAdult (m)2,8295211
Brll4Brilliant FourAdult (m)3,9985514
ycfknOwl TrowelAdult (m)3,4426461
KPvoCee's Very First DorkfaceAdult (m)3,93088110
cdroLCee's Courtyard DrollAdult (f)3,4429400
sHmdFCee's CythereaAdult (f)1,7536330
k2tlPastral nippleAdult (f)1,6206130
vlG5hGSV Yawning AngelAdult (f)3,3677903
wVLoadROU Frank Exchange of ViewsAdult (f)3,6728452
MGYW6Ghost ProvokerAdult (f)3,6666271
7Ads6sorry i tried to murder youAdult (f)5,2399481
YL1gcCee's Yale GraduateAdult (f)5,6091,0371
50OPTCee's Bright FateAdult (f)2,2316608
BDRvCee's Alba DorkfaceHatchling (f, F)2,6249256
pCmJCee's Paco DorkfaceHatchling (F)2,2355616
DhjdfArchangel Michael of WarAdult (m)1,6946781
ISMEbArchangel Laurence of the SwordAdult (m)1,6956651
BhTisArchangel David of StoneAdult (m)3,2296801
iHW2WArchangel Eli of CreationAdult (m)3,0937670
dBY1hArchangel Marc of TradeAdult (m)3,1827890
wrgHAArchangel Khalid of FaithAdult (m)5,0941,1602
W97DSIn Service To LoveHatchling (F)2,3884843
NyEXVMister Bones' Wild RideAdult (m)2,3707200
IW2Psmuch 2spookyAdult (m)2,5327211
Foqorsublime existential horrorAdult (m)2,4987031
zT2X6the spoopmeisterAdult (m)2,4766820
OcZGRspoopy gentlemanAdult (m)2,4056951
WdLiBangry dootingAdult (m)3,2985640
GH4ihspoopy ladyAdult (f)2,4127132
GktsLThere's a Skeleton Inside YouAdult (f)2,5026941
sLLZRAugust HorrorterrorAdult (f)2,5989487
HbTp1skull partyAdult (f)2,64295811
ebaNmIcecrown Citadel UpholsteryAdult (f)4,9459364
0Z6mSmademoiselle skeltalAdult (f)2,8307601
UR7CsbonejangleAdult (f)2,6387740
RlS4lnox doodad doorAdult (f)5,0559066
QQ8vrwatching and judgingHatchling (m, F)3,2358731
5GeSgjudging and watchingHatchling (F)8912862
xRkmTVerifiable SeagullAdult (f)2,2631,2051
fFsLeFalsifiable SeagullAdult (f)3,1504870
HCx5wBayesian SeagullAdult (f)2,1597730
KwnR3Seagull T-testAdult (f)2,6006414
FRoXxGaussian SeagullAdult (f)2,5366423
EPZ78Seagull Sandwich EstimatorAdult (f)4,5945731
Wu0ZtMINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINEAdult (m)2,2401,1900
ADbrOAdd Me BroAdult (m)2,9444870
tBMb4Trending SeagullAdult (m)2,7097780
9nzCENormally Distributed SeagullAdult (m)2,6526381
Zye2yUniformly Distributed SeagullAdult (m)2,5956050
lU1DqSchroedinger's SeagullHatchling (F)1,7183080
1Cwny(1Cwny)Adult (f)7,8428411
2XE0h(2XE0h)Adult (f)6,0627862
bMlYHCee's SacheverellAdult (m)1,9207170
PI8LKThe Lidless Eye That SeesAdult (m)1,6217130
9Spd4The White RamAdult (m)1,9017143
h2lGMbillions and billions of stripeAdult (m)2,5904900
5wMvEmuch stripe wowAdult (m)2,8817683
N8Ks9Cee's Zigzag-Related DisasterAdult (m)2,9257262
cZo3nCee's White Stripe FantasyAdult (m)2,4708415
6lJ38(6lJ38)Adult (m)3,6097420
eWRB3(eWRB3)Adult (m)4,8226722
BYNFlCee's Whiter Shade of PaleAdult (f)2,4517573
cWrbKFetich SoulAdult (f)1,3206290
IiWJSThe Principle of HierarchyAdult (f)1,8256680
vT7dJCee's ChalkAdult (f)4,1386503
7sVkMCee's QuartzAdult (f)4,0568031
EtjZUCee's Rock SaltAdult (f)2,9037420
Bi3QOCee's GypsumAdult (f)3,1228111
7tJVW(7tJVW)Adult (f)6,7051,2410
YrZA4Cee's CryoliteAdult (f)3,3215272
Fah49Cee's Anemic ZebraAdult (f)2,4346341
0wm9CTell You What Party AryanAdult (f)2,1735173
TnXTSCee's Naked and AfraidAdult (f)2,8896931
x10nMMarching ZebrastripesAdult (f)2,8016557
cWdUJwhat does stripe doAdult (f)3,0355040
Rxvei(Rxvei)Adult (f)3,2377172
AqYsQCamouflage MalfunctionAdult (f)2,6506415
kco7Cee's Potassium Coenzyme SevenAdult (f)2,5267153
AoBMBAspect of SilverAdult (f)3,4555997
znmotDeceptions of the MindAdult (f)2,5547130
CNXIaSword of the PatriotAdult (f)5,3521,0029
itT7m(itT7m)Adult (f)4,5646934
wUP1CHighlord of the Silver HandAdult (m)4,8744666
DA5S6Knight of the Argent CrusadeAdult (m)2,9578082
J34fXFor the Glory of LoveAdult (m)5,1939053
pIVYZSilverbraidAdult (m)4,5316773
FcuAXStargiltAdult (f)3,8745492
3AhcPLight of Distant SunsAdult (f)3,9115561
YYrI8The Shape of All the StarsAdult (f)4,3535151
E44XH(E44XH)Adult (f)5,0186992
pfjlO(pfjlO)Adult (f)3,9197210
Ly9fW(Ly9fW)Adult (f)4,6338861
JHfdM(JHfdM)Adult (f)4,4588710
vGrQpTemporal EchoAdult (m)2,9745281
qqeBuStarwater StrainsAdult (m)3,7045650
bJhoVStarwealdAdult (m)3,1776091
kfvQMStellar FusionAdult (m)3,5615801
1j88AStarscourAdult (m)2,3015662
HtbPkStellar MeridianAdult (m)3,1845672
KzKfF(KzKfF)Adult (m)3,3737061
Kyf5c(Kyf5c)Adult (m)4,9347432
5A2x9(5A2x9)Adult (m)3,5285730
H0rKKA Star Out of SeasonAdult (m)3,5145710
LQdvfCelestial EbbHatchling (f, F)3,9214782
lQP7EStarfluxHatchling (F)2,1224131
ClmYHOramusAdult (m)4,51592511
IrEDUCee's BrightmoonAdult (m)3,3487385
N0flmCee's SilvermoonAdult (f)2,6958530
M7BiACee's Postal MistressAdult (f)6,1801,1451
JDpM2Cee's HegraAdult (f)6,1811,1544
c16dtCee's Glittery Disco BallAdult (f)5,4906380
tegU7Shiny Tinfoil BallAdult (f)3,9366410
Yt5YOGrammar-Based ConspiracyAdult (f)3,6538862
B5MqwTime CubeAdult (f)3,2868550
xVqGSMoneyballAdult (f)3,8238993
cJ7S7Four Equidistant Time PointsAdult (f)4,0718218
oc2dkpretty female partsAdult (f)2,8989251
H7Yyywhyyy y yy y yAdult (f)3,6167372
QgcP6wrongle dongleAdult (f)4,0026233
ZEMkpCee's Pieces of SilverAdult (f)4,4089111
DDqolCee's SzorenyAdult (m)8,6651,0087
rtYb9Cee's Silver ForestAdult (m)6,6709873
vb9x2Cee's Sparkly ThingamajiggerAdult (m)3,3869191
7z1SsCee's Shiny DoodadAdult (m)4,7776070
sfmdvGovernment Mind ControlAdult (m)2,2757860
CsG2lCee's Cosgrove GlintingtonAdult (m)6,1929742
dLB12Void CubeAdult (m)3,8139295
qbdhFBretti Bretti Golden SpaghettiAdult (m)4,1627619
bl58Wbig-ass roombaAdult (m)3,6237240
pLEDrIKEA Cupboard BodyslamAdult (m)3,3246750
Bvy84Taking Sneezes PersonallyAdult (m)4,2026425
DKArJBeard of BeesAdult (m)5,4336571
KshVo(KshVo)Adult (m)4,4358520
KIEi1Cee's Silver Born of FlameAdult (m)4,0339065
MO6dVA Single SprinkleHatchling (m, F)2,3127793
kE7F7Cee's BostvadeHatchling (F)1,7956254
lljQbCee's Lady MisnomerAdult (f)7,2571,0467
kF0ctCee's ConfusionAdult (f)2,5614680
EObORCee's ContradictionAdult (f)1,4786160
ptvBvCee's ContortionAdult (m)2,6054710
FgeeMThrobert McGeeAdult (m)4,6145805
V7fyDCee's BifurcationAdult (m)3,3106391
SH5GICee's Mixed ModelAdult (m)3,2995192
YtKbPraxis of the LegionAdult (f)2,5467425
68GXmMyrrah of the LegionAdult (f)4,0284592
NDYbZDiscord of the LegionAdult (f)1,8687220
T1YARTerror of the LegionAdult (f)2,1127671
WgRTjTerpsichore of the LegionAdult (f)1,9276232
e9y9FCallidus of the LegionAdult (f)2,8538142
tnNgjQueen of SuicidesAdult (f)1,6796883
KrJIWSpeaker  of the Final SilenceAdult (f)3,5699795
PrCGWeeping Raiton Cast AsideAdult (f)2,4298722
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