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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “CorneliaR,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
fyCT7When the sun is going downAdult (m)2,9248502
c8iDEWhen the morning glow risesAdult (f)2,9088581
FmJW6When time takes away everythingAdult (f)3,8184351
4lGzMCan we still be safe and soundAdult (m)2,6924582
C0RtnBacktracking to the pastAdult (m)3,3555802
gnRb9Time SneakAdult (m)3,3586023
2DL1HAllagan-Tomestone-of-PoeticsAdult (m)3,4036684
Ye5qoThe EnochianAdult (f)3,5067275
yCaWPFOREVER's FOREVERAdult (f)3,2166144
muOh3The EonsAdult (m)4,1968397
OG9OXAether  FlowAdult (m)4,9379463
d0HzzThe MomentaryAdult (f)5,3551,0035
JSIlgIn the Name of EternityAdult (f)5,0539592
Hc1igTime ElapseAdult (f)3,9288709
d3Q4SAllagan Time SandsAdult (m)3,3797084
XSQDTEternal- FlashAdult (m)3,5556952
mJtvZAngel PhantomAdult (f)3,7458673
EzUJGTime drifting sandAdult (m)3,9308665
FcACsTh unstable ShuttleAdult (m)4,3189345
02N6M(02N6M)Adult (m)4,19985510
t5H02(t5H02)Adult (f)4,4127325
XqrijThe Fractured blood-slickedAdult (f)5,1978205
BfF2HDeep-sea Dim lightAdult (m)2,9605221
p7remCyanosaurus spineAdult (m)2,5654422
2vVcaThe VladivostokAdult (m)4,6948372
cSpuTProtostarsAdult (m)3,8738215
exC6yFrost-covered treesAdult (m)2,6214502
UVDCkFrost Flower on Glass WindowAdult (f)3,3414201
itJkIThe solstice's The cold windAdult (m)3,4354575
7KARm(7KARm)Adult (f)4,5813950
sIMoEWhite stalactiteAdult (f)3,0214800
S6HHQAlbino illusionAdult (m)2,9954931
BBMPKMilky white GhostHatchling (m, F)2,7055206
CgeLyBronze under the setting sunAdult (f)4,0354092
9h4lIVulcan BurstAdult (f)2,9815041
aXcVrBacklight FlightAdult (m)2,9764820
faC1hHot  windAdult (f)4,7108634
6tK9SCyan Tobacco ashAdult (f)3,9913502
DhzRSFictional Cyan DreamlandAdult (f)2,6826611
gahJ5(gahJ5)Adult (m)2,3956823
TgBLcPeach color AriaAdult (f)3,6943722
yzWpTSweet peach-colored poemAdult (f)1,8345774
9ipAQI want to give you a heartAdult (f)2,8125011
VLqZsStone Guard TowerAdult (m)2,9084570
2U4C5Demon AshAdult (m)5,4098517
geISUIf you bribe me some fruitAdult (f)3,1354100
OR18kGuess what iwill fill your lustAdult (m)3,3864051
tkTk2(tkTk2)Adult (f)2,4206483
jdNC1Fragment of glazed windowsAdult (m)3,6874811
43mvABlood-stained GracefulAdult (f)3,5744092
ZDExeThe Hammerhead SharkAdult (f)2,9766172
KmD04Floating Pink dreamlandAdult (f)2,5924461
rsjojMidsummer Night FantasyAdult (m)3,0454680
wbQXfMoonlight Mask of Lavender RiderAdult (f)3,9574122
jY7NIBauhinia CrownAdult (m)2,6906022
hkTvIMoonlight  ConcertoAdult (m)2,4656745
G0Te6Chasing the starlight ComeAdult (m)4,0354021
0eOzlDancing atthe seaside under moonAdult (m)4,5051,0582
ZX1vnThe tidal is my skirt sideAdult (m)3,7056672
IBYF7Maybe I will capture youAdult (m)4,1437824
na1BuBut the song ends in this nightAdult (m)6,8711,0203
HM4iLIt will not come back againAdult (f)3,2135932
32hOkBut I still stay hereAdult (m)4,2805365
gdzfmI along the rainAdult (f)3,8696656
2U9YWWalked Down hillsideAdult (f)7,7591,0408
CPudwRainy night ends behind meAdult (f)5,0138267
JTJQSBut tears still remain on myfaceAdult (m)4,8997255
2heuT(2heuT)Adult (m)6,0178494
0crLvThe tombstone in the rainHatchling (F)1,0141673
x2vXFRedwood sculptureAdult (f)3,4694201
jm37iGentle butterfly killerAdult (f)3,2384270
n44KeLavender-crownAdult (m)4,1273633
661vNLavender in the Thorn gardenAdult (m)3,8604931
hEnJkChinstrap  PenguinAdult (f)2,6715934
yU4hVWhite  PenguinAdult (m)3,8947699
ufrTiReal and FalseAdult (m)3,2734811
fTBtJSensibility and RationalityAdult (m)2,8214651
KjvaEA living sacrifice of Blood-MoonAdult (f)4,1157712
0GbBxDark blue is ripple of seaAdult (f)3,8614602
Hiieg(Hiieg)Adult (f)5,2768074
0jWNzInverted Sea of HeavenAdult (f)3,0148511
dCI0PSea-salt CheeseAdult (f)2,9778453
4keMnThe coast of FluorescentAdult (m)3,2414502
WDvOgThe Sea is a fallen skyAdult (f)3,7684774
qBmAiSea of Million StarsAdult (f)3,3266034
TCSQHDistant saviorAdult (m)3,0075993
OqSETThe Final heaven's SeaAdult (f)3,3617533
wKmjVLakeside ofBaikalAdult (m)3,0655994
NKzmcThe heavenly NileAdult (m)3,6347626
7ATM5Ballad of the seaAdult (m)2,7316076
iC6XtSinging's Sea breezeAdult (f)3,5397133
DhsC0Starrynight SeaAdult (f)4,7959147
v8ULYSea night long songAdult (m)5,0166904
wOKeaWind Thunder FluctuationAdult (m)3,2096113
VeJHgStorm  shadowAdult (f)3,4927954
5awOpThunder and Flying lightningAdult (f)3,1004411
Zz5XTAureate Harvest DayAdult (m)3,2804102
ocsxlHoly Night BlizzardAdult (f)4,5223232
MGrFaFlying passing through mangrovesAdult (m)3,6033577
VmX0tHeterochrome MorphoAdult (m)3,7686394
rdHMEStar mark erosionAdult (f)4,7598323
DBn0xDeath of EnchanterAdult (m)3,5705661
gi6jZChaos Devil FlowAdult (f)2,8057438
R60FpMidashi setsugetsukaAdult (f)10,8811,4833
u1OYfSky-light MetempsychosisAdult (f)3,1994721
Tuoum(Tuoum)Adult (f)3,4574750
JhQXWDiamond Star-dustAdult (f)4,3364191
x3nZ0Eternal  StarlightAdult (f)3,3646903
L3xFRGold balance LibraAdult (f)3,6753603
p3miyCheese   CheeseHatchling (F)1,9265585
gFxQtCheese is PowerHatchling (F)3,3239225
z30NsPlateau cheeseHatchling (F)3,2407176
ApsoTCheese  BubbleHatchling (F)1,3743605
vQE77Dark tide Lie lowAdult (m)4,0784631
SXiZ2Drifting JourneyAdult (m)2,7824701
WWFtqLightning reefAdult (f)3,5925073
41cG6A small beam of LightAdult (m)2,8835001
b2s9cCode-9S 2BAdult (f)2,4725564
JErqwRainbow  KillerAdult (f)2,9895684
TCQLITears Of RainbowAdult (m)4,0649195
DEE76Sephiroth's eyesAdult (f)2,6127424
HrCECYour gaze pass through the timeAdult (f)2,7025863
T95uyLost in the LifestreamAdult (f)2,8426153
kzMuGShadow of SephirothAdult (m)4,0998543
dPy5hSephiroth's proximityAdult (f)2,8206912
mfibfCoral  FeatherHatchling (f, F)2,6007766
ZADIZPearl LoverHatchling (m, F)2,6607465
87iPnLily of the valley Water dropletHatchling (m, F)4,0188752
1arQXKiss of love godHatchling (m, F)3,4818159
DmP0kFire dance whirlwindAdult (m)2,8444450
bvvn9Udumbara FlowerAdult (f)3,1854721
1p7tiThe embrace from The groundAdult (f)3,5404741
zERA1Red heart Queen's roseAdult (f)3,7959604
OUuyWFresh-Flower AssassinAdult (f)5,1036884
bYyXP(bYyXP)Hatchling (m)6,4448773
ZMNOk(ZMNOk)Adult (m)5,5821,0696
qssoe(qssoe)Adult (f)5,7076806
S0PpfDark Blue WatcherAdult (m)2,8244580
EeafaMysterious EeafaAdult (f)3,4064812
mKUxuConcerto on the cloudAdult (m)4,7073951
HyjegDream falls from the cloudsAdult (m)3,0004711
NDl6SDeep-sea BusAdult (f)3,4754542
zIReEDeep sea patrollerAdult (f)2,3836741
rvculWithered ivy onthe Flower windowAdult (f)3,3204011
iiK3GBlood penetrates intothe diamondAdult (f)3,0564911
A3pmS(A3pmS)Hatchling (f)3,8257363
wEERVBlood-RidgesAdult (m)3,2355336
bJBHuDissonance ToneAdult (m)4,2325574
HnC9JTwilight-cloudsAdult (f)3,6273561
Hx1EcS t a r s t r a f eAdult (f)3,0185872
lHgtWFlame-RoarAdult (m)3,9906463
Sne2MAnger is on the vergeAdult (f)3,0094651
Vio3kA orange catHatchling (F)4,0156253
W9BnCWing of The Cold iceAdult (f)3,0384660
JyqOdFrosty dust'sdiveAdult (m)3,3854062
w1TZ3My bones are also my swordAdult (f)3,3355001
zcGw4Ice and Fire coat of armsAdult (f)4,8625715
G6TpqThe Gem TailAdult (m)5,7818621
fMGcMThe Storm of WordsAdult (f)5,8175314
dxNCAPink flying waterfallAdult (m)3,4444274
JORSxWaltz of Light and FlowerAdult (m)2,9064374
w7qkfLend me someflower and TimelightAdult (m)3,6225547
jpydAWinter HowlingAdult (m)3,1164271
W7rwdThe MotuoAdult (f)3,4147435
N1sNcPurple Orb FragmentAdult (f)3,3507824
KHBl9Purple  SatinHatchling (f, F)4,2319356
dnwIACoordination and CooperationAdult (f)3,0174771
AZjrjRight HeartAdult (f)3,8557216
0S5zwScarlet curse in the bloodAdult (f)2,9736244
LMHfJGreen  Grape  VineAdult (m)3,1025782
4bXYAThe Leafy Sea DragonAdult (f)2,7086762
ZsY0KWolf vineAdult (m)2,5735404
vfutXRed  reedAdult (m)4,6106257
4utQ4Blue TendrilAdult (m)2,7446823
gwEoXseafoam stoneAdult (f)2,6634721
DiL0YSudoku GameAdult (f)3,2374791
1l3xXDouble-ThinkingAdult (f)3,4165012
D7sslWhat choice is the bestAdult (f)2,6384552
S321OSea-blue StripesAdult (f)3,7234102
BzLECNeon-NightsAdult (m)3,6344425
KjJSxBronze Water-patternAdult (m)3,3284814
ThrKHAmenohabakiriAdult (f)3,4464202
MrSC6Optical SpectrumAdult (f)2,6994813
aCNa5(aCNa5)Adult (f)4,1147783
UUWVrFluorescent color cardAdult (m)4,4828764
pxW4DSlanting brillianceAdult (f)4,6126236
oRl8DRefulgent ArrowAdult (f)4,7554305
pyEz6Millionth of FlashAdult (f)4,6579989
9iPyZcosmo  memoryAdult (f)8,3181,1467
5H71EFog Sea ExpeditionAdult (m)6,18398614
5qpzOThe  Evening starAdult (f)3,6418004
HmZDwB et e l g e u s eAdult (f)2,7448888
VvkD1(VvkD1)Adult (m)5,6781,1194
Xmbh0Facile Jungle AdventurerAdult (f)3,1825141
f7cgtWhere are the delicious flowersAdult (f)2,9014761
m6BoUOn some nightsAdult (m)3,0574311
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