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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “CorgQueen54,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
MiqeZTulgins QhivekAdult (m)5,6358962
J9NF8Briv'oid KruccuksAdult (m)5,4978960
tKasFIkrux TrarrinAdult (m)5,5329142
fMycuNaveall QeknedAdult (f)5,5638971
7QxMcIphairs QhivekAdult (f)4,7637851
8zpE7Vernieh OdhunAdult (f)4,0147201
rpfYoQaakvirs DaeslieAdult (f)4,0335541
a8vtMKharziets QhivekAdult (f)3,2542584
SHfslBaoknara KruccuksAdult (f)5,0286581
38FA5Kraomydora TrarrinAdult (m)2,9572473
vDEEyDrerupyte KruccuksAdult (m)3,1747641
oNWoCPionippe TrarrinAdult (f)3,2527590
cFGJOTheclouyle TrarrinAdult (f)3,2477590
iPsBEMylyliope XoeehyiaAdult (m)3,4987983
XgfjISemangelaf IothyaAdult (m)3,4876951
HZ4gmHabriel IdraadiaAdult (f)4,1509452
39rRpHammerhead DuckbillAdult (m)4,1729382
8kJBuMidget PorcupineAdult (m)4,1999890
5SXBKSpadefooted OxAdult (f)4,1759833
XeSpWMaverick QhivekAdult (f)4,3549331
oamVrLancelot KruccuksAdult (m)4,4119511
nJ3nVHopper TrarrinAdult (f)4,3909221
0n13uCrooked TrarrinAdult (f)4,5019271
N5nElFaye the FerretAdult (f)3,0907083
ABRi5Yoghurt the YakAdult (f)2,9787082
gVq2qTibby the TurkeyAdult (m)3,0636842
sdbiBYashibata KatsusaAdult (f)4,1386441
aFdhUAsazuno MuchiroAdult (f)4,1506591
SSzyLHamasugi KagekanAdult (f)4,2826741
IZEUBIgagishi MamorataAdult (f)4,0666492
m7CunIwagata MikayomiAdult (m)3,8836982
xIRToWakasawa ShihowaraAdult (m)2,8646611
sTiIADeno MayotomiAdult (m)2,8696761
DmVK6Fluque OltheomacheAdult (m)3,0146972
Gc2KeElsa the ConAdult (f)3,3446882
2wLdMTerrence the SwindlerAdult (m)2,7266593
ytDWoEsmond the RavagerAdult (f)2,6706753
4oe0JThe Spiteful MatriarchAdult (m)3,0746952
SQaOoThe Vengeful GirlAdult (m)3,1747003
AI7w1The Hollow DaughterAdult (f)3,1237174
rFpuFKeidr KruccuksAdult (f)4,1809053
bBnUTProssken TrarrinAdult (f)4,3589372
WKFtOBaeyveidr TrarrinAdult (m)4,2789521
trBhMFuthromm KruccuksAdult (f)4,1979394
YnxZmVie XoeehyiaAdult (m)5,5609421
5gH72Sqrooww IothyaAdult (f)4,6256742
ovDZpKriaw KruccuksAdult (m)4,6516822
LGoTeGiath DuckbillAdult (m)4,5316802
8WE1A(8WE1A)Adult (f)5,9539081
gEKcr(gEKcr)Adult (m)5,8319023
9tSmM(9tSmM)Adult (m)5,9758801
fN7zr(fN7zr)Adult (f)5,8399082
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