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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Cookiebox,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
na7X(na7X)Adult (m)3,56232334
HtMT(HtMT)Adult (f)4,41531112
dTMM(dTMM)Adult (m)3,33428320
oZ0w(oZ0w)Adult (f)3,75830327
aojd(aojd)Adult (f)2,22632635
3G8S(3G8S)Adult (m)4,02529223
BFVX(BFVX)Adult (m)1,53776615
tyXE(tyXE)Adult (m)2,80330328
ckcU(ckcU)Adult (f)3,4123208
72nr(72nr)Adult (m)3,3302287
PGDl(PGDl)Adult (m)3,34626111
tTaN(tTaN)Adult (f)3,6163106
VjFr(VjFr)Adult (f)3,49323710
iztt(iztt)Adult (m)2,23530552
sU8J(sU8J)Adult (m)2,37980925
35DG(35DG)Adult (m)7,26160610
VaCl(VaCl)Adult (f)3,35525728
EnyJ(EnyJ)Adult (f)2,15225125
HBCX(HBCX)Adult (m)3,2853156
RaI3(RaI3)Adult (f)4,9113289
lT5S(lT5S)Adult (f)4,08729628
fs4t(fs4t)Adult (m)3,0542205
BAtW(BAtW)Adult (m)1,31761224
pd0d(pd0d)Adult (m)3,15524227
P4HO(P4HO)Adult (m)1,54749412
xcmh(xcmh)Adult (m)2,65637828
oKLk(oKLk)Adult (m)8024816
LNqM(LNqM)Adult (m)2,33837131
1yOz(1yOz)Adult (m)3,63786524
9n2R(9n2R)Adult (m)3,07423830
bkN9(bkN9)Adult (f)4,04927111
2KsS(2KsS)Adult (f)2,2471915
5k3K(5k3K)Adult (m)1,5704044
YW02(YW02)Adult (f)3,32930612
tHrB(tHrB)Adult (f)2,9852658
VIdR(VIdR)Adult (m)7,2344849
ok1I(ok1I)Adult (m)3,47828118
6Rrp(6Rrp)Adult (f)3,42222926
TLST(TLST)Adult (f)3,13924113
FeEb(FeEb)Adult (m)2,9322263
xMJK(xMJK)Adult (f)4,89740926
FCMv(FCMv)Adult (f)3,07226819
3gjf(3gjf)Adult (m)4,02527312
kYPM(kYPM)Adult (m)2,00533131
IcpK(IcpK)Adult (f)5,14985726
Ca2V(Ca2V)Adult (m)1,31465121
sttS(sttS)Adult (m)7,26162010
a1W6(a1W6)Adult (m)7,2735929
Q9L9(Q9L9)Adult (f)3,15224416
8pSr(8pSr)Adult (m)4,04832210
FiA7(FiA7)Adult (f)2,70742524
8H4Q(8H4Q)Adult (f)2,78838024
EYMb(EYMb)Adult (m)3,12324728
CZOt(CZOt)Adult (f)3,52128321
BnlO(BnlO)Adult (f)2,9545657
DMNR(DMNR)Adult (f)1,2534505
cfr5(cfr5)Adult (f)3,1393768
FjV2(FjV2)Adult (f)3,52423622
h0JX(h0JX)Adult (m)1,5253593
5KBN(5KBN)Adult (m)3,3972717
tucY(tucY)Adult (m)7,0204697
7Okk(7Okk)Adult (m)1,40450126
5L6O(5L6O)Adult (m)8,77559441
5G1t(5G1t)Adult (m)3,44926819
U00Y(U00Y)Adult (f)2,9042229
A12p(A12p)Adult (f)3,45123118
65G4(65G4)Adult (f)7,1065786
utB6(utB6)Adult (m)1,3694618
M5pe(M5pe)Adult (m)8204905
6N77(6N77)Adult (f)2,36573823
polQ(polQ)Adult (m)4,47733423
gt1O(gt1O)Adult (f)2,93720510
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