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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Cobaltberri,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Mt7WpTime-space CopAdult (f)3,8668345
YxCCrRegal Emperor's GazeAdult (m)4,2408091
lHuxD0Salt is a way of life0Adult (f)4,2058092
xtnGWWings of OrderAdult (f)3,6219478
fYuaOWarping ShenanigansAdult (m)4,1058303
FwJyLi dunno - here have a memeAdult (m)3,8587992
2ZRAFi still don't know which is sadAdult (m)5,5579092
OUwciTitle ThemeAdult (f)4,0498485
ZBDt0Character CreationAdult (f)4,1128450
eCDkhZed CityAdult (f)4,1398702
in2mxRanger HQAdult (m)4,3348722
QuF3tReady for ActionAdult (m)3,6787461
FOn5bEssence of the FallenAdult (f)9,5441,45413
zpB8NMale Black Dragons Are A CliqueAdult (m)3,8778771
H3jPZGet On The Banana BoatAdult (m)3,7527482
8d8x1Viridian Pebble-skrubAdult (f)4,1188582
0CjkMHello UtopiaAdult (f)4,0298074
zqH0qMint Chocolate Chip for AllAdult (f)3,8318035
cKDtVriver babAdult (m)5,7529612
oBuWvChaos Emerald BluesAdult (m)3,6107993
zoDIKZodik the Lady-LoveAdult (f)3,8958171
CfJ4fCici LangAdult (f)3,9077942
wdVTySynergy and sometimes a potatoAdult (f)4,22280111
l0QzsThis Male Box Is MineAdult (m)3,7457191
m9FOWBreezeloftAdult (f)6,1821,0829
xRLybSuper Duper Trooper ShieldAdult (m)3,8708312
oXQWSZappertieAdult (f)3,9598582
U5ieDFollow the Stars to HeavenAdult (m)3,0426584
3pk0rDESCENDED BOIAdult (m)3,7387423
MfMgGLuxan StarsAdult (f)4,1317542
LfAS6Turquoise GlideAdult (f)3,5549228
4wseuTides of CalamityAdult (m)3,7358372
Ll8EQTetris CrazeAdult (f)5,6499231
u78WzFrozen but not what you thinkAdult (m)3,8228375
m3oqkHoustin Hits A WormholeAdult (m)5,2098411
KTn7hSmoka the SurvivorAdult (f)5,1748651
5tA8TABSOLUTELYFABULOUS668Adult (f)5,5618951
eulkfAzura's FlameAdult (f)6,4611,2857
ib1z4You Myst OutAdult (m)3,6407521
bjuNxActually We're Counting DollarsAdult (m)5,6459781
flERfFlerf IAdult (f)4,7989200
5hGS7Two Heads is Worse than OneAdult (m)3,8048085
9NEi3Nei - Don't Step On This GrassAdult (m)3,9238901
QcXxnAn appropriately female SunsongAdult (f)3,7388430
FAmzLPARTY TO LIKE WEAdult (f)4,2148731
pHHMaDont Get The Wrong IdeaAdult (m)5,5589090
IrX5Hhaha surprise skrubsAdult (m)2,7037012
o9VWHPretty in Pink as a PeanutAdult (f)3,9858422
eT0WRStudded FlightAdult (f)3,7499379
ObnZLStudded AscentAdult (m)3,62292311
zV9myThe Duplo DoubleAdult (m)4,3088371
dJdOmI'm left-handed and left-facedAdult (m)5,3048564
jowByI'm right-handed and right-facedAdult (f)5,0528260
e9AwTQuebec WildfireAdult (f)3,6617103
QKfsEChainless RoyaleAdult (f)3,7437052
KJJnLHolle-BerryAdult (f)3,6066934
gJC7BHot ZilverAdult (f)3,5216622
BYC9gSurprises IncomingAdult (m)4,6119470
nvy4jDumina LuminaAdult (f)4,0198814
TzP0d(TzP0d)Adult (f)4,8298981
AUVYWRemediationAdult (f)4,7688835
39Y0C0Down here0Adult (m)4,2898162
oH0Ir(oH0Ir)Adult (m)6,3781,0851
a64BT(a64BT)Adult (m)6,5631,0730
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