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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “ClumzyVixen,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
2LiQk(2LiQk)Dead Egg310
735PL(735PL)Dead Egg411
HQnnNLord Above I Am DyingAdult (f)2,1833327
AmrQmAmarqum Pillars-SeaAdult (m)1,87058111
IpsC7No Zs PleaseAdult (f)2,2305907
eNhtlChattel CreatureAdult (m)3,1456817
wX90nScorpion's NatureAdult (m)2,1685403
iAeVwDances-With-RibbonAdult (m)1,3416222
7CHem(7CHem)Adult (f)1,9286582
D2HpVGanon DorfAdult (m)2,0916712
t6FbIHot Potatoe Hot PotatoeAdult (f)1,4226101
mDktXI Am FreeAdult (f)1,4626172
YGi3CLove Me In HeavenAdult (m)1,7376391
8IWOaCornucopierAdult (m)1,5677151
wFm1eSoviet QuotaAdult (m)2,0595921
s8JnKCut Me OffAdult (f)1,8565471
eV6msBig Fat BusmanAdult (m)2,2495592
1mvJ2Stop Where You AreHatchling (F)1,5073082
Dmr8aLight of My Life OrtisusAdult (f)2,3646072
onuDcPiece My Heart TogetherAdult (m)2,0185521
AnY7nBe My CalmAdult (f)2,4425881
6hJ7APlainwaterAdult (f)2,2986341
KAP0k900 Beautiful BlenderizersAdult (m)2,2596081
1owaTIowa ThunderAdult (m)2,0775972
J2eIRMibby-bugAdult (f)1,4146841
ES4EwHouse of Pumpkin SpiceAdult (m)1,3956611
mbiugAFA-compliantAdult (m)2,4755882
uJ5haTwosie ZootsyAdult (m)2,2696032
nexskMeloncatcherAdult (m)1,6526631
125ulIn Search of Warmer WatersAdult (m)2,5386851
bVRIDHow I Met Your Mother's DragonAdult (f)2,5306051
16A4fWanting of SpaceAdult (m)2,7446182
6qGTFTwistee TreatAdult (f)2,9485226
7rvVWCatsassAdult (m)3,4486822
RLt9xSlurm WurmAdult (f)2,2725541
nqiENRed Hot BerengarAdult (m)3,2785123
hqeVcWalking Underwater Upside-DownAdult (m)2,5175133
wAwl8Vremya SquareAdult (m)2,6065452
opI2oAngry StarAdult (m)2,7945841
tUMQLRC Hill MitsubishiAdult (m)3,2395633
80G2BOffkeyAdult (f)2,2366111
PCQkLGanon DwarfHatchling (m, F)1,8085431
cQ01cHooked On Dry PaintAdult (f)2,2955911
KNkmUKenkamuAdult (m)2,0746042
FXw9cOn the DotAdult (m)2,0936242
7x86ZFossil ReconstructionAdult (f)2,0146021
Q5JFXever and ever and ever onAdult (m)2,9475562
xjJvdiiiiiiiiieeeeieieieeee hemborgerAdult (m)2,6775031
mcyIYFegglevaul the AlmightyAdult (m)2,7566103
nIZa2Oh But We Are YoungAdult (m)2,1596422
KOTgC(KOTgC)Hatchling (m, F)2,0405651
Q3GOc(Q3GOc)Adult (m)2,1415803
4CU0rMarzipan-chanAdult (f)2,2076102
00A9mSerial Number on the BackAdult (f)3,3288184
23Vtr(23Vtr)Hatchling (m, F)2,4175012
1ZomjEvil FoodAdult (f)2,6305542
tJKxS(tJKxS)Hatchling (F)1,3102192
iw5bFomg no my nails are still wetAdult (f)2,6356053
Ttv1CCometdancerAdult (m)2,0856131
Hr2KYPotion CommotionAdult (f)1,8216471
blqBSSaid NobodyAdult (m)1,8406481
bcFbuPay Thy TithesAdult (m)1,9546722
jiZ2LCelestial LightningbugAdult (f)2,4595373
HB5u9Celestial Spaceship DayAdult (m)3,1485882
ZvRRG(ZvRRG)Adult (f)2,6685332
m64X7Come  LetAdult (m)1,7786121
el9RURipples in the SnowAdult (f)2,3796741
ELqovEat Your HeroesAdult (m)2,0866351
9CB87Acceptable O QuotaAdult (m)2,1786682
v0JnffwXSywbXTizrNCNAMsfUAdult (f)2,0206190
Y7Chr(Y7Chr)Adult (f)2,5985751
NzZTZFat  LadyAdult (f)2,8876143
ZauXVZau'pauAdult (f)2,8966232
8pSNfSleepinqAdult (m)2,4408021
7pyfF(7pyfF)Adult (f)2,3907552
Rdt3Y(Rdt3Y)Adult (m)3,3558091
SU3xTA Pygmy Named SueAdult (m)3,3017972
5ddkHSiddikhAdult (f)2,1127571
IPHHZ(IPHHZ)Adult (m)2,2048102
MFDjp(MFDjp)Adult (m)2,0887642
cnvztUltimate Impressions GuyAdult (m)2,6657493
LSl8y(LSl8y)Adult (m)2,5387705
8A9kL(8A9kL)Adult (f)1,9478031
EIRpO(EIRpO)Adult (f)1,9748031
Jj2bH(Jj2bH)Adult (f)2,4846522
lGk8z(lGk8z)Adult (f)2,0148062
gPDNq(gPDNq)Adult (m)2,5275678
KpsWXoooh yeah breed me i like thatAdult (f)2,0976324
Ljg9B(Ljg9B)Adult (m)2,0616214
whggWRocket Bones SequinpantsAdult (m)3,1516164
n3k4CA La LibreAdult (f)5,0238343
vEhh3u wot meightAdult (m)1,6736222
GYzFRsaid TrotskyHatchling (f, F)3,2287353
fHxlGOuroboros DraknessAdult (m)3,1994102
RpvQ4Blaque LickoriceAdult (f)3,5044992
vYbRjCoppercloud MeatboyAdult (f)2,8325821
cDDcRDeadman's DreamAdult (m)2,8174513
fJ7SY(fJ7SY)Adult (f)4,7388305
Ts4RXTsar ZavoyevAdult (m)1,6796512
8tAWT(8tAWT)Adult (f)2,3617153
p29riMostu-Plinov RubyAdult (f)4,0359123
FqMwm(FqMwm)Adult (m)3,4728492
zBbUc(zBbUc)Adult (m)3,3277981
1PT6w(1PT6w)Hatchling (f, F)5,3429974
HWLtr(HWLtr)Adult (f)5,5681,0425
zkGiT(zkGiT)Adult (f)3,0829671
zvH5U(zvH5U)Adult (m)3,1639613
4FP0D(4FP0D)Adult (m)5,3167175
YH0Ky(YH0Ky)Hatchling (f, F)4,3467068
qtssw(qtssw)Adult (f)2,2935791
SaOBI(SaOBI)Adult (f)2,2545632
bkb1m(bkb1m)Adult (m)2,1575401
T7jFG(T7jFG)Adult (f)2,3516111
37bUa(37bUa)Adult (m)1,7176853
qCqFoQueen of Golden PetalsAdult (f)2,5607804
vuKXa(vuKXa)Adult (m)1,5526351
cCPJt(cCPJt)Adult (f)3,9097643
LclCs(LclCs)Adult (m)3,0636772
hsQm8(hsQm8)Adult (m)2,2065094
QsNnW(QsNnW)Adult (m)2,2465103
Nq4JI(Nq4JI)Adult (m)2,8395984
RGGBm(RGGBm)Adult (f)2,2045283
utg8j(utg8j)Adult (f)2,6275673
6QSEqBe  With   YouAdult (f)1,9425862
ETa0uMe   AgainAdult (f)1,8834944
HVc50Let Me LayAdult (m)1,7615992
DtusHylloH bo-BeelohAdult (f)2,2836482
sx39i(sx39i)Adult (f)2,1896185
6v9pV(6v9pV)Adult (m)1,6407872
Mic9IBeing Male Was An Option Q-MarkAdult (m)2,1355971
gtBwC(gtBwC)Adult (m)5,0931,0364
BAuPP(BAuPP)Adult (m)4,9951,0206
Co82t(Co82t)Adult (m)4,5589834
pzzOICome LoveAdult (m)1,8695671
MUnHB(MUnHB)Adult (f)2,3006144
AaM0E(AaM0E)Adult (m)2,0385881
fOjo3(fOjo3)Adult (f)1,8615421
AcyfX(AcyfX)Adult (f)2,2146561
9LG76(9LG76)Adult (m)2,1216671
ztOn4(ztOn4)Adult (f)2,3547943
IpwJi(IpwJi)Adult (f)2,7705881
RezcQ(RezcQ)Adult (f)3,0035912
7sEjFSmall Piece of PulpAdult (m)2,2426016
L7iQiAgalaga AstrapiaAdult (f)1,9466005
te8kbP PossumAdult (f)2,0126105
BCRAG(BCRAG)Adult (m)1,9216671
ItNJgFresh from The FridgeAdult (f)1,9726882
i8CT2AmemageaAdult (f)1,9996631
Oc4FbYou Knew It Was MeAdult (f)1,7507371
Nt5EMMajeaAdult (m)2,8415073
v4oPSValorienAdult (m)2,5514631
DfkYzPinkerfaceAdult (m)2,3037042
pOo7RPoor IV Ruber IIAdult (m)6,82295830
n9SuvBovine PoliceAdult (m)7,1319957
7yA1APart Of The CountryAdult (m)1,8077711
UwXGSThe Eyes Have HillsAdult (f)1,8327471
Qb6QpVestigial FingersAdult (m)1,9007781
7hnI0Autumn Golden LeavesAdult (f)3,8565183
z9NR5BenignitudeAdult (f)2,0546920
tCYxjBefore You BreakAdult (m)3,0095903
IruoCSipi Soapy SeppoAdult (f)1,9097844
J7VFQSugarsweet LemonadeAdult (m)2,1105414
JnKO0Betting On BlackAdult (m)2,6946294
cFFI1CiffsAdult (m)2,6645883
ZSgT5Z'Painted SeaAdult (m)2,4657072
IEy5JIn Your LaughterAdult (f)1,7207162
HzdqeHung to DryAdult (f)1,6927271
9WXDEEnnthAdult (f)1,8585443
h0SVHSilver CoralsAdult (f)4,6096125
meno8ForborneAdult (m)9,0381,1937
6p0K0SipokoAdult (f)2,5487083
14FP0Spongy BabbyAdult (f)2,78067121
qPk5KSnippy-SnapAdult (m)2,8967161
S9QZCMacaroni NecklaceAdult (m)3,5656907
r8ysiDisguised In KindnessAdult (m)2,3217053
sIFn6Loathing  FateAdult (m)6,1721,2815
ovjMFAn Odd CountryAdult (m)2,2627032
K9A9uBoyonettaAdult (m)3,4107045
MUGn6How Long 'Til I Am PureAdult (m)1,9317022
GA1QFImpending DeathAdult (f)2,3727023
oA3i5Tales As Old As TimeAdult (f)2,4097092
QvDHR(QvDHR)Adult (f)2,1006391
JS1OjAubirnaAdult (f)1,8755912
heA9PCuddles McStuffingtonAdult (m)2,4556564
bMHERHer the HimAdult (m)2,9039714
mRtZpIn Sunny CaliAdult (m)2,6065932
AnliXUnconsenting Blood DonorAdult (m)5,3571,1482
lgT0NYOUNG AND SWEETAdult (f)3,5137052
u6FeZHeart-AttackAdult (f)3,7536221
saS6lKagrine and Milon WarszawskiAdult (f)3,3787063
xVnsHDAN-CING QUEENAdult (f)2,4217082
RpZUA(RpZUA)Adult (f)2,9228051
gPh5CIn A DesertAdult (m)2,3097101
AEiSeAeiseAdult (m)2,2949365
5594eStrangrAdult (m)2,4707501
JLaqrStomach PunchiesAdult (m)2,8665633
bwWTXLovely MailAdult (f)2,2985202
j0K8QQueen RynumAdult (f)3,5835275
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