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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “ClarissaFray,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Ln70When Two Are OneAdult (m)4,7901,1312
sFmBHer Portrait In BlackAdult (m)2,5268629
2PgYLipgloss And BlackAdult (m)2,9227532
m1R7Black Soul ChoirAdult (m)4,7111,0335
fL59My HeroineAdult (f)3,8538898
oE7eCalm In The ChaosAdult (f)3,8839630
ArssDivinity WithinAdult (m)3,0559463
GPj7g(GPj7g)Adult (m)3,1371,0200
TZQO(TZQO)Adult (m)2,7281,2016
XEPU(XEPU)Adult (m)3,3789442
o9HAeI ClimbAdult (f)2,0274962
BteW(BteW)Adult (m)2,7521,1639
jltL(jltL)Adult (m)3,4451,0155
UBNr(UBNr)Adult (m)2,2297454
UBtgTulips Are BetterAdult (f)2,8971,1536
xWNhAAn Adult TreeAdult (m)1,9776801
Jb9vClouds Over CaliforniaAdult (f)2,6701,16010
6GpZ(6GpZ)Adult (f)2,8201,0933
NZKfWhere Dead Ships DwellAdult (m)4,6051,0211
57vHUnbound The Wild RideAdult (m)2,7018615
PumTDanger LineAdult (f)2,5679619
fahdA Static LullabyAdult (f)2,3526212
rb09(rb09)Adult (f)4,3329553
IN6W(IN6W)Adult (f)3,9289424
MH45b(MH45b)Adult (m)1,8397680
Rnf9Warmness of the SoulAdult (f)3,7358993
sjNLMy Nightmare's DreamAdult (m)2,7046941
aCgb(aCgb)Adult (f)1,9396396
FmhX(FmhX)Adult (f)4,8221,0474
uRlDFossil GeneraAdult (f)2,8229055
AChATerra SolarisAdult (m)2,3766683
rSEMYou Eclipsed By MeAdult (m)2,6981,1894
uEYO(uEYO)Adult (m)5,4951,23310
2MKSj(2MKSj)Adult (m)3,5031,0290
rv8UH(rv8UH)Adult (m)3,2795690
MS9SMarch To The ShoreAdult (m)2,5749686
btXt(btXt)Adult (f)1,8065305
Vl3ZThe Deepest GreyAdult (m)3,2441,12817
EFOG(EFOG)Adult (m)3,2258673
FKKkSavor The KillAdult (m)2,1098888
uVQpViolent By NatureAdult (f)2,3294587
9fXGGWalking DisasterAdult (f)3,5221,0492
uKOA6(uKOA6)Adult (m)3,1231,0520
fm8BThe Sound Of TruthAdult (f)2,4149723
gplDSoul WarsAdult (f)2,6619885
IELKThe Good LifeAdult (m)3,0801,30437
Yih5(Yih5)Adult (f)2,4091,06810
mfUBThe ComedownAdult (m)2,1456394
TGnaThe World Engulfed In FlamesAdult (m)3,2041,0911
1tV0(1tV0)Adult (f)3,9159503
QMS5Modern Day FireAdult (m)2,9949435
HPI4Sounding the Seventh TrumpetAdult (m)2,6848671
BkhoOcean Of ApathyAdult (m)2,4688667
Mcv9Anodyne SeaAdult (f)2,7839502
AS0NAn Ocean Between UsAdult (m)2,7767152
CGCK0(CGCK0)Adult (m)1,7513481
DZBqvReflect The StormAdult (m)2,5019151
ce8kLend Myself To The NightAdult (m)3,5011,16616
YX9VI've Been DreamingAdult (m)4,2791,0396
VE5RHold Back The DayAdult (m)3,0148974
CyHNA(CyHNA)Adult (m)1,3302973
qJOSUnder A Very Black SkyAdult (m)3,4731,01915
fnMsDialogue With The StarsAdult (m)2,0974570
N7qVCrawl Through KnivesAdult (m)4,0021,6119
smNo(smNo)Adult (m)1,7918203
o5FK(o5FK)Adult (f)4,9151,1774
OEJBn(OEJBn)Adult (m)2,5424952
ElPTNatural LifeAdult (m)3,6511,1425
LYlRInformal GluttonyAdult (m)2,4559287
mBjcAll Within My HandsAdult (m)2,9111,1361
coO0(coO0)Adult (m)3,9561,0374
IRRF(IRRF)Adult (f)2,4587350
aG6sYBorders And ShadingAdult (m)2,2839471
3RDH(3RDH)Adult (f)2,4567570
m4GlB(m4GlB)Adult (f)2,1889270
3gn6(3gn6)Adult (f)2,4967643
EJMOq(EJMOq)Adult (f)2,2569581
7QHW(7QHW)Adult (m)2,4837882
XSY2Becoming The BullAdult (m)4,6551,0345
msOIDevilDriverAdult (f)1,6907692
StnmDance InsideAdult (f)1,8566311
Ktfj(Ktfj)Adult (m)2,3607883
q9oXF(q9oXF)Adult (f)3,1111,0573
XodM2(XodM2)Adult (m)3,1975683
CRTIHell Of A SeasonAdult (m)2,4934179
vPK8(vPK8)Adult (f)2,8467407
QsN9Ants Of The SkyAdult (f)2,5421,0048
8deQ(8deQ)Adult (m)1,9996954
7r1E2Kill Your HerosAdult (f)1,9126821
raJdOf Gods And MonstersAdult (m)1,9127324
JB3e(JB3e)Adult (m)4,1001,00415
g4Qo(g4Qo)Adult (f)3,3399552
ARmuAsh Tree LaneAdult (f)2,12374513
lh19(lh19)Adult (m)4,0679344
4dWJCrown Of LoveAdult (m)2,0346645
IFFKThe Blinding Of False LightAdult (m)2,7226922
WASACathode Ray SunshineAdult (f)2,6796970
0ShV2A New DawnAdult (f)2,8395231
iBh9Daylight's Last HourAdult (f)2,91199313
CDn2You Can't Fill My ShadowAdult (m)2,5077032
PktIVanishing LightAdult (f)2,87099110
3F8iCrowns Of CreationAdult (m)2,2946163
DJg0Welcome To The RainbowAdult (m)4,3739372
gvON0(gvON0)Adult (f)1,3223242
VlZao(VlZao)Adult (f)3,5971,0443
A2TTj(A2TTj)Adult (f)2,1525000
JY8U(JY8U)Adult (m)3,3729764
WsDA7(WsDA7)Adult (m)1,5487082
GYTHw(GYTHw)Adult (m)2,0976601
gDxtN(gDxtN)Adult (m)2,8394881
FUOe2(FUOe2)Adult (m)1,8207702
Vo2e(Vo2e)Adult (m)2,4428788
6cZ4f(6cZ4f)Adult (m)1,9156912
dcYMc(dcYMc)Adult (m)1,6503441
KEHAA Vampire's LamentAdult (m)1,8577394
r6EmWho DiedAdult (m)1,7557490
UcrPGod ForsakenAdult (m)3,03541510
oitYSay You'll Haunt MeAdult (f)3,1489321
sgaTSome Sort Of CreatureAdult (m)4,2231,04310
XBXZ(XBXZ)Adult (f)2,4117930
aqQsSimple DesignAdult (m)2,7127134
pYlLWhite WallsAdult (f)2,9201,0219
2GFhInfluence Of A Drowsy GodAdult (m)4,1279886
XCOcReason To BelieveAdult (m)4,3169793
k1hqWings For MarieAdult (m)4,7841,0163
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