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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Cirvihi,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
G9J6D(G9J6D)Adult (f)3,5285871
Y307n(Y307n)Dead Egg111
1Duu8(1Duu8)Adult (m)3,0506671
7zDae(7zDae)Adult (f)8,0741,3084
1GPtf(1GPtf)Adult (m)8,5511,3492
gghNZ(gghNZ)Adult (f)8,1181,3062
NSjNn(NSjNn)Adult (m)10,4451,3557
gZJlY(gZJlY)Adult (f)3,7456692
7gVaz(7gVaz)Adult (f)3,8136571
TY4RG(TY4RG)Adult (f)3,7527481
RQUfI(RQUfI)Adult (f)3,1615958
jXrgN(jXrgN)Adult (f)3,5927103
R3Zj0(R3Zj0)Adult (m)4,9037000
jdpqx(jdpqx)Adult (f)4,2526560
qthp7(qthp7)Adult (m)3,9217671
WzdhV(WzdhV)Adult (m)4,7527040
mBrTfBeizoAdult (m)4,9186940
8nmnZ(8nmnZ)Adult (f)3,1568576
liy8R(liy8R)Adult (f)3,1996561
8IANDLacula-CoilAdult (m)3,1316461
EzuDPEzuniiAdult (f)3,0756402
HE2NA(HE2NA)Adult (m)3,8697171
2hWTk(2hWTk)Adult (f)3,7396853
2k7j3(2k7j3)Adult (f)2,4565753
RhAey(RhAey)Adult (m)2,5254014
ghpwAKimberly's OmenAdult (f)2,2197163
57IHqStriped-Holly ThuwedAdult (m)3,9991,1626
LnpxeLenny and PoeAdult (m)2,9167932
yN1TTWelsnaAdult (f)3,5745221
oExT5(oExT5)Adult (m)2,7456082
nGpf6(nGpf6)Adult (m)3,8687602
vWa9ATimothieAdult (m)4,2936461
uUIiw(uUIiw)Adult (f)5,0835554
kfaqc(kfaqc)Adult (f)2,9745562
ARbZDFrom SilverAdult (m)4,5746342
auZmSCirvihiAdult (f)2,3299088
y3ZkJCirvihi's StrangeloveAdult (f)3,21447372
93XaTCirvihi Xixi VivishiAdult (f)2,7808527
oEl1IVey Raeshae ArkayAdult (m)2,32568117
MZ0ceTiamat Ummu-HuburAdult (f)2,9559524
RphRgYam LotanAdult (m)5,1607829
DgJMnCeyrvaehae Aiyay VaeshaeAdult (f)2,6445566
m2toOHomunculus SilvasAdult (m)3,59632116
lbtpfIn The Darkness Something MovesAdult (m)5,0036266
QnLHfWhere The Dead Ships DwellAdult (m)3,1103492
1T6CwAnd The Fever Began To SpreadAdult (f)2,6886413
E0I9zFury of the AncientsAdult (m)3,4865766
sahCrSahcre DeLorailAdult (f)1,79161611
qX4hlElite Black HyrhiemAdult (m)3,3371,1075
BGAvZOverdoneAdult (f)2,7555946
MYRPkMyrrimeAdult (f)1,91064311
VlslsViliSilisAdult (m)2,97865010
mfFvRSilvana VaeshaeAdult (f)2,6377282
4YA8AVeyja ValentheAdult (f)1,8355503
W4nptVayjor ValentheAdult (m)2,9726371
BZHMdNoir Eternal ThuwedAdult (m)3,0092665
V3WjREvermore ThuwedAdult (m)2,8699312
TdSvTLady OnyxhideAdult (f)2,4128957
XGqFOLord GreenglareAdult (m)2,6038702
QDrt5QuevvreaAdult (f)1,8607681
VJQ8uThe New Black ThuwedAdult (f)3,8823325
nf1DWCirvihi's Black ThuwedAdult (m)2,9814767
WThgNThe New ThuwedAdult (m)2,2165474
QzOVgDark Tinsel DorkfaceAdult (f)2,0195772
8RokNightscythe Of BerkAdult (f)2,55637745
2IGKBattle Fury Of BerkAdult (m)2,90231446
ECFaeFaerin Death Of BerkAdult (m)3,9293427
3AHIJKnight Fury of BerkAdult (m)1,5806971
TRZrgKocha KaiAdult (f)3,3257535
Ooug6Ater UmbraAdult (f)3,1627472
e2AipMorkeleb-The-BlackAdult (m)2,7995654
wWfnZCirvihi's Black Forest CakeAdult (m)3,32951310
K22l0SkithaAdult (f)2,8325464
MOqNLord AravecAdult (m)5,66796448
DObRLady ArrowillAdult (f)2,90331742
hPRdChemistry Is Essential I GuessAdult (f)1,87619626
tZLEPhysicists Made It HarderAdult (m)1,95219224
sdgwPhysics Control The UniverseAdult (m)8246895
jCB3This Is Why I Teach MathAdult (m)1,29866311
O1i4ySome Kind Of JokeAdult (m)2,37288710
KOuKkCertain Dark ThingsAdult (f)3,3109146
IXkHlSovereign FuryAdult (m)2,5936399
YjWpbBlack MothAdult (f)1,6966349
qQ6hFLady ShimmershadeAdult (f)1,86962812
B9le8Sure Shine CiRAdult (m)3,3837527
S2SMFDark Winter For My ValentineAdult (m)4,0101,1026
tuoLlDarrin's SourpussAdult (m)3,9291,06518
pf2N1Cirvihi's Dark CornerAdult (m)2,2696202
CsElnDarkstrike GoldenswordAdult (m)3,1771,0494
CAjZGSummer's Burnt SilverAdult (m)4,4918215
VnJgrBlack RebelAdult (f)3,48466110
daUfiA Penny's Worth of IgniteAdult (f)2,4355542
o8beOlin DeathbaneAdult (m)1,62635338
7IUVKaia DeathbaneAdult (f)1,24664914
b6o2ShakathaAdult (f)1,85819224
hhWhRethenAdult (m)2,32927322
aevHUnholy Loyal ShadowAdult (m)3,42233748
WtVwSaureth GoldhornAdult (m)3,23032539
9dPrJaerAdult (m)2,01140414
fs2aArwin DeathbaneAdult (f)1,57622340
JdP2Nara DeathbaneAdult (f)2,33622927
fD11Black From GoldAdult (m)3,29328713
9uhSHarmony ReminiscenceAdult (f)3,1992203
psN9Coal In The GoldAdult (m)2,9922003
icSvClore Black KnightAdult (f)1,27653715
GMZ5XMarauder Black KnightAdult (m)1,9076757
vS45PMailan ObsidiannaAdult (f)1,6015512
Tsf7Ru M'EnthaAdult (f)2,86219313
HFsVKVertical ScrollAdult (f)3,2841,0702
YNDm0Falkreath CemetaryAdult (m)3,9849402
WA4jBlack Night MagicAdult (f)2,60426034
np9lDark Night MagicAdult (m)1,86338819
7PopaBright Night MagicAdult (m)3,1669083
9Lt3Fierce Night MagicAdult (m)4,1703274
8YUKCharcoal Night MagicAdult (m)9723523
sGoBBlazing Night MagicAdult (m)2,13216633
SGiUBurnt Night MagicAdult (m)2,3202283
FhVLOcathelloAdult (m)2,27122028
2YSaMorteth DeathbaneAdult (m)2,11338310
D8aYKharakshaAdult (m)2,25638412
2TKNsClaire ReevesAdult (f)2,9586895
exfkzDark MalevolenceAdult (f)2,1336282
o7o9SDark MalignanceAdult (m)2,2516264
ewPbqThe Gilded DeathAdult (m)3,0716393
usvOTMerry Gone BelowAdult (m)2,9046442
wn4ssDarkness in the WoodsAdult (f)3,3758401
LotrFTime Stops for NoneAdult (m)2,6637241
uhB73Devilishly RoyaltyAdult (m)2,7217841
iEfORA Love Song to Old BonesAdult (f)2,5286653
QMIQRCurse of the WorldAdult (m)2,7197043
DPZTwToxic Love HexxusAdult (m)2,4306761
ndi5VZercronimAdult (m)2,2975961
rymHwDevotedly BewitchedAdult (f)3,4158312
SS4XHO'DeathAdult (m)1,8827743
uIkZeWell I Am DeathAdult (f)2,2168646
XjGPaWelcome To The JungleAdult (m)1,8157822
32ooILove Lies DyingAdult (f)1,7517161
5FAfULove's Dying FuryAdult (m)1,3776661
vRveXVrevexAdult (f)2,1826241
n9EBGFrom Darkest HeartsAdult (f)3,5131,1944
RfiaWDartmoor TrekAdult (m)2,0235573
yQj8iSaint of Hearts and Broken BonesAdult (f)4,0138413
qxb1oEntropy's DaughterAdult (f)4,1408883
K5niXRattling of the StormAdult (m)2,8874496
D8u6rThe Clacking of Old BonesAdult (m)3,5998331
FmCr4Uncanny ValleyAdult (m)1,4176661
pgiOsThe Dead SpaceAdult (m)1,8895841
NhbNvAyaluAdult (f)3,7941,1541
lycrDThis Monster LivesAdult (m)1,3657161
mfIBpDedicated To How I'm Killing YouAdult (m)2,3939124
0ESOUUncanny HorizonAdult (f)1,4456751
UkVehUncanny IntensityAdult (m)2,2436131
re6HNSpiteful SpritelingHatchling (f, F)3,8398611
XHL8vThe Despised OneAdult (f)2,1846644
KfRmrAlvullahAdult (m)1,9275932
r2klLKing of the DespisedAdult (m)2,0756196
wsvvGLady VehemenceAdult (f)2,0736285
xkMsiCirvihi's Dark MagicianAdult (f)2,0376422
ZrzWkLord VindicationAdult (m)2,0016533
0nD3yWrathful DesireAdult (m)2,2956083
Jc3WaHerald of Your DemiseAdult (f)3,1495575
KhDFDPrince of the Abhorrent SilverAdult (m)2,9396073
ou3TNDespised SunAdult (f)3,2255657
vlYAMManipulator of MagicAdult (f)3,1335608
bsFF4Su-MM-onAdult (m)2,1877641
7yjkwH-e-XAdult (f)2,1667581
Ro5OwBurning HarbringerAdult (f)3,2566281
ocknPBurning PresageAdult (m)3,0596232
SrhyVArgent ProphecyAdult (m)3,3338241
fGM6nPhantom of AlisetAdult (m)1,9077971
qt9JvPhantom FeelingAdult (m)1,9285671
Moes8Valentine's PhantomAdult (f)1,7805966
KfTtwShadowed Belladonna of KirktonAdult (f)3,7921,0115
G0MAlKremlin King of AngelsAdult (m)2,2095811
4Cux3Guns of Love DisastrousAdult (f)2,2498695
BWflIPale Princess of a PalaceAdult (f)2,0665681
UNH9aWe are All that is LeftAdult (f)2,2168655
DNqAjIs It Dark Where You AreAdult (f)1,9575273
ZZRqbBy the Cliffs of InsanityAdult (m)3,6911,0347
atN7MCirvihi's NightlightAdult (f)2,7417112
fNqQxCirvihi's TorchlightAdult (m)2,8075851
zslvqLunar MassacreAdult (f)2,5206265
liVVkMidnight HemorrhageAdult (m)2,5606106
5d9wdChrononaut WallAdult (m)3,6725723
U7uPGBlue PeregrineAdult (f)3,3565824
9HJnmNightfire's FuryAdult (f)2,0766811
BMiInBlue Lady PeregrinusAdult (f)2,0766601
dv2oqKirith Wraith FuryAdult (m)2,1685806
d4BKIDusk Fury Of BerkAdult (f)2,9693504
BrcDYNavy Fury Of BerkAdult (f)3,1915356
qpffWAriel de la Mort BleueAdult (f)3,5475078
K1atLA Ghostly GreenAdult (m)2,4456964
ZZAFRAn Emerald SpectreAdult (f)2,6207385
ukAk9BluetongueAdult (m)1,8816883
uTignUnibrowAdult (f)2,1516152
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