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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Cinnamin Draconna,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Es6GTara's Leetle TreeEgg (F)
SaUX3Day Brown Night BlueHatchling (F)2,0484411
WQJzkZombie Bait BelowHatchling (F)2,0253163
sFwZL(sFwZL)Adult (f)4,2527601
tjkbi(tjkbi)Adult (f)4,0557511
R2Y9N(R2Y9N)Adult (f)4,1657531
LKaXm(LKaXm)Adult (f)5,0808901
rGZbO(rGZbO)Adult (f)5,2268671
9vGfH(9vGfH)Adult (m)5,3659071
Uw9lN(Uw9lN)Adult (f)4,8708360
BM7VN(BM7VN)Adult (f)4,9288591
tX9ey(tX9ey)Adult (m)4,8658290
z5gmQ(z5gmQ)Adult (m)4,8818041
bqUFj(bqUFj)Adult (m)5,2621,0002
lzgAi(lzgAi)Adult (f)5,3911,0102
b79St(b79St)Adult (m)5,3859984
YBHAh(YBHAh)Adult (f)5,1329902
Cy7wn(Cy7wn)Adult (f)5,4391,0241
FmKoz(FmKoz)Adult (f)5,4851,0351
BjAse(BjAse)Adult (m)5,2759991
oYJSU(oYJSU)Adult (f)5,1759723
2DiNCZombie Bait AboveHatchling (F)2,1163063
6UtrMy SpecialsHatchling (F)1,3125553
C3H8Great Mother DraconnaAdult (f)4,7001,06120
4MtGSky Father DraconnaAdult (m)8,84582654
GoMWgMother Goddess DraconnaAdult (f)6,7601,05221
oWaNZBeta Drache DraconnaAdult (m)7,76284910
Gh7uNeglected Mouse DraconnaAdult4,66938944
CiNY(CiNY)Adult (f)2,98593212
cINNA(cINNA)Adult (m)2,3657094
IoTKcTara's Upside-down MintAdult (m)3,9349593
bFKDPure Silver LineageHatchling (F)2,9488513
r7tpBrightmoon DraconnaAdult (m)4,1971,24451
pUhUStarstrike DraconnaAdult (m)3,8601,13835
bhvWMoondream DraconnaAdult (f)5,3221,36534
Ngy5Moonshae DraconnaAdult (f)5,2371,08921
eu5DMiami Moon DraconnaAdult (m)4,5811,39620
2YpbStarshine DraconnaAdult (f)2,8856827
89MUjMorning Star DraconnaAdult (m)5,5267764
J4rtBShining Star DraconnaAdult (f)5,0006396
R6V3VSparkling Star DraconnaAdult (f)5,9196653
2fJxQMoon Star DraconnaAdult (m)5,2876592
O4n85Dazzling Star DraconnaAdult (f)4,5137753
47TsEBright Star DraconnaAdult (m)4,2307781
3PjvNMoon Glow DraconnaAdult (f)4,0626975
5tCy2Star Glow DraconnaAdult (m)4,3258513
y1WsKWinter Moon DraconnaAdult (f)5,5237092
nGsESpriter's ALT 2nd GensHatchling (F)1,3144994
vuL5AS ChimeDancer DraconnaAdult (f)1,8659379
lvMWAS Lady Lyzar DraconnaAdult (f)2,08259834
ev52AS Jazi's Quest DraconnaAdult (m)3,1737078
LAo8AS Lord Lyzar DraconnaAdult (m)3,98094820
FXYoFAS WindDasher DraconnaAdult (f)2,4158323
BbNGqAS Gentle Silver Rose DraconnaAdult (m)2,50489814
uLk6qAS Shadow Song DraconnaAdult (f)2,4788666
8NEWClan DraconnaHatchling (F)1,7285243
3Bg89(3Bg89)Adult (m)3,3808143
j3Bey(j3Bey)Adult (f)3,2137152
KszgW(KszgW)Adult (m)4,1736603
WFRFD(WFRFD)Adult (m)4,0147272
EKDT0(EKDT0)Adult (f)2,6307391
aZLGg(aZLGg)Adult (m)2,1927064
81meE(81meE)Adult (m)3,1717644
nhQrx(nhQrx)Adult (f)3,3117581
EB3iElizabeth DraconnaAdult (f)1,31635611
moCYGreaseball DraconnaAdult (m)3,17929110
4YIfo(4YIfo)Adult (m)3,2677732
xeNZS(xeNZS)Adult (f)3,1377131
8GUgcSelim Sabbag DraconnaAdult (m)2,7517881
YrFx6Salma Tahan DraconnaAdult (f)2,7707730
moePhNuru Srour DraconnaAdult (m)3,5646581
6hqyESarah Ghannam DraconnaAdult (f)3,4456412
kn4yzMaibe Rahal DraconnaAdult (f)4,5036424
5brLoNuru Masih DraconnaAdult (m)3,3965983
yVDx1Femi Morcos DraconnaAdult (f)3,2275843
PqJPdMale Basara DraconnaAdult (m)3,3485943
ER5QdOmorose Hadad DraconnaAdult (f)3,8777182
VEU7QBaniti Atiyeh DraconnaAdult (f)3,4445872
c89oWOdion Totah DraconnaAdult (m)2,8365641
GEi4TRania Tuma DraconnaAdult (f)2,8645612
dx2ErQeb Bazzi DraconnaAdult (m)3,8055344
EmKZSAymn Toma DraconnaAdult (m)4,1165524
TkzulNagwa Sarkis DraconnaAdult (f)3,2805502
uX4D8Abdelrahman Antoun DraconnaAdult (m)3,4955512
nNksqNile Kassis DraconnaAdult (f)3,6855842
w5Q1YHatem Mustafa DraconnaAdult (m)3,6716651
AENg3Tale Kanaan DraconnaAdult (f)2,4475693
SQG95Anwar Qureshi DraconnaAdult (m)3,9945944
WZPPjNourane Asghar DraconnaAdult (f)3,6955474
mkrZeAli Kanaan DraconnaAdult (m)3,5126022
hkcTOAmal Harb DraconnaAdult (f)3,6166632
SIVJMShakir Aswad DraconnaAdult (m)2,9615932
hBxlNHaroeris DraconnaAdult (m)3,1977380
eEKYbSerket DraconnaAdult (f)3,4027251
QOfGg(QOfGg)Adult (f)4,4457621
ZQkUQ(ZQkUQ)Adult (m)3,1407452
5LvSC(5LvSC)Adult (f)3,9987221
5OUpS(5OUpS)Adult (f)4,3467331
2Cupx(2Cupx)Adult (m)3,9937270
SHt6M(SHt6M)Adult (m)4,0527051
vo8NS(vo8NS)Adult (f)3,8186802
3hzlWorld's Ugliest Female DragonAdult (f)4,1851,44291
SooPAWorld's Ugliest Male DragonAdult (m)3,1988413
OxWvRLwaxana Troi DraconnaAdult (f)4,3078042
RHitKIan Andrew Troi DraconnaAdult (m)5,0428371
ft3fbElizabeth Taylor DraconnaAdult (f)4,8968521
R4HNBRichard Burton DraconnaAdult (m)4,3318251
c4GyDRoger Vadim DraconnaAdult (m)4,5028012
EPwu4Jane Fonda DraconnaAdult (f)4,7478612
fBhCpZsa Zsa Gabor DraconnaAdult (f)4,7537842
DXvfAFrederic von Anhalt DraconnaAdult (m)5,8617342
NoqTZ(NoqTZ)Adult (m)4,6887374
TueSw(TueSw)Adult (f)4,1847132
33fICBeta Ice DraconnaAdult (f)3,9541,0339
yhmZvBeta Balloon DraconnaAdult (f)4,49595237
0QKS9Beta Solstice DraconnaAdult (m)6,1958239
Q3b6iBeta Arsani DraconnaAdult (f)6,0869387
MtlNABeta Blacktip DraconnaAdult (f)5,8591,03118
doIloBeta Radiant Angel DraconnaAdult (f)8,46965319
JhGMdBeta Winter Magi DraconnaAdult (f)5,7699264
7feyBBeta Snow Angel DraconnaAdult (m)9,1688343
sGTxLBeta Daydream DraconnaAdult (f)6,6369184
d8ZiLBeta Golden Wyvern DraconnaAdult (m)5,6769243
HVinlBeta Shadow Walker DraconnaAdult (m)6,1368178
0mB5WBeta Magi DraconnaAdult (m)7,9066904
o5PHaBeta Moonstone DraconnaAdult (m)7,3026066
aJWFdBeta Nocturne DraconnaAdult (m)5,1999603
FZnf4Beta Seasonal DraconnaAdult (f)4,7559172
CGuAoBeta Yulebuck DraconnaAdult (f)6,28677315
bkckBBeta Gold DraconnaAdult (m)6,1978676
0LZj8Beta Black Tea DraconnaAdult (f)5,4911,06912
HoGQWBeta Ribbon Dancer DraconnaAdult (m)5,31279512
1QEAABeta Blusang DraconnaAdult (m)6,01580317
n6unhBeta Silver DraconnaAdult (f)6,16878610
JDZAaBeta Red Copper DraconnaAdult (m)7,7617859
NFMFfBeta Brown Copper DraconnaAdult (f)5,3848123
g7eRUBeta Gold Shimmer DraconnaAdult (f)6,5837738
AZwvmBeta Holly DraconnaAdult (m)5,2078494
iZI9zBeta Blue Banded DraconnaAdult (f)6,4779154
xNwrkBeta Wrapping Wing DraconnaAdult (m)6,7928564
LEENeBeta Aegis DraconnaAdult (m)7,5127810
cbZbNBeta Waverunner DraconnaAdult (m)9,4028211
DY9CfBeta Green Copper DraconnaAdult (m)8,3516247
qdFcEBeta Mistletoe DraconnaAdult (m)6,7875394
4pvI9Beta Deep Sea DraconnaAdult (f)7,9658515
1MiL0Beta Green DraconnaAdult (m)6,8558105
lhAcGBeta Nebula DraconnaAdult (f)7,3956285
giOeqBeta Pyralspite DraconnaAdult (f)7,45073311
kHiY3Beta Purple DraconnaAdult (m)6,6651,0383
8cqz1Beta Redfin DraconnaAdult (m)5,7469695
zlWx5Beta Stone DraconnaAdult (m)6,1955917
wjRAlBeta Striped-river DraconnaAdult (f)6,5325874
a3uJ3Beta Teimarr DraconnaAdult (f)6,6789645
vzxFzBeta Magma DraconnaAdult (m)4,7191,09115
1hzl3Beta Black DraconnaAdult (m)6,11087411
fVqDkBeta Black Marrow DraconnaAdult (f)6,0649255
cLMUdBeta Bleeding Moon DraconnaAdult (m)5,95277918
9C4J2Beta Brimstone DraconnaAdult (f)6,5701,0756
mrHCqBeta Lurker DraconnaAdult (f)6,9787419
RUQspBeta Caligene DraconnaAdult (m)5,0931,0357
DeGYbBeta Desipis DraconnaAdult (m)6,6699856
d18GyBeta Ember DraconnaAdult (m)7,7458785
7Z2IqBeta Witchlight DraconnaAdult (m)6,3398884
bMADOBeta Hellfire DraconnaAdult (m)6,0899536
wtLCvBeta Seragamma DraconnaAdult (f)6,3288716
7c90VBeta Sunstone DraconnaAdult (m)9,7931,4601
1LU2Y(1LU2Y)Adult (f)2,6506501
nzXca(nzXca)Adult (m)2,9426982
E1W4J(E1W4J)Adult (m)3,5686922
Ud4TI(Ud4TI)Adult (f)3,6507132
mFWlDirigible DraconnaAdult (m)4,37043410
LhYeLady Zepplin DraconnaAdult (f)1,4561,0044
nQ8TBouncing Bertha DraconnaAdult (f)3,20281712
oXDNBubble Belly DraconnaAdult (m)3,99259010
KKd0iCold Ethyl DraconnaAdult (f)6,4001,3892
o5UCrAlice Cooper DraconnaAdult (m)2,4079014
Da3STCrosseyed Daisy DraconnaAdult (f)2,0415573
9vLCaNine Lives Cat Dragon DraconnaAdult (m)6,0051,1825
8FKY0Flying Skate Key DraconnaAdult (f)2,3561,0301
MO0FHMoo Cow For Hire DraconnaAdult (f)4,5957606
JUq8jJerking Jukebox DraconnaAdult (m)3,0271,0323
8sdirDirectory Assistance DraconnaAdult (m)5,0091,0426
vQDR5Dream Quest v5 DraconnaAdult (f)2,9178893
41vhvNightmare on Elm Street DraconnaAdult (m)2,7528793
jYOKYThe Joker DraconnaAdult (m)2,4367834
liuN6Lunatic Fringe DraconnaAdult (m)2,5235933
bJh3XBhanjax DraconnaAdult (m)2,1396094
qDPE0Queen Depends DraconnaAdult (f)2,3286872
IBdm5Badman 5 DraconnaAdult (m)2,03062724
FKtnLFunny Kitten Laughs DraconnaAdult (m)1,7696433
MepfdFaded Penny DraconnaAdult (m)2,5256813
SOu3ZSqueezebox DraconnaAdult (f)2,6466401
FFq7aFat Fred DraconnaAdult (m)2,6956592
d2DgVDouble Dagger DraconnaAdult (m)2,6516864
4R9L8Just For Laughs DraconnaAdult (f)1,5175963
ZTke8Zookeeper DraconnaAdult (f)2,6347484
32Dl7Call Me Delilah DraconnaAdult (f)3,1776874
sFgJDark Khisanth DraconnaAdult (f)6,0511,34364
76onDark Moon DraconnaAdult (m)3,1961,22079
1ETWDark Night DraconnaAdult (m)4,7141,40357
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