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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Chrysantza,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
fwBNg(fwBNg)Hatchling (m)4,6401,0931
Wn9vPCutest Little Janus-FaceAdult (m)3,1371,13513
vkLstStheno Two-HeadsAdult (f)2,8728629
W7Vd1Harvey Dent of DragcaveAdult (m)3,3168279
cmmV9Euryale Two-HeadsAdult (f)2,1447645
6UPFJ(6UPFJ)Adult (f)3,01894614
0ehhc(0ehhc)Adult (m)5,0087874
FFx4T(FFx4T)Adult (m)4,2891,1201
ZHXEwHorror and SlobbrAdult (m)2,6658635
cjS3PAzalea and RhododendronAdult (f)2,5828066
2hDJrEdward and EdwynAdult (m)2,4678802
i253TAnna and HannahAdult (f)2,3688693
lwzXeSteven and StephenAdult (m)3,2001,2504
8t9n9(8t9n9)Adult (f)2,6329225
pi0uV(pi0uV)Adult (f)3,3989667
zTZkF(zTZkF)Adult (m)2,7739302
GUqIC(GUqIC)Adult (f)3,3191,0423
sdbTF(sdbTF)Adult (m)2,8678622
uE6hX(uE6hX)Adult (f)2,0106445
NueXH(NueXH)Adult (f)2,6078475
C3vZj(C3vZj)Adult (m)5,4049961
2TsNyRitta and ChristinaAdult (f)2,6028063
61n1oGemini OpalescenceAdult (m)2,5668452
VPAW1Vanora and VanessaAdult (f)2,7239193
Vgul4Vermiglia and DinoraAdult (f)2,4327402
xqE40Aaron and ZebedeeAdult (m)2,9199293
QCQHtJessica and JoannaAdult (f)2,7429005
aeAeNAeaea x 2Adult (f)3,0601,0353
K4jBE(K4jBE)Adult (m)3,3929686
uNate(uNate)Adult (m)2,3158644
0FRRW(0FRRW)Adult (m)3,2348335
BgerG(BgerG)Adult (f)2,5249282
lYnCV(lYnCV)Adult (f)2,4636253
D6xPF(D6xPF)Adult (m)2,5958321
bqk7l(bqk7l)Adult (m)2,6688692
KZuYp(KZuYp)Adult (f)2,9498934
Vng6I(Vng6I)Adult (m)2,9828794
g5lGd(g5lGd)Adult (f)3,9518555
7Sgus(7Sgus)Adult (m)3,4589686
2FlUe(2FlUe)Adult (f)3,0668732
cX7g4(cX7g4)Adult (m)3,2838882
Cgu1G(Cgu1G)Adult (m)3,5439052
MpAZ5(MpAZ5)Adult (f)3,6368822
7iDzH(7iDzH)Adult (f)3,7929382
W5CxX(W5CxX)Adult (m)4,0509594
xSkEs(xSkEs)Adult (m)3,2578773
esFOn(esFOn)Adult (f)5,0168062
W83AS(W83AS)Adult (m)4,2598753
UddOc(UddOc)Adult (m)3,7288624
ip4PX(ip4PX)Adult (f)4,5699344
gfWEEPsychic GfweeAdult (f)4,3039003
bhAP9(bhAP9)Adult (m)6,0901,0903
giBlA(giBlA)Adult (m)6,4061,1613
AlpJl(AlpJl)Adult (f)4,9021,1053
t9Ypr(t9Ypr)Adult (m)5,0881,0292
R4dRf(R4dRf)Adult (m)4,9998873
pBFs4(pBFs4)Adult (f)5,9631,0823
JU9gk(JU9gk)Adult (f)5,0721,1112
SvOn3(SvOn3)Adult (m)3,9978413
ytqcO(ytqcO)Adult (f)3,4769602
ACO65(ACO65)Adult (m)3,7501,0023
xMB1X(xMB1X)Adult (f)4,0261,0523
DvWeW(DvWeW)Adult (m)3,4271,0542
hAuOt(hAuOt)Adult (m)4,2441,0711
5JTfU(5JTfU)Adult (f)4,3861,0141
84McLucia Renata CBAdult (f)2,08850610
WjKPmAlbus TransluciusAdult (m)2,8947064
XzwVMTranslucent Xzw 2GAdult (m)3,0677844
s44yDSadie Alba CBAdult (f)5,2699054
MLUeHM'Lueh the PaleAdult (m)5,1259921
1Zab5Izabel CBAdult (f)3,9359871
FNZebZeb the See ThruAdult (m)6,6521,2305
OtqDeOtq'DeaAdult (f)2,9318832
3PGuI(3PGuI)Adult (m)3,0528922
5tZtu(5tZtu)Adult (f)3,6058881
PeHxt(PeHxt)Adult (f)4,2319122
WnOyX(WnOyX)Adult (f)4,2158853
CVrykElario 2G PBAdult (m)4,3559843
bd1wbEsmeralda SilverCheckerAdult (f)5,5559982
hcmdY(hcmdY)Adult (f)3,9631,0462
vjDiA(vjDiA)Adult (f)3,6809261
fPPBgFrida GallisAdult (f)2,8759727
f6XzxFred With The Red FaceAdult (m)2,9259796
WKDQK(WKDQK)Adult (f)2,9701,0297
V20rn(V20rn)Adult (m)2,9541,0125
MsMWh(MsMWh)Adult (f)3,4758636
ABS9w(ABS9w)Adult (m)3,3079755
28MJj(28MJj)Adult (f)3,3159748
SWAQJ(SWAQJ)Adult (m)3,1479175
geib7(geib7)Adult (f)5,5147382
UBarfReverse PeristalsisAdult (f)4,4327675
Shr8x(Shr8x)Adult (f)4,0088614
kJzNR(kJzNR)Adult (m)4,2049634
JVgeuFree Range DragonAdult (m)4,8787082
wmsrR(wmsrR)Adult (f)3,4818044
mUt0CPhreaky WavesAdult (m)4,2301,0324
gYfAzGallis Is FreakyAdult (m)3,7629504
6Pjm6(6Pjm6)Adult (m)4,8509251
ezzV8(ezzV8)Adult (f)4,2559602
fAA1m(fAA1m)Hatchling (f, F)5,1457763
FyDKw(FyDKw)Adult (m)2,8978844
xRzmx(xRzmx)Adult (m)3,0078904
aiaFEAiafeAdult (f)3,1208975
9bzhC(9bzhC)Adult (f)3,8608763
rWIWv(rWIWv)Adult (m)4,2919824
7QdD8(7QdD8)Adult (m)2,9289524
M111B(M111B)Adult (f)3,8019493
w2Ufz(w2Ufz)Adult (f)3,8098463
JW2bK(JW2bK)Adult (m)3,9051,0572
v9aLo(v9aLo)Adult (f)3,8651,0391
oS74h(oS74h)Adult (f)3,5701,0482
ylocc(ylocc)Adult (m)3,6581,0531
jcjHG(jcjHG)Adult (m)4,0711,0681
JY9sh(JY9sh)Adult (f)4,0831,0461
sGebu(sGebu)Adult (m)4,6111,0851
XUeLw(XUeLw)Adult (m)4,5799951
5E2Pl(5E2Pl)Adult (f)3,9531,1191
usCYo(usCYo)Adult (m)3,8401,0591
LzqtV(LzqtV)Adult (m)3,6071,0033
tOZFEThe Lady BubblegumAdult (f)2,5398824
zOGJF(zOGJF)Adult (m)3,2728923
sYM2m(sYM2m)Adult (f)2,8058542
iNWvW(iNWvW)Adult (m)5,3278983
F1WRDForward March Into SpringAdult (m)5,4468742
5ZepfBubblegum PhilipAdult (m)4,3119764
wM6XY(wM6XY)Adult (f)6,7241,2203
5ZwgfA Sooper FreakAdult (f)3,5569293
30WD1Fuschia AlmightyAdult (m)3,4269112
oEjFh(oEjFh)Adult (m)4,7041,0431
2spbh(2spbh)Adult (f)4,9651,0591
0jWXT(0jWXT)Adult (m)3,3748972
QQWcV(QQWcV)Adult (m)4,2399961
q6383(q6383)Adult (m)4,1779422
Mf6df(Mf6df)Adult (m)4,5621,1722
huWsF(huWsF)Adult (m)4,6951,0641
K8Nst(K8Nst)Adult (m)5,2151,0981
YaPwm(YaPwm)Adult (m)2,7908291
Nnc9tVictoria Blue CBAdult (f)2,8498482
Pno9N(Pno9N)Adult (m)2,7018352
PuKfePunkette Blue HairAdult (f)2,7727922
VtI0v(VtI0v)Adult (m)2,8247982
5kVxT(5kVxT)Adult (m)6,2341,1565
uWK5VDemitasse 3GAdult (f)4,1408144
PRKOc(PRKOc)Adult (m)5,4609405
MYy27Mya BlueAdult (f)4,9759532
7osbLSosie BlueAdult (f)10,0701,0731
auI36(auI36)Adult (f)3,8589053
qbRzS(qbRzS)Adult (m)3,7509232
vCYBQ(vCYBQ)Adult (m)4,3229242
5azsd(5azsd)Adult (f)4,3519594
KcgNY(KcgNY)Adult (m)4,6069694
LCEIw(LCEIw)Adult (f)4,0801,0891
JtH9n(JtH9n)Adult (m)4,7001,0441
D4avF(D4avF)Adult (m)3,9699602
kZBnO(kZBnO)Adult (m)3,7609463
jfGnJ(jfGnJ)Adult (f)4,0849373
798ZT(798ZT)Adult (f)4,1329632
OUDwR(OUDwR)Adult (f)3,0359152
pTB78(pTB78)Adult (f)3,0869312
84I7L(84I7L)Adult (f)3,8199181
b5kAV(b5kAV)Adult (m)4,0439511
MnBYOBouncy Bob CBAdult (m)2,6637677
mmkgaWindy Wendy CBAdult (f)2,4838783
tmOZrBalloony McBalloonfaceAdult (f)3,6938392
cqakfPSI PattyAdult (f)5,2129461
c2Ky7Ingrid the InflatableAdult (f)4,4311,0553
39YMPBouncy Bill CBAdult (m)5,0391,0633
LqTQbBouncy Bert CBAdult (m)4,7139353
f9J9cBibbity-Bobbity-BooAdult (m)4,2849081
FLPmQ(FLPmQ)Adult (f)5,8391,0423
OezFX(OezFX)Adult (m)5,9231,0422
mtgS0(mtgS0)Adult (f)5,9031,0353
gpkmf(gpkmf)Adult (m)5,7309703
y2urC(y2urC)Adult (f)5,7939592
tfb49(tfb49)Adult (f)5,5009032
5Kz64(5Kz64)Adult (m)5,3408642
Tb1XO(Tb1XO)Adult (f)7,2211,0431
v6S3O(v6S3O)Adult (f)4,8231,0941
V6ZvX(V6ZvX)Adult (m)4,1048152
hR6CGChrysantza Clicked FastAdult (f)2,0068078
43rhIKohl Eyed Goth GirlAdult (f)4,0668775
aDIO1Azrael AbyssAdult (m)3,0119757
D3gISBela Lugosi's DeadAdult (m)2,6559715
ZKOTBThis CorrosionAdult (m)3,0379254
XeHzbHexzibaAdult (f)3,6568266
wGwQEFirst and Last and AlwaysAdult (m)2,3088632
wLohfRidiculously Dark MetalkinAdult (m)2,4777653
BjdcmFresh From the APAdult (f)4,5087705
9BKdy2G Black LicoriceAdult (f)5,2889782
BBCVh2G Black BartAdult (m)5,8439721
tfQPt(tfQPt)Adult (m)4,4621,0544
LyXimLyxima 4GAdult (f)6,5391,2846
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