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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Chosen12,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
FDq82(FDq82)Dead Egg68231
9DLnWe're noah's arking this mfAdult12,3971,65313
mssuAll the dragons two by twoAdult7,0851,09712
LEWvPlus the babiesAdult3,0581,1479
h7PPByebye Platinum trophyAdult10,0421,41710
UQg8FWehtuaAdult (f)6,0391,0524
SK9F4HyuioAdult (m)6,1791,1344
7d9SquntiopAdult (f)5,2591,0882
Wg5SjZyrphesAdult (m)6,6901,0364
fqYjHMAjeesAdult (f)6,9441,5432
5UemwPosturirAdult (m)6,1391,0766
jlGCLLatoenAdult (m)4,7829433
CTgBrWelroAdult (f)7,7031,0067
s6dOxentisoAdult (f)4,5291,0024
ktfNpFinalleiAdult (m)7,2421,2065
B4kHMAwetyuAdult (m)4,7909921
FWThlSansrientAdult (m)6,8311,1354
51IZ6ahytopHatchling (F)1,8003812
5im55Banananananana BATMANAdult (m)2,6655940
5DpX0bippity boppity whoAdult (f)5,0488161
czjKlHsesotHatchling (F)1,9095973
IhClHGarartsAdult (f)3,6747492
qFqAjsurtcAdult (m)7,8241,0902
EeVmITyltosiHatchling (F)2,7735552
ihquxNaozirAdult (m)6,0111,0512
VCtywfr0joAdult (f)4,7636953
eV8aACapsoltirHatchling (F)3,4167402
iL8WESelrosrotAdult (m)4,5876863
8jchbWourmyHatchling (F)2,0694211
ACzQAOne more and I caught em allAdult (f)7,4121,0571
FyF8hLeotosHatchling (F)3,7507192
hOh14MA PRESHUSAdult (f)4,4688237
HmULeasfrnuoHatchling (F)1,2232120
dNvoHNow I'm catching them ALLAdult (m)4,6968875
vUR30elroslrHatchling (F)1,7382735
npnkl(npnkl)Adult (f)4,2019211
rAQdZElriotsAdult (m)5,4279414
kpQK6DeuibHatchling (F)1,0853042
YHmCYUeurAdult (f)4,2546892
3NVWwWuuuuurmHatchling (F)1,9794330
A9mFHFrustrated BugAdult (m)5,3559566
aYdDFAoyanHatchling (F)1,7953174
DumsOJarisordAdult (m)4,2967243
2cBgoThe wurmiest wurmHatchling (F)2,0874330
JVHFHFourth time's a charmAdult (m)7,3691,0413
iYStDWurm wurmie wormHatchling (F)2,0474261
6lFh4I FINALLY CAUGHT A XENOAdult (m)4,6819206
Y7Dtgthunder bridHatchling (F)2,5055572
nFZHgPFT THIS IS EASYAdult (f)4,8679104
9K5U9LtiosHatchling (F)8982807
IjcqRNueiaAdult (m)4,8476823
eWBFfdrunthiHatchling (F)2,1416401
rwK9NAktiwonAdult (f)4,4211,0910
n7hFMSeutiyoHatchling (F)7361563
TYzDsSyrutosAdult (m)4,8381,1793
yoibGHastromAdult (m)5,1741,1713
TST1RevoldoHatchling (F)1,5651232
MKX9YklnbAdult (f)4,6344232
IGM3NruntydAdult (f)4,5863861
bTOsKdybn7ou5 mAdult (m)4,7953552
Zu7EOSunshine sunshine ladybug awakeAdult (f)4,4019312
O8kZYVladimir NobakovAdult (f)1,1726640
5C6DaI poked you-I winAdult (m)2,0657582
EuvdZAeoluosAdult (m)2,3238360
TnsVhFour Kings lost their headsAdult (m)2,4068410
f9LJLAngry Birds rioAdult (m)1,9726381
G3WfbOwwww my head hurtzAdult (f)1,8666781
TM7XKCreepy crawlys are creepyAdult (f)1,9537281
Y16GpCompletely original dubstepAdult (f)2,3017631
h7UUJMio Energy is yuckyAdult (m)2,2528200
0EvjNHe couldnt see the ropeAdult (m)2,7379930
86LYeBubbly BuutAdult (m)2,4209483
LFPgjPhilllAdult (f)4,2921,1293
VmDSrAggressiorAdult (m)2,1967380
kTIsmKoridonAdult (m)2,9156293
0Rtg9Luffy DorkfaceAdult (m)2,3268453
ZX09aKamehameha x lotsanumbersAdult (m)7,3111,6235
AtnNWNoahltAdult (m)6,5891,5322
260rMikki DorkfaceAdult (f)4,3591,00817
cO5VSkyleirAdult (f)4,1569056
KD91pWHIP ITTTHatchling (F)1,4393602
7cuUGWHY CANT I NAME IT SQUIDAdult (m)2,8549042
U9paSardoogle NLAdult (f)4,3307882
kBbKHNessi MessiHatchling (F)3,2286061
AsqiFCapAmuricerAdult (f)3,3811,2491
AFIVLapraasAdult (m)6,2001,4995
LVVANAdorbs FootHatchling (F)2,9255501
j7cuT(j7cuT)Adult (m)3,1677350
krahMarching footAdult (f)4,2781,0823
J5O1Sure FootAdult (f)2,67223713
mdyXuSpazzmanHatchling (F)1,1823331
EWdVLPor Que Maria Por queAdult (f)2,5886520
mVHfWTF ARE YOU LOOKIN ATAdult (m)4,0149617
BE21sLamtiorpsHatchling (F)2,1074880
ux0qxLerotpsAdult (f)3,2507253
55hgUForentisAdult (f)4,4167621
p8Q0aNetsiwHatchling (F)1,9406253
hLIbIHashrimAdult (f)3,6547112
COJF6gundfAdult (m)4,6307004
0QjCOHelp me plsHatchling (F)2,5834832
H0DABloodykisses123Adult (f)6,2421,2946
ql6XQuadrafienceAdult (m)6,0881,26610
MqXEPAlexandra ForerestraAdult (f)1,8958530
hffucNothing to Say to youAdult (f)2,1299087
8wuHXUnderoos BRUHAdult (m)5,7318323
CUe29UndphysAdult (m)4,8179214
qd02LundynelementaryHatchling (F)2,1435710
Tj6LVAlphdyneAdult (m)6,2059273
txdBCUndyne DreamurrAdult (f)2,0965183
9TnXshtuoslHatchling (F)2,5756233
86nLwIt's Friday I'm in loveAdult (f)4,0601,0563
8BZrxGonna ralfAdult (m)5,5391,1092
jWeP9JepdHatchling (F)2,0014241
X80brTytolsAdult (f)5,1698151
9Fs4vSpideypool I guessAdult (m)4,5579144
0vg8zcutest little dragon ever srslyHatchling (F)1,7913531
0BSZhNoooo she stole my cookieAdult (f)2,6469150
GLh2BGlomplingerAdult (m)2,0807580
uytBoYellow BugabooHatchling (F)1,3773242
jBQlrcurv woop weeAdult (f)4,7376962
rDYctMaking an AppearanceAdult (m)2,5208362
9KiM8BuhhgipHatchling (F)4,0075681
sVBTmI could be a neopetAdult (m)3,3018631
xcEn0And I could be a chia petAdult (f)3,5408271
Ao8qRautinsHatchling (F)1,9324060
Clh5gOnce again HAHAAdult (f)5,3358554
01B43An unsatisfactory apologyAdult (m)4,4779225
emoAVSparky Experiment 221Hatchling (F)2,2404920
g8BaKTake my hand if you want to liveAdult (f)1,8037110
2P9QrGo away or I zap youAdult (m)2,2468385
38jSeMaltieoapHatchling (F)1,8624572
Kl079WletisAdult (f)8,0631,2685
NnIHnWheitosAdult (m)6,3988074
iE5s7I mean really- bananaAdult (f)2,6018583
ZHpsqCha'neAdult (m)2,5238292
41wItmy jokes are terraebleHatchling (F)3,0935644
Fk1kvPeotislHatchling (F)1,1272561
Ky9S7saifalidAdult (m)7,1531,1933
VZs3IjoruxuAdult (f)5,4198612
mxVknjLeosHatchling (F)1,9786242
xbEqFEltisotuAdult (m)5,2757873
OHCuSDnatiosAdult (f)5,9691,1227
EyzHfTiny gazelle thingHatchling (F)1,9974360
lXFkQAlktiosAdult (m)4,4091,0013
Z3CNGHeiopeAdult (f)3,5219162
MKkWsWith a raisinAdult (m)2,4731,0325
NDeooPinkity pink from pinktownAdult (m)1,9128024
JD92JAsaki bruhHatchling (F)1,6684023
NhoRqaetrsAdult (m)4,5093491
kJmEvSkypsAdult (f)1,5566222
DCglXRed SpudHatchling (F)3,4207756
NVoJTBumblebeetunaAdult (m)1,8467050
39oIfAshamunAdult (f)2,3749423
dWxotA werm personHatchling (F)2,0335061
LeYnVThe mighty shiny thingieAdult (m)2,7389350
WRPBSDrip Drop DripAdult (f)2,4038530
NOfZjwow very prittHatchling (F)1,5073551
hV4fcKida have more fun that wayAdult (m)2,6328233
E8XucAllll nightAdult (f)6,3551,3036
MU3JXsmol pretty prettyHatchling (F)1,8744001
Pv3AmJesus Christ Jim stop poking meAdult (m)5,1771,0392
UQDnsPink Picachu thingyAdult (f)2,4048302
fbpkKWhatfuojHatchling (F)3,0034932
bMl3Hsdf yAdult (m)4,3627931
iyObNI look like a tattooAdult (f)4,3057531
cOluWThe black stripey LIFEHatchling (F)1,3891561
LHmBZItchy nose but cant reach itAdult (f)2,6499431
tVcRYI raise one paw because FANCYAdult (m)2,5298731
y3LdSyhngioHatchling (F)2,9954992
huqrghuqrgAdult (f)2,34882812
62UJPicalatsaAdult (f)4,6981,2837
cCZ0eit takes two to make a rightHatchling (F)3,1325101
OCaLeI wish I had handsAdult (f)2,6499810
cTFO1QuinnpathAdult (m)4,1611,4464
lfy1QrautldoHatchling (F)2,4016311
Rp3dJdf ghjtAdult (m)4,5163382
aPSidripping sarcasmAdult (f)4,7681,17510
2LT44The white stripey LIFEHatchling (F)1,3721711
79e4PThe best time to own a stripeyAdult (f)5,2291,1353
ZpJsPEvil is LurkingAdult (m)1,8377031
BJ3wvSwornsilHatchling (F)2,0012603
M9yT8ClasotAdult (f)4,1786761
44ZOObaklatAdult (m)8,4151,1341
Ewur6jsrutnbHatchling (F)2,5934700
7DLhgyuhgfAdult (m)3,5764503
kxha3eyarbyAdult (f)3,8734721
lbVaTClimakticaHatchling (F)8612410
9MmkiAttila likes toesAdult (f)4,0781,4123
H9q0AApologies in NAMING DRAGONSAdult (m)5,0791,3088
kiHDlCome with me if you want to jiveHatchling (F)2,1855093
wMKCCstonedlolAdult (m)2,0697180
j686hTrib et StoneguardeoAdult (f)3,5189941
YgmlOThe tiniest plebHatchling (F)8432310
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