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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Chloebess123,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
WbypwLeader Of  Saphira ClanAdult (m)2,9106831
RmaoCLava Lady 123Adult (f)2,8067071
IlzQyI Am MaiaAdult (f)2,8376971
7sVZsSkywing ChickAdult (f)4,0848291
SPD2KThe ShyAdult (m)4,1418691
umVSFRiver Of  Saphira ClanAdult (m)4,1138801
CErUzRiver Song 123Adult (m)2,8786851
ABUCiFevered Frenzy Of FireAdult (m)3,9478591
Wms52We Were MadeAdult (m)2,8237252
igzk8Stoney MoonAdult (f)3,8888742
ZjW5VButterflies Fly AwayAdult (f)2,9928302
FHJBuHappy B-day Caleb 7-28-09Adult (m)3,3038662
e4PsCThe Jade MonkeyAdult (m)2,5466502
GpxJe2 Be DragonsAdult (f)3,0948661
m7t63Purple Skies At Dusk 123Adult (m)3,2118211
zsdb7Scar Of Saphira ClanAdult (m)3,3988181
QdfVHLeader Of The Zodiac ClanAdult (m)2,9006942
CfFdVMarble And Gold Is My StaffAdult (m)3,4678551
pDXnUAzure Scales Coat My HeartAdult (m)2,7116872
BmnuYRuby Red FlightAdult (f)2,6646691
Ah3PTPoisonous PowerAdult (m)3,2498061
qPnVTLightning Bolts Are My PowerAdult (f)3,4638243
3Zo99Hi Guys I'm HappyAdult (f)2,6906696
mRPBQRoran Of  Saphira ClanAdult (m)2,8526373
GdrCyFluffy 123Adult (m)3,3926512
gUFltSunny CideAdult (f)3,6426272
DQ7bVThe Funny CideAdult (f)2,9716502
nqDlWSaphira Of Saphira ClanAdult (f)3,2406691
SGgmjTalon  Of  Saphira  ClanAdult (m)3,6506582
67jAfHealer  Of Saphira   ClanAdult (f)2,9026642
aJdRjFangs Of  Saphira ClanAdult (m)3,0816831
FB7NJStar Burst Of The Zodiac ClanAdult (f)4,5856813
b7ZRWPurple Voilets At SunhighAdult (f)3,5336761
ZUCo4Sweet Harts Can Be TartAdult (m)2,8116751
JD56eIndy The Purple Horse DragonAdult (m)2,6506332
J1VwsFairy Lights 123Adult (f)3,7378393
U1efMDraumr Kopa 123Adult (m)3,5948541
WxgMeWhat Just Happened To BobAdult (f)2,5026772
xcjLCHi Guys I'm GladAdult (m)2,5326782
My8abSweetheart Of  Saphira  ClanAdult (f)2,5106632
w09s5Storyteller Of  Saphira ClanAdult (f)2,6276972
IUpb1Sea Pearl 123Adult (f)3,5308691
dlYcJDarling  Of  Saphira  ClanAdult (f)3,4538731
s6yzwThorn Of MiseryAdult (m)2,4906852
aqDzJHI IndyAdult (f)2,5066602
zjsucStar Stare Of  The Zodiac ClanAdult (m)2,7226682
UqTIsBaby Of Saphira ClanAdult (f)2,9387612
XZ9eqFire In My Soul Is BurningAdult (m)2,6736481
sUc1yStar Fang Of The Zodiac ClanAdult (m)3,5965962
dWVfoDawn Skies Are PurpleAdult (m)2,8487852
U9LOlLapislazuli Of Saphira     ClanAdult (m)3,1496303
WPt4k2 Of Saphira ClanAdult (m)3,9417354
PEjPuCotten Candy TwistAdult (m)4,0026123
ofnGQStar Slash Of The Zodiac ClanAdult (m)3,5218572
rK6nL3 Of Saphira ClanAdult (m)3,6268652
r25f8White Stripes 123Adult (m)3,3797264
XWEMfDramatic Flare 123Adult (f)3,0776702
fKalEKatrina Of Saphira ClanAdult (f)3,4368753
1oC7COrange Sun StarAdult (m)3,6286922
uTO4IChange Of MusicAdult (f)6,4129064
6KlXePrettyInPopAdult (f)3,3168072
apQ2s5 Of Saphira ClanAdult (f)3,2158114
iHlQSSelena Of  Saphira   ClanAdult (f)3,9789312
12CbNSaphira Clan BabyAdult (m)3,8869081
cgUhHSkywing Surfer DudeAdult (m)3,9129302
nTzalGreen Apple NinjaAdult (f)3,4567892
hTT03Green Pebbles 123Adult (f)2,4106272
MzRN4Imagine Dragons 123Adult (f)2,5586861
B7quHSoul Of Saphira   ClanAdult (f)2,7146692
0nCmMSpotted Leaves 123Adult (f)2,6146691
2UvW2Pink Punk 123Adult (f)2,6086472
gs42VYellow With Bloody StripesAdult (m)2,5076574
35NtNZAP ZAP ZAP 123Adult (f)2,8656662
L6wpcWhite Gold Is ColdAdult (f)2,7736562
GWPI0Amber Embers 123Adult (f)3,0016403
kIci0Draumr Kopa 1234Adult (f)3,2346062
t7iGGI'd Rather Be Shiny 123Adult (f)3,0816183
LNa62I Shoot Arrows Made Of StarsAdult (m)3,3137792
U8FpHTootsie Roll 1234Adult (m)5,8741,0264
wIEmjNight Star In The SkyAdult (m)3,6556723
owFqcValentine VibesAdult (m)3,2807621
MkmiiSilver Stream of Saphira   ClanAdult (f)3,5017652
6ayDGWater Fall Falls On WaterAdult (m)3,6946233
WlJtmIs It Hot Or Is It MeAdult (f)3,2596052
YCcL0(YCcL0)Adult (m)3,5108062
I2UbpFlare For Drama 123Adult (m)3,4247802
bsQbr(bsQbr)Adult (m)3,7808563
z3ywO(z3ywO)Adult (f)3,7378182
S7aEjStorm Clouds On The SkyAdult (f)2,9126891
K7Ebw(K7Ebw)Adult (f)3,3467682
cCkKd(cCkKd)Adult (f)3,6708221
GghSR(GghSR)Adult (f)3,0337162
qEhNt(qEhNt)Adult (f)3,7678462
t1IcXIcy Fire CryAdult (f)2,9107482
PWPiRCommon  ConfusionAdult (m)3,0347063
aMfErBlayke BlackAdult (m)3,0417822
CTumaSavage BarbellAdult (f)2,9627292
HhGDUTenacious Strength Society 123Adult (f)2,9277432
kBh24Time Twister TailAdult (f)5,1651,0325
kZVyUI'm Not My SisterAdult (f)3,2007711
LzPP7I Got The MagicAdult (m)3,9839421
vmR3DStrength Of Saphira ClanAdult (m)4,0459441
RCMfo(RCMfo)Adult (m)3,6689112
d5DYeCopper Is My PowerAdult (m)2,5906191
inqQ4Topsy Turvey Double UAdult (f)5,6049443
fofJA(fofJA)Adult (m)3,2017881
E0ZVoFeathery FiendsAdult (m)2,4716151
ACF5YSpots On The LeafAdult (m)2,5896192
sfBWk(sfBWk)Adult (f)2,5006440
ml2wYThe One True King ForeverAdult (f)2,5287721
QQhjXThe Teal BreezeAdult (f)2,7426551
M65THMisty Mountain's MirthAdult (f)2,8266391
GvnWj(GvnWj)Adult (f)2,8618522
xGRaH(xGRaH)Adult (m)2,9028172
O2843Sassy Stripes SongAdult (f)4,0898444
iDsqmBlack Pain In My FaceAdult (m)4,1227995
PMva0The Light LassAdult (f)5,3348695
TPJ1uSilver SardineAdult (f)5,0789806
0P3SmHi I'm Just Passing ThroughAdult (m)4,6008951
i8fTXGolden Flame WingAdult (m)3,9916254
zHXOwMidnightz Moody MindAdult (f)4,5538136
9F0yRScream Louder About The OneAdult (m)4,2256733
69XstCanopy's Yellow LilyAdult (f)4,9218745
O4PfABlack heart pink scarsAdult (m)3,8488082
7xmJQAve I Will Avenge YouAdult (m)2,4006254
PYe9FTangy Tangerine TerryAdult (m)3,1185992
1wGo6Golden Ribbon GibbonAdult (f)5,0969094
Nc4fhFire Of The Golden FlameAdult (f)2,9237104
rhC8QTried And True Old FriendAdult (f)3,1357831
fKXEvPink Pie PrancerAdult (m)3,5446683
syJTkAnger Is An IssueAdult (m)4,2096032
hGk4mWhy can I not name youAdult (f)3,4646074
m0XLOMagma Is Marvelous IzzyAdult (m)3,1957251
6aix0Angry And ExcitedAdult (m)3,6717511
vVwljTeal Breeze BrotherAdult (m)3,5216443
bPSIzFlowing Flowers FaithAdult (f)3,6477774
2psRUSad And FearfulAdult (f)3,8888381
JcpVJOh Oops You ThinkAdult (m)3,2816222
ZoAXRBlood Red Wolf MoonAdult (m)2,8736361
dB9ThAhhhhhhhhh why can I notAdult (f)3,1606412
x8eq8I Am Only  A  Blank SpaceAdult (f)3,4446023
89WmoStiller Silence StellaAdult (f)2,9416383
9WpKQPowerful Urges Urging Me OnAdult (f)3,4266764
cOVjGFreaking Freddyz FightAdult (m)2,9676251
GVP7WOwwwwwww It HurtsssszzzzzAdult (f)3,6277832
1oMWyHe Is Surely Alive 123Adult (f)2,7826481
Z0XjtMy God Is Not Dead 123Adult (m)3,1266541
kTWG0Deliriously Dark Danger DadAdult (m)2,8946761
cfidjTwo Heads One    HeartAdult (f)6,4201,0596
O4Fq5Green With GolddAdult (f)7,1879573
4yojuRed Pepper Boy BandAdult (m)3,9137632
pcpbDI Gotta Lotta GoldAdult (f)2,5386462
uRhcPPowerful Herbs And MagicAdult (m)7,2429807
1bYUvGunpowder And Lead 123Adult (f)2,9937793
u4MP9Pink Power PuncherAdult (f)6,8031,0763
JUrwEGreen Ribbon GibbonAdult (m)2,5205702
ehEQRWhite Fanged DragonAdult (f)2,8496393
qZ34M(qZ34M)Adult (m)3,0587793
U5VxpPower Is Power Fame Is CrazyAdult (m)6,2141,0804
ftJnWThe Coast Protection GhostAdult (f)3,2768232
COkaD(COkaD)Adult (f)6,5099882
HMqq7Guardian Of The Jewels Of EsbenAdult (f)3,5838431
ZCAz1Pleasing Pacer PeaceAdult (f)6,5501,2182
W6VkqSunlight Ah Moonlight AhAdult (m)4,2698512
tMcF3(tMcF3)Adult (f)3,8298421
LsmPj(LsmPj)Adult (f)2,5125685
XBUqu(XBUqu)Adult (m)2,5736681
Fa3KG(Fa3KG)Adult (m)4,0787919
kmtNu(kmtNu)Adult (f)3,6248381
Mm2LP(Mm2LP)Adult (m)3,3687012
Ckxcf(Ckxcf)Adult (m)2,9076881
FHC8h(FHC8h)Adult (f)2,7127141
HhPsEKinetic Energy 123Adult (m)2,5216721
L8xM0(L8xM0)Adult (f)3,4836412
mRrjl(mRrjl)Adult (m)2,5086091
lmBXG(lmBXG)Adult (f)2,9436322
SLwKj(SLwKj)Adult (m)2,8066501
IdBnA(IdBnA)Adult (m)3,8246163
6VBZITravis 123Adult (m)3,2806112
hy0BA(hy0BA)Adult (f)3,6847651
9jHN5(9jHN5)Adult (m)3,3397141
nDcBG(nDcBG)Adult (f)2,4555551
qMXal(qMXal)Adult (m)2,8995793
k6Nou(k6Nou)Adult (f)2,8945704
8TdUW(8TdUW)Adult (m)2,9185831
xBDyr(xBDyr)Adult (m)2,5396571
O1mKI(O1mKI)Adult (f)3,9575801
68WK2(68WK2)Adult (f)4,0545940
oWch1(oWch1)Adult (f)2,5756131
M5yDx(M5yDx)Adult (f)2,9146200
UHT4d(UHT4d)Adult (m)3,3945851
u0KSp(u0KSp)Adult (m)4,2578110
8rd7V(8rd7V)Adult (m)3,9271,0181
eDDfQ(eDDfQ)Adult (m)2,7946482
DKv6q(DKv6q)Adult (m)2,8146691
V7ARO(V7ARO)Adult (m)4,3988881
9EsZ4(9EsZ4)Adult (m)4,6658532
Dqrho(Dqrho)Adult (f)3,6348410
GG7X1(GG7X1)Adult (f)3,6928730
XAidu(XAidu)Adult (m)3,7749182
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