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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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    You pick up the scroll labeled “Chill_Gollum,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    l48e(l48e)Adult (m)3,50040552
    VZEQ(VZEQ)Adult (m)3,08731141
    Hxez(Hxez)Adult (m)3,28634744
    RBHv(RBHv)Adult (m)2,89939542
    aJ75(aJ75)Adult (f)3,54668932
    Uuvk(Uuvk)Adult (f)2,40057128
    pddy(pddy)Adult (m)2,63773435
    YVa9(YVa9)Adult (m)2,72183245
    fLaU(fLaU)Adult (m)2,27466841
    1UWa(1UWa)Adult (m)2,73456647
    94rc(94rc)Adult (m)2,69927420
    nTKj(nTKj)Adult (f)1,98939118
    9fMR(9fMR)Adult (f)2,47432430
    8c7m(8c7m)Adult (f)5,48254434
    Cvps(Cvps)Adult (m)5,00151635
    z9I0(z9I0)Adult (f)3,28531138
    9gh3(9gh3)Adult (f)5,2071,06860
    xWXP(xWXP)Adult (m)5,99374945
    Y9ty(Y9ty)Adult (m)5,88842934
    BxBN(BxBN)Adult (m)1,32857219
    sCaF(sCaF)Adult (f)7,76265137
    KD01(KD01)Adult (f)4,12745813
    KoSQ(KoSQ)Adult (m)3,79625420
    u0ej(u0ej)Adult (m)3,74725014
    rfLY(rfLY)Adult (m)2,28831018
    ac2z(ac2z)Adult (f)2,39232113
    0Jdo(0Jdo)Adult (f)1,6583576
    qWnN(qWnN)Adult (f)4,78245829
    CmFr(CmFr)Adult (f)3,65041320
    l6Wq(l6Wq)Adult (f)3,27622725
    qWNT(qWNT)Adult (f)2,63730925
    bLAZ(bLAZ)Adult (f)3,56323817
    GrJK(GrJK)Adult (f)3,21321518
    YupU(YupU)Adult (m)3,24021620
    Mvob(Mvob)Adult (f)4,37530420
    kg4U(kg4U)Adult (f)2,65124626
    vevC(vevC)Adult (m)2,48322922
    8EBm(8EBm)Adult (f)2,77326021
    AFqr(AFqr)Adult (m)2,64224825
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