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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “CentsCents,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
0nx6KAhead of One's TimeAdult (m)4,8191,08437
vhUueAhead of Our TimeAdult (f)4,03887423
PU5LYIn The The Nick of TimeAdult (m)4,1511,01929
Il5WQA Legend in One's Own LifetimeAdult (f)3,73496136
bj0NlTime and TimeAdult (f)5,7851,12832
IxfuX(IxfuX)Adult (m)3,00983933
zrtpYIn Good TimeAdult (f)4,06585126
cqekJAt This Point in TimeAdult (m)3,10385426
r7JsU(r7JsU)Adult (f)2,89888027
fD9Yg(fD9Yg)Adult (f)3,86382818
uQVRwUp Close and PersonalAdult (m)5,7871,07029
1gyuVFirst Come First ServedAdult (f)5,0871,06926
bas8WBurn a Hole In Your PocketAdult (m)3,31478823
aImP9Cosmic OrderingAdult (f)3,47785319
FdhsMDraw Water to your Own MillAdult (f)3,3618049
j63VoBe in Bad WatersAdult (m)5,07395920
Ci2vt(Ci2vt)Adult (m)3,00279324
EoEhU(EoEhU)Adult (f)5,1321,12521
LAdLW(LAdLW)Adult (f)3,86186325
JCxBE(JCxBE)Adult (f)5,00997711
us0lE(us0lE)Adult (m)6,4981,19017
p71LJ(p71LJ)Adult (f)3,5741,0324
lgBsJ(lgBsJ)Adult (m)3,4525999
98Nu9(98Nu9)Adult (m)3,40988125
DqkkMOnly Light Can Drive Out DarkAdult (f)3,09137935
5zueoTrue Neo ChaosAdult (m)1,99641638
MiMxgAs Night Follows DayAdult (f)3,54194026
pJ8JeAs Black as PitchAdult (m)3,33188121
M7Q7QShallow DarkAdult (f)3,49291121
CSzNCAs Black as ThunderAdult (m)6,9581,22111
LWh4hKept in The DarkAdult (f)3,7371,05414
OwQTqTurmoil NationAdult (f)3,84886623
L4PEaDark And Bloody GroundAdult (m)4,18989120
UUOBvAngel of DarkAdult (f)3,45784124
c878Z(c878Z)Adult (m)3,50682220
nYE3Z(nYE3Z)Adult (m)3,66488729
udXTr(udXTr)Adult (f)3,79886930
Y92lnLightest DarkAdult (m)4,2981,03419
Gg2Zg(Gg2Zg)Adult (f)3,86282527
lT7q8(lT7q8)Adult (m)3,38342812
e3eSbMusky Smell of AfternoonAdult (f)3,71194224
FRlaC(FRlaC)Adult (f)3,25385815
2udE1Alpha WhiteAdult (f)3,5411,0134
7gPfaDim The Light That Shines WithinAdult (f)4,4031,02022
UGTUr(UGTUr)Adult (f)3,78175719
f6AezEzPzAdult (m)5,8841,18836
agIGo(agIGo)Adult (m)4,9751,10330
jrgT1Island of CuriosityAdult (m)3,35286027
xNXTjCastle Made of SandAdult (f)3,57794535
37l2s(37l2s)Adult (f)3,22884227
LWcBQNotorious ChaseAdult (m)3,77493220
E4h9b(E4h9b)Adult (m)3,59682429
DOMj9Leon KawanoAdult (f)3,3975294
x0OWRMarciel Maudree HerreraAdult (f)3,2495204
zpZzf(zpZzf)Adult (f)6,6621,3257
LG4hZ(LG4hZ)Adult (f)2,82982222
NORkIFilthy Acts at Reasonable PriceAdult (f)2,84332228
tXWLdOmniversalAdult (m)4,6051,05726
yJpFdYou Can't Top The Copper TopAdult (f)5,5761,08736
cr7CsBust The RustAdult (m)3,99185425
AVf5N(AVf5N)Adult (f)3,20678136
hAfwGSoft and SootheAdult (m)3,50693927
fZOLU(fZOLU)Adult (f)3,89684024
jkfWpA Narrow Fellow in The GrassAdult (m)4,7641,03724
5u3bNAbscence Makes the Heart GrowAdult (f)4,8281,02828
6K4mSGood Fences Make Good NeighborsAdult (m)3,82288124
s4WC5(s4WC5)Adult (f)3,24084531
4ip3l(4ip3l)Adult (m)4,05290633
tha3I(tha3I)Adult (f)3,83783020
QrwyKAll Done QuirkyAdult (m)3,00936927
kLTILAt The End of a GunAdult (f)5,2861,06425
zCJkc(zCJkc)Adult (f)6,9991,1107
ZSNtrZinisterAdult (m)5,7891,24540
WgcWx(WgcWx)Adult (m)3,83497427
JHX8lPrince LothricAdult (m)3,55682630
0bvkC(0bvkC)Adult (f)2,92664912
cKawA(cKawA)Adult (m)2,91067110
JqRgE(JqRgE)Adult (f)3,49392331
dI9rkAs Black as CoalAdult (m)4,4951,07330
tulw4(tulw4)Adult (f)3,35186023
dta7H(dta7H)Adult (m)4,8311,13032
JBK00Bait and BleedAdult (f)4,16596022
7itBp(7itBp)Adult (f)3,32655411
WMdlG(WMdlG)Adult (m)6,0221,25916
BUVtibellissimi fioriAdult (f)4,25898737
2qOFRFiori Della VitaAdult (m)3,15883237
muyMo(muyMo)Adult (f)3,74187124
3IG6cil vento d'oroAdult (m)4,58894027
GqdI9(GqdI9)Adult (m)3,64482427
pyPUh(pyPUh)Adult (f)3,76898731
1AU7x(1AU7x)Adult (f)2,4445036
TZDGs(TZDGs)Adult (f)2,31282016
HvY66(HvY66)Adult (m)3,32898037
XCB8N(XCB8N)Adult (f)3,55672316
B87Zh(B87Zh)Adult (f)3,24292310
1WRJu(1WRJu)Adult (m)3,9439902
JboVG(JboVG)Adult (m)3,48493934
QMgap(QMgap)Adult (f)2,9217128
FVpNKA Fool and His MoneyAdult (m)8,2101,40218
fYybzThrough A Looking GlassAdult (f)5,4261,07322
BxAyl(BxAyl)Adult (f)4,7661,0234
pjwwKBegin TransmissionAdult (m)2,96332034
nmPDj(nmPDj)Adult (m)3,36889124
hikzm(hikzm)Adult (f)3,07087524
L7dlbGold May Shine But Has No LightAdult (m)4,04684513
uE6QdGold ExperiencesAdult (f)3,64986721
KBMLr(KBMLr)Adult (f)4,3991,0094
E1xGbPhrases Like Old Are GoldAdult (f)3,76785923
MH8dbGolden Hearts of GoldAdult (m)4,42899426
L3zmeAll That Glimmers is Not GoldAdult (m)4,72292525
0DZ6bSitting on a Gold MineAdult (f)3,80484041
nFAtnThat is Gold Which is Worth GoldAdult (f)4,4661,02925
kwTNm(kwTNm)Adult (m)4,07893927
tjrSg(tjrSg)Adult (f)3,51983123
dNCcD(dNCcD)Adult (m)3,69992025
LF6L3(LF6L3)Adult (f)3,77583021
1VBhy(1VBhy)Adult (f)5,2669909
QDkZnConsiders The FollowingAdult (f)6,27288434
8AoTM(8AoTM)Adult (m)3,59192813
ueASA(ueASA)Adult (f)2,91371225
1FSzMNever Stops ChirpingAdult (m)3,95588326
4WHCONeviaki OrivaAdult (f)4,97589234
fOCr5Sumnis FurkiAdult (m)4,12992528
eGWSqLike Ice Beneath The Sun's RaysAdult (f)5,1151,12130
qFdBwA Hewer of WoodAdult (m)3,92499529
52bzz(52bzz)Adult (m)3,00680116
xPZ8lA Drawer of WaterAdult (f)6,1931,24726
bLT3O(bLT3O)Adult (m)2,0297273
bKiCn(bKiCn)Adult (f)4,11187422
aLuOj(aLuOj)Adult (m)3,63292132
b86Cu(b86Cu)Adult (m)3,45982526
CNGlK(CNGlK)Adult (f)5,3481,02211
68weGA Mighty Maze of Mystic MagicAdult (f)3,80090336
3OsTn(3OsTn)Adult (f)3,9121,02022
z2jF9(z2jF9)Adult (m)5,51499310
jwkR0(jwkR0)Adult (f)3,96987219
V75xW(V75xW)Adult (m)3,54589123
AC6Yp(AC6Yp)Adult (m)3,84784227
KkCF1(KkCF1)Adult (m)3,5881,01434
x8LH8(x8LH8)Adult (f)2,98080715
KbFldChuckoEgg (F)
2ZFIx(2ZFIx)Adult (f)4,0151,1525
x5qSY(x5qSY)Adult (f)3,18285817
pjUII(pjUII)Adult (f)3,37689520
GIdyo(GIdyo)Adult (m)2,93586421
S3zPeLove For All Hatred For NoneAdult (m)5,1571,00925
jhJQs(jhJQs)Adult (f)2,43966013
m5qwd(m5qwd)Adult (f)2,43265836
aC5RBFor Ever And A DayAdult (f)5,4661,14725
zgprW(zgprW)Adult (f)4,4751,10612
l5EfqEzikeraAdult (m)3,47643630
FhLdKChase The DragonAdult (f)6,6011,14823
XEyTg(XEyTg)Adult (m)3,38873812
28bom(28bom)Adult (f)3,55075019
JNLWz(JNLWz)Adult (m)3,29971611
vB8H0(vB8H0)Adult (m)3,44674114
qpOzN(qpOzN)Adult (m)3,56090322
KA1RQRed Hot Flaming PepperAdult (f)4,30586129
pLIDQAll Hot and BotheredAdult (m)4,00694528
TXTJO(TXTJO)Adult (m)5,8881,10231
8n6KD(8n6KD)Adult (m)11,8721,20221
sbRLHQueen of AshAdult (f)4,3291,06829
EiNKU(EiNKU)Adult (m)7,0381,52125
Q7pMs(Q7pMs)Adult (f)4,59393039
quKID(quKID)Adult (m)4,00188116
LnHO9(LnHO9)Adult (f)3,41169427
PGNJk(PGNJk)Adult (f)3,71093924
3OYfOStaring Across The SeaAdult (f)4,10894725
80qkaJoker's DomainAdult (f)3,47681728
ZYjqCGuiding MoonlightAdult (f)3,70680028
NNtp4In less than no timeAdult (m)2,69370916
rlUquAll Around The UniverseAdult (f)3,14653835
YmCgqStars in Night SkiesAdult (f)7,7841,3728
GHRto(GHRto)Adult (f)5,0231,05426
VnepDStars on Night SkiesAdult (m)4,13796729
u4GHN(u4GHN)Adult (m)4,2539539
CurKD(CurKD)Adult (m)5,1231,07725
hx5KM(hx5KM)Adult (f)4,72791728
GYBRFLong Gone ForeverAdult (f)3,79181820
UJvVF(UJvVF)Adult (m)3,42378721
JM0X8A Hard Days NightAdult (m)4,9036553
0Sx57Garry NarryAdult (f)3,29974522
kcvSXStrawberry DiscoAdult (m)3,09453825
cu5WlSunrise Paints The SkiesAdult (f)4,3321,05124
UF6OzTickled - PinkAdult (f)3,51779528
rWaVbBucket full of StrawberriesAdult (m)2,57754714
erd8tSaucerful of SecretsAdult (m)4,2591,01029
II057(II057)Adult (f)4,22785725
z9GEc(z9GEc)Adult (f)3,77793215
Wuown(Wuown)Adult (f)3,3627963
VqarD(VqarD)Adult (m)3,99585828
6Tr8A(6Tr8A)Adult (m)4,05981013
lpbV2(lpbV2)Adult (f)3,71492932
KQLLT(KQLLT)Adult (f)3,64788719
462Ssi just realized this is 20gAdult (m)6,8131,14421
I3YLCPrize FallAdult (m)4,2131,11637
lA49N(lA49N)Adult (m)6,1791,18424
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