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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Caveman80100,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
yfXvkTempest12Adult (f)3,1324111
Ch1SrSundown SunShadowAdult (f)3,1724131
fb34CGunter1Adult (m)3,2924241
74HP7DreadwaveAdult (f)3,0794181
0KLbQQuill1Adult (f)2,9474262
T2HX5Mango1Adult (f)7,6386772
bB80sSandstorm2Adult (m)5,7905551
28qviFrostBite12Adult (f)6,5876221
uBL16Snapper N' RexAdult (f)6,4935881
B1kXQDarkShadow1Adult (m)6,6556121
xHT7aThunderCrack1Adult (f)4,1734163
n8CeeFireBlood3Adult (f)4,1554102
cMM7HNeo ViridisAdult (f)4,0803893
GPQJfDreamer52Adult (f)3,6153851
UdtdSBlizzard983Adult (m)3,0894392
moBdfBites97Adult (m)3,1805073
vFQHnMint Flavoured GumAdult (m)3,3374612
MIJfCTricky N' FoolemAdult (f)3,5335111
1wJB8The CloudWingAdult (m)4,6565221
oupdjUhh i don't remember this dragonAdult (m)4,5615071
WJMwBStreet DragonAdult (f)6,1516832
4M3BrSwapsalotAdult (f)4,6805362
aX9ljRainybowsAdult (m)3,6414583
aXZyIBatman's PetAdult (m)5,7495961
JYXWwpainfully obviously a WyvernAdult (f)5,7236141
4l5umGalaxy LizardAdult (m)7,5237271
mjO3kSebastian The FlamingoAdult (m)7,5267451
8YEwuGill-bertAdult (m)4,1754393
mXYpdCotton95Adult (f)3,3374162
TpjRuHighfly1Adult (f)9,3427681
1mycNCloudwing1Adult (f)9,1747411
b6FaWGaleforce CorkscrewAdult (f)9,1297123
4WoaRDuskGoer SunShadowAdult (m)6,7636052
Rx7s5CrystallinessAdult (f)4,4704391
Cs1ttRed Crimson but as a dragonAdult (m)7,2056091
3IxZiSlytherin in the poolAdult (f)8,0866711
rBrUlGryiffindorkAdult (m)4,0734893
qfqtMDuolingo's museAdult (m)3,9955004
NClWcQuibli The OutclawAdult (m)3,7744672
QeeooBrickusAdult (m)4,1844143
SpvUROdin ThunderflashAdult (f)4,0803851
EaS3EBinging With BabishAdult (m)8,6957151
N66gESunFall SunShadowAdult (f)9,4117421
YKoT9DRRRRRRAGONAdult (m)3,8614721
3DjGGFrooooooooooooooooooooooot LoopsAdult (f)3,6893961
xPb6eFancy Latin Name TenebraeAdult (f)3,6344921
yr2MWMe N' The BoysAdult (f)7,1586451
4llTEThe SpeicalAdult (m)7,1446521
GkYmfDawnHeart SunshadowAdult (f)7,3497001
l33YwRockyMcRockersonAdult (m)7,1906971
IKpJDMercator ParacletusAdult (m)7,1956972
Jyt3yShiny and ShadowAdult (m)4,7645802
5LoKsPink Was not the ImpostorAdult (f)3,4904325
14Hp914 HP NeinAdult (f)3,8926767
Iw7jHDragonite Used EarthquakeAdult (f)3,6904424
nH3lMZombie-Dragon YeeterAdult (f)6,5416161
Yis7JSquirt The Shallow Water DragonAdult (f)6,9106431
4I6MXChad DragonAdult (m)6,9346561
nGBjTLiterally Te KaAdult (m)4,0594382
heIxKElectrocutionificationAdult (m)4,0224792
2uuyOedgy punk-ragonAdult (m)4,0874803
wNgQmPink Was the ImpostorAdult (f)3,7614213
kFFl1Depressed RainbowAdult (m)7,2916131
tLpjDI Ain't afraid of no WizardAdult (f)7,1046171
UNltgJackaloperAdult (m)3,9304381
KFgQmDestiny The Kovos PygmyAdult (f)6,7395571
gAo9rA B C D E F G H I J K L M N O PAdult (f)6,6805501
2LRkNEpic Star DragonAdult (f)6,6685381
BwefD(BwefD)Adult (m)7,0266672
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