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You pick up the scroll labeled “CatHaru,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
H6u8QThe Red CrimsonAdult (m)8,0131,4339
YGoDJJungle's FeverAdult (m)8,0021,4593
m1RkZMoonlit StarbeamAdult (f)5,0151,0312
HsEtAWorms of TwoAdult (m)5,0761,0257
gRxMvFantasies and DaydreamsAdult (f)7,3121,2891
hNML8Water HoseyAdult (m)7,3891,2973
qvoXePillow That Soothes BackAdult (m)5,5119641
G6KPFBeautiful Blue StripesAdult (f)6,7691,2562
XfUF7Legend of the WhiteAdult (f)6,9641,2894
eHfcQWater of PlayfulnessAdult (f)2,7195313
VQVJISilver's ShadowAdult (f)2,2997091
5DjpBCavern Full of ShadowsAdult (m)2,2457112
cd1URBlackness of MurrinAdult (m)2,3037111
ItWROPumpkinish OrangeAdult (f)6,3971,1163
nwdBPSilent and Speedy DeathAdult (m)4,4051,4052
62wONBiting in the ShadowsAdult (f)4,0651,2061
r9fqeGold Shimmer of LightAdult (f)5,6121,0991
uHIIPFuture ChangedAdult (m)7,3491,2053
SRHipMagic Flying GuardAdult (m)6,6031,1384
YaHWWColorful PeaceAdult (f)5,0849502
hR5fyThe Darkness of DragonsAdult (f)5,3189565
IS4h5Snow of The Gold RibbonAdult (f)6,0591,2521
7l4Y8Cheer of PomsAdult (f)6,2041,2712
NKHDoChristmasful ColorsAdult (m)5,9811,2471
dCqRIChristmasful ChromanineAdult (m)5,6351,2441
HQPtjBeautiful Blue FrostAdult (f)5,1251,3941
64NsSMinty PresentsAdult (m)5,1881,3871
vt2z6Aegis' BlizzardAdult (m)3,8926320
2tjJFChristmas Colors of LuckAdult (m)4,1826453
z7yxPPacified OneAdult (m)4,0066431
hF1COI Am of The SunAdult (m)3,3496611
0okrzNight of the HeraldAdult (m)2,1367612
KeOHlPurple Striped DorsalAdult (m)1,4023800
HjKaFPretty Blue SkiesAdult (f)2,3106721
ktb1uElectricity ZapAdult (m)1,4083800
rZSTsTwinkling SkylineAdult (f)1,4823950
AUBpDRadiant Red Ruby BalloonAdult (m)7,5671,5202
O3DKTPinkie of the ValentineAdult (f)7,4341,5625
e0KrGArsa The ValentineAdult (f)6,3331,4624
XOMhUHoney GrabberAdult (m)6,2751,4183
3LsG6Little Rosie BushAdult (f)6,3581,4153
wG33rHearts of Love and ChocolateAdult (m)6,3171,2991
BWEOsSmall Melting ChocolatesAdult (m)6,4251,3151
335JaMountain MeltsAdult (m)6,3781,3291
zmEIMGreen Jungle VinesAdult (f)6,8331,2551
ZhZvUPrince of The BlueAdult (m)7,8561,2772
u0KdtColorful TonesAdult (m)7,5901,2313
XcmDZFrostiful SnowAdult (f)7,2291,2303
0Bbi0Shining RocksAdult (f)7,1501,2524
UrHWPRedest MoonlightAdult (f)8,0801,2281
f8AH8White Snow of WinterAdult (f)8,0781,2381
tu4UVPeace of Colorful LifeAdult (m)8,2851,2052
LQoutCoastal Running WavesAdult (f)7,9261,1931
01uSzStunning Spotted GreenAdult (f)7,4971,2261
CprhlShrimp in Pink WatersAdult (m)7,4211,2443
mn3D8Red of RoyalsAdult (m)7,4971,2653
OoGNpThoughts from The SkyAdult (f)5,8291,2317
CsXCUStunning Blue SeaAdult (f)7,7111,3769
AUCNXScents of TeaAdult (f)7,4521,2642
1hQdbTwilight's MoonbeamAdult (f)7,6981,2602
z0lXQCapped BlacksAdult (f)9,2051,48111
lAEecLittle Bit LonelyAdult (f)8,2821,3103
tw9zzSleepless Mystic NightsAdult (f)7,1741,1701
SccCwDazzling Blue DiamondsAdult (m)6,8111,1692
A26bzStorming RageAdult (m)6,9701,1652
zgTFkLovable Light SongAdult (m)6,7501,2442
2sxNvInvisible DarkAdult (f)6,4101,2104
OvOsmNightmare ReflectionAdult (f)6,3711,2222
IrWuRMoonshining StonesAdult (f)6,7381,1704
30nRlPurple's UpsideAdult (m)6,8001,1714
7VeHCGolden Shines of MoonlightAdult (f)7,4421,2411
M7X7dPink's ColorAdult (m)7,3361,1472
4iaT8Magical Oranges of TeleportationAdult (m)7,4741,2192
Y8PzHBrownest MoonAdult (m)3,8076481
Pw9fDFreezing Cold SnowAdult (f)2,9665751
9fFWvThe Amethyst SunsongAdult (f)4,0286431
a2PkdMagical Powers of OrangesAdult (m)2,8326002
HWB4ZOrangest OrangesAdult (m)2,8646043
uFTOkThe Striped PurpleAdult (f)3,6796991
hoIddSunsong AmethystAdult (f)1,9545572
ESmE5Bluest MoonshineAdult (f)3,2336841
aZ35oWaves of the Blue OceanAdult (f)2,1325973
ymm58The Regal CrimsonsAdult (f)3,4667031
fJY8HThe Pretty PinkAdult (m)2,4656371
Xn4xZKilling TailAdult (m)2,5066062
pBXQnThe Stones of NightlightsAdult (f)2,8036222
MWXXUMy Crown of YellowAdult (m)2,7426101
CNSRRMoonlight GrapesAdult (m)3,3947751
pDQUfThe Stone of SunlightAdult (m)3,3895813
Cxjn5Stripe's GreenAdult (m)2,5505583
eDaveSky's Blue WingsAdult (m)3,4017452
tDLlTPink's BeautyAdult (m)3,4517342
f5O81Greenest GreensAdult (f)3,7786583
tnJX7Summer Day GloryAdult (m)3,0406871
SoRJDSapphire GemstonesAdult (f)3,8348351
jMZlrBrown RideAdult (m)3,2266161
7aRRsThe Sun's SongsAdult (f)3,6476622
gqR0kLumina Gray TintAdult (f)3,2727851
11GYNCelestial Icy BlastsAdult (m)3,0697541
Ic9g7Huge Celestial IceAdult (m)3,1717240
jy6P2Lumina Yellow TintAdult (f)5,5756833
D3UCkPink's PrettynessAdult (m)3,0025632
zXzQUCute Mint GreenAdult (f)4,0075991
w6U2wAmethyst SongsAdult (m)3,7696092
dev7HAdorable Tiny MintsAdult (f)2,8235751
vtMQ3Goldielock MoonAdult (m)2,6195491
nlbhPGolden MoonshinesAdult (f)2,6935351
cT4NTPlaying With The SunlightAdult (f)2,8015741
vFKnGMints from Adorable GreenAdult (m)4,3688522
hbaChSun's Perfomance of SongsAdult (f)6,0929251
qy7SbTan's PurplesAdult (f)6,0811,0832
TFCDrLong Little FalconiformAdult (m)5,8121,1071
GtkU8Amazing Aqua DiamondAdult (f)3,2166411
NJa3MThe Peaceful MintAdult (m)3,0686451
BlEWETea's BlacksAdult (m)3,6726782
mRkA6Bluest Shine from the MoonAdult (f)3,1995990
9dYBBThe Blue MoonlightAdult (f)3,4776134
twYZgThe Soaring Brown RideAdult (m)4,2948101
JZr1oCrowns from YellowedAdult (m)4,1698231
g2G7KThe Unlimited CelestiaAdult (m)4,2157930
XJPKaBrown Night SkyAdult (m)3,0824832
CHircLovely Hue of PinkAdult (m)3,3705253
k9dYuExotic Green EmeraldAdult (f)3,4535583
1n31MThe Masculine GoldAdult (m)4,1186071
wLaKdLumina's TintAdult (m)4,9316314
Y49mdCelestia of the UnlimitedAdult (f)3,6415302
OhgzOMasculine Silver ShinesAdult (m)3,9125762
LRXgqThe Blue-Green SapphireAdult (m)3,5455519
uGzCYSoul's Hope and PeaceAdult (m)3,5845472
gSFeyBeautiful SilversAdult (f)3,3015573
h6NlhThe Pinky Pink-PinkAdult (m)3,6935952
sTSGMTeasing MisfitsAdult (m)3,6375392
VwoCFThe BrownsAdult (m)3,2155940
Phh7ZThe Feminine BrownAdult (f)3,3366270
dlvJKNight's Blue MoonAdult (m)2,8157202
8QXZtDaytime SongAdult (m)2,8197431
v6vFRMoonlight's BlueAdult (m)2,5306180
YqDcXPerfect Feminine PinkAdult (f)2,4936311
uZzJyStar of NexusAdult (m)2,3544984
4OBFcMorphing ChangesAdult (m)5,1678882
qqmDgThe Moonlight ChandelierAdult (f)5,2199063
WMEuVScaIed HawkAdult (m)5,5179542
UWoqLOrange and Green FrillsAdult (m)5,7348596
ZGvUPThe Burning Hot Fire RedAdult (f)6,9198813
F0CavAlmost Night SkyAdult (m)11,4029906
cVgVLAria's PinkAdult (m)6,7588943
oF0XIBrownies MoonAdult (f)5,1087790
20qvFMasculine BrownAdult (m)5,2497921
KfnIbFeminine BrownAdult (f)5,1277920
QDLRtConstellation NebulaAdult (f)5,3077952
F4C47Frilling BodyAdult (f)2,1866344
QVodEPinkest PinksAdult (f)5,7778431
edcp0Blue MoonIightAdult (f)5,8398842
3WWPlBoIting LightningAdult (m)5,8528711
Y6kahSilver's SilksAdult (m)5,8208761
BVe8DNebuIa ChainAdult (m)3,2004801
YVYq9Worming WondersAdult (m)3,4514962
GARIBBIue LingersAdult (f)3,3234711
YyRxfScaled Orange HawkAdult (f)3,5514981
1sXenLights of Aria StringsAdult (f)3,9745001
fer1DHurting BruteAdult (m)5,4878691
pWJ4JUnderwater AdventuresAdult (m)5,5851,0691
axk3fEviI SpiritsAdult (f)5,6171,0501
I49liNexus's TwinkleAdult (m)5,5851,0632
ieF4mThe YelIow CrownAdult (f)4,1668111
VzwqzFlame MagicianAdult (f)5,9951,0221
CswdJTripIe HornAdult (m)5,9841,0221
QP929BIue CutieHatchling (F)4,3237861
IjZeCTeam FIareAdult (m)5,8601,0341
r2EdmSouI's PeaceAdult (f)3,8505951
lq1q4Burning FIamesAdult (f)3,8095950
n6uqFRed Fire FlamesAdult (m)3,7736241
GqEpPBlue RoyaItyAdult (m)4,2616300
gKdZQVioIent VinesAdult (f)3,9865862
iwz4uLove's AirAdult (f)3,1514926
Cw34USettling SunsetAdult (f)3,9088017
MiA8WEmeraId ShimmerAdult (f)5,3891,2251
8V9fPKing's CrownsAdult (f)5,5771,2412
kDONRThe Future is RevealedAdult (m)5,8581,1041
u1GRwEmeraId ShineAdult (f)5,4461,2251
a7NVvCyanite StoneAdult (f)5,5031,2450
WZ0AXThe Fate SpeakerAdult (m)2,9715722
803UPFlypink PieAdult (f)3,4445752
DunbqHugtailAdult (f)3,2455592
ZSVYGTwo-toning ColorAdult (f)3,2755452
12GjGFlaking Orange-tailAdult (m)3,1955893
jJjeMBitten EndAdult (f)3,5396971
TDyktGlorious Blue WingsAdult (m)3,4086501
7N1ILYellow FlapAdult (f)3,4836490
OQzVRCanopy of TreesAdult (f)3,0947391
NQUhcPink Aria StringsAdult (f)3,0907642
pPgheZombie-Like CreatureAdult (m)3,1937681
h8wpMWater-Walking CreatureAdult (f)3,0877802
SoS7sCrystalizer BlingAdult (f)2,8626550
CDZ7bAura of AriaAdult (f)2,8936490
MGnoNThe Blue MoustacheAdult (m)2,7936682
mUZNiGreen SpottiesAdult (m)2,9366560
DcFYlColorful AirsAdult (f)2,8516641
G3zNgCitrus CAdult (f)4,6007932
YRfXUBlack-Tipped CupsAdult (m)2,4565301
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