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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Capulator,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Z8p3(Z8p3)Adult (f)1,5037127
AgQV(AgQV)Adult (f)1,1575494
qGui(qGui)Adult (f)3,58746051
eobR(eobR)Adult (f)83653115
lQW1(lQW1)Adult (m)2,30535212
oB4C(oB4C)Adult (m)2,39233612
Sk96(Sk96)Adult (f)1,90928316
13fD(13fD)Adult (m)5,5906938
dRAK(dRAK)Adult (f)4,30462945
RU9W(RU9W)Adult (f)2,72425819
FhCG(FhCG)Adult (m)2,91719812
VWNo(VWNo)Adult (f)2,7073599
Pt4v(Pt4v)Adult (m)2,90621211
8yAu(8yAu)Adult (f)5,50275520
86en(86en)Adult (m)2,55437923
NWmT(NWmT)Adult (m)5,13734516
ofaC(ofaC)Adult (f)2,69822113
86nK(86nK)Adult (f)3,57645239
0UW8(0UW8)Adult (m)3,19053318
QiDO(QiDO)Adult (f)11,5601,29832
ayDz(ayDz)Adult (m)92639013
DAWT(DAWT)Adult (f)5,26384524
HEBb(HEBb)Adult (m)2,01277610
C4du(C4du)Adult (f)1,31753211
eccx(eccx)Adult (m)3,80447439
MJai(MJai)Adult (f)1,91849511
4CTI(4CTI)Adult (m)1,99973810
wznL(wznL)Adult (f)1,62232514
D8S7(D8S7)Adult (m)2,78859615
Ykls(Ykls)Adult (f)1,22746119
wv3N(wv3N)Adult (m)1,78176114
GRiW(GRiW)Adult (f)2,36992615
04Xt(04Xt)Adult (m)1,48048910
0p2v(0p2v)Adult (f)1,58951810
KUkj(KUkj)Adult (m)4,75082523
Ac9X(Ac9X)Adult (f)2,18647918
FfEJ(FfEJ)Adult (m)2,37691512
9iJQ(9iJQ)Adult (f)5,88593325
7lNr(7lNr)Adult (m)2,61026031
MWak(MWak)Adult (f)1,3044639
38w2(38w2)Adult (m)1,56359316
BGwi(BGwi)Adult (f)4,0651,4899
IxOQ(IxOQ)Adult (m)1,57972216
KgZi(KgZi)Adult (f)1,66966012
fBzL(fBzL)Adult (m)1,61669119
uaqV(uaqV)Adult (f)4,88691621
kv7O(kv7O)Adult (m)1,50468610
88cY(88cY)Adult (f)1,92632515
TbCM(TbCM)Adult (m)1,75351212
x2Vz(x2Vz)Adult (f)1,82273825
dKPy(dKPy)Adult (m)1,35761711
WmTv(WmTv)Adult (f)1,32956913
S7iJ(S7iJ)Adult (m)1,7037759
C58R(C58R)Adult (f)4,66967848
bBI0(bBI0)Adult (f)4,19559346
6xDv(6xDv)Adult (m)5,13034515
28Az(28Az)Adult (m)4,46770846
972t(972t)Adult (m)4,94764945
gOfV(gOfV)Adult (m)1,85583616
tQUl(tQUl)Adult (f)1,75756915
1iT9(1iT9)Adult (f)4,38770145
sCmD(sCmD)Adult (m)3,58924420
GVpn(GVpn)Adult (f)2,21221211
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