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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Calli Thaala,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
7y67r(7y67r)Hatchling (m)4,0579190
82bVE(82bVE)Hatchling (m)4,1319122
9iaI7(9iaI7)Hatchling (f)4,1399291
7SDd6(7SDd6)Hatchling (m)4,0718893
y6bea(y6bea)Hatchling (f)4,1779441
z5YCq(z5YCq)Hatchling (m)4,0529301
3bAU8(3bAU8)Hatchling (f)4,0318841
8lcpe(8lcpe)Hatchling (f)4,0009070
UEUklPeteasaurus TyranusAdult5,9201,1193
KrhGFrankasaurus RexAdult8,2411,1155
WwdV5(WwdV5)Adult (f)3,5528832
yum5i(yum5i)Adult (f)4,6509790
kcscL(kcscL)Adult (m)5,3539781
b6HX8(b6HX8)Adult (f)5,3639580
zY4Am(zY4Am)Adult (m)5,0471,0041
uYkJ5(uYkJ5)Adult (f)5,0889733
7RtWv(7RtWv)Adult (m)5,4851,0380
9Xwdh(9Xwdh)Adult (f)4,7158741
xC8Gi(xC8Gi)Adult (m)5,3068842
8ntIS(8ntIS)Adult (m)6,5539160
5lxqB(5lxqB)Adult (f)6,3939362
va7RG(va7RG)Adult (m)4,1939301
Blgbh(Blgbh)Adult (f)4,5039090
lI88I(lI88I)Adult (m)4,6739661
t7dGE(t7dGE)Adult (m)4,1908921
mZZIP(mZZIP)Adult (f)4,4581,0021
LXTHO(LXTHO)Adult (f)3,9309301
JxpyK(JxpyK)Adult (m)3,0687301
gGXgp(gGXgp)Adult (m)5,2869781
qIYXi(qIYXi)Adult (f)6,0981,1493
I85z3(I85z3)Adult (m)4,5227951
5jWXXXenolista CB ThaalaAdult (f)4,1168904
eEJar(eEJar)Adult (f)3,2297322
IFFSW(IFFSW)Adult (m)5,3929560
WgRr4(WgRr4)Adult (m)5,3226132
5qoLnXenoturon CB ThaalaAdult (m)7,6457491
ByJuN(ByJuN)Adult (f)5,6019700
C8K5A(C8K5A)Adult (m)5,7529990
jdtob(jdtob)Adult (f)5,3745451
YrqkcXenobaria CB ThaalaAdult (f)4,5678000
hXp3W(hXp3W)Adult (f)5,4339541
PgLCu(PgLCu)Adult (m)3,9839080
VD97V(VD97V)Adult (f)4,2159720
RDZcQ(RDZcQ)Adult (f)4,0478442
sRsiF(sRsiF)Adult (m)3,5359541
pyOO1(pyOO1)Adult (f)3,8878170
6pCc1(6pCc1)Adult (f)3,4048051
tTsqb(tTsqb)Adult (f)3,3328022
Vnyj0(Vnyj0)Adult (m)2,6697581
iLFxO(iLFxO)Adult (m)4,9721,0000
XHI84(XHI84)Adult (f)5,4669610
iDLPH(iDLPH)Adult (f)4,4929950
qNzp1(qNzp1)Adult (f)5,8129810
fpzq6(fpzq6)Adult (f)4,6521,0650
rlk1O(rlk1O)Adult (m)5,9529520
3Lv81(3Lv81)Adult (m)5,1666821
PKn97(PKn97)Adult (m)5,7617201
MkF0B(MkF0B)Adult (m)5,4706980
hho7e(hho7e)Adult (m)5,6846041
9kuet(9kuet)Adult (f)6,1376902
Ncwq1(Ncwq1)Adult (f)5,3166900
SIqsm(SIqsm)Adult (f)4,8205761
naeGn(naeGn)Adult (f)4,6527271
OoImS(OoImS)Adult (m)5,2965380
fsBOU(fsBOU)Adult (f)5,5055480
UaHRc(UaHRc)Adult (f)4,9136692
ca412(ca412)Adult (f)4,9386911
u0aRb(u0aRb)Adult (f)5,9248241
abbKR(abbKR)Adult (f)5,7666921
z0A6E(z0A6E)Adult (f)5,9356810
wVCjF(wVCjF)Adult (f)5,3146641
TMYaz(TMYaz)Adult (m)4,8377030
jHT9u(jHT9u)Adult (m)5,0756822
E3URv(E3URv)Adult (m)4,5088040
CJi0X(CJi0X)Adult (f)5,1497361
csY2f(csY2f)Adult (m)4,0667292
0CpNc(0CpNc)Adult (f)4,0657292
FAS8M(FAS8M)Adult (m)4,1268820
3yRDm(3yRDm)Adult (f)4,0539342
ZXsDw(ZXsDw)Adult (f)6,2991,0801
lfcJ0(lfcJ0)Adult (m)5,8266080
FtCB9(FtCB9)Adult (m)5,4827560
Nhpdx(Nhpdx)Adult (m)5,3206641
FV9Lp(FV9Lp)Adult (m)5,4497690
gt1qf(gt1qf)Adult (m)6,1308211
qmk15(qmk15)Adult (m)6,4598010
0FO80(0FO80)Adult (m)5,4614881
y3X3w(y3X3w)Adult (f)5,4865001
T38e0(T38e0)Adult (f)5,3954821
0qBGd(0qBGd)Adult (f)5,5085001
bg5MG(bg5MG)Adult (m)5,0341,1642
Vcrm8(Vcrm8)Adult (f)4,8251,2323
Bzbev(Bzbev)Adult (m)3,8449641
AJZq3(AJZq3)Adult (m)7,8627033
p7ytd(p7ytd)Adult (f)4,4781,1081
kWcin(kWcin)Adult (f)5,6891,0670
Qwv6P(Qwv6P)Adult (m)4,7701,2432
lvigC(lvigC)Adult (m)4,8391,2101
RXQiX(RXQiX)Adult (f)4,9291,1822
Hlqyr(Hlqyr)Adult (f)5,5791,1161
59Tne(59Tne)Adult (m)5,2141,1982
qXuQb(qXuQb)Adult (m)5,5161,1701
cDUQN(cDUQN)Adult (m)5,2021,1384
tFFSZ(tFFSZ)Adult (m)5,1191,1702
NBS71(NBS71)Adult (m)5,0217992
wIMCw(wIMCw)Adult (m)3,9481,2272
ysi4X(ysi4X)Adult (m)3,9361,3171
Ce9Vj(Ce9Vj)Adult (f)2,3766701
9wvoI(9wvoI)Adult (f)4,0691,1850
OnZ0f(OnZ0f)Adult (m)2,9131,3001
vJlO1(vJlO1)Adult (f)5,7017330
IgR0r(IgR0r)Adult (m)1,6676650
wJWr2(wJWr2)Adult (m)3,7201,3810
BC58Q(BC58Q)Adult (m)2,0146163
rKqopVenmaiyana CB ThaalaAdult (f)1,6486350
2GYdaFallen Mustika ThaalaAdult (m)3,1217461
9pNxbOcha CB ThaalaAdult (f)1,9809181
0GzR2Snow Magic ThaalaAdult (m)2,7507973
2kUAAPandhara CB ThaalaAdult (f)1,9847170
nj8uWBili Shiroperanza ThaalaAdult (m)2,8777532
3N1MKIndu CB ThaalaAdult (m)2,7698110
dJkYFKyf ThaalaAdult (m)2,2987331
fEUi3Sarandhra ThaalaAdult (f)2,0356890
pjXHJDeeCee ThaalaAdult (f)1,6047052
gOVnkFjord ThaalaAdult (m)3,3117441
qg1TjVoor Dorkface ThaalaAdult (m)2,7088862
b8kkASarita Navidad ThaalaAdult (f)4,3647271
YiVGIYivgi ThaalaAdult (m)4,5089324
M2XcmCeleste's Golden Daughter ThaalaAdult (f)4,5769203
rIqJ1Dwight ThaalaAdult (m)6,0658474
DIMolDI Mol LV ThaalaAdult (m)5,0589901
vdIdUJayne Leander Vanae ThaalaAdult (m)3,9898463
Koq5ARose ThaalaAdult (f)4,0168645
VjTj9Tears of Pearls ThaalaAdult (m)4,5979323
Mcjk6Roa Zek ThaalaAdult (f)4,9559512
nfj8gDivine Christmas Rose ThaalaAdult (m)4,7891,0322
gW4NFZiel Leander Vanae ThaalaAdult (m)6,1037861
YG2pBJunsuina CB ThaalaAdult (f)4,5778822
O35odOodi ThaalaAdult (f)3,8419201
4Oep1Hikari CB ThaalaAdult (f)5,4747750
BPSOTIce Joker ThaalaAdult (m)4,4247840
HEQcoEmmalys WC ThaalaAdult (f)4,5147472
thih7Biel CB ThaalaAdult (m)3,8078221
ZBQ1CWhite Rose Christmas ThaalaAdult (f)3,5667933
TsC9QWinged Snowfall ThaalaAdult (m)3,6158423
kWRg5Seven Adam I ThaalaAdult (m)4,1547684
YHSSRRiquesa Leander Vanae ThaalaAdult (f)3,2807181
VOpcMMikiu ThaalaAdult (f)4,2861,1001
0bs4NKnuriel ThaalaAdult (f)3,4219220
I6U5AMani Mau ThaalaAdult (m)3,5188830
76Xp0River VII ThaalaAdult (f)4,6378332
hbE0MQueen Beryl 42 ThaalaAdult (f)3,9281,0432
S7og9Severognine ThaalaAdult (f)4,5891,0152
K8jlsKjils II ThaalaAdult (f)4,9248451
8Q9eKKoila V ThaalaAdult (f)3,1756251
V8t3ZAvond Ster ThaalaAdult (f)2,4001,0062
egNLLEganella CB ThaalaAdult (f)2,8709992
Cl8DHValkea CB ThaalaAdult (f)3,0855133
YS4U4Nebby Dorkface Thuwed ThaalaAdult (m)4,6311,4473
HCgnWRequiem Ghost Thuwed ThaalaAdult (m)4,0941,1162
Hp9G6Lozanov d'Leander ThaalaAdult (m)3,9601,0342
oENQBZuria ThaalaAdult (f)3,4988842
opOKtWeis CB ThaalaAdult (m)3,9149093
9hHXUShiny Whitetail ThaalaAdult (m)2,2988393
3hB4aLeuko ThaalaAdult (m)2,4128114
uCoSiUcosi d'Leander ThaalaAdult (f)2,1727781
vt3qaAlexi Lozanov ThaalaAdult (m)1,8887302
EAQhIOculus d'Proxy ThaalaAdult (m)3,1071,0229
JOcELeander Ghost ThaalaAdult (m)7,6511,0731
v4tUBroken Lullaby ThaalaAdult (m)7,7161,0534
s8mEMarco Leander Vanae ThaalaAdult (m)5,8418871
8QCeAlbus Leander ThaalaAdult (m)9,8701,3515
aro2Karlek ThaalaAdult (m)5,0148784
2rkgJoyHerald Ghost ThaalaAdult (f)5,0558503
4Ci0Navia Vanae ThaalaAdult (f)6,3281,1381
2sNKSapheda Navidad ThaalaAdult (f)5,1871,0872
OCpZBila ThaalaAdult (f)3,3088233
7AVEWyn ThaalaAdult (m)8,3341,1074
DvSQDonna Leander ThaalaAdult (f)8,8901,2548
Y1VPDina CB ThaalaAdult (f)8,5621,2287
Ko0ABela Navidad ThaalaAdult (f)7,5641,1793
flNsSherlock Holmes ThaalaAdult (m)11,0781,50112
7l7OBan Eire ThaalaAdult (m)6,3078906
ROU5Cador I ThaalaAdult (m)1,40872622
S5jIAmbrosius CB ThaalaAdult (m)2,5721,0651
71HySevera ThaalaAdult (f)2,2091,0044
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