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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “C-bone,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
iRJjC-bone's Tree of Eternal LifeEgg (F)
jwhbq(jwhbq)Adult (m)2,3684943
cjU89(cjU89)Adult (f)2,2545172
3BupJ(3BupJ)Adult (m)2,7084755
yaBUi(yaBUi)Adult (f)3,2394632
twO3k(twO3k)Adult (m)3,3954764
HMuvC(HMuvC)Adult (f)3,1764543
45Cza(45Cza)Adult (m)2,9794932
5Iski(5Iski)Adult (f)2,9804753
fzafS(fzafS)Adult (m)2,0227504
hIMmo(hIMmo)Adult (f)1,9657411
zBf72(zBf72)Adult (f)1,6384811
Xlz2A(Xlz2A)Adult (m)1,6994892
Zne1v(Zne1v)Adult (m)2,0147433
wIrRVLightning BoneletAdult (f)3,61940522
zXWfrz'Lightning BoneAdult (m)3,16439318
fNvNL(fNvNL)Adult (m)3,29039423
t80gO(t80gO)Adult (f)1,37452919
B4hyH(B4hyH)Adult (m)3,71340923
PlBLJ(PlBLJ)Adult (f)1,47352828
qxoQH(qxoQH)Adult (m)3,83440326
EYQfC(EYQfC)Adult (f)1,36454031
NiKH4(NiKH4)Adult (m)4,21343123
Uz7fd(Uz7fd)Adult (f)1,75553922
ErdyX(ErdyX)Adult (m)3,14638323
TKu6V(TKu6V)Adult (f)1,27752723
rCaVy(rCaVy)Adult (m)3,28141827
y3Ayw(y3Ayw)Adult (f)1,65055220
ZhukvZ'Scourgekeeper BoneAdult (m)
VxI9aScourgekeeper BoneletAdult (f)
BCGQxPajas The Scourgekeeper BonesAdult (m)
pQqjsKackas The Scourgekeeper BoneletAdult (f)
LPqBL(LPqBL)Adult (m)
1kOdH(1kOdH)Adult (f)
fR4bz(fR4bz)Adult (f)2,35258818
ghLqhFanalea BoneAdult (m)2,72146841
RYauAFanalea BoneletAdult (f)3,23854319
azYeAPaja The Fanalea BoneAdult (m)3,29742318
cKa3pKacenka The Fanalea BoneletAdult (f)3,83342610
iTgrzPyrrhichios BoneAdult (m)3,38649639
LymbXPyrrhichios Lymb-X BoneletAdult (f)3,42851719
icJItPaja The Pyrrhichios BoneAdult (m)3,24342419
LxvXbKacenka The Pyrrhichios BoneletAdult (f)3,54441112
kxStsFuror Pygmy BoneAdult (m)4,10146928
UXIWBFuror Pygmy BoneletAdult (f)2,94253022
71MI1Paja The Furor Pygmy BoneAdult (m)3,10444517
hE5URKacenka The Furor Pygmy BoneletAdult (f)3,56540511
fM5JLAstralophyne BoneAdult (m)3,22946034
eWAUsAstralophyne BoneletAdult (f)2,40351630
MiJsoKacenka The Astralophyne BoneletAdult (f)4,24845517
8eACbPaja The Astralophyne BoneAdult (m)3,65941714
BhDhGHooded Murkling BoneAdult (m)3,59746725
gFTDgHooded Murkling BoneletAdult (f)2,56944230
ALYKLKacenka Hooded Murkling BoneletAdult (f)3,60946823
C5HufPaja Hooded Murkling BoneAdult (m)3,67042316
Xv4Ic(Xv4Ic)Adult (m)3,55843811
CZ8hPThundersnow BoneAdult (m)3,41045925
tHl4qThundersnow BoneletAdult (f)2,67046224
Bit2MKacenka The Thundersnow BoneletAdult (f)3,35344920
e20tiPaja The Thundersnow BoneAdult (m)3,47643511
RSiitLotaan BoneAdult (m)3,88642723
TIgaqPaja The Lotaan BoneAdult (m)4,05442024
lpmvrLotaan BoneletAdult (f)3,47345022
VhToXKacenka The Lotaan BoneletAdult (f)3,34243324
C44KlFour and Four Ghanser BonesAdult (m)3,94646220
SaEGp(SaEGp)Adult (m)3,40744125
Mu5H5Five and Five Ghanser BoneletsAdult (f)3,08042927
BhQK7(BhQK7)Adult (f)3,53543020
tKnVzAvin Pygmy BoneAdult (m)2,38156518
0JGizAvin Pygmy BoneletAdult (f)2,76155015
Kvrs9Paja The Avin BoneAdult (m)2,61357311
vXUEsKacenka The Avin BoneletAdult (f)2,81656914
LpEwUWisteria BoneAdult (m)2,43456511
m9D6pWisteria BoneletAdult (f)2,17656515
tGD2DPaja The Wisteria BoneAdult (m)2,62156520
1uc2dKacenka The Wisteria BoneletAdult (f)2,5005737
OoyshMirisia BoneletAdult (f)2,18351710
zff8Fz'Triple-F Mirisia BoneAdult (m)1,90959211
0Wh1BKacenka The Mirisia BoneletAdult (f)3,0975619
G4SCPPaja The The Mirisia BoneAdult (m)2,7504968
AMaShScymrian BoneAdult (m)1,90747710
ysKhuScymrian BoneletAdult (f)2,0314868
EFqNbKacenka The Scymrian BoneletAdult (f)2,4385125
URWZJPaja The Scymrian BoneAdult (m)2,5855317
gslJ0Pale Shumoga BoneAdult (m)1,28153031
hpqB8Pale Shumoga BoneletAdult (f)1,22950024
skyiYSky The Pale Shumoga BoneAdult (m)1,62959835
rrY7ZKacenka The Pale ShumogaAdult (f)1,70556733
Jo1ZHPaja The Pale Shumoga BoneAdult (m)1,75977015
rFAtTNot FAt Shumoga BoneletAdult (f)2,39070323
Bisy6Pyropellis BoneAdult (m)1,85959130
SIxVHPyropellis Six BoneletAdult (f)1,74658331
YjwD2Paja The Pyropellis BoneAdult (m)2,00959729
dyeGzKacenka The Pyropellis BoneletAdult (f)1,45457032
F52qj(F52qj)Adult (f)2,03069110
yHv8y(yHv8y)Adult (m)2,05870317
YvJd7(YvJd7)Adult (m)2,03968322
Zt8Pp(Zt8Pp)Adult (m)1,7635272
ZeB2w(ZeB2w)Adult (f)2,3465781
IZXbpOracle Wyrm BoneAdult (m)2,50853621
zMubFz'Mub Oracle BoneletAdult (f)3,04551926
7DpNBPaja The Oracle Wyrm BoneAdult (m)3,08253822
9rOiNKacenka Oracle Wyrm BoneletAdult (f)2,83751618
a3mU5Temple Wyrm BoneAdult (m)2,33145524
emZNtTemple Wyrm BoneletAdult (f)2,70651729
DgJFIPaja The Temple Wyrm BoneAdult (m)2,24348916
nW7nQKaka The Temple Wyrm BoneletAdult (f)2,62049221
QFIlgSpotted Teal BoneletAdult (f)2,16649922
zPQQ9z'P2Q Spotted Teal BoneAdult (m)2,08250125
0KUkg(0KUkg)Adult (m)3,7263607
HRWquSabertooth Bull BoneAdult (m)2,49952319
LKkqPSabertooth Bull BoneletAdult (f)2,38650924
Hvg4UPaja The Sabertooth BoneAdult (m)2,05247728
TB2dyKacenka The Sabertooth BoneletAdult (f)2,53051722
O18OrPink Alstroemeria BoneAdult (m)2,54067120
8XkLwPink Alstroemeria BoneletAdult (f)2,51660919
2lh5X(2lh5X)Adult (f)1,79078222
dQEq2(dQEq2)Adult (m)4,0548059
G3Wgk(G3Wgk)Adult (m)1,98084233
uHtA0(uHtA0)Adult (f)3,94158325
jzRFd(jzRFd)Adult (m)2,22655615
AXWTU(AXWTU)Adult (f)2,1805119
Dpxtl(Dpxtl)Adult (f)2,8548277
zvkdQ(zvkdQ)Adult (m)2,86149913
7EtA5The Royal Eminence BoneAdult (m)2,16460224
HmhjdThe Royal Eminence BoneletAdult (f)1,30050329
ZiuukZ'iuuk The Royal Eminence BoneAdult (m)3,39637013
WH8X4(WH8X4)Adult (f)3,7495262
eFPYO(eFPYO)Adult (m)2,49679020
b7mvt(b7mvt)Adult (f)2,24760527
du2uO(du2uO)Adult (f)2,3534515
UtbDc(UtbDc)Adult (m)1,93251124
Q81vv(Q81vv)Adult (f)4,15970520
Ru9Yf(Ru9Yf)Adult (f)1,47546429
MZuM5(MZuM5)Adult (f)3,0624493
XsKHVSapphire The Garland BoneAdult (m)4,2691,10421
OMhEoSapphire The Glystere BoneletAdult (f)4,0541,07014
3iqFh(3iqFh)Adult (f)5,2371,26326
rrHgT(rrHgT)Adult (f)1,03948320
YgQM6(YgQM6)Adult (f)1,83543113
7fIIKMg Amphiptere BoneAdult (m)1,32244029
8ktVwMg Amphiptere BoneletAdult (f)1,61646322
AbQSsPaja The Mg BoneAdult (m)1,56945621
OuGsaKacenka The Mg BoneletAdult (f)1,45544624
OVoq9Sawtooth BoneAdult (m)1,56045126
WJiVBSawtooth BoneletAdult (f)1,59047019
TFW4wPaja The Sawtooth BoneAdult (m)1,53045521
XJtRBKacenka The Sawtooth BoneletAdult (f)1,34744625
Re7fABlazeback BoneAdult (m)2,11345736
36PovBlazeback BoneletAdult (f)2,34249040
ECA0LKacenka The Blazeback BoneletAdult (f)2,53853548
IrIA7(IrIA7)Adult (f)2,37349330
zYw3kz'Blazeback BoneAdult (m)2,5186411
siM3lHydrophidius BoneAdult (m)2,62351535
sUW5dHydrophidius BoneletAdult (f)2,51252536
pb5gCKacenka The Hydrophidius BoneletAdult (f)2,34349633
nOAL5Paja The Hydrophidius BoneAdult (m)2,30149131
Q6MaPMotus Q-MaP BoneAdult (m)2,48580924
r9CgbMotus Cantormaris BoneletAdult (f)2,77680420
gWlkOKacenka The Motus BoneletAdult (f)2,45180712
IJho0Motus Cantormaris BoneAdult (m)2,62580621
h38ke(h38ke)Adult (f)1,48960127
bBnX1(bBnX1)Adult (m)1,50062328
P6Dl8Tutela Cantormaris BoneAdult (m)3,52378529
DyvtpTutela Cantormaris BoneletAdult (f)3,37775726
KlvugItus Cantormaris BoneletAdult (f)3,02743016
2NeCKItus Cantormaris 2-Neck BoneAdult (m)3,12544716
DcqCEMundus Cantormaris BoneAdult (m)3,00744524
3fYhvMundus Cantormaris BoneletAdult (f)3,26246121
z5RAoKacenka The Mundus BoneletAdult (f)2,52459317
A7oohPaja The Mundus BoneAdult (m)1,48467714
ohhm7The Ohhm BoneletAdult (f)2,13759822
ZEdwOZ'Mundus BoneAdult (m)2,6346823
0WsB1(0WsB1)Adult (m)3,7134962
nhMA2Sophos Cantormaris BoneAdult (m)2,17648533
ohpaiSophos Cantormaris BoneletAdult (f)2,38048032
xMbJdPaja The Sophos BoneAdult (m)2,78543837
Ox39bIratus Cantormaris BoneAdult (m)2,45549032
kEZucIratus Cantormaris BoneletAdult (f)2,18946941
wVcWCKacenka The Iratus BoneletAdult (f)2,42649630
GdGEwNobleshield BoneAdult (m)1,91743533
MSLAgNobleshield BoneletAdult (f)2,00045041
YQgkkKacenka The Nobleshield BoneletAdult (f)1,66947518
cGoKK(cGoKK)Adult (f)3,05746615
nxYrR(nxYrR)Adult (m)3,2294392
yTUlXMistra BoneAdult (m)2,3793799
3V2uCMistra BoneletAdult (f)2,89744513
53LGNPaja The Mistra BoneAdult (m)2,75942817
IR1HbKacenka The Mistra BoneletAdult (f)2,79543313
1duk4Equinox BoneAdult (m)2,81943014
00ENkEquinox BoneletAdult (f)2,36640111
1uoudPaja The Equinox BoneAdult (m)2,31939011
NsKBVKacenka The Equinox BoneletAdult (f)2,75344415
mUZGFAstaarus BoneAdult (m)2,45454924
oyYC5Astaarus BoneletAdult (f)2,26549126
pAqYgPaja The Astaarus BoneAdult (m)2,51056423
qvRX7Kacenka The Astaarus BoneletAdult (f)2,70955521
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