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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “C-bone,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
iRJjC-bone's Tree of Eternal LifeEgg (F)
yTUlXMistra BoneAdult (m)2,3793799
3V2uCMistra BoneletAdult (f)2,89744513
53LGN(53LGN)Adult (m)2,75942817
IR1Hb(IR1Hb)Adult (f)2,79543313
1duk4Equinox BoneAdult (m)2,81943014
00ENkEquinox BoneletAdult (f)2,36640111
1uoud(1uoud)Adult (m)2,31939011
NsKBV(NsKBV)Adult (f)2,75344415
mUZGFAstaarus BoneAdult (m)2,45454924
oyYC5Astaarus BoneletAdult (f)2,26549126
pAqYgPaja The Astaarus BoneAdult (m)2,51056423
qvRX7Kacenka The Astaarus BoneletAdult (f)2,70955521
oEY2TSkystrider BoneAdult (m)2,19349322
sTBwOSkystrider BoneletAdult (f)2,45853922
MaYSVPaja The Skystrider BoneAdult (m)2,43953317
pncEfKacenka The Skystrider BoneletAdult (f)2,80957824
yJbJXElux Lucis BoneAdult (m)1,86838620
xbW4WPaja The Elux Lucis BoneAdult (m)1,85839121
t13dOElux Lucis BoneletAdult (f)2,24449315
qcq9qKacenka The Elux Lucis BoneletAdult (f)2,45553221
wVNLgPseudo-wyvern BoneAdult (m)2,49552620
qqGEwPaja The Pseudo-wyvern BoneAdult (m)2,34853421
j4MXKPseudo-wyvern BoneletAdult (f)2,44453826
dFdxqKaka The Pseudo-wyvern BoneletAdult (f)2,37853729
ujeO7Staterae BoneAdult (m)3,76159724
fCu4vStaterae BoneletAdult (f)4,10283835
KSte7Aquilo BoneAdult (m)2,44975631
CEv1OAquilo BoneletAdult (f)2,57546826
W7okPPaja The Aquilo BoneAdult (m)1,70354933
10TATAso BoneAdult (m)2,60479124
wi5PoAso BoneletAdult (f)2,06244733
9e3DMKacenka The Aso BoneletAdult (f)1,79548636
34PkTPharos BoneAdult (m)2,90580233
39ZjfPharos BoneletAdult (f)2,29244234
N12FfPaja The Pharos BoneAdult (m)1,41037727
HT3DgKacenka The Pharos BoneletAdult (f)2,52860413
c8djhUmbra BoneAdult (m)2,53378727
04palUmbra The Pal BoneletAdult (f)2,33261023
dwAxNPaja The Umbra BoneAdult (m)2,44757317
94JvdObidar BoneAdult (m)2,58977826
LiZULLizul Obidar BoneletAdult (f)2,52178023
Dy6mdPaja The Obidar BoneAdult (m)2,89464513
42cj1Kacenka The Obidar BoneletAdult (f)2,1975739
Bql01Redeeming Obidar BoneAdult (m)2,5204884
OyWi3Ke'maro BoneAdult (m)2,73579628
MsDS4Ke'maro MSDS BoneletAdult (f)2,75078827
7OKoXKacenka The Ke'maro BoneletAdult (f)2,05060613
xRLTOCloudplume BoneAdult (m)3,11347213
89JyFCloudplume BoneletAdult (f)2,01051922
VD4OTKacenka The Cloudplume BoneletAdult (f)2,13545419
5iXwcPaja The Cloudplume BoneAdult (m)2,83358823
LwgLaLabradorite BoneAdult (m)2,66841717
VnicwLabradorite BoneletAdult (f)1,81443021
IjmdLPaja The Labradorite BoneAdult (m)2,30756727
lFiQHKacenka The Labradorite BoneletAdult (f)1,90943521
OIFlB(OIFlB)Adult (m)2,52242919
bwHOD(bwHOD)Adult (f)2,21757229
n2U3V(n2U3V)Adult (m)3,77081510
oT9Mq(oT9Mq)Adult (f)2,37857332
8gsJp(8gsJp)Adult (m)2,05652529
ybCVZ(ybCVZ)Adult (m)2,15751721
OFFPz(OFFPz)Adult (m)2,00353319
tG6Qc(tG6Qc)Adult (f)2,81046816
G2c0x(G2c0x)Adult (m)2,61641433
7ltqTRosaline the Alcedine BoneletAdult (f)1,64543024
664ngTheo the Alcedine BoneAdult (m)2,01350324
bS7rX(bS7rX)Adult (f)2,06954025
iUrcUSapo BoneAdult (m)2,47541924
9RYRkSapo BoneletAdult (f)1,83544125
818urPaja The Sapo BoneAdult (m)2,12048126
O8RX2Kacenka The Sapo BoneletAdult (f)2,27560225
OhORz(OhORz)Adult (m)2,77146720
QZKNr(QZKNr)Adult (f)2,23347627
rscIa(rscIa)Adult (m)1,95251525
xbDFb(xbDFb)Adult (f)2,29639320
CUE3s(CUE3s)Adult (m)2,93651527
MW7gH(MW7gH)Adult (f)2,19846225
W9y0wAmalthean BoneAdult (m)2,34639617
OhBkZAmalthean BoneletAdult (f)2,00845125
13BN7(13BN7)Adult (m)2,19553624
yYbvgJester BonesAdult (m)2,46742522
I5T9uJester BoneletsAdult (f)1,66644828
NMUI9(NMUI9)Adult (f)2,26751822
rcGjoVenturis BoneAdult (m)2,64941225
5i18kVenturis BoneletAdult (f)2,60040217
us3jsPaja The VenturisAdult (m)2,84442418
dpfcwKacenka The VenturisAdult (f)3,01951818
cCq3WBlue Xol BoneAdult (m)1,70349537
1z1X6Blue Xol BoneletAdult (f)2,27559126
6iOIkPaja The Blue XolAdult (m)2,00551923
wXzndKacenka The Blue XolAdult (f)2,21550216
M5QlTBrown Xol BoneAdult (m)2,72742826
JWX57Brown Xol BoneletAdult (f)2,42340026
p6BtgPaja The Brown XolAdult (m)2,75049015
ftc3hKacenka The Brown XolAdult (f)2,86952417
Lj272Crystalline BoneAdult (m)2,91148529
Or3ZpCrystalline BoneletAdult (f)3,09050324
YSDgMKacenka The Crystalline BoneletAdult (f)2,29455114
IT3ZLPaja The Crystalline BoneAdult (m)2,84147528
MulPXThe Multi-PX BoneletAdult (f)2,49043223
TAaSSThe TaaSS BoneletAdult (f)3,00248320
V2ix2Stratos BoneletAdult (f)2,65445026
VS5LDStratos BoneAdult (m)3,02448822
X4ZHF(X4ZHF)Adult (m)2,43444225
NWfewSandwaste BoneAdult (m)1,88853311
05qSuPaja The SandwasteAdult (m)2,16057317
ovwStSandwaste BoneletAdult (f)2,4065826
S9hiXKacenka The SandwasteAdult (f)2,03055714
ELzZvAranoa BoneAdult (m)1,89753811
ute9KPaja The Aranoa BoneAdult (m)2,22354110
iWniLAranoa BoneletAdult (f)2,5656067
XGkfhKacenka The Aranoa BoneletAdult (f)1,79253912
CoN7FTercorn BoneAdult (m)2,51347626
boieATercorn BoneletAdult (f)2,44147020
TNJRoPaja The Tercorn BoneAdult (m)2,17645620
S8ai9Kacenka The Tercorn BoneletAdult (f)2,51450018
a1c4nCoral BoneAdult (m)2,47047920
R98ieCoral BoneletAdult (f)2,32345120
UqHVtPaja The Coral BoneAdult (m)2,48446424
yw1QPKacenka The Coral BoneletAdult (f)2,3314979
wnNERGlowback BoneAdult (m)2,11339820
pySmxGlowback BoneletAdult (f)2,05639227
7qTRIPaja The Glowback BoneAdult (m)1,94136927
0MDufKacenka The Glowback BoneletAdult (f)2,13540325
LfTzPLuminox BoneAdult (m)2,07540628
pRY1aLuminox BoneletAdult (f)1,88536728
00FLrPaja The Luminox BoneAdult (m)2,00638230
jyvpbKacenka The Luminox BoneletAdult (f)2,07838828
5YfnORift BoneAdult (m)2,39441214
W7WqbRift BoneletAdult (f)3,0424617
q70stPaja The Rift BoneAdult (m)2,44435815
rcpZVKacenka The Rift BoneletAdult (f)2,53138316
IsExIAvea Pygmy BoneAdult (m)3,1634925
RB5YqAvea Pygmy BoneletAdult (f)2,7444437
Rz9B4Paja The Avea BoneAdult (m)2,2864297
2tbHyKacenka The Avea BoneletAdult (f)2,43342217
iMHvrAeria Gloris BoneAdult (m)2,52749232
zMNXQAeria Gloris BoneletAdult (f)2,73859217
ere2W(ere2W)Adult (m)2,27455712
VgntT(VgntT)Adult (f)2,80761312
Eq3djVremya Drake BoneAdult (m)2,68950319
3dmmrVremya Drake BoneletAdult (f)2,95445327
E08Ee(E08Ee)Adult (m)1,58150935
aUHg2(aUHg2)Adult (f)2,82253712
aKM7NLihnseyre BoneAdult (m)2,36847024
bccZ5Lihnseyre BoneletAdult (f)2,30539017
AzI7t(AzI7t)Adult (m)3,04055717
Eurcn(Eurcn)Adult (f)2,67653010
aw7TLKovos BoneAdult (m)2,53448816
oqJfJKovos BoneletAdult (f)2,38240120
8jrRm(8jrRm)Adult (m)2,73749426
4F2V9(4F2V9)Adult (f)2,7445158
VZzZ5Geminae BonesAdult (m)2,36346617
pxQ3vGeminae BoneletsAdult (f)3,01245916
21Qy8(21Qy8)Adult (m)2,54047225
UePlF(UePlF)Adult (f)2,4425209
5ghbDGalvanic BoneAdult (m)2,28047125
inT2wGalvanic BoneletAdult (f)2,70749726
fJryL(fJryL)Adult (m)2,85461510
igta3(igta3)Adult (f)2,53659214
0ozmSMariner BoneletAdult (f)3,19260224
uq2LMMariner BoneAdult (m)2,63942522
9CAFZ(9CAFZ)Adult (m)3,26862018
zsel7(zsel7)Adult (f)2,22239420
NzZFxSkysilk BoneAdult (m)2,68241522
HnuSr(HnuSr)Adult (m)2,74242218
g2hzqSkysilk BoneletAdult (f)2,51438222
MUWYx(MUWYx)Adult (f)2,54741221
jXVEuAqualis BoneAdult (m)2,73161815
Sbco6Aqualis BoneletAdult (f)2,79763615
hqELXPaja The Aqualis BoneAdult (m)2,8286367
IpPY5Kacenka The Aqualis BoneletAdult (f)2,61660410
yCsJS(yCsJS)Adult (m)2,16151912
1seg0Blancblack BoneletsAdult (f)2,45457813
xCO2y(xCO2y)Adult (m)2,40261215
PT7pf(PT7pf)Adult (f)2,55363815
eOL5CBlancblack BonesAdult (m)2,50260611
tzPCRAether BoneletAdult (f)2,44451019
jd6JaAether BoneAdult (m)2,54254719
zSwB6Kacenka The Aether BoneletAdult (f)2,19946420
ZilP8Paja The Aether BoneAdult (m)2,19445925
FQpylPipio BoneAdult (m)2,30150419
jdL2APipio BoneletAdult (f)2,20950122
tKoMmKacenka The Pipio BoneletAdult (f)2,18345319
A6VEtPaja The Pipio BoneAdult (m)1,44540524
rxaEF(rxaEF)Adult (f)2,1515591
Ctubk(Ctubk)Adult (m)2,21846829
ysYyO(ysYyO)Adult (f)2,34846026
aJvzo(aJvzo)Adult (f)2,14847622
FDlMi(FDlMi)Adult (m)2,22947023
ivqs5(ivqs5)Adult (m)2,28044927
xu9ky(xu9ky)Adult (f)2,46046428
Eahr7The Ash BoneAdult (m)2,27545426
nUWsaThe Ash BoneletAdult (f)2,28646925
yTgghKacenka The Ash BoneletAdult (f)2,24244623
XzUs7Paja The Ash BoneAdult (m)2,11147232
gKYAA(gKYAA)Adult (m)3,06052628
x8ero(x8ero)Adult (f)3,21654121
s96I4Mimic BoneletAdult (f)2,79570926
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