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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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    You pick up the scroll labeled “Britt95GT,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    M00N(M00N)Adult (m)2,10092612
    t3x7(t3x7)Adult (f)1,6857269
    j805(j805)Adult (m)1,6637309
    3jxZ(3jxZ)Adult (f)2,01292311
    6mU7(6mU7)Adult (f)2,0301,2829
    saHr(saHr)Adult (f)1,2766859
    3TGy(3TGy)Adult (m)1,5668419
    TLVw(TLVw)Adult (f)1,47258919
    jqvA(jqvA)Adult (f)2,01258319
    nBw3(nBw3)Adult (m)1,46059316
    NRMM(NRMM)Adult (f)1,99395017
    XFFO(XFFO)Adult (f)2,2271,02415
    cCz2(cCz2)Adult (m)1,97265616
    JXOo(JXOo)Adult (m)1,76599226
    GpXN(GpXN)Adult (m)2,16084714
    vx7u(vx7u)Adult (f)2,29290213
    Xnlq(Xnlq)Adult (m)1,92586017
    T9er(T9er)Adult (f)2,83898915
    51wu(51wu)Adult (m)1,83195416
    CfK2(CfK2)Adult (f)2,59999722
    3Xby(3Xby)Adult (m)3,2221,28218
    1Z7a(1Z7a)Adult (m)2,9651,10918
    Xme2(Xme2)Adult (f)2,47298011
    5kql(5kql)Adult (m)2,7821,10813
    Jule(Jule)Adult (f)2,6751,12912
    LWxj(LWxj)Adult (f)1,54241815
    lEcQ(lEcQ)Hatchling (f, F)1,2546007
    6aQy(6aQy)Adult (m)3,80882419
    EJYH(EJYH)Adult (f)3,6271,32715
    0KJh(0KJh)Adult (m)4,59476422
    qcNz(qcNz)Adult (f)3,6721,27322
    xLT8(xLT8)Adult (m)2,5791,08514
    8d17(8d17)Adult (m)3,0881,13816
    HUYV(HUYV)Adult (m)2,35685114
    3TRD(3TRD)Adult (m)1,72355712
    8lSU(8lSU)Adult (f)1,69055013
    TuQv(TuQv)Adult (m)1,84660913
    TUqD(TUqD)Adult (m)2,2328286
    GH5R(GH5R)Adult (m)2,2298385
    uSrD(uSrD)Adult (m)2,1608105
    5BYi(5BYi)Adult (m)2,2007966
    4XTd(4XTd)Adult (m)2,8627927
    AFiq(AFiq)Adult (m)2,4638694
    0MQq(0MQq)Adult (f)2,0806504
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