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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “BringsTheSnow,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
lg0loJanus Eterna the QuarrelerAdult (f)2,85776420
ikVluInsita Suicune the InbredAdult (f)3,0245963
bZ8xeBranwyn and BronwennAdult (f)5,0874736
NF0LJNon Diu Eterna the WaitingAdult (f)3,2316923
DPBTODafydd and DeverrilAdult (m)2,9425641
QDgk5Georgette and GeorgianaAdult (f)2,6679531
OzhOoOdette and Odelia the Tragic 2Adult (f)4,6359911
jkakdHermia and Harmonia Eterna 3Adult (f)4,43287311
gQNQ0Mon Dieu the Eternally WaitingAdult (m)4,2451,2771
uTvWjYvonne and YvetteAdult (f)2,9731,1795
MrOeHSo and Sol the InbredAdult (m)3,3017861
C0winAbelard and Argenteuil 2Adult (m)6,6636873
90qqmQuinn and Quade 2Adult (m)5,5768133
7UFdOUna and Ula 2Adult (f)5,6838082
Vwgh2Desdemona and Dulcinea 2Adult (f)6,6366912
j8qF5Fantine and Fatima 2Adult (f)6,8086972
2Jq6GJosephine and Jasmine 2Adult (f)4,8867882
c4jRzCordelia and Ceridwyn 2Adult (f)5,9198282
eXFyrEfa and Enid 2Adult (f)4,8927842
DOqDtDilwyn and Dylan 2Adult (m)4,8917921
gV4TCGarreth and Griffin 2Adult (m)5,8468172
G28hiGlenn and GweirAdult (m)5,9828872
h52uwHueil and HyddAdult (m)4,9031,32710
wUzBWWynnifred and WrenAdult (f)5,2531,3327
pH4doPadrig and PrydwenAdult (m)4,4981,0965
KwFX7Kelemon and Kigva 3Adult (f)5,0848382
ttN4VTaliesin and Taryn 3Adult (m)5,0578393
0EeC2Eira and Enes 2Adult (f)5,9166785
0mR0GMeridith and MordwywrAdult (m)3,3188593
ZKy6hKian and Kraig 2Adult (m)6,3581,1829
POTLH(POTLH)Adult (f)4,8891,2084
0rlaV(0rlaV)Adult (m)5,7437441
CS6URMittit and Seiungus the DetachedAdult (f)2,8069796
O1WyRAnhelitio ByessentAdult (f)1,9893455
7I6jNPraefulgidus EternaAdult (f)3,1317117
MQMW4Meinwen and Morwenna EternaAdult (m)5,0701,0512
4iX3hSilarial Queen of the SeelieAdult (f)3,9511,0092
8qkqcRoiben King of the UnseelieAdult (m)6,6738752
GxPOtPrincess Ethin of the UnseelieAdult (f)5,8701,0093
E5H64(E5H64)Adult (f)5,3946090
UTgn9Ficus Carica King of the ForestAdult (m)3,3831,0044
OCzNOQueen Mab of the Forest EternaAdult (f)3,1581,1383
crXwdKing Oberon of the Dream ForestAdult (m)2,3403184
9TekIPuck of the Unseelie CourtAdult (m)3,6281,0001
bAfMmRobin Goodfellow of the FeyAdult (m)3,0395901
IeUuP(IeUuP)Adult (m)3,2177031
XXBsT(XXBsT)Adult (f)3,1096881
5kQHO(5kQHO)Adult (f)3,1037050
6Fg5o(6Fg5o)Adult (f)3,0216840
2zN9o(2zN9o)Adult (f)3,1007000
MfX3A(MfX3A)Adult (m)3,1026830
Uf8zb(Uf8zb)Adult (m)3,0276710
X0mJqSprings Eterna the VainAdult (f)2,4756267
ZFWwiZ'Pygmalion the Eternally VainAdult (f)5,6266643
104XrEcce Romani EternalHatchling (m, F)3,0011,1512
yPJaaDorsal Crest of GloryHatchling (f, F)2,9351,1781
TyXqLTyxaquul EternalAdult (m)3,7117153
8KG9uEigk'na EternaAdult (f)2,4185980
NoqnaNoqana EternaAdult (f)3,9028172
eAjY6(eAjY6)Adult (m)3,4147460
ehVSZ(ehVSZ)Adult (f)3,9448734
E2jiZ(E2jiZ)Adult (m)3,9769254
tcWxh(tcWxh)Adult (f)4,3849191
DQzwc(DQzwc)Adult (f)2,9247141
iKylt(iKylt)Adult (f)2,6956941
CZDVM(CZDVM)Adult (f)3,1577330
UEB3K(UEB3K)Adult (m)3,9607371
hLWIIAyre-Bourn Huxley EternaAdult (f)2,4198911
IEBCHStoney Huxley EternalAdult (m)4,8427770
HCARLCarlisle Huxley EternaAdult (f)4,7637240
RPRdj(RPRdj)Adult (f)5,6651,0695
1p3wlFaldir Ladybuck the Mixed-UpAdult (f)3,3984282
l8YbsXanadu Goldtooth the Mixed-UpAdult (m)3,7584302
tQG6FLichentet Reiryan the Mixed-UpAdult (f)4,0234283
finGCMixed-up Eterna the LadybuckAdult (f)4,4474433
ftFVOCB Noriega the LuckyAdult (f)3,9976862
Y4Z53Hallows HallucinationAdult (f)3,7803975
IPzzaAnu Eternal the DarkAdult (m)2,5046561
mHTFpAg Noir EternalAdult (m)2,5783754
tEzoGFreaky mixed-up NoirAdult (m)2,1553496
mZwpqCB Noir the luckyAdult (f)2,3205024
k2yfVCB Kiev Eternal the LuckyAdult (m)2,7141,0011
QvxzVLethe Eterna the UnmindfulAdult (f)2,5085640
agvjtSparrow Flies in Darkest NightAdult (f)2,3735941
1ce8LLucky son of Pain Eterna PBAdult (f)3,7511,0041
1VZh4Kubla Khan WindsAdult (f)1,3456583
uSvGANarsil Eternal son of CayvynAdult (m)5,6661,0571
tUabTPluto's Nicean Shore IBAdult (m)2,6339441
o7VajTelemnar Eterna the silver-flameAdult (f)2,8005972
PegF6Guruthos Eternal Death-HorrorAdult (m)4,8121,4651
TK4ExChinese Brush Strokes IBAdult (m)4,2371,3333
ubDFkDark Rose Petals EternalAdult (m)4,2831,3323
0xo5YRunning through the Sewers PBAdult (m)5,9899041
CfNsODetective in the Rain PBAdult (f)6,5368321
8gUo2Film Noir Cinema PBAdult (m)3,5989183
KzeYVWaterfront Dock Riots PBAdult (f)3,8402561
iACvwCocytus the River of Cries CBAdult (f)5,9477391
RiO6OBlack Pearl of the Sea PBAdult (f)1,0424774
mp04WPyriphlegethon River of Fire CBAdult (f)4,6591,1210
RkpSvDarker Days of Winter EternalAdult (m)5,6247440
CwZmvThe Nu Black PBAdult (f)6,8831,2767
8IPFUAcheron the River of Woe CBAdult (m)2,2209483
IhbVKObsidian MetallurgyAdult (m)5,1138876
yP40QStarless Skies Eternal PBAdult (m)3,4619785
Nx58UAeacus Judge of the Dead CBAdult (m)5,5351,0073
8srmlMinos Judge of the Dead CBAdult (m)4,9609521
p6RfsNyx Goddess of Night CBAdult (f)6,6149622
8bsKtRhadamanthus Judge of the DeadAdult (m)6,3998044
TQuAbMelinoe Nymph of the UnderworldAdult (f)6,4117833
TcuMW(TcuMW)Adult (f)2,0484941
jV3pr(jV3pr)Adult (m)2,4604941
Hv6cMHavoc Eterna the SinfulHatchling (f, F)1,6646671
ok7ZoMaggie Girl of the StreetsHatchling (m, F)4,9267181
eMQ1PMonopoly KidHatchling (F)1,4693632
hUBhB(hUBhB)Hatchling (f, F)5,0799496
l7YW1Burnt Gold Eternal the RichAdult (m)3,4781,1642
632mwHades of the Underworld EternalAdult (m)5,6871,29514
HlqflConstant Comment EternaAdult (f)3,1814982
LJmo1Lady Grey Eterna 2Adult (f)4,9354134
qmnx6English Breakfast EternaAdult (f)2,3085242
vW0t6Ceylon EternaAdult (f)3,4573944
pNyssIrish Breakfast EternalAdult (m)2,8336746
qa22fDarjeeling EternaAdult (f)2,7789663
92YjnAssam  EternaAdult (f)1,9655552
io7REGinseng Tea EternaAdult (f)2,1467142
lHAhLAfternoon Tea EternalAdult (m)1,9936039
7UkCsCamomile Tea EternalAdult (m)2,1857201
QbSC4Paris Tea EternalAdult (m)2,0547181
YGGFfRose Hip Tea EternalAdult (m)2,9191,0511
4ET9ZPeach Tea EternalAdult (m)2,8791,0361
QJAr8Plum Tea EternaAdult (f)5,2507743
J0H71Mint Meddoly EternalAdult (m)3,9801,0790
cMLk5Tension Tamer EternaAdult (f)4,2001,1210
zu40UZ'en Tea EternalAdult (m)4,3821,3190
bR5RCAwake Tea EternalAdult (m)2,5754835
09mauPassion Tea EternalAdult (m)4,4551,0321
25dDBVanilla Chai EternalAdult (m)4,6309860
qJ6WRCinnamon Stick TeaAdult (f)4,2541,2731
VC1hUVanilla Caramel TeaAdult (m)4,1821,0511
poNcdLapsang Souchong EternaAdult (f)5,0569691
BUyBdGoishicha Tea EternaAdult (f)4,1361,1882
PVBSkAracha Tea EternaAdult (f)3,8611,2484
9AxqbQi Men Hong Tea EternalAdult (m)4,6471,2982
6BRapRyokucha Tea Eternal 2Adult (m)4,3731,2142
qah6xPingsuey Tea Eterna 2Adult (f)4,4431,1851
vDtoDDancha Tea Eterna 2Adult (f)4,3211,1851
x3m9ZMaojian Tea Eternal 2Adult (m)4,2791,1722
A1uPt(A1uPt)Adult (m)5,7196782
ajoNrLongjing Tea EternalAdult (m)5,9791,1426
6b0RQQi Men Red Tea Eternal 2Adult (m)4,4491,0812
cLLRRHoukui Tea Eterna 3Adult (f)2,9869532
55UwrYunnan Pu-erh Tea Eternal 3Adult (m)2,9249471
G0tCVKeemun Tea EternaAdult (f)3,1958831
XZKQ3Mugicha Tea Eternal 2Adult (m)3,6589822
LJ8qzPrince Of Wales Tea Eterna 2Adult (f)4,7639221
iRYidIron Goddess Tea EternaAdult (f)3,5001,0202
B8COmDragon Well Tea EternaAdult (f)4,9187832
5P7LXLoashan Black Tea EternalAdult (f)3,8669264
N0H2YBai Mu Dan White Tea Eterna 4Adult (f)3,8229304
JWH2FBergamont Rose Tea Eterna 2Adult (f)4,1249464
cyB5pGolden Fleece Tea Eterna 2Adult (f)3,8519473
KPWdiYu Lu Yan Cha Black Tea 2Adult (f)3,5979713
BstPTSpice of Life Tea Eternal 2Adult (m)4,2289522
RmhrPOpus Rouge Rooibos EternaAdult (f)4,9959232
KmYfh(KmYfh)Adult (f)6,1087923
sBWDcSpring Snail EternalAdult (m)4,7669481
oaGUhAyurvedic Chai EternalAdult (m)3,0468862
yoirlEarl of Anxi Tea EternalAdult (m)3,9381,1711
H5umsCampfire Blend Tea EternalAdult (m)4,0851,1312
6RJHIHoly Basil Spa Blend EternaAdult (f)4,6141,1161
ECoSqScarlet Cloud Tea Eternal 2Adult (m)4,5681,1070
cGnxJSakura Allure Green Tea 3Adult (f)4,6441,1290
51INJLicorice Mint Herbal Tea EternalAdult (m)4,5931,1280
An0u3Silver Yin Zhen Tea EternalAdult (m)5,7937372
Sg23gSilver Needle Tea Eternal 3Adult (m)5,0008342
oL54vLavender Dreams Tea Eternal 2Adult (m)4,2918591
wpQo2Blue Lady Tea Eterna 2Adult (f)4,2708632
fnhVsMaharaja Chai Tea EternaAdult (f)5,3526491
CNL15Masala Chai Tea EternaAdult (f)4,4737791
FvVvAHiggins' Mayfair Blend EternalAdult (m)4,9009331
wR84vJade Dragon Mao Feng Tea EternaAdult (f)5,9886911
nUAigGolden Dragon Oolong Eterna 3Adult (f)4,6778971
Z2oraJeju Island Green Tea EternalAdult (m)6,3526223
jgA3mFormosa Oolong Tea Eternal 2Adult (m)5,9327140
cxFOuDuke Street Blend Tea Eternal 2Adult (m)5,9227210
nZD2VTranquil Dream Tea Eternal 3Adult (m)6,3067482
f2lkcGyrokuro Imperial Green Tea 4Adult (m)3,8471,0262
TIpTIEmpress of China Green Tea 4Adult (f)3,8521,0272
9P7MbCapital of Heaven Eterna 3Adult (f)4,3571,2582
jKvCFRussian Caravan Tea Eterna 2Adult (f)4,5768572
QsTEi(QsTEi)Adult (m)4,9741,0114
lxCG2Nine Treasures Green Tea 5Adult (m)6,7181,5651
pnvvKEmperor's Cloud and Mist 2Adult (m)4,5345644
uN38AHaven's Gift Eternal IVAdult (m)6,6611,0276
GP7KASix Summits Tea Eterna 5Adult (f)6,7851,0647
vDz4GHaven's Tea Eterna 5Adult (f)4,8441,1405
JQZroTea Among the Roses EternalAdult (m)4,6211,0902
tmz4LLove of Tea Eternal 6Adult (m)7,2726442
yut3D(yut3D)Adult (f)5,0979911
ngXHOScottish Breakfast Tea EternalAdult (m)5,6051,1933
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