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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “BringsTheSnow,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
OZZ5hSethrekar EternalAdult (m)4,3388535
t1n3tLion Mountain Keemun Eterna 2Adult (f)4,7888523
88deeGenmaicha Tea Eternal 3Adult (m)4,9378663
YGyKq(YGyKq)Adult (f)4,0068191
YaP8Y(YaP8Y)Adult (f)3,8537982
JxoFz(JxoFz)Adult (m)3,6827704
VTC0j(VTC0j)Adult (f)3,6657901
KJm3tProud Silverkin EternalAdult (m)2,9694072
Nek2CProud Silverkin EternaAdult (f)2,7913892
QKTJj(QKTJj)Adult (m)5,1717413
ANAR5(ANAR5)Adult (f)5,4327503
oWu6K(oWu6K)Adult (m)2,6415981
bE3uT(bE3uT)Adult (f)4,3076541
ntBDF(ntBDF)Adult (f)4,2636162
wnQw7(wnQw7)Adult (f)4,7386480
mNZb0(mNZb0)Adult (f)3,5287193
0amuU(0amuU)Adult (f)3,6537591
iIscV(iIscV)Adult (f)3,1496561
xiV5d(xiV5d)Adult (m)4,4876482
qEVXb(qEVXb)Adult (m)4,5486632
a6NNM(a6NNM)Adult (f)4,6436671
CaXpG(CaXpG)Adult (f)4,3026642
J8HM8(J8HM8)Adult (f)4,6176702
FHhAK(FHhAK)Adult (m)4,4026771
JdmgL(JdmgL)Adult (m)4,6526611
T7va5(T7va5)Adult (f)4,2147811
NXQCF(NXQCF)Adult (f)3,6367862
ER21a(ER21a)Adult (m)4,1537611
UsxSh(UsxSh)Adult (f)4,4257681
X3OXc(X3OXc)Adult (f)5,8819201
bCt9G(bCt9G)Adult (f)3,8677522
lzOqJ(lzOqJ)Adult (f)3,8407201
q4Zpc(q4Zpc)Adult (f)4,4307091
YZ2Nq(YZ2Nq)Adult (m)3,4315771
UQXAm(UQXAm)Adult (m)3,5015811
6eNPo(6eNPo)Adult (m)2,6725781
4frYm(4frYm)Adult (f)3,4494811
5XhgdChai d'Altair the ForgottenHatchling (f, F)1,7574996
12zIcArtemis of Southern Sweet TeaHatchling (F)2,4497031
MWU3cRoses at Tea TimeHatchling (m, F)3,0471,0361
jWwDlJuggernaut Astronaut EternalAdult (m)2,3854300
TxLeWSalt-Flats Racer EternaAdult (f)1,8607281
rfXJpJust for Kicks EternalAdult (m)5,8501,0353
OMoIoWorlds Fastest Indian EternaAdult (f)6,8705442
ZUZ1hZ'SRX SuzukiAdult (f)6,6195732
SkWeRLeia Skywalker EternaAdult (m)4,3241,1250
5iTc9Triumph 500ccAdult (m)6,0087511
LvpWTVincent Black Shadow V-TwinAdult (f)5,9597472
6sDls(6sDls)Adult (m)4,9058213
c1Byh(c1Byh)Adult (f)4,2497670
ZycQx(ZycQx)Adult (m)2,8857010
2gJq2Creperum Eterna the SolitaryAdult (f)4,0803977
Z3AvIZ'Ivana EternaAdult (f)3,12355613
MmSp8Caesos Eternal the ReturnerAdult (m)3,5647122
j9iKTErnannaq EternalAdult (m)2,9376463
cHgIGHaakon EternalAdult (m)4,3973085
25CyWClothild EternaAdult (f)2,2079495
MdmDNMaria-Dariusz EternalAdult (m)3,5191,1541
poRBRRaadomil EternalAdult (m)3,6431,1971
gRE1iGrzegorz EternalAdult (m)2,6725371
PB9QFPoitr EternalAdult (m)2,2094633
GII6mGabriel EternalAdult (m)1,8254701
Mmw2PMaksym EternalAdult (m)2,1775861
STBzESobieslawa EternaAdult (f)2,3016601
BxdugBrygida EternaAdult (f)1,9587142
2RSGuRadek EternalAdult (m)4,8219161
ZJ6yTZ'yta EternaAdult (f)4,2741,0522
enzp2Eliasz EternalAdult (m)5,1419441
z6xCoZ'dzislaw EternalAdult (m)5,5848631
pZE35Eirikur Eternal of NuukAdult (m)6,2297121
E8LHK(E8LHK)Adult (m)5,1539824
ZIEnf(ZIEnf)Adult (m)5,3179950
x2tEV(x2tEV)Adult (m)5,6129402
D2mWJ(D2mWJ)Adult (f)6,6709360
Aas6HAsh Eternal the FrozenHatchling (F)1,4182404
rOy4aDreyri Eterna the SanguinaryAdult (f)3,9651,2235
uNEXLCooper Eternal the ThiefAdult (m)2,0593523
1Fo1iFoiled Plans EternalAdult (f)1,60054124
gyZOECapt Mal Reynolds and SerentiyAdult (m)2,9751,0091
pzVo5James Brothers GangAdult (m)4,6607850
wj50gMa Barker EternaAdult (f)6,3868291
ura2rNaomi Betts the EternaAdult (f)3,5169203
rLPZyButch Cassidy and SundanceAdult (m)3,1731,1002
6KO3REris Goddess of Discord EternaAdult (f)5,6348082
PqfNLBilly the Kid of the Wild WestAdult (m)3,8751,1651
FpP9KThe Apache Kid and Cherokee BillAdult (m)4,1761,1694
XBUQaCattle Kate and James AverellAdult (f)4,5271,2170
ewoPxJames 'Killer' MillerAdult (m)3,0797942
4CvNsPearl Hart of the Wild WestAdult (f)3,5747471
RQGpbCherokee Bill of the Wild WestAdult (m)3,8198892
CNDT8Doc Holliday the Eternal OutlawAdult (m)4,5438601
KbAqfEtta Place of the Wild WestAdult (f)4,3078841
To8lzThe Bloody Espinosas' GangAdult (f)3,8941,0891
cuvgeMother of the James Bros GangAdult (f)5,8131,0854
thUFHHole-in-the-wall GangAdult (f)6,1666842
821vYBlack Jack KetchumAdult (m)4,9391,1735
M1CE6Wyatt Earp of the Wild WestAdult (m)5,3988824
PrYSfSam Bass of the Wild WestAdult (m)4,7828891
IPIxsKid Curry of the Wild BunchAdult (m)6,1021,0561
w7NZDThe Rose of CimarronAdult (m)6,6679101
TZoT6Deacon Jim of the Wild WestAdult (m)6,4341,0472
ZR0hxZ'Wild Bill' HitchcockAdult (m)6,9308772
ogGIsThe Rose of Cimarron EternaAdult (f)5,7971,0404
Zq2j5Z'Annie Oakley of the Wild WestAdult (f)5,8021,0350
L7gjvPearl de Vere of the Wild WestAdult (f)5,8291,0541
d2qLN(d2qLN)Adult (f)5,8011,0521
vDsAeFannie Porter of the Wild WestAdult (f)5,9056152
F8YFACurly Bill of the Wild WestAdult (m)6,2066421
EE2fgFred Waite of the Wild WestAdult (m)4,9769141
PauZ1Eugenides Thief of EddisHatchling (m, F)1,8448334
tC4bKStigr Eternal of KhandHatchling (f, F)3,7181,0391
FDsTnPuck and Pan the TrickstersHatchling (F)3,0164861
nZNr1Nolan Eternal of the MountainsAdult (m)4,4661,1592
c0PNpCora Eterna of the MountainsAdult (f)4,1401,1412
0NcXv(0NcXv)Adult (m)6,5829631
A36hFAeolia EternalAdult (m)4,8709071
6JlBpAwkward FishbowlAdult (m)3,5167491
Gs4xn(Gs4xn)Adult (f)6,2831,0383
SevlJSeverus Eternal the YoungHatchling (F)1,8986051
c8nQvCobalt-Eyed EternaAdult (f)4,3649206
itzfUSolveig EternalAdult (m)4,3097710
NF4yXApril Come She Will PBAdult (f)4,4301,1862
PUBP7(PUBP7)Adult (m)4,5378861
pqgsb(pqgsb)Adult (f)4,4798512
8ezB5(8ezB5)Adult (m)4,2767921
chqiV(chqiV)Adult (m)5,2239611
wdsDD(wdsDD)Adult (m)5,2369941
VrHHI(VrHHI)Adult (f)3,7927141
khDXk(khDXk)Adult (f)2,9756630
nEmUb(nEmUb)Adult (f)3,2047270
PTaCA(PTaCA)Adult (m)3,1747340
Khpgt(Khpgt)Adult (m)4,1567051
ZDh28Z'Deliah Redbreast EternalAdult (m)5,0081,1611
VascyVacant V a s c yAdult (m)4,8977702
lEgynEgg-egg-egg-ingAdult (m)4,2001,2130
OPXkiKindred of Oedipus RexAdult (f)4,4099881
Ui8PjUlrich the Eternal BruteAdult (m)3,8798954
92o5WWaltraud the Germanic Brute-essAdult (f)3,0938743
gHDUzHaduweig the Vicious Brute-essAdult (f)2,2243173
VzjxgVolker the Warring BruteAdult (m)4,0662721
IEVZpIrmingard the Lost Brute-essAdult (f)4,0419952
4huuh(4huuh)Adult (m)2,2354552
EfSW7Estefane EternaAdult (f)1,5885291
N1TphAlucita Eternal the PeskyAdult (m)3,1207207
ZnWebZ'Webber EternalAdult (m)2,1147411
zaQT7Z'igurn EternaAdult (f)2,9938401
RVvEyRagnhilde Leader of the WarAdult (f)3,8001,2741
LiCJLLiv Eterna of OsloAdult (f)4,7857181
TrrjG(TrrjG)Adult (m)3,1706591
jSNvM(jSNvM)Adult (f)4,4361,1372
tpgYo(tpgYo)Adult (f)5,0281,12111
0sJiI(0sJiI)Adult (m)3,0178951
Nswrg(Nswrg)Adult (m)3,7987501
80oML(80oML)Adult (m)4,8991,0892
yj9yc(yj9yc)Adult (m)4,5421,0959
ysMmg(ysMmg)Adult (m)2,7667811
v6pJN(v6pJN)Adult (f)4,5468512
xek5w(xek5w)Adult (m)4,9097602
2gI9R(2gI9R)Adult (f)4,3857650
zS18N(zS18N)Adult (m)4,1556732
XxCs0(XxCs0)Adult (m)2,7328701
geeg6GeegAdult (f)2,5701,0161
b3tb5(b3tb5)Adult (f)2,7168682
aoKpS(aoKpS)Adult (f)2,7318720
6myWk(6myWk)Adult (f)2,7528611
lfQwKGift wrap at checkoutAdult (m)2,5481,0182
0g6l9(0g6l9)Adult (m)2,5451,0151
engNB(engNB)Adult (m)3,5959470
m1X0b(m1X0b)Adult (m)2,7018781
vLRkL(vLRkL)Adult (m)2,9031,1551
5AGJB(5AGJB)Adult (m)4,7378231
tzQoB(tzQoB)Adult (f)5,3221,0031
Zm7hh(Zm7hh)Adult (f)5,4601,0221
rAsoJ(rAsoJ)Adult (m)2,7388720
nGmRR(nGmRR)Adult (m)2,7428661
ZSRn5(ZSRn5)Adult (f)4,4938541
0SGWz(0SGWz)Adult (f)4,0988491
JLMjT(JLMjT)Adult (f)5,0831,2021
sPj8w(sPj8w)Adult (f)7,1919262
ET2voPercussor Eternal the AssassinAdult (m)2,6162962
QcBDtRaixu Eternal the NinjaAdult (m)1,5894463
a0a0l(a0a0l)Adult (f)6,6517371
yCTN0Reve de Pluie en CuivreAdult (m)3,33950710
eEXMzPrince Poundfoolish the IgnorantAdult (m)3,83635912
W52wHAramen Raixu the AdamantineAdult (f)2,47048210
2k3Kg(2k3Kg)Adult (f)3,3886792
YlzYV(YlzYV)Hatchling (F)2,7118897
5irC6Eternal Infernal WeedsAdult (f)3,7047262
5CNakWilting house plantAdult (f)4,5401,0153
wshbmLeif Washbourn the ZephyrAdult (m)3,7954028
3albbEnthymema Eterna the MuseAdult (f)3,4068816
wy5uqErudita Eternal the CognizantAdult (f)2,5826795
zS2P4Dreams of Eternal DesolationAdult (m)5,5617712
R5qxU(R5qxU)Adult (f)4,3701,0683
oJ4DBTacitus Eternal the PlacidAdult (m)3,4725607
rt2CqIndicens Eternal the MuteAdult (f)2,5477863
ZZoVT(ZZoVT)Adult (f)5,1857490
G0SlH(G0SlH)Adult (f)5,0001,0770
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