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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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    You pick up the scroll labeled “Branwen1,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    Y99X(Y99X)Adult (f)1,4584669
    maaH(maaH)Adult (m)1,85561717
    ysPX(ysPX)Adult (m)3,05781530
    LzF5(LzF5)Adult (f)4,3711,45730
    KjPK(KjPK)Adult (m)3,4071,02712
    zjlm(zjlm)Adult (m)3,3651,00114
    8eAY(8eAY)Adult (f)3,66236939
    b3RV(b3RV)Adult (m)3,65336538
    7gl2(7gl2)Adult (f)5,4732,62756
    FfAF(FfAF)Adult (m)1,6895899
    RKQA(RKQA)Adult (f)2,70355524
    qNsV(qNsV)Adult (m)2,89340521
    Wj3P(Wj3P)Adult (f)1,69458710
    3KGY(3KGY)Adult (m)2,86342420
    JMZi(JMZi)Adult (f)4,6662,22346
    hMiG(hMiG)Adult (f)3,00547751
    EYR9(EYR9)Adult (f)2,90640420
    ngoe(ngoe)Adult (m)2,05881515
    1S2n(1S2n)Adult (f)1,7975347
    T5Oq(T5Oq)Adult (f)1,7915339
    yMKF(yMKF)Adult (m)2,88340415
    FErB(FErB)Adult (f)2,23741011
    yrEB(yrEB)Adult (m)2,62438117
    E9Po(E9Po)Adult (m)2,61437815
    YpRc(YpRc)Adult (m)2,7411,07015
    DntY(DntY)Adult (f)2,03681913
    sleC(sleC)Adult (f)1,63858711
    OWDa(OWDa)Adult (m)3,61936535
    wVk2(wVk2)Adult (m)4,6632,06851
    3Ej9(3Ej9)Adult (m)2,7311,06114
    p6pX(p6pX)Adult (f)2,61555320
    iYpi(iYpi)Adult (f)3,64937041
    W5pM(W5pM)Adult (f)2,56562211
    GH1F(GH1F)Adult (f)3,30367143
    tnjq(tnjq)Adult (f)2,60955918
    QlHm(QlHm)Adult (f)5,1492,42161
    cnew(cnew)Adult (f)1,6165909
    zpBj(zpBj)Adult (m)3,83662955
    x13S(x13S)Adult (m)2,1813949
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