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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Braindead_Baby,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ufX3Homura KuraiAdult (f)1,66043431
8ou8Momoiro HikouAdult (m)1,87349524
ffmPNatsu MidoriAdult (m)2,05650517
TCKKMuchi BikouAdult (m)1,83551412
21CnMurasaki OnnaAdult (f)1,59044210
V30kChiyu OnnaAdult (f)1,4804316
AoFRSora ShinAdult (f)1,4404107
2R0BHogosha KoreAdult (f)1,4164618
Mkiq(Mkiq)Adult (f)1,3634359
N34P(N34P)Adult (f)1,63270710
2jg1(2jg1)Adult (m)1,6397058
Dp7A(Dp7A)Adult (f)1,3654559
OtnD(OtnD)Adult (f)1,3424637
riKp(riKp)Adult (m)1,3764688
bvtZ(bvtZ)Adult (m)1,38146210
5ndU(5ndU)Adult (m)1,57843711
5K8T(5K8T)Adult (f)1,6364448
AMrP(AMrP)Adult (m)1,61344913
pWgO(pWgO)Adult (m)1,71044910
LAqB(LAqB)Adult (m)1,9375554
80rd(80rd)Adult (f)1,8965415
n6o7(n6o7)Adult (f)1,8845427
XlAb(XlAb)Adult (f)1,9295796
fqdL(fqdL)Adult (f)1,9046778
nPji(nPji)Adult (f)1,5335683
Srkq(Srkq)Adult (f)1,7286393
jFRs(jFRs)Adult (f)1,4184633
FZDY(FZDY)Adult (m)1,4674824
KERW(KERW)Adult (f)1,1604392
4cdr(4cdr)Adult (m)1,1784451
iegZ(iegZ)Adult (f)1,16245611
5V7t(5V7t)Adult (f)1,1724439
1M2m(1M2m)Adult (f)1,1354146
7AYA(7AYA)Adult (f)1,2204467
XA1f(XA1f)Adult (f)1,2394646
TdZX(TdZX)Adult (f)1,2254615
ZQ1E(ZQ1E)Adult (m)1,2244607
Cq21(Cq21)Adult (f)1,2324648
qsfA(qsfA)Adult (m)1,3296181
UCs5(UCs5)Adult (m)1,3456332
QE2l(QE2l)Adult (f)1,3516362
m9J3(m9J3)Adult (f)1,3866572
gGHQ(gGHQ)Adult (m)1,3175942
pD0a(pD0a)Adult (f)1,2765491
pk8a(pk8a)Adult (m)1,9857874
pZc0(pZc0)Adult (f)1,3045821
qp4t(qp4t)Adult (m)1,4496742
dhcG(dhcG)Adult (f)1,6977735
s6DT(s6DT)Adult (f)1,6967823
SfM6(SfM6)Adult (f)1,6907744
ldmi(ldmi)Adult (m)1,1266263
MPQZ(MPQZ)Adult (m)1,2567083
0kHW(0kHW)Adult (m)1,4529533
r6dZ(r6dZ)Adult (m)1,4459523
Q3CL(Q3CL)Adult (m)1,5401,0102
cZXk(cZXk)Adult (m)2,1331,1844
R8fO(R8fO)Adult (m)2,1421,1864
O7YD(O7YD)Adult (f)2,2111,1365
K78C(K78C)Adult (m)11,8612,0406
4eKA(4eKA)Adult (m)1,5987704
edD3(edD3)Adult (m)1,6077734
qiaM(qiaM)Adult (f)1,6607784
ppZ7(ppZ7)Adult (m)2,0139395
Ca6m(Ca6m)Adult (f)2,0829696
1nkm(1nkm)Adult (f)2,2271,0325
PNg7(PNg7)Adult (f)1,5858843
Bf8E(Bf8E)Adult (f)1,5858854
bEmO(bEmO)Adult (f)2,4347222
U4J58(U4J58)Adult (f)8226142
8m4pV(8m4pV)Adult (f)8676491
LbCr5(LbCr5)Adult (m)8706561
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