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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • 2019 Holiday Event
  • Gingerbread House
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
  • 2018 Holiday Event
  • 2018 Halloween Event
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
  • 2017 Holiday Event
  • 2017 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Bozzy Rats,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ux29F(ux29F)Adult (f)2,4548331
iJVg2(iJVg2)Adult (f)3,6091,1032
sguABOZ - PurpleAdult (f)2,50348410
GVzqBOZ - Purple MagnoliaAdult (f)3,0946571
T1sSBOZ - Purple FlowerAdult (f)3,5882585
kcp5BOZ - Purple ManAdult (m)4,1213424
fypKh(fypKh)Adult (f)4,0271,1811
V1pwt(V1pwt)Hatchling (f, F)3,2671,0901
31KoB(31KoB)Hatchling (F)3,1157320
p3tUZ(p3tUZ)Adult (m)7,8296061
d7ChI(d7ChI)Adult (m)6,3038142
hRrBa(hRrBa)Adult (m)4,7836881
Yiy1x(Yiy1x)Adult (f)5,4036703
XePY9(XePY9)Adult (f)4,2271,3811
SDvv1(SDvv1)Adult (f)4,8611,3432
eYhKz(eYhKz)Adult (m)4,2741,3742
GQyYF(GQyYF)Adult (m)4,5311,3011
BuCqu(BuCqu)Adult (m)4,4551,3342
fbXHP(fbXHP)Adult (m)4,9091,2272
Ze7to(Ze7to)Adult (m)3,4271,3354
VrG7I(VrG7I)Adult (f)4,7067501
gM6oA(gM6oA)Adult (m)5,4527661
NWnMx(NWnMx)Adult (f)4,0831,4251
lzauk(lzauk)Adult (f)5,4886152
bJZK6(bJZK6)Adult (f)5,4417711
Mn4mC(Mn4mC)Adult (f)6,4388201
95vsb(95vsb)Adult (f)5,4447661
qUaKg(qUaKg)Adult (m)4,1476481
4zqnd(4zqnd)Adult (f)3,7837100
0Y9UO(0Y9UO)Adult (f)3,6847222
A9qlI(A9qlI)Adult (m)4,5797121
24c3a(24c3a)Adult (m)3,6851,2864
LdScy(LdScy)Adult (m)3,6821,2911
9Wnoe(9Wnoe)Adult (m)3,9041,4684
Uc8tW(Uc8tW)Adult (m)3,2268052
katyV(katyV)Adult (m)3,6229511
MEdvu(MEdvu)Adult (m)4,7311,1221
HxIiK(HxIiK)Hatchling (F)2,6725991
5ToDeBOZ - Ms RazorcrestAdult (f)4,4029401
0DpxC(0DpxC)Adult (m)4,4779891
E4jSE(E4jSE)Adult (m)4,5348902
ANVSgBOZ - Mr RazorcrestAdult (m)4,7499181
VQZKYBOZ - Razorcrest 1Adult (m)5,5949851
WexoQ(WexoQ)Adult (m)5,5749651
JoIDYBOZ - Mrs RazorcrestAdult (f)4,6878581
OBrwk(OBrwk)Adult (m)3,5246802
qWJtq(qWJtq)Adult (m)4,7847233
JseyV(JseyV)Adult (f)3,4117061
WVVWc(WVVWc)Adult (m)3,6266891
iwHqBOZ - Red RumAdult (f)2,37330811
GYBcBOZ - Red ScotchAdult (m)3,2866517
euR4y(euR4y)Adult (m)5,8031,0060
fAiE6(fAiE6)Adult (f)3,7081,3281
TcrLT(TcrLT)Hatchling (F)3,5255011
tZC1M(tZC1M)Adult (m)4,2966981
tSofh(tSofh)Adult (m)4,6289360
nEwTw(nEwTw)Adult (f)3,9661,3071
ejBM8(ejBM8)Adult (f)5,3198902
vq9Pl(vq9Pl)Adult (f)5,2447510
IYwTE(IYwTE)Adult (m)3,0917003
RYRPBOZ - Mr Red and BlueAdult (m)1,98545514
BRclBOZ - Mrs Purple and BlueAdult (f)3,5782434
ZkF8BOZ - Mr Red and PurpleAdult (m)3,2622271
zjLmoBOZ - MissUnderstoodAdult (f)4,2144310
2jnnk(2jnnk)Hatchling (F)2,2489621
v9j6BOZ - Mrs Purple and TanAdult (f)4,2673105
XIfFBOZ - Mr Red and TanAdult (m)4,0392712
NmRXjBOZ - PurplishAdult (f)4,7113153
chRcR(chRcR)Adult (f)5,7896191
ltqtnBOZ - Mr ChillAdult (m)4,0238962
mxDoW(mxDoW)Adult (f)3,7047091
LW9TR(LW9TR)Adult (f)3,6001,2862
JuUwm(JuUwm)Adult (f)3,6321,2592
yQalJ(yQalJ)Adult (f)4,0301,4651
Kr0GU(Kr0GU)Adult (f)3,5751,3133
ce3Lc(ce3Lc)Adult (f)3,6401,3711
fJGua(fJGua)Adult (f)5,1227062
0VOZb(0VOZb)Hatchling (F)2,2006011
1PdWuBOZ - Mrs RoyalAdult (f)4,6733581
2lkVXBOZ - Princess RoyalAdult (f)5,2533961
aBDdkBOZ - Ms RoyalAdult (f)5,1903931
eCY21(eCY21)Adult (f)3,7171,2900
oYSJq(oYSJq)Adult (m)4,2891,2313
eSfEb(eSfEb)Adult (f)5,6645841
Uj5nt(Uj5nt)Adult (f)5,8845331
2ksH4(2ksH4)Adult (m)6,2114900
Jgu57(Jgu57)Adult (f)4,0659442
w4PNfBOZ - Little Blue and SilverHatchling (f, F)3,2881,0714
aRcj7(aRcj7)Hatchling (F)2,2064313
nFSdJBOZ - Royal LadyAdult (f)2,2643831
Uz5L4(Uz5L4)Adult (f)4,2979421
9zHXw(9zHXw)Adult (f)5,2931,0790
AfKNJ(AfKNJ)Adult (f)5,2116581
oJ2zI(oJ2zI)Adult (m)4,4067732
2zmrV(2zmrV)Adult (f)4,6136700
H6Ogq(H6Ogq)Hatchling (f, F)3,3531,0530
tu4Su(tu4Su)Hatchling (F)2,5023891
1uYbB(1uYbB)Adult (f)3,7801,0551
oqQr9(oqQr9)Adult (f)3,7841,0702
BfLNs(BfLNs)Adult (f)3,8758632
ufBDL(ufBDL)Adult (m)3,9368402
j2kbT(j2kbT)Adult (f)3,8958393
KRufu(KRufu)Adult (f)3,9628652
lYQyw(lYQyw)Adult (f)3,6588682
6wpoX(6wpoX)Adult (m)3,5648281
HSsJ1(HSsJ1)Adult (f)3,5648522
AnMFa(AnMFa)Hatchling (F)2,5525741
NFJFv(NFJFv)Hatchling (f, F)3,6197831
R0o9Q(R0o9Q)Hatchling (m, F)3,3218992
lFKdk(lFKdk)Adult (f)3,8798511
xAGPW(xAGPW)Adult (f)3,9198871
Xp7ia(Xp7ia)Adult (m)4,3349452
43Y9H(43Y9H)Adult (m)3,8988111
wbD94(wbD94)Adult (m)3,3406832
n0zRV(n0zRV)Adult (f)3,1207252
jATRQ(jATRQ)Adult (m)4,7157701
pTzI6(pTzI6)Adult (m)4,7077671
RVcw8(RVcw8)Adult (f)4,6967811
dJYyY(dJYyY)Adult (m)5,2297811
0gFD9(0gFD9)Adult (m)4,6768260
Fu2HH(Fu2HH)Adult (f)5,5705351
u1bh2(u1bh2)Hatchling (F)3,2436652
SgDcQ(SgDcQ)Adult (f)5,0386662
tcxL7(tcxL7)Adult (m)5,0606652
gXDmf(gXDmf)Adult (f)5,2286691
HlPam(HlPam)Adult (m)5,6026071
EOM6P(EOM6P)Adult (m)5,1596421
wjF18(wjF18)Adult (m)5,1736491
B9D1R(B9D1R)Adult (m)6,0755671
5CUuY(5CUuY)Adult (f)6,1305581
h4Qti(h4Qti)Adult (f)4,7896221
ey4zI(ey4zI)Adult (f)5,4515771
dxqZ0(dxqZ0)Adult (m)5,0368653
SsIuBOZ - Autumn GirlAdult (f)1,8046054
Z3LDBOZ - Autumn FallAdult (f)1,6185372
iHb0BOZ - Autumns ReturnAdult (m)1,4275382
2zhpV(2zhpV)Hatchling (F)1,7938671
75rlBOZ - Spring BlossomAdult (f)3,4246734
1lh0BOZ - Spring RainsAdult (m)1,9145461
lEjeJ(lEjeJ)Hatchling (F)2,0393891
HlnhBOZ - Summer DaysAdult (m)2,6457292
8EABBOZ - Summer NightsAdult (f)2,2716621
BjlOBOZ - Summer DreamsAdult (f)2,2596555
CTXKBOZ - Summer SongAdult (f)4,2922873
DNZFo(DNZFo)Adult (m)5,5305541
n1t06(n1t06)Adult (f)5,4565632
7UgBu(7UgBu)Hatchling (F)2,7397382
EPUrBOZ - AlaeCiymAdult (f)2,54633436
5rcNBOZ - Winter BlueAdult (m)2,29954912
JZYrG(JZYrG)Hatchling (F)1,3154420
lFlFMBOZ - Mr SeawyrmAdult (m)4,6633841
HBFYuBOZ - Mrs SeawyrmAdult (f)3,7764060
cPbWaBOZ - Miss Pretty WingsAdult (f)3,7944031
qtmkRBOZ - Ms CurlyAdult (f)5,2693520
VLBfe(VLBfe)Adult (m)4,7881,0471
zP0yWBOZ - Mr Fast RaptorAdult (m)2,2403751
0TIND(0TIND)Adult (f)4,1076841
yaQBa(yaQBa)Adult (f)5,2979191
bWPQO(bWPQO)Adult (m)4,4276441
av7Dg(av7Dg)Hatchling (F)3,6707532
UQXu7BOZ - Ms SetsongAdult (f)5,7065541
V14yw(V14yw)Adult (f)3,7971,3845
JxMVd(JxMVd)Adult (f)3,7711,3989
o208w(o208w)Adult (m)3,8611,3652
rPFjp(rPFjp)Adult (m)5,3766752
xVvXr(xVvXr)Adult (f)3,5778516
eUd55(eUd55)Adult (m)3,3311,0411
aPeWU(aPeWU)Adult (m)3,6191,1131
I7hYBOZ - Orange SplashAdult (f)5,1043423
Z29mBOZ - Mr Orange SplashAdult (m)4,2313115
Vdv7BOZ - Mrs OrangeAdult (f)4,0132682
5kiXBOZ - Orange VodkaAdult (f)4,0022682
aKKZq(aKKZq)Adult (f)4,6407341
9ODj3(9ODj3)Adult (f)7,0757857
9KXfQ(9KXfQ)Adult (m)5,2946881
gkxQK(gkxQK)Adult (f)4,7187830
TOjAZ(TOjAZ)Adult (m)5,0886681
0yjGI(0yjGI)Adult (m)5,1376601
hPf1m(hPf1m)Adult (f)5,0776641
CObRR(CObRR)Adult (m)2,7837692
oJTgl(oJTgl)Adult (m)3,0868781
8kskeBOZ - Ms SinomorphAdult (f)
vpnp7(vpnp7)Adult (f)4,8159802
mUBxG(mUBxG)Adult (f)3,2377251
RhC4n(RhC4n)Adult (m)4,9519191
2H3Nj(2H3Nj)Adult (m)3,6869321
Hym3n(Hym3n)Adult (m)3,6829491
k3FlTBOZ - Mr Sky SilkAdult (m)3,5729121
b7ews(b7ews)Adult (m)3,6229971
NRC3m(NRC3m)Adult (f)4,7289702
P5szL(P5szL)Adult (f)4,6398871
JGzSD(JGzSD)Hatchling (F)2,6135762
VFtKo(VFtKo)Adult (m)4,0789213
XyfDU(XyfDU)Adult (f)4,1249631
hwEHC(hwEHC)Adult (m)3,9909305
RvTLBOZ - Zyreph RuAdult (m)2,39336769
aQA8BOZ - Blue WindsAdult (f)3,6723169
pZEBBOZ - Blue FloaterAdult (f)3,6574661
qAt7y(qAt7y)Adult (f)5,2847711
rDHva(rDHva)Hatchling (f, F)3,9011,0851
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