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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • 2019 Holiday Event
  • Gingerbread House
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
  • 2018 Holiday Event
  • 2018 Halloween Event
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Bozzy Rats,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
hMTqu(hMTqu)Adult (m)4,5127432
PkDz3(PkDz3)Adult (m)4,9656981
DNqvg(DNqvg)Adult (f)4,4156713
ghZd8(ghZd8)Adult (m)4,6117482
63JRP(63JRP)Adult (m)6,5717412
TY2pb(TY2pb)Adult (m)5,8767521
Dr7WI(Dr7WI)Adult (m)4,9056931
GCtW7(GCtW7)Adult (f)4,8516961
GXseA(GXseA)Adult (f)4,2141,1631
WrDCq(WrDCq)Adult (f)4,1821,1661
IP7G6(IP7G6)Adult (m)4,5431,1471
RIVOV(RIVOV)Adult (m)4,5781,1411
2SlVm(2SlVm)Adult (f)4,5931,1402
zcSRBOZ - Orange ZestAdult (m)2,7516163
Z5cABOZ - Orange RindAdult (f)1,8714952
Va8VEBOZ - Orange JelloAdult (f)4,1373241
eJO6mBOZ - Orange CakeAdult (f)4,1743412
gD06J(gD06J)Adult (m)5,6421,0261
Jc9OQ(Jc9OQ)Adult (m)4,8957010
mT34L(mT34L)Hatchling (F)9483540
s7TX7(s7TX7)Hatchling (m, F)3,3461,0291
vUDqI(vUDqI)Hatchling (f, F)4,7639013
SDLj6(SDLj6)Adult (f)3,8889742
30qjnBOZ - Little MarinerAdult (m)3,4629501
a7QMe(a7QMe)Adult (f)3,6099791
DU4tu(DU4tu)Adult (f)3,8169961
srt5I(srt5I)Adult (f)3,7399501
f3ksY(f3ksY)Adult (m)4,3999981
PJJi0(PJJi0)Adult (m)4,4729731
PeNZw(PeNZw)Adult (f)4,7079281
PUnm2(PUnm2)Adult (m)4,7779561
RT53CBOZ - Melismor 1Adult (f)5,4419521
zQBpW(zQBpW)Adult (m)4,5118271
rWw04(rWw04)Adult (m)5,7959561
REGDQ(REGDQ)Adult (m)4,8597470
MidAb(MidAb)Adult (f)4,7547521
KWfqL(KWfqL)Adult (f)4,2257921
vA9wQ(vA9wQ)Adult (f)4,4747990
ieOYZ(ieOYZ)Adult (f)5,6898541
Enm3S(Enm3S)Adult (f)4,2077631
IWB9B(IWB9B)Adult (f)4,4747970
QzcYo(QzcYo)Adult (f)5,6229262
2ZiLBOZ - RurrAdult (m)3,71685216
YQViBOZ - Ms MintAdult (f)2,5968396
Jn3QEBOZ - Mrs PeaAdult (f)4,7503171
HLJyU(HLJyU)Adult (m)5,1286761
b0S70(b0S70)Adult (m)4,7837661
xSUlt(xSUlt)Adult (f)5,1076774
3PwJB(3PwJB)Adult (m)3,8488022
F6vL2BOZ - Baby GreenHatchling (F)2,6118310
RehspBOZ - Mr Aqua GreenAdult (m)2,9944941
34cZ0BOZ - Mr Little GreenishAdult (m)3,4604181
3dHBOBOZ - Mrs Little GreenishAdult (f)4,1793651
g8QZIBOZ - Mrs Aqua GreenAdult (f)3,8973641
QUtJo(QUtJo)Adult (f)3,6397341
BhUrm(BhUrm)Adult (f)4,3399602
CLq7t(CLq7t)Adult (m)4,3099422
CwtRK(CwtRK)Adult (f)4,3949534
swPNd(swPNd)Adult (f)4,4159181
IIRdj(IIRdj)Adult (f)4,2588241
T1KRL(T1KRL)Adult (m)3,5357431
YwHOKBOZ - Mr MonarchAdult (m)3,4297561
6dSK7(6dSK7)Adult (m)3,4827561
QDHws(QDHws)Adult (f)3,4687561
AIfbO(AIfbO)Adult (f)4,9225940
y8scC(y8scC)Adult (m)5,3747252
8i0OABOZ - Dancing QueenAdult (f)4,8303671
6cY8IBOZ - Mama MiaAdult (f)5,4703930
MCB0PBOZ - FernandoAdult (m)4,6074291
i0CKJBOZ - WaterlooAdult (m)3,8405271
qvMCM(qvMCM)Adult (f)6,2056581
7MoAT(7MoAT)Adult (f)5,3316521
JkpSh(JkpSh)Adult (m)6,4636320
hkjoF(hkjoF)Adult (m)6,5005850
RTmH5(RTmH5)Hatchling (F)3,8394910
o9DuW(o9DuW)Adult (f)3,3278152
LBKBH(LBKBH)Adult (m)3,1088162
rQz1M(rQz1M)Adult (f)3,1968181
r0JX0(r0JX0)Adult (m)3,0568271
ru9QW(ru9QW)Adult (m)2,9377711
SggAn(SggAn)Adult (f)5,0126031
7vZ9J(7vZ9J)Adult (m)3,0648051
gN6Tr(gN6Tr)Adult (m)3,0458071
IzseR(IzseR)Adult (m)5,3837201
40Bpa(40Bpa)Adult (m)3,4859351
9L8bBOZ - Mr StarlightAdult (m)3,9473038
HMV6BOZ - Ms StarbrightAdult (f)4,8304541
uiW7BOZ - Purple StarsAdult (m)3,5332422
6nAjnBOZ - Mr Starry WingsAdult (m)4,9553642
UQQSY(UQQSY)Adult (m)4,3111,2332
HJsnY(HJsnY)Adult (f)5,7045501
SFDpV(SFDpV)Adult (m)4,7271,1821
uhtbO(uhtbO)Adult (m)4,4761,2991
qd0EX(qd0EX)Adult (m)5,4651,0841
wbIkO(wbIkO)Adult (f)4,8961,2062
yOIoj(yOIoj)Adult (m)6,5721,20615
prMD2(prMD2)Adult (f)5,5326120
t6diBOZ - Green LizardAdult (f)2,5228423
J4NWBOZ - Mrs LizardAdult (f)1,6015722
QDUbBOZ - Mr Lizard GreenAdult (m)5,9424304
DUOA9(DUOA9)Adult (m)4,8629571
DY8tN(DY8tN)Hatchling (F)2,2948522
2Ga26(2Ga26)Adult (f)3,1668261
FTXpQ(FTXpQ)Adult (f)3,0028352
PJlWJ(PJlWJ)Adult (f)4,3256690
tvN2X(tvN2X)Adult (m)5,4236622
0StJs(0StJs)Adult (f)4,9857012
dhVsn(dhVsn)Adult (f)4,8161,0511
jbdz5(jbdz5)Adult (m)4,2921,3891
tkJXt(tkJXt)Adult (m)4,3101,4211
guh8S(guh8S)Adult (m)4,4341,3342
5GPFC(5GPFC)Adult (m)4,5021,2942
l7eHJ(l7eHJ)Adult (m)5,0891,2561
bE29T(bE29T)Adult (f)4,2318223
xTVLU(xTVLU)Adult (m)4,1028311
k1RV3BOZ - Mr Tiny BlueAdult (m)4,0923841
0arkHBOZ - Pygmy BluesAdult (m)5,1633950
Qg6TDBOZ - NiliaAdult (m)4,0973912
HuiQeBOZ - Mrs Tiny BlueAdult (f)4,3303891
mYgBKBOZ - Mr Blue BitAdult (m)3,0744981
fMdGaBOZ - Mrs Blue BitAdult (f)3,5564511
1dQjqBOZ - Mr Pygmie BlueAdult (m)3,4854251
oALs4BOZ - Mrs Pygmie BlueAdult (f)4,3194670
WNHsBBOZ - Daylight SavingsAdult (m)4,0933450
TM50hBOZ - Tiny TerrorAdult (m)3,7944030
2XJF9(2XJF9)Adult (m)3,9307691
CUiSB(CUiSB)Adult (m)3,6647351
9Xi0BOZ - Mr SolidAdult (m)7364120
QEYkBOZ - Ms SolidAdult (f)7364130
VFGMBOZ - Mrs SolidAdult (f)1,0465070
D9zm8(D9zm8)Adult (m)3,6576942
Mxh0y(Mxh0y)Hatchling (F)2,5949281
VbJHBOZ - Yellow DragonAdult (f)2,8558154
nzicBOZ - Yellow DrakoAdult (m)2,7357806
G75kBOZ - Dragon YellowAdult (f)2,3276583
1skT9(1skT9)Adult (f)3,6357391
qZj0fBOZ - Mr MulshAdult (m)4,2014181
lFXvDBOZ - Mr Moldy LeavesAdult (m)4,1044192
q0o7vBOZ - Mrs Moldy LeavesAdult (f)4,1813582
sifalBOZ - Smelly DaysAdult (m)2,6685315
DI8bj(DI8bj)Hatchling (F)2,6105930
9016A(9016A)Adult (m)3,3018281
7dEg4(7dEg4)Adult (f)3,2968232
9Gf4H(9Gf4H)Adult (f)3,2828290
BkZtz(BkZtz)Adult (m)3,2698280
FMYK1(FMYK1)Adult (f)3,2968280
QjpVR(QjpVR)Adult (m)3,1828420
BDxABOZ - Paper DreamsAdult2,2486345
fUhohBOZ - Paper GangstaAdult3,0306322
BpZ4A(BpZ4A)Adult (m)4,7149662
Ftgo1(Ftgo1)Adult (m)4,1059250
cjxAZ(cjxAZ)Adult (m)4,8319031
wBcoq(wBcoq)Adult (m)2,4867251
Wb6Pf(Wb6Pf)Adult (f)3,0037462
cmCTQBOZ - Mrs Fluffy BunnyAdult (f)3,3824420
l3iY8BOZ - Mr Fluffy BunnyAdult (m)3,9194481
ogbE3BOZ - Big Fluff BallAdult (m)4,3854581
MYlHfBOZ - So FluffyAdult (f)4,6213451
OQSiSBOZ - Fluffy KittyAdult (m)4,9443751
elhVWBOZ - Fluffy FringeAdult (f)6,2615430
qpIEHBOZ - Playful FluffballAdult (f)5,1005121
lceVF(lceVF)Hatchling (m, F)5,8846791
EvbsBOZ - Pink MissAdult (f)2,5897601
eahxBOZ - Mr PinkAdult (m)3,1338293
4GK8BOZ - Mrs PinkAdult (f)1,4575956
shvb5(shvb5)Adult (f)5,3986611
4DyET(4DyET)Adult (m)5,6936522
tzXiL(tzXiL)Adult (m)4,6468591
vjLmG(vjLmG)Adult (f)4,7558931
w7UYZ(w7UYZ)Adult (m)4,9369252
ZWa7U(ZWa7U)Adult (m)4,1078760
II0eD(II0eD)Adult (f)4,0161,3941
UWBHs(UWBHs)Adult (f)3,9791,3402
xBT08(xBT08)Adult (f)4,6011,2352
iq3iK(iq3iK)Hatchling (f, F)5,5156901
nMllY(nMllY)Adult (m)8,1998842
lRmIm(lRmIm)Adult (f)6,3401,1165
VoZhz(VoZhz)Adult (f)8,5397712
oM9Wc(oM9Wc)Adult (f)9,9286773
kjkK0(kjkK0)Adult (f)7,9947584
q3UYA(q3UYA)Adult (f)9,1377101
6R9UC(6R9UC)Adult (f)9,2897142
gmf06(gmf06)Adult (f)9,0267944
argGl(argGl)Adult (f)7,1977930
SW70F(SW70F)Adult (f)6,9551,1872
pWYi2(pWYi2)Adult (f)9,5039293
ypC0J(ypC0J)Adult (f)9,2827151
PjHh1(PjHh1)Adult (m)9,9976771
XnuPw(XnuPw)Adult (m)3,0898022
BfC96(BfC96)Adult (m)3,8729101
4mm7Y(4mm7Y)Adult (f)4,4598861
RcmkW(RcmkW)Adult (m)4,4098921
F3OSo(F3OSo)Adult (m)4,6638992
OxL1w(OxL1w)Adult (m)4,6639232
VhgZBOZ - Mr Funny FaceAdult (m)3,2307342
hCNl0(hCNl0)Adult (f)3,8321,4092
X5cER(X5cER)Adult (f)3,7881,4033
ET4BA(ET4BA)Adult (m)4,4898141
e4rXI(e4rXI)Adult (m)3,9068651
ux29F(ux29F)Adult (f)2,4548331
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