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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Egg Basket
  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • 2019 Holiday Event
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  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
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  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Bozzy Rats,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
1omCBOZ - Mr Cold FireAdult (m)5,3283572
dlAaBOZ - Mr Fire and IceAdult (m)4,5613043
0iPXEBOZ - Mr Heat It UpAdult (m)3,4184410
IirsF(IirsF)Adult (m)3,7926702
rGt95(rGt95)Adult (m)5,7191,0551
Ec3pm(Ec3pm)Adult (f)3,0987035
HovnW(HovnW)Adult (m)3,2957132
qJDSZ(qJDSZ)Hatchling (f, F)2,1307010
PileR(PileR)Hatchling (m, F)4,3551,0511
YVzOo(YVzOo)Adult (m)4,1191,2211
B9sXs(B9sXs)Adult (m)4,7151,1631
cNoLz(cNoLz)Adult (f)6,3277062
WTaix(WTaix)Adult (f)5,3437192
iKXWy(iKXWy)Hatchling (m, F)4,1947131
FxRlBBOZ - Mr Xmas 2007Adult (m)3,5051,2593
PKQn8(PKQn8)Adult (m)3,5046974
Jfv5A(Jfv5A)Adult (f)4,8487141
Qd61XBOZ - Mr MerryAdult (m)4,8095721
BM5X3BOZ - Mr ChristmasAdult (m)5,3466241
6PXbYBOZ - Mr Xmas 2008Adult (m)3,0851,0011
aRDMZ(aRDMZ)Adult (m)4,7531,1281
9GNzN(9GNzN)Hatchling (m, F)3,5151,2282
vv9qXBOZ - Ms DecorationAdult (f)5,3476341
ShjEGBOZ - Ms GoldenAdult (f)5,3586341
LBTaXBOZ - Ms Xmas 2009Adult (f)3,6791,3061
oL5Uh(oL5Uh)Adult (f)4,3201,0981
BHKDm(BHKDm)Adult (f)3,4379221
NGunH(NGunH)Adult (f)3,3529092
j3TYv(j3TYv)Adult (f)3,4088510
jm452(jm452)Adult (f)3,3518942
OXDEU(OXDEU)Adult (f)4,4831,0851
vKe9MBOZ - Miss Mixed UpAdult (f)5,3576351
i7QsgBOZ - Mrs ScaryAdult (f)5,3606341
b17VL(b17VL)Adult (f)2,9871,0061
YXHBeBOZ - Ms Xmas 2010Adult (f)3,2379831
7v8px(7v8px)Adult (f)4,6741,1041
0AVQx(0AVQx)Hatchling (f, F)4,7519601
7NrhNBOZ - Mr ColourfulAdult (m)3,0995591
ZAlHGBOZ - Mr MixedAdult (m)3,1035621
yLRzRBOZ - Mr Xmas 2011Adult (m)3,0601,0061
3v1D7(3v1D7)Adult (m)3,2079761
scGje(scGje)Adult (m)4,3381,0563
lBiGq(lBiGq)Adult (m)3,3168831
X6UaT(X6UaT)Hatchling (m, F)3,4691,2471
prLmmBOZ - Merry ChristmasAdult (m)4,8684241
E57QpBOZ - Christmas JoyAdult (m)3,2514101
Ro3vuBOZ - Mr Xmas 2012Adult (m)3,0611,0011
o93Wr(o93Wr)Adult (m)4,3621,0391
HndW4(HndW4)Adult (m)3,4178861
f7EZg(f7EZg)Hatchling (m, F)3,3761,1871
OuP8mBOZ - Ms Xmas 2013Adult (f)2,9579271
TgZEg(TgZEg)Adult (f)2,8159151
tK37E(tK37E)Adult (f)3,6257583
L3H0L(L3H0L)Adult (f)4,2811,0672
m0HlWBOZ - Ms Xmas 2014Adult (f)3,6611,2032
AXl75(AXl75)Adult (f)3,6571,1931
AGgt8(AGgt8)Adult (f)4,0717773
zPm3V(zPm3V)Adult (m)3,6307673
tFS4j(tFS4j)Adult (m)4,2561,0610
54nGzBOZ - Mr Xmas 2015Adult (m)3,6247543
5GJoq(5GJoq)Adult (m)3,6487514
QNlD1(QNlD1)Adult (m)3,6117523
ZJYbN(ZJYbN)Adult (m)3,3636931
3vOUy(3vOUy)Adult (m)6,0571,2312
MbZ9y(MbZ9y)Hatchling (F)2,2816621
DU6O7BOZ - Mr Xmas 2016Adult (m)3,0606611
eSIRU(eSIRU)Adult (m)3,1356491
HhGTE(HhGTE)Adult (m)4,6941,0641
2kdn9(2kdn9)Adult (f)4,0139991
DM1Nd(DM1Nd)Adult (f)5,2651,1652
6hrbe(6hrbe)Adult (f)3,6921,0651
3WPqt(3WPqt)Adult (f)3,7301,0503
7IZZu(7IZZu)Adult (m)3,6551,0361
A8Dfj(A8Dfj)Adult (m)3,6471,0231
knZMX(knZMX)Adult (f)3,0796281
mmsDH(mmsDH)Adult (m)3,0836512
oMUT6(oMUT6)Adult (m)3,8946931
k8E7o(k8E7o)Adult (f)4,1186731
hCe1E(hCe1E)Adult (m)4,1641,1642
7ywVK(7ywVK)Adult (m)4,0521,1871
pCNNe(pCNNe)Adult (m)3,8229852
3zpoC(3zpoC)Adult (f)4,5711,1354
zO6VP(zO6VP)Adult (m)4,8081,1242
IGfUe(IGfUe)Adult (m)4,9921,1522
uF8fr(uF8fr)Adult (m)5,2016372
TkNHO(TkNHO)Hatchling (F)2,6906011
UIivH(UIivH)Hatchling (m, F)4,3964881
tWNEBOZ - Purple KnightAdult (m)2,4307946
GKqHBOZ - DartanionAdult (m)1,7427093
K3pCBOZ - Maid MarionAdult (f)1,4945332
TJUb6(TJUb6)Hatchling (F)2,3398401
KBciV(KBciV)Adult (f)3,4341,2662
WY77Z(WY77Z)Adult (f)3,6861,2422
EKmlk(EKmlk)Adult (m)3,0571,1020
Kac7s(Kac7s)Adult (m)3,9541,2491
VErfw(VErfw)Adult (f)4,2381,2511
vQ9ak(vQ9ak)Adult (f)4,6301,2781
XIpNV(XIpNV)Adult (m)3,1987363
vmHfU(vmHfU)Hatchling (m, F)3,1811,0731
8KiXW(8KiXW)Adult (f)5,2486561
GL7y7(GL7y7)Adult (m)6,7577092
pVlbV(pVlbV)Adult (f)6,5977532
XbmUL(XbmUL)Adult (f)4,2411,0344
QbglA(QbglA)Adult (m)4,1931,0302
O7AWy(O7AWy)Adult (f)3,8061,3001
KsHr3(KsHr3)Adult (m)3,8731,2671
4GjPq(4GjPq)Adult (f)2,5916763
OE1gB(OE1gB)Adult (f)4,5147821
4PFQM(4PFQM)Adult (f)2,7686782
Vtjo4(Vtjo4)Adult (m)4,2656502
QtNC3(QtNC3)Adult (f)4,2186561
4HTb1(4HTb1)Adult (f)4,0276611
ldBDm(ldBDm)Adult (f)4,0756600
SnkIO(SnkIO)Adult (f)4,0836560
LN5ZW(LN5ZW)Adult (m)4,0946521
LNhQR(LNhQR)Adult (m)5,0566141
mpE1N(mpE1N)Adult (m)6,0186681
q81AH(q81AH)Adult (m)5,1641,0732
C7cw7(C7cw7)Adult (m)3,7128172
Vr3Bl(Vr3Bl)Adult (m)4,4417671
64JuV(64JuV)Adult (f)4,4287671
eozyX(eozyX)Adult (f)4,1297311
3un74(3un74)Adult (f)5,6715780
JZ917(JZ917)Adult (m)3,2251,0401
vsvkG(vsvkG)Adult (m)3,0141,0221
WiLw1(WiLw1)Adult (f)3,1191,0181
X3sINBOZ - Mr KovosAdult (m)3,3329441
u5oUq(u5oUq)Adult (f)3,3469431
5VgfV(5VgfV)Adult (m)3,4349252
XO2P2(XO2P2)Adult (f)3,3268122
svCvt(svCvt)Adult (m)3,7408171
8Y5ZT(8Y5ZT)Adult (m)3,5567131
wg7jw(wg7jw)Adult (f)4,7569081
RC8fd(RC8fd)Adult (f)4,4258621
PaqVn(PaqVn)Adult (f)4,6388891
NYQWA(NYQWA)Adult (f)4,4239450
4DHFi(4DHFi)Adult (f)4,3329801
P2lqi(P2lqi)Adult (f)4,7689401
61jQT(61jQT)Adult (m)4,9849581
2AD29(2AD29)Adult (m)5,6599871
KumDB(KumDB)Adult (m)5,4609341
YuTLwBOZ - Lacula 1Adult (m)5,5899660
oUmoIBOZ - Tree Of SeasonsEgg (F)
nTBVX(nTBVX)Adult (m)4,3729652
eer1i(eer1i)Adult (f)4,2939711
SLK79(SLK79)Adult (m)4,6648901
eRPFx(eRPFx)Adult (m)4,6438881
KLVAfBOZ - Leodon 1Adult (f)5,3899571
llvQl(llvQl)Adult (m)5,5209551
0sdlq(0sdlq)Adult (m)4,5458631
gsFH7(gsFH7)Adult (f)4,7776534
UI5v8(UI5v8)Adult (m)4,0518811
J75n8(J75n8)Adult (m)3,7956711
XbkWX(XbkWX)Adult (m)3,3616493
9QS2BBOZ - Mr LihnseyreAdult (m)3,2759392
b8cHl(b8cHl)Adult (m)3,2979311
A7ASj(A7ASj)Adult (f)3,4448941
ngk1x(ngk1x)Adult (m)3,4839081
GH7PL(GH7PL)Adult (m)3,9038461
2ll2g(2ll2g)Adult (m)3,7077351
HIUYO(HIUYO)Adult (f)3,4746842
VWfRABOZ - Mr LuminaAdult (m)7,1014751
FJ2rFBOZ - Mrs LuminaAdult (f)7,7015142
jEVI4(jEVI4)Adult (m)4,2341,3712
Ydgg2(Ydgg2)Adult (m)4,2541,3742
KAbm1(KAbm1)Adult (m)4,3501,3831
grmk5(grmk5)Adult (f)4,9481,3391
SvPDK(SvPDK)Adult (f)4,6391,2973
bMMYi(bMMYi)Adult (f)5,2768541
J17mh(J17mh)Adult (m)3,9738381
bJ5CO(bJ5CO)Adult (m)5,0046911
dn1eM(dn1eM)Adult (f)4,7896831
HdFsX(HdFsX)Adult (f)5,5997490
867jp(867jp)Adult (m)6,7926112
B2wjS(B2wjS)Hatchling (F)3,0476661
FCL3A(FCL3A)Adult (f)3,2748952
zhPVi(zhPVi)Adult (m)3,3598991
ELf4r(ELf4r)Adult (f)3,3928731
gHv1o(gHv1o)Adult (f)3,1638691
HmsJ7(HmsJ7)Adult (f)3,4538511
3Md0X(3Md0X)Adult (f)3,4788531
c1bHQ(c1bHQ)Adult (m)3,4958301
Z353D(Z353D)Adult (m)5,6677251
yPozz(yPozz)Adult (m)5,6667291
8PvSr(8PvSr)Adult (m)6,1796482
F1mjk(F1mjk)Adult (f)5,5255351
E72Y0(E72Y0)Hatchling (m, F)4,9726172
QEAdN(QEAdN)Adult (f)4,6597641
ej1Iz(ej1Iz)Adult (f)5,3129053
X8Mac(X8Mac)Adult (m)8,4505771
Wo9V5(Wo9V5)Adult (f)5,7636381
ZDIWI(ZDIWI)Adult (m)5,6606371
xr2jM(xr2jM)Adult (m)4,6266620
LDB1Q(LDB1Q)Adult (m)5,7197141
hrFQa(hrFQa)Adult (m)4,5407751
6b5tH(6b5tH)Adult (m)5,5697471
oYHoR(oYHoR)Adult (m)5,4007441
Jq5HY(Jq5HY)Adult (f)5,3437382
PtE8r(PtE8r)Adult (m)5,8096972
MxMWa(MxMWa)Adult (f)5,3807041
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