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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Bozzy Rats,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Khjgs(Khjgs)Adult (m)5,3539113
JTsTBOZ - Little Miss LeafyAdult (f)9445492
QihCBOZ - Little Mr LeafyAdult (m)9915581
Ru4bBOZ - Little Lord LeafyAdult (m)1,3265953
tqPzL(tqPzL)Adult (f)3,4437371
i941T(i941T)Adult (f)3,9005902
Stb16(Stb16)Adult (f)3,1646211
iU5jLBOZ - Miss CarinaAdult (f)4,2116581
NA6F0(NA6F0)Adult (f)4,1766541
J1P6O(J1P6O)Adult (f)5,5536092
74K5k(74K5k)Adult (f)5,5166092
KJITV(KJITV)Adult (m)5,5126073
BtAJq(BtAJq)Adult (f)3,3307242
NiejCBOZ - Mr CarmineAdult (m)3,7351,2982
uoTBb(uoTBb)Adult (m)3,8061,2651
zubIh(zubIh)Adult (f)3,8481,1962
qQm1s(qQm1s)Adult (f)4,5561,2152
V7Cls(V7Cls)Adult (f)6,0955320
B9F9wBOZ - Ms CassareAdult (f)3,8551,2711
ehRJq(ehRJq)Adult (m)3,9331,2682
d9G82(d9G82)Adult (f)3,8711,2431
Caejb(Caejb)Adult (m)5,0231,1683
2wwID(2wwID)Adult (f)6,7585531
zYeAx(zYeAx)Adult (f)6,8015501
lIUeq(lIUeq)Adult (m)6,7535521
1bgIi(1bgIi)Hatchling (F)2,0184101
3Sl94BOZ - Mr LurkerAdult (m)3,8931,3826
aOO13(aOO13)Adult (m)3,8801,4146
XXJeV(XXJeV)Adult (f)3,8281,3462
318qe(318qe)Adult (m)4,3038031
SzqBG(SzqBG)Adult (f)3,8537172
wThmo(wThmo)Adult (m)3,7795515
4nM79(4nM79)Adult (f)3,2459931
WLEKS(WLEKS)Adult (m)3,5551,1001
AIdGABOZ - Sir CelestialAdult (m)4,2378232
ON2hu(ON2hu)Adult (m)4,2378112
AHbK5(AHbK5)Adult (m)4,1958131
Tkeft(Tkeft)Adult (f)5,9536773
qGz9P(qGz9P)Adult (f)4,8477030
mAUkc(mAUkc)Adult (f)4,9676800
vUPoi(vUPoi)Adult (f)4,9645482
CPMaW(CPMaW)Adult (m)4,9546721
u8PvE(u8PvE)Adult (f)3,6497571
tuRwS(tuRwS)Adult (f)5,2499292
pawEK(pawEK)Adult (f)3,0076401
co19T(co19T)Hatchling (F)3,0174380
LhZg1(LhZg1)Hatchling (F)2,9666390
wWZZqBOZ - BrieAdult4,7267381
DWyIF(DWyIF)Adult (m)3,8608262
yWbBA(yWbBA)Adult (f)3,8338261
XxEtP(XxEtP)Adult (m)3,7378071
tWXpBOZ - Miss Ice ColdAdult (f)4,7303262
aH70BOZ - Ms IceAdult (f)4,3823031
rhpaBOZ - Mrs FreezingAdult (f)4,3542915
9tvDBOZ - Ms IcyAdult (f)4,6733132
uG73BOZ - Mr FreezingAdult (m)3,9942904
8aBKBOZ - Tiny TotAdult (f)2,9249424
KSViBOZ - Teeny TinyAdult (f)1,1094651
U5NYBOZ - Mr Teeny WeenyAdult (m)1,5925641
tpCNc(tpCNc)Adult (m)5,4985792
8fRoL(8fRoL)Adult (m)4,4088792
FpKsF(FpKsF)Adult (m)8,1219321
sW9eLBOZ - Lady CopperAdult (f)4,1991,2545
0cxJR(0cxJR)Adult (m)5,4841,0221
b3frg(b3frg)Adult (m)4,2481,2144
z5PAG(z5PAG)Adult (f)5,0066791
0RLSu(0RLSu)Adult (m)6,5926781
ykt1Q(ykt1Q)Adult (f)6,1214952
NoCXqBOZ - Green Copper GirlAdult (f)4,9397122
vu9jx(vu9jx)Adult (m)3,1278711
5jTV8BOZ - Mr Coral PygmyAdult (m)3,1828711
W6tN4(W6tN4)Adult (f)3,3278041
siObd(siObd)Adult (m)3,4958501
NZA6a(NZA6a)Adult (m)3,4918331
bX17e(bX17e)Adult (f)3,4558291
IwEB9(IwEB9)Hatchling (F)1,6634971
GPjeH(GPjeH)Hatchling (f, F)2,6357061
9KQk5BOZ - Spot Of RedAdult (m)4,1163901
QpI0ABOZ - Little RedAdult (m)5,3893891
Re1oaBOZ - Little BugAdult (m)4,3253990
cSHFRBOZ - EmbarAdult (m)5,0174091
lifGLBOZ - So Many Little OnesAdult (m)5,1044191
BCqHhBOZ - Lost ItAdult (m)4,5744053
4E5AvBOZ - Mr LittleAdult (m)3,3804481
rvQM3BOZ - Miss LittleAdult (f)3,3585171
0ubdXBOZ - Dont Call Me LittleAdult (m)3,8554301
CHck3BOZ - Mr Cute As A ButtonAdult (m)4,0593870
aTs9fBOZ - Mrs Cute As A ButtonAdult (f)3,4384400
CooSQ(CooSQ)Adult (m)6,4895920
WX09m(WX09m)Adult (f)6,5195872
Z26e0(Z26e0)Adult (f)4,4186732
iyRV3(iyRV3)Adult (m)5,2776111
8SOby(8SOby)Adult (f)8,1079780
jzgtJBOZ - Little TinyHatchling (F)2,5108941
Hf4qN(Hf4qN)Adult (m)4,6499102
1SUiC(1SUiC)Adult (f)4,7679222
6Hmr2(6Hmr2)Adult (f)4,4298953
bYSKY(bYSKY)Adult (m)4,6038924
S5V11(S5V11)Adult (f)3,7588332
a8yh1(a8yh1)Adult (f)3,9558641
JjtfU(JjtfU)Adult (m)3,8338001
nqgdo(nqgdo)Hatchling (m, F)3,6898024
yeYjO(yeYjO)Hatchling (F)3,2477063
JQUABOZ - Wild RoseAdult (f)2,6529733
4msaBOZ - Plant DragonAdult (f)1,5655353
BrVrBOZ - Claug OntorAdult (m)3,2182474
oofGBOZ - Killer PlantAdult (m)3,4832344
g0ZTlBOZ - SeymourAdult (f)3,1568974
GaET0BOZ - TastyAdult (m)3,8103781
2Nrpt(2Nrpt)Adult (m)5,2471,1330
DUc6O(DUc6O)Adult (m)4,0121,2181
8sKau(8sKau)Adult (m)5,0337701
rWDOA(rWDOA)Hatchling (f, F)5,2168042
lSf3SBOZ - A Little DarkAdult (m)4,4233910
QgatpBOZ - Darkest BlueAdult (m)4,0184151
Qk1T5BOZ - Mr KnightAdult (m)4,0333491
nqFMuBOZ - Centuries Of DarknessAdult (m)3,1224420
7qZrBBOZ - Look At My Girly PinkAdult (f)3,9043660
9bod0BOZ - This Little OneAdult (m)5,2423802
K62T6BOZ - One Little ManAdult (m)4,9573711
uc6zi(uc6zi)Adult (m)5,5699841
k609BOZ - Sleepy JeanAdult (f)2,4716451
ihSfBOZ - Daydream BelieverAdult (m)2,9767722
egvfEBOZ - Wind Of ChangesAdult (m)3,8043721
eFZBqBOZ - Cloudy DaysAdult (m)5,4453631
qGXVj(qGXVj)Adult (f)3,4839572
LziLZ(LziLZ)Hatchling (F)2,4503781
WmqWBOZ - Loc NessAdult (m)2,6288813
QqToBOZ - NessieAdult (f)1,5656582
KokjBOZ - LockieAdult (m)7884851
sHp9k(sHp9k)Adult (m)3,3987821
7n0WQ(7n0WQ)Hatchling (F)1,1312524
ib3yK(ib3yK)Adult (f)3,1821,2773
BRmcJ(BRmcJ)Adult (f)3,4151,2941
T0F6s(T0F6s)Adult (f)3,3781,2912
WOZJs(WOZJs)Adult (f)3,4081,3091
NwZo5BOZ - Master DesipisAdult (m)3,3761,0060
UdX65BOZ - Mr DiamondWingAdult (m)3,4707542
xSeAV(xSeAV)Adult (m)3,8777581
OZf9G(OZf9G)Adult (f)4,2897711
3aTZv(3aTZv)Adult (f)4,1607141
QscDA(QscDA)Adult (m)2,5288611
zgWGE(zgWGE)Adult (m)3,0506361
vyeEo(vyeEo)Adult (f)3,0476301
jIrCBOZ - Mr Purple HeadAdult (m)3,7578062
Vf06BOZ - Mrs Purple HeadAdult (f)2,6686842
9HxIBOZ - Ms Purple PassionAdult (f)2,3156683
dQHDABOZ - Mr Purple PassionAdult (m)4,8324061
qV1FH(qV1FH)Adult (f)3,3747581
qXF6U(qXF6U)Hatchling (f, F)3,8621,0781
rdeeBOZ - Ms Red HeadAdult (f)3,3147471
ZLcDBOZ - Miss RedAdult (f)2,8196882
nkBGBOZ - Mr Red HeadAdult (m)3,6652932
FcLXBOZ - Mrs Red HeadAdult (f)3,8762961
8KDJEBOZ - Its Hot Out ThereAdult (f)5,1333781
n0ZC7BOZ - Been A WhileAdult (f)3,6193901
PyVQVBOZ - Bruce and LeeAdult (m)3,8949971
KqoOWBOZ - Rhonda and AmiAdult (f)3,9291,0051
7PWqN(7PWqN)Adult (m)6,3531,0910
IkCKd(IkCKd)Adult (f)4,4911,2880
yZvXY(yZvXY)Adult (m)6,7895521
RSk1X(RSk1X)Adult (m)5,4416072
KVnad(KVnad)Adult (m)6,0336974
8OwXV(8OwXV)Adult (f)6,5555891
t2KqNBOZ - Little OneHatchling (m, F)3,6011,1691
f5bJBOZ - Mr SparkyAdult (m)8004460
Zh9WBOZ - Mr ElectricAdult (m)7394140
VeMoBOZ - Mrs ElectricAdult (f)9595471
1XQ2BOZ - Mr ShockAdult (m)9825552
7BceP(7BceP)Adult (f)3,6216911
Cr1TF(Cr1TF)Hatchling (f, F)3,3541,0390
MhntC(MhntC)Adult (m)3,8688871
M9eJG(M9eJG)Adult (m)4,0679201
dNUZq(dNUZq)Adult (f)4,2949081
asQ2i(asQ2i)Adult (f)4,5678812
eRqFZ(eRqFZ)Adult (m)4,5638921
T2f0i(T2f0i)Adult (f)3,6357343
nicvR(nicvR)Adult (m)4,4788652
lqJ1H(lqJ1H)Adult (m)4,1289462
lSXYBOZ - Ember BoyAdult (m)4,2334524
sBYPBOZ - Ember GirlAdult (f)3,4876462
LDA3SBOZ - Lava FlowAdult (f)4,5184011
VjFsrBOZ - Lava PalavaAdult (f)3,9133812
zWgRm(zWgRm)Adult (m)4,9621,2101
DKCzS(DKCzS)Adult (f)4,1751,2032
IjbJP(IjbJP)Adult (f)4,6001,2391
8i2eO(8i2eO)Adult (m)3,8281,2941
UUZIt(UUZIt)Adult (m)3,8487854
bJJmt(bJJmt)Adult (f)3,6407411
yajRQ(yajRQ)Adult (f)3,4187261
M9sqM(M9sqM)Adult (m)5,9351,0233
xex4M(xex4M)Adult (f)4,1618372
eol6E(eol6E)Adult (m)4,1499040
KDIVF(KDIVF)Hatchling (F)2,4327630
0GN7n(0GN7n)Hatchling (m, F)4,2946641
26Jti(26Jti)Adult (m)4,3919194
27ZFT(27ZFT)Adult (m)4,3659264
yT73c(yT73c)Adult (f)4,2899223
4GOxy(4GOxy)Adult (m)4,2929243
lBQS7(lBQS7)Adult (m)4,3188842
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