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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2016 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Bohem,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
2IVj6Splitty PieAdult (f)4,9829633
0Chau2 H A B T 1Adult (m)4,9809133
iXOygPoint N ShootAdult (m)3,9931,0734
UDyArX AND RAdult (f)6,1507552
gimjhIce Cream With CakeAdult (m)4,8508501
gydoeAlways a n d ForeverAdult (f)4,7428521
OmXLDLove Vs HateAdult (m)4,6178162
8o9YLTwo Shorten The RoadAdult (m)5,3008954
VayNATug 'O' WarAdult (m)5,4118465
ut2TkA Story With 2 SidesAdult (f)6,5249025
Gk3n02 - 4 - 1 BeatAdult (f)6,6259624
T9xylYew And EyeAdult (m)5,3169205
oG2qf(oG2qf)Adult (m)4,5817432
bhhsU(bhhsU)Adult (m)6,1296024
rkEwD(rkEwD)Adult (m)6,0547775
zt6RW(zt6RW)Adult (m)4,3147813
QvRON(QvRON)Adult (f)4,9716663
IegWN(IegWN)Adult (m)5,5648034
N7tQP(N7tQP)Adult (f)2,6254956
nnc5w(nnc5w)Adult (m)5,0246932
7jJpp(7jJpp)Adult (f)5,5616592
fjWIO(fjWIO)Adult (f)6,2747272
E8T4b(E8T4b)Adult (f)6,3957265
Qqimt(Qqimt)Adult (f)4,2094684
qHp08Zwei PrinzenAdult (m)5,0868322
H3gjsSwag So ZweiAdult (m)4,0898559
pixQQ(pixQQ)Adult (f)5,0366912
iJcCA(iJcCA)Adult (m)5,1296542
kdpnP(kdpnP)Adult (f)4,8136364
GdpmV(GdpmV)Adult (f)4,6107874
9KlUZ(9KlUZ)Adult (m)4,7207848
tl5rv(tl5rv)Adult (f)3,0868175
2hCru(2hCru)Adult (m)3,5768335
gT2zz(gT2zz)Adult (m)4,7156473
WGxTR(WGxTR)Adult (f)4,8126364
F9nWy(F9nWy)Adult (m)4,6696396
1npFV(1npFV)Adult (f)4,9536443
mJWYG(mJWYG)Adult (f)5,3998901
u982jAn Angel LovingAdult (f)4,8399576
X0mSzMonster ProblemAdult (m)4,8829527
EjrwFThe Mettle d'Saint SebastianAdult (m)4,3718937
WBru5Lifting Your Wings Without WindAdult (m)4,6871,0038
QGIg7Satine Tiger-Anxiety WarriorAdult (f)4,9598374
kBIooOurs In Harmony-Anxiety WarriorAdult (f)5,6276373
2PcgRWalk Thru Fire-Anxiety WarriorAdult (f)4,2618262
B3kIBCalming The Flames As We GoAdult (m)4,4857542
jcHxy(jcHxy)Adult (m)4,1876623
6HlKoOh No DudesAdult (m)3,9507542
fZgWGUgh Old PinkAdult (f)3,3478433
MpVkA(MpVkA)Adult (f)3,5999375
eFjqH(eFjqH)Adult (m)5,1416783
3v7lJ(3v7lJ)Adult (f)4,5757503
V3EIlIn Honor Of Elizabeth TruexAdult (f)4,4167092
8S2NU(8S2NU)Adult (f)3,5649026
phGPu(phGPu)Adult (m)4,5727344
KQVT1(KQVT1)Adult (f)4,7407205
yvdEM(yvdEM)Adult (f)3,2647201
gnEEQ(gnEEQ)Adult (m)2,4944807
FbDWq(FbDWq)Adult (m)5,2757613
8EVeT(8EVeT)Adult (f)5,5487821
OUXRzThe Hellbound HeartAdult (m)2,8957092
cdIE5The Books Of BloodAdult (m)4,8849343
E60RtThe Thief Of AlwaysAdult (f)4,8979426
oLKDnThe Great and Secret ShowAdult (f)5,9671,0075
NAmAZThe Damnation GameAdult (m)3,9001,0502
lhm6DThe In Human ConditionAdult (m)3,2299764
y4psKThe Clive BarkerAdult (f)3,7888774
71W2eThe Scarlet GospelsAdult (f)4,3699413
uYKrMDays Of MagicAdult (f)4,3418211
IQ2PGNights Of WarAdult (m)6,5869754
h1AZsA b a r a tAdult (f)6,3129414
kGbO5Absolute MidnightAdult (f)6,4789613
GHLTeIn  The  FleshAdult (m)5,7688434
UhL24Coldheart CanyonAdult (m)5,1658452
p2Fw4Tonight - AgainAdult (m)5,6988687
QtblwTales Of L L E I BAdult (f)5,4169399
8wjkjClivetteAdult (f)4,8677072
5YMLZB a r k e rAdult (m)3,3937955
JN2xA(JN2xA)Adult (m)4,3447913
4cDU1(4cDU1)Adult (f)4,6517214
Z93Dw(Z93Dw)Adult (f)4,6877083
scyBH(scyBH)Adult (m)4,5957133
5PmAG(5PmAG)Adult (f)4,2276975
tsHDm(tsHDm)Adult (m)5,4338872
c0zip(c0zip)Adult (m)3,7357183
SyvFK(SyvFK)Adult (m)5,1436722
eZCA6(eZCA6)Adult (f)5,4176522
506K6(506K6)Adult (m)5,2356332
336VB(336VB)Adult (f)6,5066251
5srj9(5srj9)Adult (m)6,4835954
dfUvI(dfUvI)Adult (f)5,2177025
4SWFCSugar Honey Baby TeaAdult (f)4,7368991
aTayb(aTayb)Adult (m)4,7276472
6rdbHSanguine AnkhAdult (f)5,9761,0205
aSD7ISanguine VirtueAdult (f)5,0198286
Yx2gG(Yx2gG)Adult (m)4,7436202
K8JISAll That Glitters Has BledAdult (f)4,8509333
fqAqNBled For LoveAdult (m)5,0808193
1CtfZBlood For OilAdult (f)5,9518651
boIIt(boIIt)Adult (m)5,0448234
qAAkU(qAAkU)Adult (m)4,9777035
xYUgoShawn Sang-Anxiety WarriorAdult (m)4,4238757
6221pSada Sang By His Side AlwaysAdult (f)4,8427148
7x63qForever One-Anxiety WarriorAdult (f)4,3317941
F5xDb(F5xDb)Adult (m)3,3277773
4oSrs(4oSrs)Adult (f)4,1267603
wl4Dg(wl4Dg)Adult (f)4,3527073
O74Lh(O74Lh)Adult (m)3,3657731
1FU8x(1FU8x)Adult (f)3,3887782
ZH4YQ(ZH4YQ)Adult (m)3,4147761
dx9Q4(dx9Q4)Adult (m)4,3587101
TxU47(TxU47)Adult (m)4,3107322
hfkni(hfkni)Adult (f)4,0088192
NlKs4(NlKs4)Adult (f)4,2448222
hqZ4t(hqZ4t)Adult (m)3,7377275
NcVgU(NcVgU)Adult (m)3,8407462
c4IE9(c4IE9)Adult (m)4,1677561
TEQbb(TEQbb)Adult (f)4,2097452
ze9y1(ze9y1)Adult (m)4,1927532
GFY0W(GFY0W)Adult (f)5,2176333
vCe4W(vCe4W)Adult (m)5,4337623
BWatR(BWatR)Adult (m)5,4637563
KrfXy(KrfXy)Adult (m)5,5816144
2JCpV(2JCpV)Adult (f)5,2217462
YVO9F(YVO9F)Adult (f)5,2267502
eIv6m(eIv6m)Adult (m)4,9587073
LrEnMBSL APBT X's RezziaAdult (f)2,9287434
1w0kVBSL APBT Remy MartinAdult (f)3,2817423
XVWiABSL APBT JunoAdult (f)2,9647481
UYxv6BSL APBT HellaAdult (f)4,6258723
e8x2fBSL APBT CristalAdult (f)4,6848452
dyoDABSL APBT Rezzia's XAdult (m)4,7319071
PEvRnBSL APBT HennessyAdult (m)4,6368832
bGzXWBSL APBT Angel DustAdult (f)4,5279623
8Vj02BSL APBT Fancy FaceAdult (f)5,4179016
ZZCTcBSL APBT BurkeAdult (m)5,1379018
rd5iSBSL APBT Cognac AnyoneAdult (m)7,0849085
8by0hBSL APBT Little HellionAdult (f)4,5189965
nN8DABSL APBT JupiterAdult (m)4,5798642
7ewTtBSL APBT LegendAdult (m)4,5868771
pKq3RBSL APBT ChampersAdult (m)4,6618871
kjgldBSL APBT VulcanAdult (m)4,9788492
Ua91FBSL APBT Lucid DazeAdult (f)4,9058403
LOWOGBSL APBT MugsyAdult (m)5,0348372
Lalk5BSL APBT Blazing OneAdult (m)5,2188264
zAKOtBSL APBT Dear LifeAdult (f)5,2428255
zK0CsBSL APBT In A Fizzy SpiritAdult (m)6,9716552
3NZz3BSL APBT Bat Them LashesAdult (f)5,9448722
AfDw1BSL APBT EffervescentAdult (f)5,6447752
T6wXVBSL APBT Don't Go RunningAdult (m)6,5479293
HbU1uBSL APBT With U In LoveAdult (f)4,2868825
IdX93BSL APBT TimelessAdult (m)5,1599264
7ThrEBSL APBT Every SecondAdult (f)5,7658904
qq6AaBSL APBT Monster DreamsAdult (m)6,9968104
aSK9fBSL APBT AliceAdult (f)6,9728172
NOFKDBSL APBT VachssAdult (m)7,7257253
AXxq1BSL APBT Her WingsAdult (f)5,6999214
jnNNdBSL APBT 10 Angry PitsAdult (m)5,8359004
do1e8BSL APBT Then There's ForeverAdult (m)5,6898465
zTDPbBSL APBT Faerie's FyreAdult (m)5,8305614
aAoQjBSL APBT Full Of MagicAdult (f)5,6416883
bIcUWBSL APBT With UsAdult (f)3,0868234
3FzhR(3FzhR)Adult (m)4,5767414
yt3qpMa Petite LumiereAdult (f)3,6009022
x2dVVMa Grande LumiereAdult (m)3,1668344
rdCCVR Ethereal Worrying LadyAdult (f)4,7319835
Urd85X Ethereal-Anxiety WarriorAdult (m)4,8441,0216
3ep1V(3ep1V)Adult (m)4,7969463
KiKfB(KiKfB)Adult (m)4,3869316
5yzY4(5yzY4)Adult (f)4,2838962
wb7kg(wb7kg)Adult (m)4,4558683
jF3w9(jF3w9)Adult (m)4,4558391
dO8xV(dO8xV)Adult (f)4,5007921
EJZx0(EJZx0)Adult (f)4,3207911
Nk5ga(Nk5ga)Adult (m)4,4678321
hVayX(hVayX)Adult (f)4,5178271
LxcEH(LxcEH)Adult (f)4,3608031
rDvRS(rDvRS)Adult (f)5,0567032
VZiKI(VZiKI)Adult (m)4,8267823
YjnFN(YjnFN)Adult (f)5,5435963
vHpYM(vHpYM)Adult (f)4,4926565
fsNHm(fsNHm)Adult (m)4,4637802
okikN(okikN)Adult (m)3,2567191
Z9mn1In Search Of My PotatoAdult4,7238883
65wBHSir Clux-A-LotAdult (f)5,8618123
EsypHKernel SandersAdult (f)3,6149147
X9A5AMik NuggetsHatchling (F)1,4761713
lJipEBo's Rosey JoyAdult (m)3,9177391
8L3aEAngel In MiniatureAdult (f)3,9977353
ZUjtFG r e e n T i d i n g sAdult (f)4,1987073
xPbnBSeasonal Lunar ButterbuttAdult (m)3,3089783
xQM3MRip CorsairAdult (m)3,2989733
qRYX2Mysterious MentholAdult (m)3,4157553
YfpxNNordic ChristmakkahAdult (f)4,4216752
KlQvXHalareasAdult (f)3,6827223
ubnPWChristmas In NarniaAdult (m)3,3519724
QyyWRJolly FlufflekinsAdult (m)3,2749763
e2YMPChristmas Future 2GAdult (m)3,4517633
T7uluFestive FunkAdult (m)3,2477363
CNNqFWhat The FalalaAdult (m)3,2727393
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