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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “BluefootTheWarrior,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9PGu6X Welcome to Blue's Scroll XAdult (m)2,1977272
Tpt9w(Tpt9w)Adult (f)3,4978161
SS8py(SS8py)Adult (m)3,5497963
f1gfw(f1gfw)Adult (m)3,4578181
CZzwP(CZzwP)Adult (m)3,6017901
ZtHMV(ZtHMV)Adult (f)3,5728142
x6F9iX Same name on Forums XAdult (m)3,4398292
V3UVsX 2Heads and Pygmies last XAdult (m)3,9228922
ZF8LgX Up for Trade XAdult (m)3,9988964
HeGfbX AdultS Below XAdult (m)3,9469324
DTFZVMajestical Blue CBAdult (m)5,7148616
qITDXSayem's Waste CBAdult (m)7,8391,23610
xptV4Blue's Beautiful NebulaAdult (m)4,2838915
wSQZ8P 0 L L U XAdult (m)3,8346815
HZxIeTHunder AngellAdult (m)4,1128686
EbV4OAangelosAdult (m)2,2969311
xGnWgVioz GucXAdult (m)2,8278162
Nx0xOCaeli the heavenly WarriorAdult (m)2,7867563
bpKq7The Heavenly SaviorAdult (f)3,0128192
RvFCBSullaSoka CBAdult (m)3,5696405
RqBH3Unwanted TImTimAdult (m)3,0956333
BHVMvViVi's Silver Glare CBAdult (f)2,4606443
LH9N0Star gazing SilvvAdult (m)4,1359597
uPg5jLuddicAdult (f)2,9547183
DaS9ySilver Sunshine CBAdult (m)3,0637693
mmoHRRadiant Bliss CBAdult (f)3,1477876
LV4UbVuzwal VhluralAdult (m)2,3944747
A4z0QVuzwal UyaAdult (m)2,39446810
lF9EUIridescent LagAdult (f)2,5496424
fy2UoThe Golden Age CBAdult (f)4,0447054
sZ5JFWhispers of Gold CBAdult (m)3,2796796
ILZJaDivine Gold Lust CBAdult (m)3,7709465
a8ImkThe Alchemist CBAdult (m)4,8767066
JcIO5Golden Exalt CBAdult (f)2,7715968
4vS5NGolden Goldly BreezeAdult (f)2,5207752
v6iW5BlueFlame Nebula CBAdult (f)2,7209111
aJTxIDzoa CBAdult (f)2,4977222
41Ik9Nebluela CBAdult (f)3,1751,0131
hjPxoHello Pyxis CBAdult (m)2,9876552
SAQGkPlasma NebulaAdult (m)3,1769885
v80bDPlasma MAN CBAdult (m)3,0677263
OZj1BCatcher of the PlasmaAdult (m)5,9541,2175
f9BbRToltza Xezemp CBAdult (m)3,4118605
7gRuDI WANNA PARTYAdult (m)2,0998614
iOkgfNebula Purple CBAdult (m)3,1439704
LtIOpPurpleFire NovaAdult (m)2,7579494
VRh28Red Avalanche CBAdult (f)3,2737652
NskibLeb CBAdult (f)3,8309024
5QUg4LETS DANCE CBAdult (f)3,1968833
evZiCRed-Blaze NebulaAdult (f)3,1379763
2CrFDRedFire Nova CBAdult (f)5,4081,3057
An5P7Angelic NebulaAdult (f)3,1207921
JT2w4King of the Silvers CBAdult (m)5,18994823
PTqVLPrincess of the sun IVAdult (f)4,83088310
vkR6JGlinting Silver Tinsel ThuwedAdult (m)4,9661,2735
9DSJmFaded Silver TinselAdult (f)5,5111,3027
MUcYSSatanic Angel XAdult (m)5,20499430
sgCzeXizb Ecxaz CBAdult (f)3,3208385
q94vYXizbac DohhAdult (m)4,7741,0926
pnpAsHOLY CRAP IM A CBAdult (m)2,0968912
iODcKit'sssssss caturdayAdult (f)2,2666405
l5PJXLocks made of GoldAdult (m)2,3206203
Mv1i9Number 200 Gold CBAdult (f)2,4838761
S8E8BKnife Man CBAdult (m)3,3507352
cpD6xBelr Dzoa CBAdult (m)4,0019421
cJvzsNeo Nhio CBAdult (f)3,5518847
T2YSADzoa VhlutaAdult (m)3,0718043
IvvizI can't even say my own nameAdult (m)3,2467646
tOulXPurple Twister CBAdult (f)2,9699333
GtkUWSnapple CBAdult (m)2,3536722
JzJfmThunder go Boom Boom CBAdult (f)1,4467253
onUkvMagaMalis CBAdult (m)5,1039026
YIHDBMagma Caverns CBAdult (m)2,4109841
RyhBrRevenge of the Earth GodAdult (f)2,8187625
pOdJsSum Frigida CBAdult (f)3,0996133
Yg6PvSheer-Cold CBAdult (f)6,3921,1694
nicWtIce Cold Gold CBAdult (f)4,6831,1444
FH6RJUya Rucx CBAdult (m)3,8288884
N8ftgIceey FusionAdult (f)2,9577776
UbOmUIcicle Slaying KnightAdult (f)1,7016072
NPyXvSpread the Bread CBAdult (m)5,5491,2203
Z9ry6Magical Blu-Blu CBAdult (f)4,0098257
gDSsRBromine CBAdult (f)2,50646010
nMaPIDancer of the Bluu SaltAdult (m)3,0156863
aIHGLDancer of the OceansAdult (f)2,0366582
0qY25Paper Sticker StarAdult2,88597213
ZPNkNYoshis EX CBAdult4,2468024
cV94dAbandoned Droplet CBHatchling (m, F)2,5019443
4ol4FMajestic Droplet CBAdult (m)3,9226814
ARGiHrefer to me as ARGHIHG CBAdult (f)2,9367341
jFAKsUndying Droplet CBAdult (m)2,5487182
2GmkmWater Spouts CBAdult (m)3,1281,0993
08dWfJuvh Gehal CBAdult (m)3,0297493
BEcmfGreater Robin CBAdult (m)3,3477642
39RdeLesser Robin CBAdult (m)3,3787622
4ORPPEat your heart out ladies CBAdult (f)2,7318962
m4psRAmazon Pandora CBAdult (f)2,6478342
6u5qqAmo VenusAdult (f)3,1677224
R3U7kRadiance is Beautiful CBAdult (m)2,1037602
nh6MQAngelic Savior CBAdult (m)2,0237861
LS4ogFallen AnghelAdult (m)3,3057502
Mjk6vEcxaz ik ZiwaAdult (m)3,2251,0542
TTB3XDeath CupcakeeAdult (m)3,1871,0531
kYtHrGiver of Flowers CBAdult (f)1,8838623
BDiNTEmmotional Gift CBAdult (f)1,9248843
7XmrIEcxaz KzivalAdult (f)3,3521,1163
kyEtTKokoro no AkaAdult (m)3,2017492
MUAcaKing of za IvyAdult (m)3,2271,0682
Y2ktBHeart-Seeking-LoverAdult (m)2,3379363
OwpzEChubbly ChubblyAdult (f)3,3007602
ncZJJChubby Pink RosesAdult (f)3,2031,0672
eWTmSBright pink Rose'sAdult (f)2,7299973
cDBWuVgaah LivaAdult (f)3,1541,0583
kejBEVgaah Ziwa ZiwaAdult (m)3,1611,0314
hlsngSweetylingAdult (m)2,5659702
q1jo2Psyches ArrowAdult (f)3,4497612
7erYOZiwa ElligAdult (f)3,1771,0692
YQMooDeath-By-WaterAdult (f)3,69398515
bjggTMoonlit bloodAdult (f)3,0639961
9r7AtVampMint DorkbiteAdult (f)2,3298122
neB0kNebok DorkbiteAdult (m)3,8318473
KeWANVampingHam DorkbiteAdult (m)2,0098536
U0Pj5Death By StoneAdult (m)3,1059242
KXvJcArchangel of Death CBAdult (f)2,7528281
I7tRsRig O Mortis CBAdult (m)2,7438211
TYJg7Malevolence is key CBAdult (m)2,5587912
m3uMcMortis Deus CBAdult (m)2,6858181
KXE1ZRyuu no Shi CBAdult (f)2,6858151
0rQ2YRoman Goddess CBAdult (f)2,5867781
3FdIaBringer of Spirits CBAdult (f)2,6787831
KP5sdF0rget me n0t CBAdult (m)2,0527951
KbPlySubliminal Messages CBAdult (f)1,9757601
5thjfIm the real star here CBAdult (m)2,0017921
m8v2MBayabue CBAdult (f)1,9747961
B8jIoNarikoka CBAdult (m)1,9017412
B7F6aSeanna CBAdult (f)1,9247772
HJNGALarrys ChildAdult (f)3,0088182
tAL5wAshy Grave CBAdult (f)1,7516691
i3R7oBooger finger CBAdult (f)1,4666112
KVElBGrave or Gold Digger CBAdult (f)1,8796772
hoSzfDevious Smirk CBAdult (m)1,8136531
mPVXBI watch you at night CBAdult (m)1,5996522
pebZpMY PUMPKIN NOT YOURS CBAdult (f)1,5376383
s2AYuS0 SpoopYAdult (f)2,9338101
m0F0TMoldy orange CBAdult (f)4,5327052
sC9c6CaveraaAdult (m)1,9816161
Oxfh8Lilians CaveAdult (f)2,3286531
vAC8BHappy Moldy OliveAdult (m)1,7138033
93qQPSilvery Silent SpectralAdult (f)2,4846332
hqynrShad0w StalkerAdult (m)1,6567753
a5ZdeS K U L L   C R U S H E RAdult (f)2,2736463
tOs6lNon vult AvisAdult (f)2,6167362
BoSfz0 Leukimia 0Adult (m)1,6678063
Sdz6kPumPkin SmurfAdult (m)2,1486002
KuQabFrosted pumpkin spice latteAdult (f)1,7007713
ZKO2jThe Angriest CBAdult (m)2,8817202
BCr8CWinter Anger CBAdult (m)2,7646912
BBPN4Ynluvjev Rucx CBAdult (f)2,3048142
OSUaSKiss me please CBAdult (f)2,3718252
GexsBUndying Christmas LoveAdult (m)3,0767131
5261ZXMAS AuroraAdult (f)3,4197461
0MMhxC A S T 0 RAdult (f)3,0227612
v9Lh2Guchal VtuluhAdult (f)3,1311,0731
Lvj24Wrapping Paper CBAdult (m)2,7461,0569
mmQ5JMetalic Christmas CBAdult (m)2,6491,0555
vpUeBAutumnal PaperAdult (m)3,2011,1094
T4ogqButtered ButtAdult (m)2,9751,0504
JN2JiButtery PantsAdult (m)3,1881,0932
HEsQhRibbons and TinselAdult (f)2,9021,0324
xTTiTHucvazAdult (f)3,2911,1381
tPLTZWhite-W0nderAdult (f)3,2547421
mN4rLButtwingAdult (f)2,9461,0645
GZfjxXizbac GucxAdult (f)3,1421,0732
10IvbStrawberry ChristmasAdult (m)2,8911,0535
HJHdqStrawberrry CrisissAdult (m)2,6549612
G57g1I am-JANUSAdult (m)3,3367826
V59MuNO I AM JANUSAdult (m)3,5447935
LYUCzHolly ruler VIAdult (f)2,4118581
06yukI Survived CBHatchling (F)50711923
9dIEJTri-Doodle CBAdult (m)2,6198084
hpdmRTri-Fang CBAdult (m)2,9449744
iHrZaTriple Mountian CBAdult (f)2,3527873
hFPXWTri-DERP CBAdult (f)3,5221,0752
u9jvZIce bloo CBAdult (m)3,3928314
pW0hqHnlaa CBAdult (m)3,9671,0805
RbwbaJayem CBAdult (m)3,3606583
XX1oIJikans Frustration CBAdult (f)3,2886321
DB9OOJikan's Wrath CBAdult (f)5,5321,1717
W8ivuTimeless CBAdult (m)2,8886943
2bcamMila's RevengeAdult (f)3,9806704
dIP7vPink Waves CBAdult (f)2,9056802
pMJ29Nessie's Cousin CBAdult (m)5,5161,1877
a4B9FTangible Tangerine CBAdult (f)3,1885891
4Qkh3Magical Orange CBAdult (m)2,8536842
A3JgvArashi's Storm CBAdult (m)2,8786942
pr2W1Kazura CBAdult (f)6,2491,24810
aBpkaB-B-BAKA CBAdult (f)5,5311,17834
5VmY8Uranus and Life CBAdult (m)3,4126322
NQ35oJungle Life CBAdult (f)3,1086753
4NWfDSeth's Lotus CBAdult (m)2,8536622
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