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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “BlueSkyy,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
bLA4aCodename BLAAAHatchling (m)3,3917122
blSSL(blSSL)Hatchling (m)3,3238072
PQm8J(PQm8J)Hatchling (f)3,1776912
CklKm(CklKm)Hatchling (f)3,4618532
GvJn9(GvJn9)Hatchling (m)3,3227794
ftwK2Aeon DropletsAdult (f)3,2797911
J7rgtAeon DewdropsAdult (m)3,2727940
eNLgRJagged EleganceAdult (f)2,5327901
KNvGTJagged OceanAdult (m)2,6017820
j3azMBlue NimbusAdult (m)3,2588351
uSXueNimbus BreezeAdult (m)3,2868361
72OxOIcy NimbusAdult (m)3,2468322
r75DuFrosted NimbusAdult (f)3,2978371
9WgqZNimbus BlueAdult (f)3,1388271
qn0qhQuartz PhantomAdult (m)3,4081,0101
X6kSWax PhantomHatchling (m, F)1,10434712
vE7sTiny PhantomHatchling (m, F)1,8838466
gNjJPallid PhantomHatchling (m, F)3,8812734
Uenr6Red-Eye PhantomHatchling (m, F)2,4038984
PIFH9Isiria's PhantomHatchling (m, F)2,2178872
voWraBroken PhantomHatchling (f, F)2,4138952
ClDz3Earthborn PhantomHatchling (f, F)3,4031,0192
GStlMPhantom FataleHatchling (f, F)3,3721,0241
WgtB1Caveborn PhantomHatchling (f, F)2,5717882
KuA9yPhantom BroodlingHatchling (f, F)3,4179892
V5LhVPhantom CavernsHatchling (m, F)3,1238521
v3wegFire-Breaker PhantomHatchling (f, F)3,7175341
OjjrHCerulean SquawkAdult (f)3,7277802
uTgXlCerulean ScreechAdult (m)3,0368234
KceseFeathers at DawnAdult (f)3,5469141
Lj2VpLeather at DawnAdult (m)3,6459222
AVqbzLeathery FeathersAdult (m)3,7898120
UuiB0Tufted Emerald AntlersAdult (f)3,6237952
o0r1HWispy Emerald HornsAdult (m)3,4667841
sZPfYCoastal SanctuaryAdult (m)2,8497001
5VTVKCoastal SurrenderAdult (f)2,8656873
pZZmTSurrendered SanctuaryAdult (m)5,8241,1531
fNVYbFeathered Golden DawnAdult (f)4,3997921
uD9G4Dawning Golden FeatherAdult (f)4,3167921
egfi1Feathered Morning SunAdult (m)4,3738001
rNaioWinged Golden SunriseAdult (m)4,5238021
HsEH5Dawning Golden WingsAdult (m)4,1867950
mWE1gAzure ManawraithAdult (m)4,5669391
UqxBICerulean ManawraithAdult (f)4,5759632
Aw3LASudden ContrastAdult (f)3,0916911
2sc1mStartled ContrastAdult (m)3,0196820
1o7v6Abrupt ContrastAdult (m)3,1537060
QrdlkBrash ContrastAdult (m)3,1677280
xQhGrGreen OctoberAdult (m)2,7457661
dSMuKOrange OctoberAdult (f)2,2147411
VNAOlYellow OctoberAdult (m)2,1987701
kMT8SBanded OctoberAdult (f)2,1977372
RSunyBlazing OctoberAdult (f)2,1567381
yqJ4nOctober StripesAdult (f)2,1497471
ft235October OmbreAdult (m)2,2327441
vTIYFFolded FlowerAdult (f)3,1768881
DCtAQFlowery PrideAdult (m)3,1288542
vqSCrFlowery ReposeAdult (f)5,2816391
PNJ56Patient PetalsAdult (f)6,1536511
tF2EYGlass SugarwingAdult (f)1,2596301
CcdcSSugared GlasswingAdult (f)1,2916601
zLU3vSugared SeafoamAdult (f)4,0419683
Iu4xrSeafoam and SugarAdult (f)4,5089493
VPBNoSugared StairsAdult (f)6,1331,3551
aiR4lPlated ThornsAdult (f)4,4318471
ZpolRThorny PlatesAdult (m)4,2448510
LUdzeArmored ThornsAdult (m)4,3128840
if2LQRandom PlatingAdult (m)3,9866582
tM7pGSmallest IcicleAdult (m)2,6946540
uxmfvMiniature IcicleAdult (f)2,5306490
t0E4rPeriwinkle PixelsAdult (f)3,6966981
BumhPBlocky BluesAdult (m)3,6947030
zxd8JPeriwinkle PlatesAdult (f)3,4047170
yiHMrOliver 'n TwistAdult (m)4,7015821
8lX2eOlive 'n OilAdult (f)5,4916080
wQWRFOchre 'n DokieAdult (m)5,8005920
MnWyqNavy 'n BeanAdult (m)5,2815581
Liu1CCornflower 'n BlueAdult (f)5,1215581
UFzKrSteel 'n BlueAdult (m)5,0535691
sR0MRPuff 'N FluffAdult (f)3,1148681
XJsJuFluff N' PuffAdult (m)4,1461,0904
dTd0ETipped CrescentAdult (f)4,7777091
y67XWBanded CrescentAdult (m)4,8287091
yL1QXDual CrescentAdult (m)4,8237041
QMZKrSeafoam SurpriseAdult (f)5,7871,6196
q48WVBlack Crested SeafoamAdult (m)5,9531,5616
xx2SVBlack Crowned SeafoamAdult (m)3,3128681
U7zPeCrowned SeafoamAdult (f)3,4501,0852
isStuCodename Is StuAdult (f)4,5251,5014
ayy2yEbony SeafoamAdult (m)5,1906441
07zErSlender SeafoamAdult (f)3,3348720
LKmOSlender ShadowAdult (f)1,0894637
bRUmSlender WarriorAdult (f)4,2561,45816
95uPShadow CaliburAdult (m)3,61271118
aWcURare ShadowAdult (m)2,8511,03614
t1aSNightfall DuskAdult (m)4,4511,2039
uliSShadow of AshesAdult (m)1,0905629
s3WfLovely DuskAdult (f)1,0396162
HUBWqStorm Crow's ShadowAdult (f)7,7661,7166
tbbNwShadow ScytheAdult (m)3,7911,0143
wZjvnSlender ScytheAdult (f)6,1651,2735
B9nymShadowed ShrapnelAdult (f)3,0999972
IOaHiGilded ShadowsAdult (f)2,4156833
bBJDVCavernous ShadowAdult (f)4,0571,3292
FZgpShrimpy ShadowHatchling (F)56220110
9upgItty Bitty ShadowHatchling (F)7331459
gmBtShadow SquirtHatchling (F)2,7751863
P05H6Shrimpy WarriorHatchling (F)1,2725267
FZvZmShrimpy DorkfaceHatchling (F)7934294
gdIkSkeletal SpectreAdult (m)1,5095432
3MIpSkeletal ScreamAdult (f)1,6015313
32hihSkeletal SeductionAdult (m)2,7211,08312
GBspISkeletal PallorAdult (f)2,6411,0555
g35rqSecond SkeletonAdult (m)5,0277121
GHUeLil' SkellyHatchling (m, F)1,0994933
XmRtGSlinky SphynxAdult (m)4,0911,3574
aPbNUPink SphynxAdult (f)4,0201,3363
GK8xlSubtle SphynxAdult (f)3,0618447
FzYppRegal OilslickAdult (m)5,4467142
b8NlORoyal OilslickAdult (f)4,2347401
sCMRfCreamy BlacktipAdult (m)5,5281,8945
v7H9USalted BlacktipAdult (m)5,2281,8894
FF6DuVanilla BlacktipAdult (f)3,1151,2894
y9GThBlacktipped CreamAdult (m)3,1891,1244
iQnuhBlacktipped SandAdult (m)3,2091,1204
HcL8IBriny BlacktipAdult (f)3,1299074
RfcLqBriny Black SandAdult (f)3,5518281
eYXBkBlacktipped DessertAdult (m)3,5498331
PLTUOCodename PLUTOAdult (f)3,9631,4243
6ot05Blacktipped BelleAdult (f)4,6689841
dNFqmBlacktipped HopeAdult (m)3,6698443
RrhpVBlacktipped BeginningAdult (m)5,8966441
S1ls5Blacktipped TrioAdult (f)4,9616293
dMOraBeginning BlacktipAdult (m)4,5396981
dC8rLBlacktipped CommanderAdult (m)4,5776221
LEKbtBlacktipped OriginAdult (m)4,5127542
KbtDcBitty BlacktipHatchling (m, F)3,7747766
EdPECBaby BlacktipHatchling (f, F)3,8846931
L3SZVLil' BlacktipHatchling (m, F)3,8766941
76AzPTeeny BlacktipHatchling (m, F)4,3509121
ucFTkWeeny BlacktipHatchling (m, F)4,2607001
dCn6nSmol BlacktipHatchling (f, F)4,2557022
q7La3Runty BlacktipHatchling (m, F)4,0855151
8tZDkJunior BlacktipHatchling (f, F)4,0535191
YjndNYina and YangoAdult (f)3,0648430
KZ11XYino and YangaAdult (m)3,8299881
5KhhzGarish GlareAdult (m)2,3356863
jVZ0UGarish GrowlAdult (m)1,7287411
1eId5Garish GlanceAdult (f)2,4716623
bZoPTBaby GaryHatchling (F)1,0724021
RVL59Striated SkyAdult (f)2,4239332
paG0JStriated SeaAdult (m)2,4899441
7xgyaStriated SurfAdult (f)2,4259632
ANBcpMottled BrineAdult (m)2,2577503
cRsLDMottled BeautyAdult (f)4,1639533
orzKwMottled FacadeAdult (f)6,4351,2383
y4G9sMottled SwirlsAdult (m)5,8761,2826
sgHgdMottled KindnessAdult (f)4,8411,1275
deQLHFlecks of BrineAdult (m)3,7941,5406
CoAG8Briny KindnessAdult (f)3,1311,0552
rMgBJLivid ArcAdult (f)4,5677791
l7thgLivid CurveAdult (m)4,4917671
PhtiILivid LungeAdult (f)4,6847742
2HrbtLivid SpiralAdult (f)4,4807681
Y6FlFLivid LeapAdult (f)4,6787432
nO7DBPewter PranceAdult (m)4,2818420
Aeh5ePewter PounceAdult (f)4,4348770
9RSuCPewter PrancerAdult (m)4,2668631
w8MU0Pewter PouncerAdult (f)4,3248490
541mFlash of CrimsonAdult (f)2,06093615
h83GVibrant FlashAdult (f)1,7228233
YXo0Flash of FlairAdult (m)9916421
3mgh2Bully BruteAdult (f)2,7868524
nP5AtBrutish BullyAdult (m)4,3038776
XpexsYellow BruteAdult (m)5,4431,13210
Y3mowBrimstone BullyAdult (f)4,5441,3242
qlB98Boldly ByzantiumAdult (f)4,2831,2346
WPWABByzantium BullyAdult (m)4,2191,2155
4NM5wBarely ByzantiumAdult (f)4,3591,2041
DmfWCByzantium BabeAdult (f)4,2351,2333
YZasQByzantium BruteAdult (m)3,9121,2522
QNqVbByzantium BelleAdult (f)3,7431,2731
6rRTRByzantium StormAdult (f)3,5954692
keRq2Shamanic ScreamAdult (f)2,4929201
90OqjShamanic ShriekAdult (f)2,4709231
AIovYShamanic StareAdult (f)2,4769212
G9bROShamanic StepAdult (f)2,4579261
4GXJeShamanic SpiteAdult (f)2,4879191
rerWoStaring ShamanAdult (m)2,4839191
9Co75Screaming ShamanAdult (m)2,4969171
p5C8HDue For a RaidHatchling (F)1,2083362
HNFWpShamanic ShotHatchling (m, F)2,8256832
YzX7uAutumn Forest LightsAdult (m)3,1348512
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