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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “BlueKitten,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
dUad(dUad)Adult (f)5,3791,77817
vntp(vntp)Adult (m)3,0461,19934
SJRP(SJRP)Adult (f)1,3686649
OAGW(OAGW)Adult (m)1,56553614
A3ms(A3ms)Adult (m)1,83761712
rL9p(rL9p)Adult (m)2,8961,08619
tLVj(tLVj)Adult (f)4,2379133
GpvW(GpvW)Adult (f)3,4301,30613
HT4Q(HT4Q)Adult (f)3,0516803
nt98(nt98)Adult (m)1,87449019
YGHI(YGHI)Adult (m)2,5471,24936
V34d(V34d)Adult (f)9356888
8cWP(8cWP)Hatchling (f, F)1,57933021
wBbQ(wBbQ)Adult (f)3,2721,12565
SXxj(SXxj)Adult (m)3,1741,45431
4Y8u(4Y8u)Hatchling (m, F)5,3821,86518
Wb4a(Wb4a)Adult (m)1,4026758
wm6n(wm6n)Adult (m)3,8101,48322
nYj2(nYj2)Adult (m)2,8391,03521
vaiq(vaiq)Adult (m)4,6761,40911
ketb(ketb)Adult (m)3,2821,10121
ftpr(ftpr)Adult (f)2,7021,02029
QQ6T(QQ6T)Adult (f)1,27160814
VVKJ(VVKJ)Adult (f)3,6971,63429
dv1X(dv1X)Adult (f)1,4675603
36lc(36lc)Adult (f)3,0421,1438
HztC(HztC)Adult (m)2,9431,23811
QPW8(QPW8)Adult (m)4,5031,05310
WrIs(WrIs)Adult (f)3,7901,16816
jjfk(jjfk)Adult (f)3,8031,16317
zbG1(zbG1)Adult (m)4,1401,76431
btPB(btPB)Adult (m)5,8721,02130
Raa1(Raa1)Adult (f)3,25981012
8ort(8ort)Adult (f)1,67854914
OrKS(OrKS)Adult (f)1,52370910
NYHO(NYHO)Adult (m)4,5511,67323
EOy1(EOy1)Adult (m)3,1511,26942
Cdbx(Cdbx)Hatchling (m, F)74451111
B3y5(B3y5)Adult (f)4,5011,0519
OlNJ(OlNJ)Adult (f)1,6086529
ec4C(ec4C)Adult (m)2,35487617
mnOZ(mnOZ)Adult (m)1,47970613
hYxV(hYxV)Adult (f)1,83166618
Phrv(Phrv)Adult (f)2,1849945
bPO6(bPO6)Adult (f)2,3889369
ftkQ(ftkQ)Adult (m)1,6446727
Vj7X(Vj7X)Adult (m)2,36986223
vnnH(vnnH)Adult (f)1,6066151
YYZE(YYZE)Adult (f)3,3691,34538
YlER(YlER)Adult (f)1,6494314
GfcJ(GfcJ)Adult (f)4,5581,5497
ikbC(ikbC)Adult (m)1,60451511
Cv43(Cv43)Adult (f)18,6181,39757
S8c6(S8c6)Adult (m)1,6116201
LMjl(LMjl)Adult (f)1,2474842
Fws9(Fws9)Hatchling (f, F)3,14799229
OQDE(OQDE)Adult (f)3,7551,48233
3ocs(3ocs)Adult (m)4,1201,77565
67pF(67pF)Adult (m)2,4641,1357
hEN8(hEN8)Adult (f)4,4991,0549
IqFI(IqFI)Adult (f)1,31974334
qv5f(qv5f)Adult (m)4,5361,68416
UFDp(UFDp)Hatchling (m, F)73750310
f3jh(f3jh)Adult (f)3,5347833
r5pd(r5pd)Adult (m)2,7526894
BiZY(BiZY)Adult (f)1,5394035
K3OT(K3OT)Adult (f)1,39048515
oXp1(oXp1)Adult (f)3,7071,60731
IFld(IFld)Adult (m)3,0601,1487
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