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You pick up the scroll labeled “Bloodybaroness,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
3G6jo(3G6jo)Adult (m)3,1328702
VJ2pS(VJ2pS)Adult (m)2,0076782
D0wyL(D0wyL)Adult (m)1,8216132
l63jJ(l63jJ)Adult (m)2,0486161
CF84Q(CF84Q)Adult (m)1,8975981
1BcKa(1BcKa)Adult (f)2,4007113
FVsys(FVsys)Adult (f)2,0186471
9LxuW(9LxuW)Adult (m)1,9756221
dflaO(dflaO)Adult (m)1,7985942
LTf0i(LTf0i)Adult (m)1,7806710
N5c2k(N5c2k)Adult (m)1,8707091
JUr9v(JUr9v)Adult (m)1,7686720
6gn4R(6gn4R)Adult (f)1,8616972
fUgU5(fUgU5)Adult (f)1,7967042
NM2TB(NM2TB)Adult (m)2,0466951
xWgyL(xWgyL)Adult (f)1,7427210
W9zod(W9zod)Hatchling (F)2,3855593
PqHVY(PqHVY)Adult (f)3,9281,0311
VrKWd(VrKWd)Adult (m)3,9879993
W0ij4(W0ij4)Adult (m)3,8209982
Rcp8S(Rcp8S)Adult (m)4,0241,0302
50CJ3(50CJ3)Adult (f)3,6879892
bj5vF(bj5vF)Adult (m)3,2219571
nYb8G(nYb8G)Adult (m)3,3979592
CE4Hy(CE4Hy)Adult (m)3,3958530
1EWS1(1EWS1)Adult (f)3,5848391
G29wz(G29wz)Adult (m)3,4668722
rQGAH(rQGAH)Adult (m)3,4318811
qQQOa(qQQOa)Adult (f)3,0458151
ZO7eG(ZO7eG)Adult (f)2,9427991
leKAg(leKAg)Adult (f)3,4061,1404
thOi0(thOi0)Adult (f)3,4371,1417
Ut4JM(Ut4JM)Adult (f)3,3671,1224
MZtMw(MZtMw)Adult (f)3,3551,1643
GLe1u(GLe1u)Adult (f)4,4809462
sWUL1(sWUL1)Adult (m)2,7479565
QhbCI(QhbCI)Adult (f)2,8307756
yyZDZ(yyZDZ)Adult (m)1,8336940
9eQR0(9eQR0)Adult (m)1,9477371
DxyxM(DxyxM)Adult (f)1,9767591
7dTkb(7dTkb)Adult (f)2,0187623
ouIza(ouIza)Adult (f)1,9227330
dMX54(dMX54)Adult (m)2,0387421
h1H3l(h1H3l)Adult (m)2,9209963
Lxgcx(Lxgcx)Adult (f)2,9851,0072
OPa43(OPa43)Adult (f)2,7229214
NkTka(NkTka)Adult (f)2,7729624
4yzyW(4yzyW)Hatchling (f, F)1,4544872
SQnmn(SQnmn)Adult (f)1,5925331
hvmIr(hvmIr)Adult (f)1,8736520
mjVRO(mjVRO)Adult (f)1,8376422
U74Iq(U74Iq)Adult (f)1,9126411
u1jyx(u1jyx)Adult (m)1,8776260
0fcD0(0fcD0)Adult (m)1,8336281
iuQls(iuQls)Adult (f)3,0315991
alpAx(alpAx)Adult (m)2,2136502
kyJ3p(kyJ3p)Adult (m)5,6091,3593
fHVVl(fHVVl)Adult (f)5,6301,4024
KnHqp(KnHqp)Adult (f)5,6561,3604
NJ6o4(NJ6o4)Adult (m)6,1851,3362
2ST3k(2ST3k)Adult (m)3,7388813
UtF5d(UtF5d)Adult (m)3,6488282
KzcoY(KzcoY)Adult (m)3,3031,1306
bCS4f(bCS4f)Adult (m)3,2711,0955
WY207(WY207)Adult (f)5,5631,1371
2CAKA(2CAKA)Adult (m)2,0087191
XHxZO(XHxZO)Adult (f)1,9677021
wYiCwFlareis of AuzAdult (m)1,9887223
lm1st(lm1st)Adult (f)3,8978906
Z4UAD(Z4UAD)Adult (m)2,9669452
qsOGM(qsOGM)Egg (F)
HpmTENibble of AuzHatchling (F)2,4036530
7Nq0ZRooster Sauce of AuzAdult (f)3,7408901
2lvIBMcNugget of AuzAdult (f)3,0911,1282
u9e77Irr of AuzHatchling (f, F)3,5368922
34oXCErra of AuzHatchling (m, F)5,4281,2532
SqCZHellina of AuzAdult (f)2,13780013
a0pBGomez of AuzAdult (m)1,91078412
LnjHBLinrora of AuzAdult (f)8,3271,7812
8q1icBaen of AuzAdult (m)8,3511,7803
g4gFkLirian of AuzAdult (m)5,3211,3563
r8lWZMortis of AuzAdult (m)5,3271,2763
uxuFq(uxuFq)Adult (m)2,7239640
1iZcz(1iZcz)Adult (m)2,9909229
OW6Q6Remosa of AuzAdult (f)5,3031,1521
adaXlBlack Passion's Dream of AuzAdult (f)5,5011,2832
gZIiy(gZIiy)Adult (f)2,3431,0090
ZaymI(ZaymI)Adult (f)2,2971,0261
4Zo1h(4Zo1h)Adult (f)2,3201,0321
Qvba4(Qvba4)Adult (f)2,3401,0050
K7kJJGreta of AuzAdult (f)4,7771,1182
AgJKj(AgJKj)Adult (m)2,5851,0440
EO4ip(EO4ip)Adult (m)2,7441,0540
Cn8jv(Cn8jv)Adult (m)2,6171,0280
znXZx(znXZx)Adult (f)2,5711,0240
5PzCv(5PzCv)Adult (f)2,7591,0632
XizXt(XizXt)Adult (f)2,6041,0320
NYPJLira of AuzAdult (f)3,9119564
VRNjkIngess of AuzAdult (f)2,8695993
DfRq7Ingerd of AuzAdult (f)2,5685303
rHM4pMira of AuzAdult (f)3,4921,2657
ao3GU(ao3GU)Adult (f)6,1381,0803
xCAo8(xCAo8)Adult (f)2,7777893
frDK7Ackdkin of AuzAdult (m)3,2929164
WO35Lorim of AuzAdult (m)3,8181,1245
piABLyric of AuzAdult (m)5,8767352
lNqVEIrick of AuzAdult (m)3,4949933
cTso5(cTso5)Adult (m)2,2477781
CQ0XbLove's Golden WaveAdult (m)3,2738624
6ryHUEngrust of AuzAdult (m)3,5729641
Y1wTT(Y1wTT)Adult (m)2,8327803
uMTBn(uMTBn)Adult (m)3,5717092
x9F7f(x9F7f)Adult (m)5,7231,1191
55Vid(55Vid)Adult (m)5,9191,1602
DfoPR(DfoPR)Adult (f)2,4237830
v54QW(v54QW)Adult (f)2,8187892
PCCLTMuvut of DorkfaceAdult (f)3,4141,0852
ELlkjRli of AuzAdult (f)4,1389713
RIDIoDratas of AuzAdult (f)4,7433956
K4Zuk(K4Zuk)Hatchling (F)3,4578442
MI85kPaper Tiger of AuzAdult3,7925191
u3HFtCaptain OrigamiAdult2,1439326
odeVy(odeVy)Adult (m)3,6381,0563
AOVCdReelt of AuzAdult (f)7,6429573
6swhq(6swhq)Adult (f)2,1327072
FhVKP(FhVKP)Adult (m)1,9226921
YeOCg(YeOCg)Adult (m)5,4671,1083
Ew0gPCommander GlitterballAdult (m)2,9358471
zG0gyLady ShimmerheartAdult (f)3,5831,0194
xO2OxRadont of AuzAdult (m)3,3275451
Eu4EYEst'sul of AuzAdult (m)3,6259973
zzTuRKiton of AuzAdult (f)2,2484864
BC02l(BC02l)Adult (f)4,2691,0463
ubvZ4(ubvZ4)Adult (f)2,9896792
B0A9FFuzz Bucket of AuzHatchling (f, F)2,8885030
nbibLint of AuzHatchling (m, F)3,8388301
bV0JCashmere of AuzAdult (f)5,3151,1884
6QDJFuzzor of AuzAdult (m)5,3241,1752
I8ClNulald of AuzAdult (f)6,2701,1072
HVAZAthad of AuzAdult (m)5,1479641
g3ruDotas of AuzAdult (f)5,1759924
Znt9Serurn of AuzAdult (m)5,1219710
BUANAtheri of AuzAdult (f)4,6798674
Zqu5Ardrod of AuzAdult (m)4,6138596
MkYsLaum of AuzAdult (f)6,5667844
Sq2PApery of AuzAdult (m)4,5918767
jSdVUhata of AuzAdult (f)6,6231,0875
bvEkCGark of AuzAdult (m)4,6851,0610
iglEsNooslye of AuzAdult (f)4,9548880
GtXZgTurshy of AuzAdult (m)3,7499220
lddLLChequa of AuzAdult (f)1,6066891
vd2KcNaln of AuzAdult (m)1,5926750
Yr7hPLyhure of AuzAdult (f)5,5288590
W50uFEnddyni of AuzAdult (m)4,0426374
5n4iJ(5n4iJ)Adult (f)4,0798401
D0rGRMosfwor of AuzAdult (m)2,2558162
rUjKDLeriv of AuzAdult (f)1,8087722
ptDkhGhak of AuzAdult (m)1,3265981
53qGzMadyn of AuzAdult (f)1,4676922
3I2Ie(3I2Ie)Adult (m)5,7899761
DrxG0Irest of AuzAdult (f)4,6546071
a5o9Quakim of AuzHatchling (f, F)1,01665329
U0eMYerach of AuzHatchling (m, F)1,6087115
OLb2Vladislaus of Bran RiverAdult (m)97962329
WrCbSoowver of AuzAdult (m)3,8941,1194
XIaGItnril of AuzAdult (m)2,2964561
ijNxnTanald of AuzAdult (m)1,8767673
GPCt(GPCt)Adult (m)91959933
1ng4(1ng4)Adult (m)3,8805172
w0xv1Cerildu of AuzAdult (m)3,2294891
WrHH(WrHH)Adult (m)2,13653811
NfZYv(NfZYv)Adult (m)2,2528932
b6QU5(b6QU5)Adult (m)5,1233992
FAZno(FAZno)Adult (m)5,1108463
vntbW(vntbW)Adult (m)4,5451,0482
DHgkI(DHgkI)Adult (m)2,7856552
aRStLady Bathory of Bran RiverAdult (f)2,47089429
Qh0HLizzie of Bran RiverAdult (f)1,43898046
ZaW3Slagra of Bran RiverAdult (f)1,02775926
tpin(tpin)Adult (f)98460442
4XMT(4XMT)Adult (f)5,6818872
lp01(lp01)Adult (f)5,8791,0101
ko3u(ko3u)Adult (f)1,6014592
OVaC(OVaC)Adult (f)8,0811,37110
YVSD(YVSD)Adult (f)5,5036713
FqpS(FqpS)Adult (f)7,0831,2135
BXPm(BXPm)Adult (f)3,0738048
sDXWb(sDXWb)Adult (f)2,1258420
Of0om(Of0om)Hatchling (f, F)2,7878481
S9mdh(S9mdh)Adult (f)2,9158691
tcYXg(tcYXg)Adult (f)2,8718612
X1BLZ(X1BLZ)Adult (f)3,2229290
nG3Au(nG3Au)Adult (m)2,9258781
bqCjO(bqCjO)Adult (m)2,9789202
RvtQ(RvtQ)Hatchling (f, F)2,9509576
86XUK(86XUK)Adult (m)4,6771,0070
6W4TJadis of Bran RiverAdult (f)1,61797133
I0acFrostra of AuzAdult (f)6,4948935
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