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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2020 Halloween Event
  • Tree Decorating
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
  • 2018 Holiday Event
  • 2018 Halloween Event
  • 2017 Halloween Event
  • 2017 Valentine’s Day
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2015 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Bloodless Soul,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
MwJo9(MwJo9)Hatchling (m)4,3709422
VmWZ1(VmWZ1)Hatchling (f)4,3809701
LJfaj(LJfaj)Hatchling (f)4,3759452
gXnOt(gXnOt)Hatchling (m)4,3729882
aopLP(aopLP)Hatchling (f)4,4199723
9vRBZ(9vRBZ)Hatchling (f)4,3429892
azfI7(azfI7)Hatchling (f)4,4519473
OsZ1g(OsZ1g)Hatchling (f)4,3709501
Mj7vBlue beauties CBAdult (f)1,20558123
lCNBTwin scale CBAdult (m)6,3642,13332
3Ai7uTwo dark shades of Blue CBAdult (m)2,1237141
6y4BATwo light shades of Blue CBAdult (f)2,5528822
PZNcPLight Blue Huntress CBAdult (f)2,3367522
or9lxSplit Adult 001Adult (f)3,5056901
2uYa3Split Adult 002Adult (m)2,1207042
RHRbfSplit Adult 003Adult (f)2,7378650
xsJRvSplit Adult 004Adult (f)5,0087321
QpkpMSplit Adult 005Adult (f)5,3327421
6rc32Split Adult 006Adult (f)4,8148562
QX40CSplit Adult 007Adult (m)4,7258583
KsMxGSplit Adult 008Adult (m)4,6528331
Lk1NpSplit Adult 009Adult (m)5,1809341
3VjFZSplit Adult 010Adult (f)4,5377181
z7B23Two heads are better than one CBHatchling (f, F)2,2956091
KxYdjTwo-Headed Typhoon PBAdult (m)4,4751,0852
iPG1SShine of Opal CBAdult (f)5,3341,4354
p38TuOpalescent Gleam CBAdult (f)6,1751,2973
OLNfQPearlescent Gleam CBAdult (f)5,5071,1973
DKXZHTwin heads of a hunter CBAdult (m)2,6208941
9LAhhHunting Partners CBAdult (m)2,8618384
77He4Two headed Stalker CBAdult (m)2,4638281
SmqC3Two-headed Lindwyrm 001Adult (f)3,6577832
fBeYnTwo-headed Lindwyrm 002Adult (f)4,7367370
pIUi8Two-headed Lindwyrm 003Adult (f)4,6507361
XyBlKTwo-headed Lindwyrm 004Adult (f)4,7567720
hZLCfTwo-headed Lindwyrm 005Adult (m)3,7366851
PHdBZTwo heads of Karma CBHatchling (f, F)2,6777912
gfqkODrago and Draco PBAdult (m)2,3426732
UnlF3Shenlong and Jiaolong CBAdult (m)5,9381,4084
REVhgSpirits of Vengeance CBAdult (f)2,2308300
x8DI6Chaos and Destruction CBAdult (m)2,3908232
lBmagKiyo and Uwibami CBAdult (f)2,3737941
Ftk3bLove and Peace CBAdult (f)2,4308102
1jJjnWar and Hate CBAdult (m)2,7788711
0pVoTTwo-headed Lindwyrm 006Adult (m)3,5007551
HvBW1Two-headed Lindwyrm 007Adult (f)3,4247490
Ks4rTTwo-headed Lindwyrm 008Adult (m)4,6109443
MKjmWTwo-headed Lindwyrm 009Adult (m)4,3948745
dxdfeAeon the AncientAdult (m)2,6897691
14KT4Aeona the AncientAdult (f)4,4239341
D7uwP(D7uwP)Adult (m)3,3479360
RMoWe(RMoWe)Adult (m)3,9638453
iZWpN(iZWpN)Adult (f)3,2488462
1Ke62(1Ke62)Adult (f)3,7798205
RwStP(RwStP)Adult (f)3,8418033
3vNZ4(3vNZ4)Adult (f)4,5029570
tUa93(tUa93)Adult (m)4,4159410
DreRf(DreRf)Adult (m)4,9949460
Wjt4p(Wjt4p)Adult (f)5,1119781
McstR(McstR)Adult (f)4,4919592
80NN1(80NN1)Adult (m)4,5239380
MMWO7(MMWO7)Adult (m)3,7248641
MO6zd(MO6zd)Adult (m)4,0409282
JB2tcMarux Akkan CBAdult (m)2,1496603
PDDE1Big Invisible BoyAdult (m)2,4625294
zcIlrNabal Raali CBAdult (f)2,5078314
ozDQIAlbinus 1Adult (f)4,6137530
QZY8VAlbinus 2Adult (m)7,3839351
XpQzq(XpQzq)Adult (m)4,4919841
CaHjG(CaHjG)Adult (f)4,6239800
X2diNAlbino Boy CBHatchling (m, F)2,0756333
Dbk7m(Dbk7m)Adult (m)4,2758784
MaB3a(MaB3a)Adult (f)4,9909372
La1Xd(La1Xd)Adult (f)4,2039921
HnF0RAlmerald 001Adult (f)2,7476811
9CJKTAlmerald 002Adult (f)2,7967101
3akedAlmerald 003Adult (m)2,9467291
6bqT9Almerald 004Adult (m)3,5106871
MKRVKAlmerald 006Adult (m)3,4556712
nwSdgAlmerald 005Adult (f)5,1699791
IJhZ3(IJhZ3)Adult (m)4,5589530
pEBF3(pEBF3)Adult (m)3,7329092
qgThkAnagallis  001Adult (f)2,9679302
FVbD1Anagallis  002Adult (m)3,1849906
bkQmqAnagallis  003Adult (m)3,0039523
1RNSwAnagallis  004Adult (m)3,1079523
MkS45Anagallis  005Adult (m)3,0319232
6A22EAnagallis  006Adult (m)3,0479622
mtqoYAnagallis  007Adult (f)3,0909216
3yHGpAnagallis  008Adult (m)3,4379292
PB8kPAnagallis  009Adult (f)2,5067342
rTqLr(rTqLr)Adult (m)4,5289410
Og9er(Og9er)Adult (m)4,8439582
GXrl9(GXrl9)Adult (m)5,3449701
dT21G(dT21G)Adult (m)3,4618792
UlumB(UlumB)Adult (m)5,1739262
zuGqJAntarean 001Adult (f)3,8077962
EDB0kAntarean 002Adult (m)3,8418182
NYodWAntarean 003Adult (f)3,7668271
99cbrAntarean 004Adult (f)3,8638171
k78j9(k78j9)Adult (m)3,8929140
r8g4j(r8g4j)Adult (m)3,9879600
wQmVP(wQmVP)Adult (m)4,3539331
1CJGG(1CJGG)Adult (f)3,9858730
v3XMV(v3XMV)Adult (f)3,6099062
ozjvs(ozjvs)Adult (f)3,2438320
gV3r9(gV3r9)Adult (f)3,5578441
9SZX0(9SZX0)Adult (f)4,3878913
gF7NR(gF7NR)Adult (m)4,5238562
gEYs5(gEYs5)Adult (m)4,8318933
LH75P(LH75P)Adult (f)4,2038242
COz1z(COz1z)Adult (m)3,7251,0511
379VM(379VM)Adult (m)3,7341,0470
xyF4Z(xyF4Z)Adult (f)3,9338791
KHOpW(KHOpW)Adult (f)3,8828581
2ptoX(2ptoX)Adult (m)3,7698313
DKXFU(DKXFU)Adult (m)4,2178321
33jbG(33jbG)Adult (f)4,2598911
pNqcX(pNqcX)Adult (m)5,0028842
HKoHD(HKoHD)Adult (f)4,9919033
Atzmi(Atzmi)Adult (f)5,1269660
p9eYb(p9eYb)Adult (f)4,1819042
lITBZ(lITBZ)Adult (f)4,5239962
7hd5Sweet Pinkness CBAdult (f)4,1211,7285
nuBLcNew Pink CBAdult (f)3,3237632
CIhz7Aria 001Adult (m)3,9707551
1ML1SAria 002Adult (m)3,7507222
nU9i4Aria 003Adult (m)2,9697231
fykPLAria 004Adult (m)2,8917021
VmTQKAria 005Adult (f)3,3017772
ExD9xAria 006Adult (f)3,5167901
L4D4YAria 007Adult (f)3,3846901
1qMrEAria 008Adult (m)4,3577732
WPYbtAria 009Adult (m)2,9017260
2U6JkAria 010Adult (m)3,9368311
XrhXt(XrhXt)Adult (f)6,7201,2162
BUDbB(BUDbB)Adult (f)4,4069441
RtBlM(RtBlM)Adult (m)5,3331,0771
f8FA7(f8FA7)Adult (f)3,4748361
egIUw(egIUw)Adult (f)4,4449063
iLFpZ(iLFpZ)Adult (f)3,7461,0470
NlHSS(NlHSS)Adult (f)4,1129671
8zR7L(8zR7L)Adult (m)4,1389541
vgydF(vgydF)Adult (f)4,1589531
fTpjS(fTpjS)Adult (m)4,1821,0051
TLbXh(TLbXh)Adult (m)4,3439121
hR1RV(hR1RV)Adult (m)4,6079641
Fa9a6(Fa9a6)Adult (m)4,4459221
uDsl1(uDsl1)Adult (m)4,4639691
3FoeU(3FoeU)Adult (m)5,1149420
MeXkg(MeXkg)Adult (m)5,1209310
t7F1n(t7F1n)Adult (f)4,9959802
FqynC(FqynC)Adult (m)3,2429873
8gu7Z(8gu7Z)Adult (m)4,1981,0913
QYDVM(QYDVM)Adult (f)5,0679431
3vpCB(3vpCB)Adult (f)4,8061,0832
XjUDdAzure Glacewing 001Adult (m)2,9317072
Avs5tAzure Glacewing 002Adult (m)3,6987372
36pReAzure Glacewing 003Adult (f)3,5627081
7bjghAzure Glacewing 004Adult (f)3,8968212
raINmAzure Glacewing 005Adult (m)3,8428270
7k6MtAzure Glacewing 006Adult (f)3,4528351
zhpOpAzure Glacewing 007Adult (m)4,3928941
7YLDt(7YLDt)Adult (m)3,2997521
8j2UlBaikala 001Adult (m)4,0378441
hk7YFBaikala 002Adult (f)4,0288402
KKdb3Baikala 003Adult (f)3,9768311
lnFVxBaikala 004Adult (m)4,0568451
AkvOp(AkvOp)Adult (m)4,3919734
Nen6S(Nen6S)Adult (m)4,8699610
lRaTu(lRaTu)Adult (f)4,8619661
7PfiQ(7PfiQ)Adult (f)3,6429720
VvjiNBaikala 005Adult (f)3,4977401
NvXggBaikala 006Adult (m)3,6637803
oUdbBBaikala 007Adult (m)4,5687192
KHexzBaikala 008Adult (f)4,5397181
utOoX(utOoX)Adult (m)5,0139862
Ap8wVAryz AndraAdult (f)2,2086233
HPggmLighter than a Feather CBAdult (f)2,7179663
rAyhrLighter than the Air CBAdult (m)2,9019361
HvAciPink Hot Air Balloon CBAdult (f)2,3378151
OXqxyPink Balloon Animal CBAdult (f)2,8908683
aZR6tLady Floatington CBAdult (f)2,5977743
N6MG9Ballooned Out CBAdult (m)2,2707862
FHGLnBalloon   001Adult (f)2,9877791
OiH95Balloon   002Adult (f)3,3907441
BEuj6Bauta 001Adult (m)5,3686991
V91XtBauta 002Adult (m)2,7237232
N9l3lBauta 003Adult (m)2,8116942
lQX8U(lQX8U)Adult (m)6,9318761
QrhuE(QrhuE)Adult (f)6,9578961
j1C7k(j1C7k)Adult (f)6,1338312
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