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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Black Blaze,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
I7Xpu(I7Xpu)Adult (f)3,6347802
uWIEN(uWIEN)Adult (f)4,1217202
zeQ53(zeQ53)Adult (f)2,59091644
Hl3hz(Hl3hz)Adult (m)2,6235392
YTonGhatorethAdult (m)9994905
NKuHAlucard SquickAdult (m)1,11363614
HjMaUHaja MauAdult (m)2,40293217
Vmf3g(Vmf3g)Adult (m)3,2475812
GreRuPlenty of Time for ChristmasAdult (m)2,7431,19025
MrmwL(MrmwL)Adult (m)2,8441,0862
mtNj2(mtNj2)Adult (f)2,6179162
5v1dLOOK OUT NIGHT FURYAdult (f)1,40451221
15K4o(15K4o)Adult (m)4,2571,24218
vmLao(vmLao)Adult (m)3,6401,22610
1nq2Dino BootiesAdult1,2155791
8dFI3(8dFI3)Adult (m)2,59091626
SDoFB(SDoFB)Adult (m)3,6309895
CYgBD(CYgBD)Adult (f)3,3936911
hMddQGlamorous Sun's LeoAdult (f)3,4852339
slavsSlavic LeoAdult (f)3,8621,33816
ZZx5mGlory of the SpecklesAdult (f)3,00496616
TuZeeGlorious TuzeeAdult (f)2,55297818
QgLsCrimson 9 StripesAdult (m)1,34194510
HoDeMarvelous HellfireAdult (m)75348624
9QBLIGlorious HellfireAdult (m)4,6084061
5UsoCrimson 5 StripesAdult (f)8,8611,26737
7rw2Adalynn the SpazzAdult (f)1,04370323
NJ9AESweet Citrus MagicAdult (f)2,8941,28426
OFegVOrange Painted MagicAdult (m)3,1411,04117
FVKLUMagic's PraiseAdult (f)3,16994614
DvWwAEmber Darkened AshesAdult (f)2,64123125
4I22Countess SeleneAdult (f)1,5907477
3LFvMorchaint VampyressAdult (f)9495468
5kpONever OrangeAdult (f)1,24857919
VB2pUndead Missed SilverAdult (f)55438237
PrlyuCountess WinsomeAliceAdult (f)2,76122114
XCVhHRisen NebulonAdult (f)1,51061515
6sV9F(6sV9F)Adult (f)2,59593329
GrHjT(GrHjT)Adult (m)3,6101,0354
JNlkNick J the SpazzAdult (f)1,6941,1408
7h4pSpring Fall's RedAdult (f)88861619
BHVPCream's AutumnAdult (f)1,2705543
QY4oGlory of the SpeedsterAdult (f)2,0601,49927
t0hNFrozen Summer FallsHatchling (m, F)1,2844993
gQCSB(gQCSB)Adult (m)2,4019121
OGCjs(OGCjs)Adult (m)2,3578802
HnAbiFrosty Copper GelAdult (m)2,9191,28621
HGEaUndefined HeatAdult (f)1,3296632
Hd4ddHot ColorsAdult (m)3,4491,04919
Ql5X6Galletian I-Am-FireproofAdult (m)3,8071,38817
XbeFLSeidou's GuyAdult (m)3,1671,07033
ixOgyLau DaytonaAdult (f)3,8821,19728
6k83rWrapped up and Seduced by YouAdult (m)2,8341,0116
9hisHis 9 For HerAdult (f)1,5351,12832
fWKzCara the SpazzAdult (f)1,59096911
JqPz5Tinco's White GoldAdult (f)2,6921,03313
TJTOvEvelyn the SpazzAdult (f)2,72788926
Q23oHStar the SpazzAdult (f)2,73585224
13WZGlory of the CreamAdult (f)2,1681,15438
GJnDGlory of the BleachAdult (f)3,51530917
bbpfY(bbpfY)Adult (m)3,6007372
CJk9dJace the SpazzAdult (m)2,52887228
9tg5R(9tg5R)Adult (m)3,2131,12719
ZCLCY(ZCLCY)Adult (m)3,65198815
sqgJlSparkly SunsetAdult (m)3,1541,05325
yJo12(yJo12)Adult (f)3,1571,06329
rPHsaSunrise McTinselAdult (f)3,1711,01221
cNfVKStars Tinted GoldAdult (m)3,8161,09619
5pqTGSinned on SunsetAdult (m)2,8181,0063
Zr00Z Roo GloryAdult (m)1,61998919
BIlFQ(BIlFQ)Adult (m)2,41670712
VrrFl(VrrFl)Adult (m)2,26772317
oT7LNavidad O' GoldAdult (f)9975402
IYYXLean Like A CholoAdult (f)1,1025843
iq7miLook Dad I'm FemaleAdult (f)3,0351,02730
i03mqShout Out for this ThingAdult (f)2,95293115
SM7dGAlannah's Little ThingAdult (f)2,90891411
4VdjvGolden PhantasmaAdult (f)3,7511,06317
cvG86(cvG86)Adult (m)2,0737624
Ya7E4Molten Butter For ChristmasAdult (m)3,3561,38525
wyh3KGlorious Feathered FluffAdult (m)3,06796014
QuoJGlory of the ParchmentAdult79653626
ll8jGlorious SpitFireAdult (f)1,54236411
JBJvGlory of the PumpkinAdult (m)1,6077621
r3ymoGlorious Fire SparkAdult (f)3,32783022
3ztrOrflaith ShardaeAdult (m)2,0861,33919
NLlDGuardian ShardaeAdult (m)1,8871,22646
NTx55Crimson Golden StoneAdult (m)2,51994016
z9kzpPraised Golden MagicAdult (m)3,1131,04824
UIYNOGranny's Dyslexic WinchesterAdult (m)2,89796624
2rISJen the SpazzAdult (f)2,0091,09438
zmMXqDraco's DivaAdult (f)4,0091,17437
dQRe9Metal JaegarAdult (f)3,2871,10331
2kOPaElla's Lurkin NearAdult (m)4,0841,14220
lvU0DAvelee's Less TravelledAdult (m)4,1921,14215
U11a9(U11a9)Adult (f)4,6111,08232
ZLiYOrflaith Written in StoneAdult (f)86467910
70xqGlorious Golden GuardianHatchling (f, F)8,5541,07729
cV9G7This Gold Ain't GhoulishAdult (f)3,0471,01019
gibkqBelle the Golden BeautyAdult (f)3,8531,31523
KHbKA(KHbKA)Adult (m)1,9957583
iREHMudryy MysticAdult (m)1,07773227
IEXvBlackened Winter MorchaintAdult (m)1,09072349
fU8jBlack Vinewhip NummiesAdult (m)4,0532,72024
3VSvUnBlanched MysticAdult (m)1,7711,17720
Ln4cGrandma's Fake Gold n SilverAdult (m)1,21787017
M0PGGet Down in HicktownAdult (m)1,5951,11017
Rq9wwAdam ArgentumAdult (m)3,6531,17423
UZXsGlory of the CheddarAdult97764020
PEdmGlory of the SwissAdult1,2835872
mmnMUndefined NummiesAdult (f)1,8671,14035
zavPFrozen Glorious MorchaintHatchling (f, F)2,1841,41619
d3igGranddaughter of a GlitchAdult (f)2,6261,7236
lc3qGreat-Grandma's Glitch EggAdult (f)1,5521,14230
mkBaMystic NummiesAdult (f)1,6681,14214
JqjnMissed Golden AlternateAdult (f)94063614
k2l2VStripes Be GlitchinAdult (f)2,6231,02116
DMBszI Missed The StripesAdult (f)2,61899625
h4aeVGlorious Olive BranchAdult (f)1,96563016
4EJtGlory of the HerbsAdult (m)1,50355427
cKo6Manly Rosella SpringAdult (m)1,08980915
D2UZS(D2UZS)Adult (f)3,1306382
B63zSpring from the WinterAdult (f)92268613
rWmrSprung Up from the SnowHatchling (f, F)1,5281,12122
6AvmSpringtime Cherry BlossomsAdult (f)1,5371,05712
gFcCcJayden Tamary ThuwedAdult (m)3,0431,01322
eYW6aReal Life ArabianAdult (f)2,98997918
k0qLGlory of the CanopyAdult (f)8825262
Sqd3Glory of the VinewhipAdult (m)1,19584830
B8s3Pink In My RootsAdult (f)2,2291,43968
bnSnPop Lock and Drop ItAdult (m)1,19278430
JFHzGlorious 2008 NavidadAdult (m)1,28280531
dILGuGo Berzerk All Night LongAdult (m)3,6531,24720
Hi8MRabiosa ZumbaAdult (m)1,29394821
AIStSummer's RosellaAdult (m)1,1278815
H064Verdi the SpazzAdult (f)1,12368924
4A6fVerde the SpazzAdult (f)1,15671218
ZVOAStriped ForesterAdult (m)2,46488113
rV0J1Ox In SoxAdult (m)2,45988726
410sMy Parents Got No NamesHatchling (f, F)87660025
sU1nJennifer ZerounAdult (f)3,44461618
c6Mjh(c6Mjh)Adult (f)2,7851,0145
RnpHV(RnpHV)Adult (f)2,8001,0053
9tM7eGlorious TroublemakerAdult (f)3,1541,04720
6EvkVTwinkle's Golden NebulonAdult (m)2,50290517
35sQYoshi's My CousinAdult1,2405902
MfAZJ(MfAZJ)Adult (m)2,1955443
utex0Silver Holiday MossAdult (f)3,8601,05028
MGXHW(MGXHW)Adult (f)3,5939362
7QdGUndefined Mack FrillAdult (m)1,4981,11019
yYwaFrills O' ManyAdult (m)94071018
ac7gFrills O' PlentyAdult (f)8666728
OQh9Many Plenty FrillsAdult (m)1,2569314
3GruGru the SpazzAdult (m)2,7001,70035
bK7WNot My Mama's Minty GoldAdult (f)68250016
nwvwR(nwvwR)Adult (f)3,0426191
SXb10(SXb10)Adult (m)3,1507041
fqpN3Anne ZarewinAdult (f)3,4281,20517
v8PzB(v8PzB)Adult (f)2,3386882
d2SDw(d2SDw)Adult (m)2,14884422
VgCws(VgCws)Adult (m)2,20385520
MDmEOlympic Water SkiierAdult (m)1,10267919
FH78DA Hellish HolidayAdult (f)2,94199522
biA1iBeatryce's Little NovaAdult (f)2,91793122
iUcEMGlory of the Seas FlightAdult (m)4,6183751
ZgwsyI Fly As Great As I SwimAdult (m)3,11196517
FRHEHe Is FreeAdult (m)94957346
y4ZkGrandma Missed Flying SilverAdult (m)1,43187775
CHRE7Flamingo In My WingsAdult (f)4,9604151
VvhBmLit World of ParadiseAdult (f)4,1374051
za0sG(za0sG)Adult (m)2,14564621
YFXkP(YFXkP)Adult (m)3,7636691
8hKk6(8hKk6)Adult (m)3,1941,05923
KcOrUnderwater RodeoAdult (f)1,28578516
KwDRpVegan's Choice ChocolateAdult (f)2,92196527
nYNxkVinewhippin' NimbusAdult (m)2,44390518
ELystMadame Splenda LaurieAdult (f)3,4681,25518
ZqJWTHumans n' MunstersAdult (f)1,9947632
MRpNJ(MRpNJ)Adult (f)2,5459901
t2wvGlory of the NimbusAdult (f)2,1001,52221
8GekGlory of the CirrusAdult (f)1,5221,20925
ZnH6TEsmerelda's HellfireAdult (f)3,8211,29825
eUdUEudaddoudadAdult (m)2,4781,49436
CkftEw PJ JuniorAdult (m)2,0881,48431
otLrGlory of the Violet GuardianAdult (f)2,4211,60610
e3dBJGlorious LunarAdult (f)3,00098111
wfGCUndefined WinterAdult (m)2,4901,44633
6h2JJax FrostAdult (m)1,38695031
AZTkGlory of the WinterAdult (f)2,2561,38564
fkLBJens sneJ LegacyAdult (f)2,5341,51331
Pt7UJax's Little SnowstormHatchling (f, F)1,7181,18927
9Zk7z(9Zk7z)Adult (m)2,3637063
rGHYh(rGHYh)Adult (f)2,1105433
WvBgp(WvBgp)Adult (m)2,5395993
AL0Ut(AL0Ut)Adult (f)2,1084874
U71Zw(U71Zw)Adult (m)2,4289193
pZAU5(pZAU5)Adult (f)3,6388481
DTOAL(DTOAL)Adult (f)3,8388541
IlBO5(IlBO5)Adult (f)2,65291028
S3StaFroze VinesAdult (m)2,51590118
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